Here is how to pause your location on find my iPhone.

  1. Head to the settings of your iPhone and tap on your name/phone number at the top.
  2. Click on the Find My App.
  3. Toggle off ‘Share my Location.’

How do you pause location on Find My iPhone without them knowing?

Turning on Airplane mode on your iPhone is probably the simplest approach to stop the location without alerting others. It is a built-in feature in every iPhone.

Can you pause your location on Find My location?

Key Takeaways – Pausing location on Find My iPhone is a simple process that can help protect your privacy. Here are some key takeaways to keep in mind:

You can pause location on Find My iPhone by opening the Find My app and tapping on the Me tab. From there, you can toggle off Share My Location. If you want to pause location on a specific device, open the Find My app, tap on the Devices tab, select the device you want to pause location for, tap on Actions, and then tap on Pause Location. If you want to pause location on Find My iPhone without anyone knowing, you can turn off Share My Location in your iPhone’s settings. Pausing location on Find My iPhone can help protect your privacy and keep your whereabouts hidden from others. Remember that pausing location on Find My iPhone will prevent you from being able to locate your device if it gets lost or stolen.

By following these simple steps, you can easily pause location on Find My iPhone and protect your privacy. Remember to turn location sharing back on when you’re ready to share your location again.

How do I freeze my location on Find My Friends?

How to Freeze Location on Find My Friends: 3 Quick Methods

  • Use Find My on a different Apple device to change your sharing location.
  • Turn on Airplane Mode and turn off Wi-Fi to prevent your location from updating.
  • Turn off your iPhone completely to stop your location from updating.
  1. 1 Open Find My on the new device. has a green and blue radar icon. This method changes the device that shares your location, allowing you to freeze the location at the new device while still being able to use your iPhone.
    • This method requires another Apple device besides your iPhone.
  2. 2 Tap Me, This is a tab at the bottom of the Find My app. It has a person icon in a circle. Advertisement
  3. 3 Tap Use this as My Location, This will change your default Find My location to the new device.
    • If you keep the new device in a single location, you’ll effectively freeze your location on Find My Friends.
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  1. 1 Open the Control Center. This method turns on Airplane Mode. People who try to view your location will only see your last known location and when it was last updated. The method to access the Control Center depends on your iPhone model:
    • iPhone X and later – go to the top-right corner of the screen and swipe down
    • iPhone SE and iPhone 8 and earlier – go to the bottom edge of the screen and swipe up
  2. 2 Tap the Airplane Mode button. It’s the airplane icon in the top-left section of the Control Center. It will turn orange when it’s on.
  3. 3 Turn off Wi-Fi. If your Wi-Fi is on (the icon is blue), tap it to turn it off. It should be gray with a line crossing through the Wi-Fi icon. Your location is now hidden!
    • Note that turning off Airplane mode or turning on Wi-Fi will update your location on Find My.
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  1. 1 Press and hold the power button(s). This method completely. People who try to view your location will only see your last known location and when it was last updated. The way you turn off your iPhone depends on the model:
    • With FaceID – press and hold the side button and either volume button.
    • With Home button – press and hold the side button.
  2. 2 Move the Power Off slider to the right. This will shut down your iPhone and freeze your location.
    • Note that your location will be updated on Find My the next time you turn on your iPhone.
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How do I stop sharing my location with friends without them knowing?

Method 1. Turn on Airplane Mode – A simple way to prevent people to know your location temporarily is by turning on airplane mode. It is a built-in feature that is available in almost all types of mobile phones. Do note that airplane mode will also prevent any notification and use of cellular networks, phone calls, or messages.

You can enable Airplane Mode by going to Settings on your home screen. Now you will have to toggle on the airplane mode icon.

Another way of turning on airplane mode will be to swipe up the lock screen from the bottom part to go to the Control Panel. There, you will see an airplane icon on the upper part. To enable it, you will have to tap on it and it will change its color.

Can I trick my location?

What is geo-spoofing? – You may have come across the term “geo-spoofing”. Spoofing your location is just another term for faking or hiding your location, This requires changing your IP address, One of the easiest ways to spoof your location is to use a VPN. This allows you to connect to a server in another country and obtain a different IP address.

