How do you undo a repost on TikTok? – If you quickly change your mind about something you decided to repost on TikTok, undoing it is just as easy as reposting it in the first place. Article continues after ad To do so, simply follow these instructions: Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates on Esports, Gaming and more.

Go to the video that you reposted. Click on the share menu on the right side of the video (the button that looks like an arrow.) Press the ‘Remove repost’ button. Confirm the removal of the repost when the pop-up appears.

This makes it super easy to change your mind if you decide you want to undo your repost, but it’s worth bearing in mind that the longer you leave it after reposting, the higher the chances are that someone will have already seen it. If you’d like to learn more about how to use TikTok, you can take a look at our other guides here: How to duet on TikTok | How to Stitch on TikTok | How to go live on TikTok | How to find contacts on TikTok | How to use TikTok Stories | Best time to post on TikTok for more views and likes Article continues after ad

Can you Unrepost a video on TikTok?


To “unrepost” a video on TikTok, find the video again and tap the “Send to” button. Removing a repost will stop the video from showing up in your followers’ feeds, except through the regular algorithm.

Every TikTok video can be reposted, which lets you share the best videos you’ve seen with all your followers. Reposting a video puts it into your followers’ feeds as if it were your own. But if you ever want to “unrepost” a video, the process is almost the exact same.

Can you go back to your reposts on TikTok?

Here’s how to undo reposting a TikTok video in one easy step. Many users may repost a TikTok video by mistake or just reconsider sharing it. TikTok users can easily undo a repost, and there are many reasons they may want to, including reposting a video by mistake. TikTok introduced the repost button to let users share their favorite videos with their followers instead of re-uploading or stitching with them.

  • The TikTok repost feature works in a similar way to Twitter’s retweets, and it’s the best way to credit the TikTok user who created it.
  • Reposted videos don’t appear in the user’s TikTok profile.
  • In addition, when users repost a TikTok video, their followers see it on the ‘ For You ‘ page, not the ‘Friends’ page,
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It can be easy to repost a video by mistake, since the repost button is very close to other options that appear when the user taps the ‘ Share ‘ button. Thankfully, TikTok makes it pretty easy to undo a repost. To do this, users just need to tap the ‘Share’ button once more on the same video.

How do you Unpost and edit a TikTok?

How to edit TikTok caption – Like mentioned, it is not possible to edit TikTok captions once your TikTok video has been uploaded and shared, even if you were to use the TikTok editor. If you don’t mind losing your comments and likes, you can try the following:

First, go to your profile and select the video that you would like to edit. Then save the selected video onto your mobile gallery or Google drive or any other platform that you have access too. Then delete the video from your TikTok profile (However this will also delete likes and comments on the video, and will not be retrieved even if you post the same video again). Then, click on Post button in your profile and upload the video that you had just saved on your mobile. Just like how you posted your first TikTok video, fill in your captions and double check before posting to ensure that you did not make any mistakes!

However, if you have a saved draft it is a different story. If you have a workable draft, you can play around with different effects before posting the final version. Saved drafts can only be seen by the user and will not be visible to the public. Having a series of drafts saved on your profile will also help you plan your contents.

Since frequency in posting is key for influencers and other content creator in order to not lose followers and to increase your followers and reach, upload a few drafts few days before they are due to post. This case you will not need to keep a separate content calendar to keep track! If you are not a big fan of creating TikTok videos, you could also TikTok repost which allows you to post videos created by other users on your profile for your followers to watch.

This is also a good way to increase engagement rate and easier to keep your followers entertained.

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How do you Unpost a TikTok and edit it?

Can you edit a TikTok after posting? – No. You cannot edit a TikTok video after publishing it. However, you can edit the description of a video once it has been posted. If you made an error or uploaded the wrong video, you would need to delete the video and re-upload it.

Can everyone see what you reposted on TikTok?

What Does It Mean to Repost on TikTok? – As the name suggests, reposting on TikTok is the process of sharing someone else’s content with your own TikTok audience. The video you repost will show up on your friends’ For You pages just like all the videos that were created originally by you. In other words, it’s exactly like the sharing function on other social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. On TikTok, you re-post something someone else has originally posted, which is how you get the term. Another key difference is that the repost won’t show up on your profile and will only appear in the For You pages of your friends.

How do I turn off repost?

There are many social media platforms and tiktok is one out of the top list of those platforms. No one may be unaware of its use so we don’t need to tell what it is used for. As there are different updates in social media platforms. These platforms keep on adding new features to enhance the usability and interaction of the users. Sometimes, there is an addition of a new feature and sometimes there is a deduction. Main purpose of adding these features is to test new ideas and get the insights of the usage of applications. Sometimes, it works and users start moving from one platform to other because of these features. Repost feature on tiktok is very new and that is the reason it is hot topic to be discussed. You can repost someone’s video from your tiktok account and you can also remove reposted tiktok videos, What we will discuss is the method to enable and disable repost button on tiktok. You can easily enable or remove the repost button by opening your tiktok Profile >> Settings and Privacy >> by toggling on or off the “Repost” option under “Privacy” tab.

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Why do reposts disappear on TikTok?

Outdated App – Regular updates are essential for the optimal functioning of an app. TikTok is no different, as each update either brings about improvements or fixes existing issues. If you haven’t set up automatic updates for TikTok on your mobile device, you might not be able to see the newest developments the app has to offer.

Can you unpost a TikTok and put it back in drafts?

When you go back onto the app. you get a little at the top. just simply press the cross button. and it will be in your drafts.

Is reposting on TikTok anonymous?

What is TikTok’s repost button? – Simply put, TikTok’s repost feature is a quick way to share any video you find with your friends and followers. Similar to other social media sites, instead of claiming ownership of the content by publishing it on your account, you’re simply relaying it to your followers through your account.

Is there a way to remove all reposts on TikTok?

Can I delete all reposts on tiktok at once? – You can delete all of your tiktok reposts one by one but there is no way to do this action for deleting tiktok reposts in bulk. Even if you refresh your tiktok app, it will not undo your action. That is the reason you will have to do it one by one for all videos.