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Is How to Train Your Dragon 4 coming out?

How to Train Your Dragon is based on the book series by Cressida Cowell. A theatrical release date of March 14, 2025 has been set. At this point, there are no other wide releases on that date.

Is How to Train Your Dragon 3 coming to Netflix?

Is ‘How to Train Your Dragon 3’ available for streaming on Netflix? Yes, ‘How to Train Your Dragon The Hidden World’ (third installment of the series) is available for streaming on Netflix, depending on the region. Does Netflix have all three movies from the ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ series?

How to Train Your Dragon Part 3 release date?

‘How to Train Your Dragon 3’ to release in India on March 22. Poster of the film ‘How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World.

Is How to Train Your Dragon 3 final?

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How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Dean DeBlois
Written by Dean DeBlois
Based on How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell
Produced by
  • Bonnie Arnold
  • Brad Lewis
  • Jay Baruchel
  • America Ferrera
  • F. Murray Abraham
  • Cate Blanchett
  • Craig Ferguson
Edited by John K. Carr
Music by John Powell
Production company DreamWorks Animation
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release dates
  • January 3, 2019 (Australia)
  • February 22, 2019 (United States)
Running time 104 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $129 million
Box office $525.7 million

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (also known as How to Train Your Dragon 3 ) is a 2019 American computer-animated action fantasy film loosely based on the book series by Cressida Cowell, Produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by Universal Pictures, it is the sequel to How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014) and the third and final installment of the How to Train Your Dragon trilogy,

  • Written and directed by Dean DeBlois and produced by Bonnie Arnold and Brad Lewis, the film stars the voices of Jay Baruchel, America Ferrera, Cate Blanchett, Craig Ferguson, and F.
  • Murray Abraham,
  • The film follows Hiccup as he seeks a dragon utopia known as the “Hidden World” while coming to terms with Toothless’ new bond with a female Fury, as they deal with the threat of a ruthless dragon hunter named Grimmel the Grisly.

The first discussions about a second sequel to How to Train Your Dragon began in December 2010 when DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg announced that there would be a third film in the series. DeBlois stated that the first sequel was being intentionally designed as the second act of the trilogy.

The film underwent changes for release dates due to distributor changes. The animation challenges of the production required DreamWorks Animation to update and invent new software to handle complex tasks, such as lighting the Light Fury dragon. How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World was released on January 3, 2019, in Australia, and on February 22 in the United States.

The film marks the first DreamWorks Animation film to be distributed by Universal Pictures since Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit in 2005, then through their DreamWorks Pictures label, and the first DreamWorks Animation film to be distributed by the company itself, three years after parent company NBCUniversal acquired DreamWorks Animation in 2016.

Like its predecessors, it received acclaim from critics, who praised its animation, voice acting, musical score, and emotional weight of the conclusion. It grossed over $525 million worldwide, becoming the fifth highest-grossing animated film of 2019, as well as Universal’s highest-grossing animated film not to be produced by Illumination,

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World received several awards and nominations: five nominations for Annie Awards and a Golden Globe, At the 92nd Academy Awards, the film was nominated for Best Animated Feature,

Does Disney+ have how do you train your dragon?

Final Thoughts – Most people might mistake How to Train Your Dragon as a Disney movie, but it’s actually not – this masterpiece is from DreamWorks Animation and is distributed by Paramount Pictures. It can be watched on some streaming services like Netflix (in some countries), and some of its franchises like How to Train Your Dragon: The Nine Realms, How to Train Your Dragon: Snoggletog Log, and How to Train Your Dragon: Homecoming can be viewed on Hulu and Disney +.


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Is How to Train a Dragon A Disney movie?

How to Train Your Dragon
Theatrical release poster
Directed by
  • Chris Sanders
  • Dean DeBlois
Screenplay by
  • Will Davies
  • Dean DeBlois
  • Chris Sanders
Based on How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell
Produced by Bonnie Arnold
  • Jay Baruchel
  • Gerard Butler
  • Craig Ferguson
  • America Ferrera
  • Jonah Hill
  • Christopher Mintz-Plasse
  • T.J. Miller
  • Kristen Wiig
Cinematography Roger Deakins (visual consultant)
Edited by
  • Darren Holmes
  • Maryann Brandon
Music by John Powell
Production company DreamWorks Animation
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release dates
  • March 21, 2010 ( Gibson Amphitheater )
  • March 26, 2010 (United States)
Running time 98 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $165 million
Box office $494.9 million

How to Train Your Dragon is a 2010 American computer-animated action fantasy film loosely based on the 2003 book of the same name by Cressida Cowell, produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by Paramount Pictures, It was directed by Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois from a screenplay by Will Davies, Sanders, and DeBlois, and stars the voices of Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler, Craig Ferguson, America Ferrera, Jonah Hill, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, T.J.