How do I manipulate my location on my phone?

Choose location settings (Android 9.0) – To change location settings:

  1. Open your device’s Settings app.
  2. Tap Security & Location Location.
    • If you have a work profile, tap Advanced.

Then, choose an option:

  • Turn Location on or off : Tap Location.
  • Scan for nearby networks : Tap Advanced Scanning, Turn Wi-Fi scanning or Bluetooth scanning on or off.
  • Turn emergency location service on or off : Tap Advanced Google Emergency Location Service, Turn Emergency Location Service on or off.
  1. Open your phone’s Settings app.
  2. Tap Security & Location Location,
    • If you don’t find “Security & Location,” tap Location,
  3. Tap Mode,
  4. Select a mode:
    • High accuracy: Use GPS, Wi-Fi, mobile networks, and sensors to get the most accurate location. Use Google Location Services to help estimate your phone’s location faster and more accurately.
    • Battery saving: Use sources that use less battery, like Wi-Fi and mobile networks. Use Google Location Services to help estimate your phone’s location faster and more accurately.
    • Device only: Use GPS and sensors. Don’t use Google Location Services to improve location accuracy. This can estimate your phone’s location more slowly and use more battery.

You can control what location information your phone can use.

  1. Open your phone’s Settings app.
  2. Under “Personal,” tap Location access,
  3. At the top of the screen, turn Access to my location on or off.
    • When location access is on, pick either or both of:
      • GPS satellites: Lets your phone estimate its location from satellite signals, like a GPS device in a car.
      • Wi-Fi & mobile network location: Lets your phone use Google Location Services to help estimate its location faster, with or without GPS.
    • When location access is off: Your phone can’t find its precise location or share it with any apps.

Tip: If you have a tablet that more than one person uses, each person can have different location access settings.

  • Search
  • Clear search
  • Close search
  • Google apps
  • Main menu

: Manage your Android device’s location settings

Does Airplane Mode hide your location?

Can Someone See Your Location on Airplane Mode with WiFi? – If your phone is only in airplane mode, anyone who has access to your GPS can see your location. One way to ensure your location is hidden from others and third parties is to disable the GPS feature on your iPhone or Android.

Does Airplane Mode turn off Find My iPhone?

Does Airplane Mode Turn Off Location Tracking and Sharing? Find out if turning on Airplane Mode disables location tracking and sharing. Airplane Mode turns off features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cellular services, NFC, and other radio transmitters that can interfere with airplane sensors.

  • Airplane Mode doesn’t turn off your device’s GPS. But because it disables internet access, your device will not update its location on the internet.
  • Airplane Mode does turn off cellular, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi, which prevents your device from sharing its location on the internet.
  • Disable Location Services and GPS to prevent your phone or other device from being tracked.
  1. Airplane Mode doesn’t disable GPS, but it does turn off location sharing online. Airplane Mode only disables radio signals, like cellular, Wi-Fi, and sometimes Bluetooth. These radio signals can interfere with commercial airline sensors. However, your smartphone, tablet, or laptop does not need to transmit radio signals to use GPS, so Airplane Mode leaves GPS turned on. But because Airplane Mode turns off Wi-Fi and cellular data, your device can’t share its location online or with other devices.
    • While your phone, tablet, or laptop can’t be tracked by other devices, apps, and websites while you’re in Airplane Mode, other apps on your device may still have access to your location.
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Yes, Airplane Mode disables Find My apps. Apps like (iPhone, iPad, & Mac) and (Android) use an internet connection to share your phone location. If Airplane Mode is turned on, the internet won’t be available. So, even though GPS is enabled, your device can’t share your location in these apps.

