How To Change The Code On A Kwikset Lock

Which Kwikset model do I have?

Frequently Asked Questions – Who makes Kwikset? Kwikset is owned by Spectrum Brands Hardware and Home Improvement Group. How do I identify my Kwikset? Not sure if you have a conventional or SmartKey Kwikset lock? You can identity the type of Kwikset lock you have by locating a small vertical slot on the plug.

  • This is located to the left of the cylinder’s keyway.
  • Conventional pin tumbler locks will not have these slots.
  • Is Baldwin compatible with Kwikset? Yes, some Baldwin series use the Kwikset SmartKey lock.
  • These include the Baldwin Prestige and Torrey Series.
  • How do you reset a Kwikset lock? If you find that your Kwikset device is no longer working as intended and you’ve exhausted all possible repair steps you can think of, or you want to give your Kwikset to someone else to use, you can reset it to factory defaults.

Kwikset Smart Lock:

  1. Open your door.
  2. Extend the latch bolt.
  3. Slide the cover-up to open the back of your lock, exposing the buttons beneath.
  4. Push and hold the reset button for 10 seconds until you hear the lock beep.
  5. The light ring will flash red, then spin amber.
  6. The lock has now been restored and is ready to be set up once more.

Signature Series or SmartCode Deadbolt:

  1. Remove the battery pack.
  2. Press and hold the Program Button while reinserting the battery pack. Keep holding the button for 30 seconds until you hear the lock beep and the status LED flashes red.
  3. Press the program button once more. When the LED flashes green and you hear two beeps, the lock has been reset.
  4. Perform the door handing process again to teach the lock the orientation of the door.
  5. If the lock is a Homeconnect lock, perform the process again to add the lock back into your network and controller.

What is better Schlage or Kwikset? The short answer is that it depends on what you are looking for and need from your locks. If you are looking for easy re-keying, Kwikset outperforms Schlange. Kwikset provides SmartKey® technology for the simplest re-keying in seconds, so you do not need to switch locks and have new keys made each time, while Schlange’s process is far more complex and requires taking the lock apart.

Both brands have excellent mobile apps for select smart locks and have smart locks that provide smart home functionality from Alexa, Google Assistant, AppleHomeKit, Z-Wave, and other technologies. Both brands also benefit from providing a wide range of lock varieties and provide key & keyless entry even with smart locks.

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Overall, if you’re looking for an easy to re-key lock, however, Kwikset outperforms Schlage. Can Kwikset locks be re-keyed to any key? Kwikset Smartkey locks are only compatible with Kwikset factory-cut keys or professional lock-smith generated keys carefully cut to factory specs.

  1. Inset the functioning key and turn it ¼ turn clockwise.
  2. Insert and remove the SmartKey learn tool.
  3. Remove the functioning key, insert the new Kwikset key and turn it ½ turn counterclockwise. Your lock is then re-keyed.

To re-key a pin and tumbler deadbolt, a pin and tumbler knob, all you need is a Kwikset Re-keying kit, a Kwikset key, and a pin and tumbler lock. What are the different Kwikset locks? There are many different Kwikset locks to choose from. Knobs, Levers

  • Keyed entry
  • Privacy Knobsets
  • Passage Knobsets
  • Interconnected


  • Keyed entry
  • Keyless and Keyed
  • Single cylinder deadbolt
  • Double cylinder deadbolt


  • Single cylinder handset
  • Double cylinder handset

How do I remove a code from my Kwikset Smartcode 909?

Deleting a user code In order to delete a user code, you must override the code by adding a different user code in the same position. For example, if you want to delete the third code, add a different user code in position three. NOTE: Test the old user code to make sure it can no longer unlock the door.

How do I change the code on my Kwikset 910?

Answer Enabling and Setting the MastercodeProgramming timeout: If the screen is not pressed for 20 seconds, the system will time out (indicated by three beeps and the “X” pattern flashing three times), and you will need to restart the procedure.1. Keep door open.

  1. Press and HOLD the Program button until the Checkmark symbol illuminates (about 5 seconds).2.
  2. Press Checkmark symbol once.3.
  3. Enter new Mastercode.4.
  4. Press Lock symbol once.5.
  5. Re-enter Mastercode.6.
  6. Press Lock symbol onceIf programming is successful, the Checkmark will illuminate and you will hear one beep.If programming is unsuccessful, the “X” pattern will flash three times, and you will hear three beeps.

Make sure the Mastercode has not already been programmed. Attempt the procedure again, making sure to enter the same new Mastercode in step 3 and 5.7. Make sure switch #3 is on, and press the Program button once. If you immediately hear fi ve beeps and see the Checkmark flash five times, the Mastercode is enabled.Disabling and Deleting the Mastercode1.

