How To Use A Cricut Explore Air 2

Do you need a computer to use a Cricut explore AIR 2?

You don’t need a desktop or laptop computer to use a Cricut machine, but you do need at least a smartphone, – The current Cricut cutting machines (the Maker/Maker3, Explore Air 2/Explore 3, and the Joy) operate using Cricut Design Space. You need one of the following to operate Design Space:

Windows or Apple computer (desktop or laptop)iOS device (iPad or iPhone)Android device (smartphone or tablet)

Cricut machines require Design Space software to receive instructions for cutting and drawing projects. Design Space not only tells the machine what pattern to cut, but also selects cutting pressure depending on the material. Design Space also lets you purchase or import pre-made projects, fonts, and images.

The Cricut Joy, the company’s smaller, portable machine, doesn’t even have any physical buttons. The Design Space interface is the only way of communicating with the machine. The Cuttlebug was Cricut’s only manual die cutter and embosser. It did not require any kind of computer or software. The Cuttlebug was discontinued in 2019, but you can still find some online new or used.

Older Cricuts used cartridges and had touchscreens, working as stand-alone devices without computers. Users purchased cartridges pre-loaded with designs and fonts to create new projects. These legacy machines could also be used with the Cricut Gypsy, a hand-held device with its own software.

What is needed for Cricut explore AIR 2?

Cricut Tools: Must have tools for your Cricut machine whether you’re using a Cricut Joy, Cricut Maker or Maker 3, Cricut Explore Air 2 or Explore Air 3, or Cricut Mug Press. A beginner’s guide to everything you’ll need to get started with your Cricut Explore Air 2 machine so you can easily make projects. To get started with your Explore Air 2 you’ll need some basic tools and supplies. If you bought just an Explore Air 2 and not a bundle your machine will only come with a light grip mat and fine point blade. Both are great for getting started, but you’ll also need some more supplies like vinyl, weeding tools, and an EasyPress if you’re going to make shirts.

Can I use my Cricut explore AIR 2 with my laptop?

Updated October 2021 Before investing in a new Cricut cutting machine, make sure your computer system requirements are up to snuff. While you likely don’t need to purchase a whole new computer to use a Cricut machine, for best functionality, make sure your computer has these minimum system requirements.

It’s always important to know what you need, computer wise, when investing in a new die cutting machine. Maybe you’re looking to purchase a new computer, or maybe you’re just wanting to know if your current laptop will work. With a Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore machine, you can use both Windows and Mac computers as well as Android or iOS devices.

Both machines use Cricut Design Space to create designs your machine can use. If your computer or mobile device isn’t able to open or run Design Space effectively, your new fun Cricut machine will just sit in the box lonely and waiting to be used. Don’t let system requirements stifle your creativity! Check the information below for all the computer details needed to use Cricut Design Space.

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Do you have to pay a monthly fee for Cricut?

FAQs – What do I get with my Cricut Access subscription? With a Cricut Access subscription, you get unlimited use of a growing library of beautiful fonts, images & projects in Design Space®. In addition, you get exclusive savings when you shop Cricut products on

From time to time, you’ll also notice subscriber-only features that help simplify your design process. Can I purchase Cricut Access if I’m located outside of the U.S.? At this time, members in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Germany, France, and Ireland may purchase their subscription to Cricut Access on, or in the Design Space for Desktop, iOS, and Android apps.

Members in Austrapa and Eurozone can purchase their plan through Design Space for Desktop, iOS, and Android apps. All other members may purchase their subscription through the Design Space app for iOS or Android only. Cricut Access subscriptions automatically renew at $9.99 monthly or $95.88 yearly (excl.

  1. 10% discount applies to purchases, including machines (up to $50 or $100 savings per item, depending on plan). Terms and conditions apply. Subject to Cricut Access Policy,
  2. Discount applies to all licensed digital content on and Cricut Design Space® apps. Certain restrictions may apply, see checkout for details.
  3. Currently available on Design Space® for Desktop only, not compatible with mobile app
  4. Valid only for select countries where a shop site exists. Must be signed in as a valid paying Cricut Access subscriber to be eligible for this discount (not eligible to Cricut Access Trial members). Discount savings and code available only in cart, and discount can be applied only to purchases of Materials, Tools & Accessories, and select materials bundles; excludes machines, heat presses, lighting, machine/heat press bundles, Protection Plans, and digital purchases (e.g., Cricut Access, Design Space® purchase, etc.). Valid for one-time use only — if purchase does not exceed discount, no refunds, credits, or rollovers. Discount can be combined with your applicable Cricut Access discount, sales, and promos, but cannot be combined with any other coupons. Discount not transferable.
  5. Free shipping applies to orders subtotaling $50.00 or more before taxes and fees. Economy shipping only. No guaranteed delivery time, subject to third-party ship time and availability.

Do you need a printer to use a Cricut?

Since it is a cutting machine, the only instance when a printer isn’t required is when you plan only to cut vinyl, paper, and other materials. Using a printer is a must if you’re doing anything custom at home! But which printer is best for Cricut machines?

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Is Cricut software free?