  1. 1 Turn off Location Services/GPS. If you don’t want your Android, iPhone, or iPad to be tracked while you’re in Airplane Mode, you can turn off your GPS.
      • Open Settings,
      • Go to Privacy & Security > Location Services,
      • Tap the toggle switch next to “Location Services.”
      • Swipe down from the top of the Home screen. You may need to swipe twice to see the full Quick Access menu.
      • Tap and hold the Location icon.
      • Tap and hold the Location button.
  2. 2 Fake your GPS location. If you are using an Android, there are tons of apps in the Google Play Store you can use to fake your location. One such app is Fake GPS. The iPhone App Store does not have apps that allow you to spoof your location, but you can purchase an app for your Mac called Virtual Location that allows you to change your iPhone/iPad’s location by connecting it to your computer.
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Can someone see your location if your iPhone is off?

Can a phone be tracked if it’s turned off? – A phone that is turned off is difficult to track because it stops sending signals to cell towers, However, the service provider or internet provider can show the last location once it’s switched back on.

Can I make my phone location change?

Part 3: The Most Common Ways to Change Your GPS Location on Android – So, now that you know the benefits of using a spoofed location, let’s take a look at how to change location on Android. The ideal way to set up a fake GPS location is to use a geo-spoofing app.

  1. You can find dozens of geo spoofing apps on Google Play Store.
  2. All these apps offer the same functionality and have the same features as well.
  3. So, you can download any of these apps and you’ll be able to change your GPS location easily.
  4. For a quick demonstration, we are going to use Fake GPS Go Joystick,

It’s a GPS Joystick app that’ll let you change your current location and virtually control your GPS movement as well. Step 1 – Go to Google Play Store and search for Fake GPS GO Joystick. Tap the “Install” button to install the app on your smartphone. Step 2 – Once the app is installed, open the “Settings” menu and select “Location”. Here make sure to change the “Location Mode” to “GPS Only”. Step 3 – Again, go back to the “Settings Menu” and click “Developer Options”. Step 4 – Click “Set Mock Location App” and choose “Fake GPS” from the list. Step 5 – Once you have set the default mock location app, open “GPS GO Joystick” and use the search bar to find a specific location. The pointer will automatically move to the specific location on the map. Finally, click the “Play” button and your device’s location will be changed automatically. That’s how to change your location on Android using any of the GPS spoofing tools. Now, even though this is a great way to spoof your location, using such geo spoofing apps have a few limitations. For instance, since there are hundreds of such apps, it can become extremely tiring to know which ones are legit.

Does VPN change location?

1. How to use a VPN to change virtual location – When you use a virtual private network to hide your physical location, you also change your IP address in the process. Here are the steps you need to take to change your IP address:

    1. Get a reliable VPN subscription to change your IP address. Choose the best one for you from all NordVPN subscription plans,
    2. Download the VPN app to your device and install it.
    3. Open the application and enter your credentials to log in.
    4. Click the “Quick connect” button to connect to the best remote server in seconds.
    5. After you’re connected, your virtual location and IP addresses are changed!

If you want to change your VPN server to, say, USA, just tap the country pin, and NordVPN’s smart algorithm will find the fastest server available. There are other ways to use NordVPN as a location changer as well. You can install it onto your router or download our proxy extension for Chrome or Firefox.

In fact, it supports almost any device, and you can even set up a NordVPN on your router. Also, check out NordVPN reviews where people share their experiences about our VPN as an IP address changer tool. Online security starts with a click. Stay safe with the world’s leading VPN How does a VPN change your IP address and location? A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, changes your apparent location by sending your traffic through a server in another location.

Here’s how that works:

    1. Your VPN app lets you select a server anywhere in the world where your VPN service has servers. NordVPN, for example, has servers in 60 different countries (in some, you can also select the city). For example, if you pick a server in Texas, any websites you visit will only be able to see the IP address for the server location in Texas.
    2. When you connect to the server you’ve selected, your app will form an encrypted tunnel around all of the traffic coming from your device. That VPN tunnel will lead straight to your selected server, which will decrypt your traffic and send it to its final destination. However, your IP address (internet protocol) – which helps determine your location and identity – will now be that of the server. Yours will be hidden from the world.
    3. That’s it – anyone using your IP address to discover your location will now see your location as the location of the server. You can still use the app and change your VPN server to new locations whenever you want and acquire new IP addresses.