How To Create A New Asin In Amazon
Creating a completely new ASIN – If you’re listing a completely new product, you’ll need to add a new ASIN to the Amazon product catalog. Usually, this is a job for brands and manufacturers. But if you find that you’ve sourced a product that doesn’t exist on Amazon yet, this means you’ll have very little competition to contend with.

This boosts your chances of winning the Amazon Buy Box and increasing sales, It’s worth noting that new sellers can only create a limited number of new listings until they establish a proven sales record on Amazon. The more sales you have, the more ASINs you’ll be able to create. In Amazon’s ‘Add a Product’ tool, click ‘Create a new product’.

You’ll then be prompted to fill out a form with your product’s details, including the item’s name, brand, color, size and material make-up. After you’ve added a new product, Amazon will assign an ASIN. Here, you’ll also have to include a unique GTIN (Global Trade Item Number). You should be able to find this information on a product’s barcode, label or from the manufacturer. Here are popular GTIN’s:

ISBN (International Standard Book Number) 10 or 13 digits
UPC (Universal Product Code) 12 digits
EAN (European Article Number) 13 digits

Once submitted, Amazon will assign your product an ASIN code and publish a product details page. Then, you can use this to list your items – and so can other sellers. Filling out these forms can be time-consuming. If you’re doing it often, you should consider using Amazon seller tools like inventory templates to speed up the process.

How do I Create an ASIN barcode?

To create a new ASIN, go to Amazon’s Add a Product’ tool, then click ‘Create a new product’. Amazon will take you to fill out a form for making your listing live. This form entails product detail fields such as product name, manufacturer or brand, product material colour, and size.

Can we Create a new SKU for the same ASIN in the same account?

Amazon PPC – All Amazon PPC is at the SKU level. Therefore, when creating a new campaign, you need to enter an SKU, not ASIN. You are promoting your offer (SKU), not a listing (ASIN). The ads are active when the SKU has the Buy box. When your SKU loses the Buy Box, it automatically becomes ineligible for advertising – you do not spend money when the customer does not see your offer in the listing.

As an example, one of my clients has had an issue by choosing the wrong type of barcode. To create FBA shipment, he got an error: “Cannot be stickerless, commingled”. This issue was caused by an error while converting the listing. For the first time converting the listing from the FBM shipping method to FBA, the “Manufacturer barcode” was selected, although in this case, the “Amazon barcode” had to be chosen.

You cannot change the barcode type – a new SKU must be created. After creating a new SKU for the same ASIN and selecting “Amazon barcodes”, the problem has been resolved. : The Difference between ASIN and SKU | SHAYZ

Can I create my own Amazon SKU?

The SKU numbers are identifiers that are particular to the SELLER so if they are already in use it sounds like you are trying to list the same product a second or third time. OR Amazon is messed up which is just as likely. When you add a product it will have a box with the AMAZON suggested SKU but you can do your own.

Can I just make up a SKU?

How Do You Generate SKU Numbers? – You can generate SKU numbers any way you want, but it’s probably easiest to use your inventory/retail management system, The length is up to you, but do take into consideration that your staff will need to be able to easily read and even remember SKUs.

(Grocery cashiers, for instance, often end up memorizing swaths of produce SKUs in order to be able to ring faster.) You can also choose to use only numbers or letters – or do a combination of the two. When choosing digits, you could go totally random. However, it’s better to imbue your digits with some meaning.

By that I mean, segment the digits out to refer to certain things. For instance, if you have an 8 digit SKU, the first two digits could refer to the item category, the second two digits could refer to sub-category, the third two could refer to item color, and the last two can be the unique identifier.

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Category Code Item Code SKU Number
Dog Toys 10 Tennis Ball 012 10012
Rodent Accessories 20 Hamster Wheel 005 20005
Cat Food 30 Salmon Bites 001 30001

The item codes should be created in a sequential order (thus, each new item you get in will just be assigned the next available number). The item codes can be reused in different departments, as well. So “012” could be used for Chicken Bites in the cat food department, even though it’s used for Tennis Ball in the Dog Toys department.

