See recent photos and videos you’ve liked

  1. Tap or your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile.
  2. Tap in the top right, then tap Your activity.
  3. Tap Interactions, then tap Likes.
  4. Tap the post or video you’d like to view.

Why can’t I see my likes on Instagram?

What changed with Instagram likes in 2022? – Are you wondering, ‘Why can’t I see the number of post likes on Instagram?’. This change comes down to the fact that Instagram will no longer publicly display the number of likes generated by posts unless the user chooses to make the like count public.

The decision to publicly hide the number of likes is part of the social media platform’s founders’ effort to make Instagram a place where users can focus on the content they share and not on the number of likes they receive. The total like count will only be available to the individual who posted it.

The evolution of likes has changed over the years, and for some, it is hard to keep up. In 2019, the Instagram app trialled removing likes entirely for select users in the US, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Japan, and New Zealand. Before Instagram publicly hid the number of likes, users could see how many likes a post had generated simply by viewing the image or video in their feed.

The decision to hide likes was made to promote a positive, social community. This was first introduced across only a handful of accounts to test the impact of on-platform user experience in 2019 and 2020. In 2021, Instagram post likes came back in a new form. The like count was displayed differently and showed the posts‘ information beneath the caption with multiple engagements that the image or video has been liked by: “Liked by username and others.” Removing the public display of Instagram likes meant other users were no longer shown a like count on posts, making it more difficult to track the performance of competitors’ content.

In 2022, Instagram announced it was giving users a new option to choose whether to hide likes on the platform or unhide likes. Now, users have the ability to keep their like counts public or switch them to private.

How do you see what you liked on Instagram on PC?

3. Using Link to Widnows with Your Phone app (Android) – Your Phone app comes pre-installed on Windows 10, but if you are on one of the previous versions, download the Your Phone app from the Microsoft Store, On Android, download Link to Windows app from the Play Store, 1. Open Your Phone app on Windows, select the Android option, and click Continue, 2. Then sign in with your Microsoft account. 3. Check the mark beside ” Yes, I finished installing Link to Windows ” and click on the Open QR Code button beside it. 4. This will open a QR Code for you to scan from Android phone and connect. 5. Now open your Android phone and open the Link to Windows app. Tap on Link your phone and PC button, then tap on Continue to scan the QR Code from your phone. Once scanned, your phone will be connected. 6. On your Samsung phone, open Settings > Advanced features and turn on Link to Windows, Tap on Link to Windows to open settings and click on Add Computer, It will open the QR Code scanner option. Scan the QR code you see on your computer. Make sure you are connected to the same network on both your Windows PC and Samsung phone. 7. On the PC, click on the Apps and then on Instagram (you can only see Instagram if you have already installed it on your phone) 8. This will open the Instagram app and starts screen mirroring your phone. The best part is that you can control the phone from desktop and changes will reflect on both devices. 9. Open the Profile Page and click on the Hamburger menu at the top right corner and then select Settings, 10. Select Account and then click on Posts You’ve Liked, 11. That’s it, you can view all your liked posts on Instagram here.

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How do you see posts you’ve liked on Instagram 2023?

Tap or your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile. Tap in the top right, then tap Your activity. Tap Interactions, then tap Likes. Tap the post or video you’d like to view.

Did Instagram get rid of liked posts?

Did Instagram remove ‘Posts you’ve liked’ insights? – The short answer is no, Instagram did not remove the option of seeing what you’ve liked on Instagram – it’s just located in a different place within the IG app. Below you can check how to look at your likes on Instagram.

Why do likes disappear on Instagram?

Comments and likes are removed when you block someone on Instagram. When you block someone on Instagram, their likes and comments will be removed from your photos and videos. Unblocking someone won’t restore their previous likes and comments.

Do people see posts you liked on Instagram?

If your account is set to private: Only your approved followers can see your posts, including any likes and comments. When you like a public post, your like will be visible to everyone and your username will be clickable below the post, but only approved followers can see your posts. Was this helpful?

How to find out how many likes you have on Instagram in a year?

2 ways of checking your Instagram likes – The easiest way to check your Instagram likes is to see the exact number of likes under your posts. As an Instagram account owner, you are able to see such numbers for your own content. Also, if you want to see the overall number of your Instagram likes during a selected time period, you can easily check it in your Instagram Insights,

If you’re logged into your business account, select the ‘Insights’ button visible under your bio. In the right upper corner, you can select the dates for which you want to track likes on your profile. Once you select the dates, go to ‘Account engagement’ and scroll down to ‘Interactions with posts’. You will see the overall number of likes that you gathered during the selected period.

Another, a bit more structured way of checking your Instagram likes, is to use a social media analytics tool like Sotrender, In Sotrender, not only can you check the overall number of likes on your account during a selected time period, but you can also track how many likes did you gather on particular dates.

How often to post on Instagram 2023?

How often to post on Instagram – Post 3-5 times per week on Instagram. Our experts recommend creating at minimum, three posts per week on Instagram. Ideally, these are mixed media posts (carousels, reels, static posts, etc.) Using different social media content types is especially important if you post more than three times per week.

  1. Instagram Stories can be used more frequently, though Instagram’s own Adam Mosseri recommends 2 Stories per day.
  2. Posting frequently on Instagram increases your chances of showing up in the Explore feed, being featured on another account, or appearing in the top search results for keywords you commonly use.
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Posting regularly is also a great way to test out what resonates with your audience. If you think that an algorithmically controlled timeline means post-timing doesn’t matter, think again. Our experiments have proven that post timing does have an impact on Instagram engagement.