  • Miller, and Kristen Wiig,
  • The story takes place in Berk, a mythical Viking village; Hiccup, an undersized teen wishing to become a dragon slayer like the other Vikings, injures a rare Night Fury dragon but is unable to bring himself to kill it.
  • He instead helps and befriends the dragon, and quickly discovers that things are not exactly as they seem in the conflict between Vikings and dragons.
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In 2004, the book series began attracting the attention of the executives at DreamWorks Animation, particularly of Over the Hedge producer Bonnie Arnold, The directors of the film being the secondary cast in the recording sessions to ensure to cash in the improvisation abilities.

  1. The filmmakers hired cinematographer Roger Deakins (known for frequently collaborating with the Coen brothers ) as a visual consultant to help them with lighting and aesthetic of the film and to add a live-action feel.
  2. John Powell composed the film’s musical score.
  3. How to Train Your Dragon premiered at the Gibson Amphitheater on March 21, 2010, and was released in the United States five days later.

The film was a commercial success, earning nearly $500 million worldwide. It was widely acclaimed, being praised for its animation, voice acting, writing, musical score, and 3D sequences. It was nominated for two awards at the 83rd Academy Awards and received numerous other accolades,

What country is How to Train Your Dragon set in?

Island dreams – The latter is an important subject for Crowell given how living in wilderness germinated the idea for the first Dragon book. The Isle of Berk, home to Hiccup and the Vikings, she reveals, is based on a real uninhabited island near Staffa, of the Inner Hebrides in Argyll and Bute, in Scotland.

These islands were the first place that Vikings came to when they invaded the UK, and the last place they left,” she says. She recalls the summers she spent as a nine-year-old on this island on her father’s insistence. “We would be dropped off on the island by fishermen and picked up two weeks later.

It has no electricity, no gas, and it was the 1970s. so no mobile phones and no connectivity to the outside world.” With no television, their only form of entertainment was storytelling beside the campfire — stories of dragons from Viking folklore. “It would rain a lot in Scotland, and the island was full of caves.

  • As a little girl, I would go about exploring caves looking for dragons,” she says.
  • Cressida Cowell at her writing shed in London This tradition of storytelling, passed on to her by her father, brought her into writing.
  • Explaining how Viking folklore was an important part of British culture, she says that she tries to incorporate whatever she learnt of them and their beliefs, into her books.

“For example, Vikings are believed to have discovered America, well before Columbus did. So that becomes part of the plot in one of the books, where Hiccup travels to America.” As a children’s author, she doesn’t believe in dumbing down plots to make them palatable.

  1. At the same time, I am fully aware of their attention slabs, and I won’t put in long descriptions that I wouldn’t want to read when I was a child.
  2. It’s an interesting balancing act,” she says.
  3. In fact, her own love for Roman history arose thanks to Asterix and Obelisk,
  4. And that is why it is so important to read aloud to your children, or to even watch a movie together.

It is the shared experience of enjoying stories together that we need,” she says. How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World premieres August 30 at 1 pm and 9 pm on Sony PIX : ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ author talks Vikings and wilderness

Who is the white dragon in How to Train Your Dragon 3?

The Light Fury moves as fast as Toothless and shares his ability to blend into the sky – even during daylight hours. With her white coloration, the Light Fury hides seamlessly in clouds, sea fog, and distant horizons.

Will there be How to Train Your Dragon 4 in 2023?

Who Is Behind the Live-Action How to Train Your Dragon? – Image via DreamWorks Animation How to Train Your Dragon (2025) will be brought to life by Dean DeBlois, the creator of the animated film. With DeBlois producing, writing, and directing, we should expect a faithful adaptation of the source material with a few new twists and turns along the way.

What is the name of the villain in How to Train Your Dragon 3?