Supplier Store Location Department Variation Item Type Size Color

Let’s look at how a clothing store with men’s, women’s and children’s clothing might want to create a SKU.

Department Code Category Code Color Code Item Number SKU
Men’s M Knits 223 Purple 02 001 M223-02-001
Women’s W Knits 223 Brown 58 010 W223-58-010
Children’s C Denim 604 Pink 25 035 C604-25-035
Women’s W Dresses 005 Green 51 120 W005-51-120

Each section of the SKU tells a detail of the item and these codes can be put together in unique ways to demonstrate particular items. A different men’s purple sweater than the one seen in the table above, for instance, might be M223-02-002. You could also see that the first 5 digits of any women’s purple sweater would be W223-02, or that a pair of men’s green jeans would start with M606-51.

Can one product have multiple ASINs?

What is Amazon ASIN? – ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number. It is made up of 10-characters: numbers, alphabets, or a combination of both. It is a unique identifier assigned by and its partners. This means each product has its own unique code with which customers can identify the product that they are looking for.

How can I get a free Asin number?

You can get the ASIN product ID of regular items by simply checking the web address of the Amazon listing, details of the listing, or using ASIN lookup tools. If you decide to list a unique product on Amazon, you must add a new ASIN to the listing. Usually, brands and manufacturers add a unique ASIN.

Can I create my own barcode to sell on Amazon?

What is a barcode? – Every product on the globe has one, and you’ve probably seen barcodes all your life. But what is their function and how are barcodes created? Manufacturers and retailers, both online and at brick-and-mortar stores, use barcodes to identify and track product inventory.

There is actually a lot of information tied to those little black-and-white stripes, and Amazon relies on them to keep tabs on the millions of items they’re fulfilling around the globe. A barcode features a scannable portion and numerical portion. To create a barcode on Amazon, or any platform, you will need a Universal Product Code (UPC).

Manufacturer barcodes include a number of eligible options, which all fall under the umbrella of GTIN. A GTIN stands for Global Trade Item Number. These can include a UPC, GCID, EAN, JAN, or ISBN. On Amazon, some sellers may also have the option to create a FNSKU, which is an Amazon-specific barcode that can help sort the manufacturer’s authentic inventory from counterfeiters.

Can 2 products have the same ASIN on Amazon?

What is an ASIN Number – Amazon Standard Identification Number or Amazon ASIN is a combination of 10 unique characters, i.e., numbers, alphabets, or both. Additionally, Amazon ASIN acts as an identifier assigned by and its partners to a product.

The reason for assigning ASINs to different products helps customers and sellers find out the product they are looking for from a catalog of a massive list of products. It is not possible that two different products to have the same ASIN. There are certain exceptions related to the Amazon ASIN. A specific ASIN could be unique only within a marketplace.

In other words, Amazon sites in the US and India can use different ASINs for the same product. You need to add all your product ASINs to your listings as per Amazon Policy. If you violate the Amazon ASIN creation policy, it will suspend your selling privileges.

Can I change the brand of an ASIN?

Changing Brand name through creation of new ASINs/Listings? 2023-02-24 10:23:42 UTC #1 Hi We recently created some listings under the Brand Name “Flow Notes”, by mistake. But when we registered as Brand Owners on Amazon, we registered under the brand called “Flow”.