Home Buying Guides Digital Art

(Image credit: Adobe / Inkscape / Savage / Cricut) The best software for Cricut enable you to create your own designs, often with more detail and in an easier way than Cricut’s own Design Space. While free, Cricut Design Space does have a subscription option if you need more fonts and images, so some of the best free software for Cricut is actually supporting software, which I list below.

  • The best Cricut machines can be used to cut anything from vinyl to leather, and you can also score, write, deboss, and engrave if you pick one of the brand’s more powerful models.
  • The Cricut Mugpress enables you to create custom designed mugs while Cricut EasyPress 2 is one of the best heat press machines and enables you to make designer t-shirts and bags.

As long as you can upload your designs into Design Space to be printed, you can choose from a selection of software for Cricut to make those perfect designs. From my experience, ideally you’re looking for software that can export in SVG file format, even better if the app can import embroidery file formats, such as PES, PEC, HUS, JEF, and VIP.

Can I use my own designs with Cricut Explore Air 2?

You can upload your very own original art to Cricut Design Space too! Whether you’ve drawn something on a piece of paper or digitally, save it as either a JPG, PNG or SVG file an import it in the same way as you would a downloaded image.

Can you use Cricut Air 2 without internet?

Yes. If you choose the option that saves your project to your computer and the cloud, you can edit and cut that project without an internet connection. You can even create and cut a brand-new project using the fonts, images, and patterns that were used in projects already saved to your computer.

Does Cricut design space cost money?

Hold up. What’s Design Space, and do I need Cricut Access in order to use it? – Design Space is software you use on your desktop or mobile device to create projects with your Cricut. Design Space is free to use, and it’s not optional: it’s the only way to operate a Cricut machine.

Can I use my phone with a Cricut?

Yes. Cricut Joy has built-in Bluetooth and is ready to pair with your compatible mobile device or Bluetooth-enabled Windows or Mac computer. On computer, Cricut Joy must use Design Space; the Cricut Joy app is currently available only for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Why is Cricut charging me for a free font?

After several days of being logged in, your Design Space session will automatically sign you out. When this happens, it may still appear that you are signed in, but your images and fonts may show a charge. Simply sign out of Design Space, then sign back in to refresh your account.

Why is Cricut so popular?

What is a Cricut machine? – Cricuts are electronic cutting machines. You may also hear them referred to as craft plotters or die-cutter machines. They are able to cut various patterns and designs with great speed and accuracy, making them very popular with DIYers and professionals alike.

  1. Cricut machines are able to cut designs into various types of materials including cardstock, vinyl, paper, foil, and fabric.
  2. Some of the best Cricut machines are even capable of cutting intricate designs into wood, leather, and other thick materials.
  3. Wannabe crafters can find Cricuts both online and at brick-and-mortar stores—and even at places you may not expect, such as Lowe’s,
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Our Recommendation: Cricut Maker Machine at Walmart for $229 This versatile Cricut is able to cut through hundreds of different materials, comes with a rotary blade and knife blade, and offers 12 different capabilities including cutting, writing, and scoring.

Can Cricut print stickers?

Instructions –

  1. Download a premade sticker sheet image file. Or, design your own sticker sheet image in an app like Procreate, Illustrator, or Design Space.
  2. Upload the sticker image to Cricut Design Space. Click Insert Image to add the image to your Canvas.
  3. Load sticker paper into your inkjet printer. Click the Make it button to start the Print Then Cut project. Using the dialog box in Cricut Design Space, send the image to print.
  4. Place the printed paper onto the Cricut mat. Load the mat into the machine. Choose the correct material settings, and press the button to cut the stickers.
  5. Unload the mat and remove the stickers.

Sarah Stearns has helped thousands of makers find their next craft project with free patterns and step-by-step tutorials on her blog, Read more. With over a decade of experience in knitting and crochet, she has been featured in prominent publications like The New York Times, Scientific American, Good Housekeeping, Vox, Apartment Therapy, and Lifehacker.

Can you print a photo on Cricut?

What is Cricut Print and Cut? – Print and cut is a little different than your normal cutting of vinyl and iron-on vinyl. You actually need to use a printer along with your Cricut Explore Air or Cricut Maker, The Cricut doesn’t actually print your image.

  1. Your Cricut can draw/write with markers, but that is different.) Design Space sends it to a connected home printer to print your image and then you place the printed sheet of paper or cardstock on your Cricut mat and the Cricut will cut it out.
  2. Think of it this way no more trying to cut out those very intricate images on cut lines you print with scissors.

Let your Cricut do the work for you so there are no more uneven edges or hurt hands!

Does the Cricut explore AIR 2 print in color?

Print Then Cut on colored materials is possible with the Cricut Maker, Cricut Maker 3, and Cricut Explore 3 only. All previous Cricut Explore models must use white materials for Print Then Cut.

Does Cricut Explore Air 2 cut wood?

Cutting wood is a fun new material to work with with your Cricut cutting machine. However, if you have an Explore Air 2, you might think that wood is not an option for you. False! You can cut wood with the Explore.

Can I use my own designs with Cricut Explore Air 2?

You can upload your very own original art to Cricut Design Space too! Whether you’ve drawn something on a piece of paper or digitally, save it as either a JPG, PNG or SVG file an import it in the same way as you would a downloaded image.