Instagram has 1.39 billion global active users, The most active brands post 17 Stories per month, The average American user spends 30.1 minutes a day on Instagram, Instagram is the #1 platform for people to connect with brands, Instagram users spend around 11.7 hours per month on the platform.

View all the latest Instagram statistics here, and details on Instagram demographics here.

Does Instagram only show 100 likes?

So, in late 2022 Instagram stopped sharing the complete list of likes for a post. So even in web view, you can only see a maximum of 100 latest likes, that too in non-chronological order.

Can someone see if you like and unlike a post on Instagram?

Very soon after you remove a like, the like alert will disappear from other people’s Activity. If you’ve accidentally liked a photo and then unliked it, the person who posted it will still get a push notification if they have notifications turned on.

Can I see what my boyfriend likes on Instagram?

Sometimes curiosity gets the better of us all. And if you’ve ever wondered what your partner has been ‘liking’ on social media, there’s a way to find out. In fact, on Facebook there’s a clever way to see what anyone on your friends list has liked on the site.

  • Simply click on the search bar at the top of the web page or app and type ‘photos liked by’ followed by your partner’s name.
  • This will then bring up a selection of photos liked by the person.
  • The search option can bring up photos in any order so you might see older pictures first.
  • You can do the same for any of your friends or family too.

On Instagram you can also follow what other people including your partner have been ‘liking’. To do this just open the Instagram app and click on the heart button on the bottom bar of your screen, next to your profile button. This will bring up a list of likes and comments on your photos.

How to get 1k likes on Instagram?

Firstly, Never Buy Likes – Before we teach you how to get more likes on Instagram, let’s just clear something up first – never buy Instagram followers or likes. This won’t do your account any favors. Getting Instagram likes doesn’t have to be hard, but it does require some work.

Taking a shortcut like buying engagement will only damage your brand in the long run. Instead, come up with a consistent posting schedule, write engaging captions, post quality content, use relevant hashtags, and engage with your audience. These are the basic steps to get more likes. Unfortunately, there’s no shortcut to this.

However, there are a few strategies you can take to maximize likes on Instagram.

Why is Instagram hiding my posts?

If content goes against our Recommendation Guidelines, it may be considered upsetting, offensive, or sensitive and we may make it harder to find, rather than removing it from Instagram. We’ve previously limited content like this in Explore, Search, Reels, Accounts You Might Follow and Recommendations.

Why is Instagram not showing my posts to my followers?

Now that you understand the logic behind Instagram and what they expect from you as a user, let’s dive into the specific tactics you can use to grow your Instagram under the new algorithm. –

Reels are the #1 way to grow fast! In an effort to compete with the video app TikTok, Instagram is now prioritizing video content. And what makes Reels different is that instead of users only seeing Reels from accounts they follow, users see Reels from all Instagram accounts on the Reels tab. So you’re able to reach more people and possibly new followers. Instagram also implemented Reels bonuses where users with interesting/original Reels have the chance to get up to $10,000. Now you might be thinking, “Yeah right. There’s no way anyone will get that.” And I’m here to tell you that it is 100% true because I received the Surprise Bonus Reel of $10,000 on my book account @thebiglittlelibrary, So if you’re looking to grow, IMMEDIATELY start posting interesting Reels.

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When you post, engage/comment back within the first 60 minutes to help drive engagement, Not only will your followers appreciate it but Instagram will boost your post and show it to more of your followers!

Do not edit your post’s caption or location tag for 24 hours! I’m not entirely sure why but doing such will significantly lower your chances for it to be seen.

Do not delete your post and repost it, Same reason as above. I’ve done this before and my reposted photo tanked.

Use all 30 hashtags in a post, but only include 7-10 in the caption and add the rest in a comment. If you use all 30 hashtags in a caption, Instagram thinks you are spamming and will keep your reach low. Be sure the hashtags you use in the caption are unique and specific to either your brand or what you’re showcasing in the post.

Share your new post in your stories. This is an easy way to alert your followers that you have a new post. Also, shares and saves are more valuable than likes and comments, so encourage your followers to do so.

Post more to gain more followers. I know this may seem like a risky option. If Instagram is only showing your content to 10% of your followers, then you’ll risk having lower engagement on posts you’ve worked hard on creating. But here’s why you should post more. When you post more, you will reach a higher percentage of people daily. For example, if I share two times a day, then I will reach about 20% of my followers instead of 10%. When more people can see your posts, the more your followers will engage. When your followers engage and use the app, Instagram takes notice and will share your account with other accounts, so your chances of gaining new followers increases.

Post less for better engagement. I know I just said to post more. But from my experience when I post less, the reach of my overall post is higher. The reason being that your post has time to circulate. Because of the algorithm, our feeds are no longer in chronological order but catered to what Instagram thinks we want to see. When people follow you, Instagram knowns they would like to view your content. So even if Instagram doesn’t show your posts to a majority of your followers at first, it may get picked up by the algorithm and end up on your followers’ feeds later on. So try waiting a day or two before posting again.

Geotag popular destinations. The sad truth is that Instagram will show your post to more followers if you geotag a popular destination. Some of these include Santorini, Venice, Barcelona, and Paris; essentially, any location that attracts many tourists or is trending. So if you’re reading this blog post because you want to gain more followers and have better engagement, one simple solution would be to visit and create content in super popular destinations. Some Instagrammers have done this with great success. Personally, I travel to places for other reasons than growing my IG.

Sidenote: I wouldn’t recommend tagging a photo in Santorini that isn’t Santorini. Instagram has recognition software, so I doubt you can fool them.