How To Put Ribbon On A Christmas Tree

How do you hang ribbon garland on a tree?

Wrap Ribbon Vertically – If you don’t want to wrap your ribbon in a spiral, another option is to hang it vertically. If you want to turn your ribbon vertically, start by cutting long, varying lengths of ribbon. Then, anchor each ribbon at the top of the tree and let them cascade down.

Should I put ribbon on Christmas tree?

April 25, 2019 Ready to change up your Christmas tree style this year? Adding ribbon is an easy and inexpensive way to do it. When done properly, you can add dramatic dimension to your tree with ribbon when paired with the perfect Christmas ornaments and lights.

Should ribbon on a Christmas tree be vertical or horizontal?

Adding ribbon vertically – While I prefer to add my ribbon diagonally, some people prefer their ribbon to run down the tree more vertically. This can especially work well when you are using a bow tree topper. You can add your ribbon vertically using basically the same method including using strips and doing the double tuck or the curl. Even though you will be arranging your ribbon in a more structured way, be sure to keep it loose and let your ribbons zig zag to one side or the other a bit as you work. Ribbon should look like it is flowing, not like it has been disciplined into straight lines.

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How do you decorate a tree with ribbon strips?

And as long as I was decorating, I figured I would show you guys a simple way to put ribbon on a Christmas tree in just a few minutes. – So here’s the keycut your ribbon into 12′-18″ strips so that you can strategically place them and make adjustments without struggling with an entire roll of ribbon. For this tree I used a 3″ wired ribbon. I recommend using wired ribbon to be able to manipulate the shape of each piece, but you can really use any ribbon you like. Once you have cut your pieces, simply tuck the ends deep into the tree and allow the ribbon to bow out into the shape and size you like. If your ribbon does not stay tucked into the tree branches, you can attach an ornament hook to each end to secure them in place. There is some debate among Christmas tree decorators about whether to add ribbon before or after ornaments. My view is, add the ribbon first to get a basic design in place. it is easy to adjust individual pieces around ornaments as you decorate, but the basic design will still be evident. As you can see, above, I used small pieces and placed them at differing angles in a vertical “row” from top to bottom. This gives the look of a single piece of ribbon being threaded through the tree without the hassle of using one long piece. I repeated the process around the tree 5 times, using 5-6 pieces of ribbon for each row.

  1. This gave me a good base to start adding my decorative picks and ornaments.
  2. I always end up adjusting the ribbon slightly to get the ornaments in the right spot, but the overall look stays consistent.
  3. The same technique can be used to create a more horizontal design around the tree.
  4. On my tree, last year, I used two different ribbons in a narrower size and created a more random pattern.
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You can tour this room by clicking, And on my family room trees, I used a simple white ribbon with a frayed edge, to add some brightness. You can tour this room by clicking, So that’s ita simple way to put ribbon on a Christmas tree that only takes about 10 minutes! I hope this helps you decorate your tree this season.

How much ribbon do I need for a Christmas tree?

A good starting point is to have at least 3 yards of ribbon per foot of tree. If you want to keep it simple, start at the top of your tree and wrap the ribbon around it in a downward spiral. The wider your tree, the longer the ribbon you’ll need.