Trivia –

Grimmel’s full name resembles that of Grimbeard the Ghastly, Grimmel’s intentions to exterminate all dragons are similar to that of Alvin the Treacherous from the book series, Grimmel is the overarching antagonist in the How to Train Your Dragon series, along with Drago Bludvist, as he hunted the Night Furies to near-extinction, which is one of the two reasons why there was no information in the Dragon Manual, as well as the fact that it was a plot point in some of the episodes. However, he is proven to be arguably even more dangerous than Drago, who was being driven by revenge to hunt and enslave dragons rather than being driven for sadism and pleasure to kill them without reason. Grimmel also serves as the final antagonist of the series.

Grimmel also serves as the posthumous antagonist of How to Train Your Dragon: Homecoming and Dragons: The Nine Realms, since his actions in driving humans and dragons apart are what drive the plots of both productions.

Grimmel’s hairstyle is similar to that of Gellert Grindelwald from the Fantastic Beasts films.

The two characters also believe that their actions are for the greater good of the world, through, for Grimmel’s case, it’s more likely out of his own selfish, sadistic pleasure than for mankind.

Grimmel’s accent seems to indicate that he is of Russian origin. Grimmel’s clothing seems to be made almost entirely out of leather, most likely because its insulating properties help keep him warm as he travels in high altitudes on his airship, Grimmel shares several similarities with Viggo Grimborn from Dragons: Race to the Edge,

Both characters rely on their wits to swindle and outmaneuver their enemies. Both of their professions are hunting and killing dragons.

While Viggo hunted and killed dragons for profit and power, Grimmel hunted and killed dragons for pleasure, out of hatred and to become recognized as a hero by the Vikings. Viggo was betrayed by his allies first, while Grimmel betrayed his allies before they could do anything. While Viggo eventually had a change of heart and came to see the beauty of dragons, Grimmel remained unrepentant and continued to hate dragons till the bitter end.

Grimmel is referred to as “G” in DreamWorks Dragons: Dawn of New Riders, as well as the “pale poacher”, and has ” an odd ship, one that seemed better suited for the skies than seas “. He was never mentioned by full name, due to a spoiler embargo on the third film while the game was in production.

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When Ragnar the Rock refers to the female Light Fury as Grimmel’s “favorite bait”, it is implied that Grimmel used captured Furies in his past hunts to lure others of their kind into his trap. The cover of The Art of How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World supports that Grimmel may have been hiding in the shadows when Toothless first met the Light Fury.

Grimmel somewhat resembles Pitch Black in appearance, the main villain of the film Rise of the Guardians, which was also produced by DreamWorks Animation, Grimmel is also similar to Lord Shen from Kung Fu Panda 2,

Both are thin, tall, and white-haired villains. Both hate other races and committed mass genocide and on them and nearly drove them extinct (Grimmel: Night Furies, Shen: Pandas). Both tried to kill the heroes of their respective stories, only to inadvertently end up facing their own demises.

Grimmel’s death is similar to how Hiccup attempted to kill Krogan in ” Midnight Scrum “: both men were dragging Hiccup down to fall by grabbing his prosthetic leg, only for Hiccup to remove it and let them fall. Krogan, however, survived his fall while Grimmel did not. Ironically, due to his hunting of them, Grimmel is only known character in the franchise to have seen Night Furies in their natural habitat. Although he is being proclaimed as a dragon hunter, it is unknown whether or not he has any connection with the Dragon Hunters from the series Race to the Edge, Grimmel is technically considered the evil version of Hiccup, serving as an example of what would happened if Hiccup killed Toothless the first time they met.

Does Hiccup leave Toothless?

Learning to Work as a Team – Hiccup and Toothless glare at each other In the episode ” The Terrible Twos “, Hiccup learns to listen more attentively to what Toothless tries to tell him. Hiccup finds a baby Typhoomerang in the woods named Torch, He also brings him home and shares Toothless’ food and bed with him.

Toothless behaves strangely, which Hiccup interprets as jealousy and wrongly attributes some broken items and a fire to Toothless. Until he can figure out a way for Toothless and Torch to get along, Hiccup leaves Toothless in the Cove where he can’t leave. In truth, Toothless does display a little jealousy due to Torch’s juvenile antics such as eating all of his food and stealing his bed without his consent.

Ultimately Hiccup and Toothless are reunited and Hiccup apologizes for misunderstanding his dragon. Leaving Toothless on Dragon Island Hiccup is forced to leave Toothless on Dragon Island along with the rest of the dragons in ” In Dragons We Trust “. The dragons are framed by Mildew for various incidences of property damage, including the destruction of the Berk Armory, which Toothless is blamed for.