  • As a results we are not able to connect our listings towards our new Brand Ownership.
  • We have tried Seller support many times to have them change the Brand Name to Flow, but they refuse to help and have told us to create new listings with the correct brand name.
  • How should I proceed to create new listings without breaching Amazon policies and fixing this the way Amazon support have told us to?
  • Options we have discussed are:
  1. We create new EAN (bar code) for our products, and create brand new ASIN’s with the correct Brand name, then we send these updated products in for FBA after we created the new listings (Isn’t this a breach of policy?)
  2. We delete our old listings, and try to create new listings based on the same EAN (bar code). But wouldn’t this keep the same brand and listing as the ASIN is still the same? Or is there another way we can fix this?
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I really need some help on how to proceed here, step-by-step. I am using the upload template for updating of listings, so it has to be based on that.2023-02-28 15:05:42 UTC #2 did you have any success with this.2023-02-28 15:45:10 UTC #3 It’s virtually impossible to get a brand name changed once it has registered to a EAN/UPC – i have had some success by hounding seller support, but it has to be per ASIN so incredibly time consuming.2023-02-28 16:52:36 UTC #4 We have attempted this process – as we added the manufacturer name rather than the brand name.

We are both the manufacturer & the Brand Owner. Amazon stated that in order for this to be changed – the listing has to be deleted – then re added as a new listing using the same ASIN number. This will update the listing details in 24 hours – but you will lose any potential sales in that period. As ASIN numbers are never deleted by the Amazon system – the Review data will always stay with the ASIN number & when the new listing appears the data will still be linked.

We tried this on 1 listing which doesn’t sell very many & it did work.2023-02-28 18:29:06 UTC #5 did you use the same SKU for the re-listing? 2023-02-28 18:29:44 UTC #6 as it appears the product reviews are linked to the SKU 2023-02-28 18:45:35 UTC #7 Product reviews are linked to the ASIN and not the SKU.

If you have the EAN registered with GS1 with the correct Brand name, then it could be possible to get them changed. You would need to raise a case for each item and point out, that the EAN is being used incorrectly for the product. But this could result in the ASIN being deleted as well.2023-02-28 18:53:00 UTC #8 We managed to get 1 ASIN changed and once that was sorted we requested them to change the other 6 ASIN’s and they’ve now come back and said they can’t do this, so frustating and time consuming.2023-03-01 09:01:05 UTC #9 NEil Can you advise what is the best way to go about changing the brand.

As mentioned, we got one ASIN change (Brand) but still have to change the product title and Manufacture. Should we request to change both Title & manufacture together or seperately.2023-03-01 11:27:51 UTC #10 To be quite honest, there is no best way. The only real way to do it, is as I described above.

You can only persevere with support. I’ve been fighting a similar battle, in that a prior seller, sold the brand I’m registered for under different EAN’s on the EU sites. This in turn means that I can’t use PanEU, because each has a different ASIN. And if it makes you feel any better, they are different on every site and there are approx 80 of them on each.

It’s a battle and it will take time and effort.2023-03-01 11:37:13 UTC #11 2023-03-01 11:51:18 UTC #12 2023-03-01 11:54:35 UTC #13 in theory then, if successful in getting it changed, the same process has to be carried our in each marketplace the brand is sold on? or if successfully changed on the UK marketplace if we then ran the build international listing tool would this in theroy change all marketplaces the brand is sold on.2023-03-01 11:59:17 UTC #14 If the EAN’s differ, then the BIL tool won’t pick it up.

To be frank, the tool is only good if the listings already exist in the target marketplace and are the same.2023-03-01 12:48:25 UTC #15 Hey – Yes it worked on the product we tested 2023-03-01 22:10:00 UTC #16 2023-03-01 22:12:12 UTC #17 So far we have managed to get the title’s changed all but 2. Next then we will work on the brand change & manufacture change.2023-03-02 12:25:45 UTC #18 We listing the brand we are trying to change back in 2019.

We managed to get one of the listing brand name changed. We then set about trying to getthe other 6 ASIN’s which they have declined. We then set about trying to change the title’s and we got 5 of these changed and are now been told the other 2 ASIN’s cannot be changed as only the brand owner can request these changes.We have spoken to the brand and they have not received and notice from amazon on these requested changes.