Keep door open. Press and HOLD the Program button until the Checkmark symbol illuminates (about 5 seconds).2. Press Checkmark symbol once.3. Press Lock symbol once.4. Enter Mastercode.5. Press Lock symbol once6. Re-enter Mastercode.7. Press Lock symbol once.If programming is successful, the Checkmark will illuminate and you will hear one beep.

How to Program Kwikset Powerbolt 2 Deadbolt Lock

If programming is unsuccessful, the “X” pattern will flash three times, and you will hear three beeps. Make sure the Mastercode has been enabled before trying to disable it. Attempt the procedure again, making sure to enter the same Mastercode in step 4 and 6.8.

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What is Kwikset programming code?

Answer 1) A programming code enables you to make changes without needing to access the programming button. This is ideal for landlords to allow programming from the outside, without access to the interior program button. Please note that once a programming code is enabled, the program button is disabled and can be used only to factory reset the lock.2) Make sure the door is open.

  1. Press and release the program button using the Smartkey tool or a paper clip.
  2. You will hear two beeps.3) Press 3.
  3. You will hear once short beep and the keypad will flash green.4) Press Kwikset button.5) Enter a programming code.
  4. It will be between 4-8 digits.
  5. The programming code cannot be the same as any user code.6) Press Kwikset button.7) Re-enter programming code.8) Press Kwikset button.

You will hear one long beep and the keypad will flash green if successful. If you hear three beeps and the keypad flashes red, it was unsuccessful. Repeat from step 1.

How do I unlock my Kwikset Smartcode?

Kwikset SmartCode: Keyless Technology At Your Fingertips “No more worrying about keys. The convenience of keyless technology is now available at your fingertips. ” That is the message Kwikset is using to introduce the new SmartCode locksets. These Kwikset locks solve the lost or forgotten key question with a system which is easier and faster to use, compared to locating and inserting a mechanical key.

Kwikset SmartCode keyless entry locks contain five numbered buttons and a sixth button which Kwikset describes as a “lock button”. Each of the numbered buttons contains two numbers such as ’12’, ’34’, ’56’, etc. Owner-programmed code numbers can be from four (4) to eight (8) digits in length. Two different code numbers can be programmed into the SmartCode lock.

This allows building residents to use their existing opening code while a second code can be issued to allow short-term users such as relatives or workmen to have access to the building. The second code can be quickly changed as needed while the users of the primary existing code are not affected by any secondary code changes.

  • Wikset SmartCode locks are available as lever sets or deadbolt locks.
  • Our sample is a deadbolt version which has a motor-driven deadbolt.
  • Unlocking from the inside of the door is done manually by turning the thumb turn.
  • Locking and unlocking from the outside can be done automatically by an electric motor.
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As the last number of a correct code is pressed on the keypad, the electric motor swings into action and retracts the deadbolt. The deadbolt can either be optionally set to automatically relock after 30 seconds or the lock button can be pressed after the door is closed and the bolt will be moved by the electric motor into a locked position in the strike plate.

  1. Electronics can provide additional options and Kwikset SmartCode locks takes full advantage of the possibilities.
  2. A slide-up cover is located on the inside trim.
  3. Beneath the trim is a switch panel with four miniature switches.
  4. Switch #1 can set the indicator light on or off.
  5. When set to the ‘on’ position, and with the lock in a locked position, an LED light will flash intermittently red and orange every three to five seconds.

If the lock is in an unlocked position, the LED will flash green every five seconds. If switch #1 is set to the ‘off’ position, the LED will only flash to indicate a low battery situation. Switch #2 controls an automatic locking feature. When the switch is set ‘on’, the SmartCode will automatically lock and extend the bolt 30 seconds after the lock has been unlocked.

  • Switch #3 enables the Audio function when the switch is ‘on’.
  • When enabled, a beep is sounded each time a button is pushed.
  • This is helpful to indicate that the user has fully pushed each button of the combination.
  • If continual series of beeps are heard while the resident is at home, it is an indication that some mischief is occurring outside their door.

Switch #4 has no function at this time. SmartCode keypad buttons can also be momentarily illuminated for night operation by pressing the centrally located ‘lock’ button. Lighting is then provided and each button is easily identified. In case of a low battery condition, the interior LED will flash red every five seconds.

A battery case is located on the top of the inner lock trim. The battery case is easily removed for replacement of four AA Alkaline batteries. According to Kwikset instructions, based on an average of 15 operations per day, the Alkaline batteries should last for over a year. A key-operated lock cylinder is also provided which can be used for unlocking if necessary.

SmartCode lock cylinders are equipped with Kwikset SmartKey technology for increased pick and bump resistance. SmartCode lock cylinders are another added sales feature.

How do I add codes to my Kwikset aura?

How do I add user codes to Aura? – To add user codes to your Aura lock, download the Kwikset App on your smartphone, create an account, create a ‘home’, and add the Aura lock to your ‘home’ within Bluetooth range of the lock.