At this destruction, Stoick deems the dragons as too dangerous to stay on Berk. Hiccup does voice concern, but doesn’t fight it due to lack of evidence. He and the Riders leave the dragons. Hiccup’s and Toothless’ good-bye is especially poignant, as Toothless cannot fly without Hiccup and the two repeat the iconic hand-to-nose bonding moment.

The following episode, ” Alvin and the Outcasts “, finds Toothless and Hiccup each pining away for the other. With the dragons and weapons gone, the Berk is vulnerable and gets attacked by Alvin the Treacherous, who is looking for the ‘Dragon Conqueror’.

  • Hiccup reveals himself, and tricks Alvin into taking him to Dragon Island where the dragons were banished to.
  • The pair are reunited, and the dragons proceed to demonstrate just how valuable they are around Berk and defending it.
  • While trying to bring his father around to the ‘Dragon Way’ in ” How to Pick Your Dragon “, Hiccup lets Stoick use Toothless to fly around Berk on.

Toothless doesn’t protest but gets very worn out by Stoick’s rough hand and many chiefly duties. Hiccup apologizes to Toothless and also exhibits some jealousy toward his father for taking ‘his dragon’.

What gender is Toothless kids?

Just asking;) what’s the gender of dart(Toothless offspring the blue eyed one) | Fandom 2 Have you looked at the wiki page? The game School of Dragons confirmed the genders of all three Night Lights, and Dart is a female.0 So I’m pretty sure Dart (blue eyes/ black scales) Pouncer ( green eyes/ white scales) are female, and Ruffrunner ( green eyes/ black scales) is male.

Why is he named Toothless?

Toothless also got his name because when Hiccup first found him, he had no teeth. He grew one tooth, only to lose it shortly later. The producers decided, with the approval of author Cressida Cowell, that it would be more cinematic to make Toothless large enough to be ridden as a flying mount.

Can a changewing be trained?

Training – They enjoy mimicry, so if one tries to mimic them, be it by their noises or their movements, they will find the individual fascinating. As mentioned in Incognito’s description, by saving a Changewings life they will be you loyal friend. As shown by Phantom, Hiccup was able to train her by using Dragon Nip and since she didn’t like the audience of the other dragons and dragon riders, he was able to befriend her.

Is Toothless a Titan Wing?

Toothless is a Titan Wing hmm ? | Fandom I am new but I noticed something and there is a request for everybody to go on toothless page and open his biography you will go there and you have to open folder of fight with drago there you will find in the last that Toothless is a Titan wing and I will also tell you that in the trivia of Titan wing page there is written that light and night fries don’t have a Titan wing form.0 Do you mean this: “With Berk saved from Drago’s onslaught, the assembled dragons all acknowledge Toothless as their new Alpha and the Titan Wing Night Fury joins the celebration of Hiccup being made the new chief of Berk.” I think that might be an editing mistake because it isn’t canon that Toothless is Titan Wing.

  • Or is it meant to be like that? 1 Toothless is not a Titan Wing, at least not at the time of HTTYD2.
  • The blue glow is a dominance display as he’s challenging the Alpha, not a Titan Wing ability.
  • Titan Wings are very old and large dragons, and as far as we know, we’ve never seen Toothless reach that stage.
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It’s not even confirmed he’s reached Titan Wing stage by the HTTYD3 epilogue or Homecoming, That info in Toothless’ biography looks to have been added over three years ago and I guess you’re the first to notice the mistake (goes to show how many informed users read it word for word).

What is Purple Death?

Purple Death is one of the largest Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus that ever lived, surpassing even the mountain-sized Green Death, It only appears in the How to Train Your Dragon book series,

Is How to Train Your Dragon 4 coming out in 2023?

What Is How to Train Your Dragon? – Based on the Cressida Cowell novels of the same name, How to Train Your Dragon takes us to the village of Berk, home of legendary Vikings and dragon slayers. Hiccup ( Jay Baruchel ) is the son of the village leader, Stoick the Vast ( Gerald Butler ), and to keep up the family tradition, he must slay a dragon when he comes of age.

The, especially after meeting Toothless, a friendly dragon. How to Train Your Dragon is a coming-of-age tale that beautifully blends high fantasy and family drama. Throughout the trilogy, Hiccup becomes a great leader and helps change Berk from a world that killed dragons for survival to one where they all live in harmony.

The franchise is endearing because it’s a true coming-of-story as we follow Hiccup from a child into his adulthood, watching him grow every step. The original animated trilogy grossed over $1.6 billion at the box office. All three films were nominated for Best Animated Film at the Academy Awards.