  1. Would it appear someone has brand registered this brand even though they are not the actual brand owner.2023-03-02 12:30:34 UTC #19 It’s very unlikely that someone holds brand registry for the same brand name, unless they have it registered in another country.
  2. Have you checked this? Amazon simply won’t accept for brand registry, without the proof.2023-03-02 12:37:30 UTC #20 The brand don’t even seller on Amazon themselves, they allow ourselves to do this.
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We created the listings back in 2019. That may be the case, we will check. if it is the case will we be allowed to change the listings in any case or is there a way around. : Changing Brand name through creation of new ASINs/Listings?

Can you delete an ASIN?

Deleting an ASIN – If you delete a product listing, its ASIN too gets deleted from your account. But, once created an ASIN cannot be deleted permanently. It remains on the Amazon servers. An ASIN is linked to the EAN, UPC, and ISBN. If you are the only seller for the respective product, the ASIN may become inactive after you delete it from your account.

Can I create a second Amazon account?

Switch Accounts allows you to add and switch between Amazon accounts without having to sign out and in. Important: To prevent others from accessing your Amazon accounts, we recommend that you don’t use this feature on shared devices and computers. To switch or add accounts in a browser:

In the Account & Lists menu, select Switch Accounts, To add a new Amazon account to the browser, select Add account, Enter your account credentials and follow the instructions on the screen. To switch between accounts, select the account you want from the Switch Accounts page.

Should I create my own SKU?

Coding your products correctly makes it easy for you, and others, to find, search and reference products from lists, invoices, order forms etc. Find out more about why SKUs are important. Every variation of the product should have it’s own unique SKU. It acts like an abbreviation of the product details.

Can I sell on Amazon without an SKU number?

Do you need an SKU in order to sell on Amazon? – Yes it is a specific merchant’s product identifier and a critical piece of data in every inventory file that you send to Amazon. Amazon uses the SKUs in your inventory file to associate your products with the appropriate product detail page in their catalog. Bottomline, SKUs are a mandatory prerequisite for selling on Amazon,

Can I change my Amazon SKU?

Rules for Amazon Seller SKU – The fundamental SKU guidelines for Amazon sellers are listed here-

Every item listed in your inventory file needs to have a special SKU, for example, YETI ‘s red and blue bottles will have different SKUs. The present SKU cannot be changed by simply altering it in the inventory file. If you need to edit a product’s SKU, you must first delete its listing before adding it again with the updated inventory file. It will automatically overwrite and replace data for identical SKUs from earlier feeds with new data for those SKUs in a recently uploaded inventory file.

How much does SKU cost?

Pricing & Trial From $14.99 per month.

When should I create a new SKU?

How long is a SKU number? – Unlike a number of other important codes in product management, SKUs are generated by each company or vendor and unique to that business. With every product release, a new SKU is required by the seller. This can mean that sellers typically have SKU catalogs of thousands of products, all of which might be required to market and sell on a variety of channels.

Can two items have the same SKU?

Can two products have the same SKU number? – No. SKU numbers are unique to the company selling the product, however two products could have the same barcode or UPC number.

Can you have multiple SKUs for the same ASIN?

Therefore which should you use, FBA or MFN? – We would actually recommend using both. You are perfectly allowed to have multiple SKUs from the same Seller account under the same ASIN. ‍ This is because you could split Amazon’s Customers into two segments: Prime and non-Prime.

Prime Customers would inevitably opt for the Prime-eligible FBA SKU which would be shipped to them quickly and included in the Prine package. If you only had an FBA offer, non-Prime customers would have to pay the non-Prime shipping fee of £4.49 regardless of product size (99p for Small and Light items).

Therefore to maximise conversion of non-Prime Customers you could offer a merchant fulfilled SKU with free shipping. The Prime SKU will invariably win the Buy Box but, depending on the number of competitor offers on the ASIN, the MFN SKU should show in the ‘Other sellers on Amazon’ section below the Buy Box.