  • With the genre, it makes sense for Universal to throw its hat into the ring with its own fantasy project.
  • The upcoming film will reimagine How to Train Your Dragon and focus on Hiccup’s first meeting with Toothless.
  • We will likely see them adapt the rest of the trilogy in a fantasy epic if successful.

Casting announcements are still to come, but, Mason Thames ( The Black Phone ) will star as Hiccup, with Nico Parker ( The Last of Us ) playing Astrid. The two rising stars will be putting on their Viking helmet as they bring the franchise to life in a way we’ve never seen before. Image via DreamWorks Animation How to Train Your Dragon (2025) will be brought to life by Dean DeBlois, the creator of the animated film. With DeBlois producing, writing, and directing, we should expect a faithful adaptation of the source material with a few new twists and turns along the way. Image via DreamWorks Animation With How to Train Your Dragon getting a live-action adaptation, let’s take a moment and look back at the animated franchise and just how much it grew over such a short amount of time. Here’s the full How to Train Your Dragon universe in chronological order.

How to Train Your Dragon Trilogy – The movie trilogy focuses on Hiccup and his journey from a timid child to a strong man. It’s the films everyone is familiar with: How to Train Your Dragon, How to Train Your Dragon 2, and How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, These stories were released between 2010 and 2019, being one of the highest-rated animated trilogies ever made.

Is How to Train Your Dragon 3 on Netflix? Answered

DreamWorks Dragons Animated Series – A major part of the How to Train Your Dragon mythos is the various-animated shows that expand the franchise with episodic stories about the supporting characters and smaller stories within the Dragons universe. Dragons follow Hiccup and his friends, focusing on the events between the first and second movies.

  • Riders of Berk, Defenders of Berk, and Race to the Edge are shows that further explore the Dragons world while working in tandem with the feature films.
  • They deep dive into the lore-heavy aspects of the story and flesh out the relationships between Hiccup, his friends, and most importantly, Berk and its bond with Dragons.

The show had multiple storylines across all three iterations of the series. Dragons: The Nine Realms – Set 1,300 years after the events of How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, where Dragons are nothing but a distant memory, legends from a forgotten time.

  1. In the present day, a group of kids discovers the truth about dragons and where they’ve been hiding all these years.
  2. Dragons: The Nine Realms follows a completely new cast of characters and expands on the lore previously established in the How to Train Your Dragon franchise.
  3. It’s a series that skews to a younger demographic than the earlier films shows, but it’s still worth checking out if you want to continue exploring the universe.

: ‘How to Train Your Dragon’: Release Date, Creative Team, Plot, and Everything We Know so Far About the Live-Action Remake

What is How to Train Your Dragon 4 called?

How to Train Your Dragon: Homecoming.

Is the How to Train Your Dragon series over?

From How to Train Your Dragon’s movie trilogy to its different animated series, here’s where each instalment in the amazing franchise ranks. DreamWorks Animation How to Train Your Dragon is one of DreamWorks Animations’ most valuable franchises. The unlikely friendship of a young Viking boy named Hiccup and the dangerously powerful dragon Toothless delighted audiences for almost a whole decade and in 2019 the trilogy of films concluded.

  1. Fans had seen the relations between the humans and the dragons go from hostile to working together in a shared community.
  2. Hiccup and Toothless would change the world of Vikings and dragons forever by showing everyone that they could live in harmony.
  3. The two would face numerous threats together, from warlords, dragon hunters, and cannibalistic dragons.

However, despite the unique threats and epic adventures, the series was always at its heart a story of growth, following the Viking heir from being a hopeless boy to a leader. Updated March 19th, 2023: This article has been updated to reflect the recent seasons of Dragons: The Nine Realms and the announcement of a live-action How To Train Your Drago n movie.

  • The franchise is far bigger than just the films, though.
  • There are three TV series based on the world of Berk.
  • One is an eight-season follow-up to the 2010 film that continues the story of Hiccup and his friends leading up to the 2014 sequel.
  • Then, there are two spin-off series with original stories, further expanding the family-friendly universe that fans have come to love.

Just recently it was announced that Universal Pictures working on a live-action How to Train Your Dragon movie with franchise director Dean DeBlois set to return to write and direct the film. The live-action film is set for release on March 14, 2025, which will arrive fifteen years after the first How To Train Your Dragon opened in theaters.