How Old Was Keira Knightley In Pirates Of The Caribbean 1

How old was Keira Knightley when filming Pirates of the Caribbean 1?

Keira Knightley Says Lusty ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Role Made Her Feel ‘Caged In’ and ‘Stuck’: I Wanted to ‘Break Out of That’ was only 17, going on 18, when she became an international star with 2003’s “: The Curse of the Black Pearl.” But in, the Oscar nominee said playing an object of desire like Elizabeth Swann at such a young age left her feeling “stuck” and “constrained” in the industry.

  • I had quite an entrance into adult life, an extreme landing because of the experience of fame at a very early age,” Knightley said.
  • There’s a funny place where women are meant to sit, publicly, and I never felt comfortable with that.
  • It was a big jolt.” ” was the object of everybody’s lust,” Knightley continued.

“Not that she doesn’t have a lot of fight in her. But it was interesting coming from being really tomboyish to getting projected as quite the opposite. I felt very constrained. I felt very stuck. So the roles afterwards were about trying to break out of thatI didn’t have a sense of how to articulate it.

It very much felt like I was caged in a thing I didn’t understand.” While Knightley starred in two more “Pirates of the Caribbean” films in 2006 (“Dead Man’s Chest”) and 2007 (“At World’s End”), she also tried to counteract such Hollywood tentpoles with prestige projects such as Joe Wright’s “Pride and “Prejudice” (2005) and “Atonement” (2007), the former of which earned an Oscar nomination for best actress at just 20 years old.

“I was incredibly hard on myself,” Knightley said about this period of her career. “I was never good enough. I was utterly single-minded. I was so ambitious. I was so driven. I was always trying to get better and better and improve, which is an exhausting way to live your life.

Exhausting. I am in awe of my 22-year-old self, because I’d like a bit more of her back. And it’s only by not being like that any longer that I realise how extraordinary it was. But it does have a cost.” When asked what exactly that cost is, Knightley answered: “Burnout.” Knightley is back this month in the crime mystery “Boston Strangler,” which is streaming March 17 on Hulu.

Knightley stars in the true story drama as Loretta McLaughlin, a reporter for the Record-American newspaper who becomes the first journalist to connect the Boston Strangler murders. : Keira Knightley Says Lusty ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Role Made Her Feel ‘Caged In’ and ‘Stuck’: I Wanted to ‘Break Out of That’

How old was Elizabeth in Pirates 1?

Appearance – Following the film’s prologue, Elizabeth Swann is about 19 years old in The Curse of the Black Pearl, 20 years old in Dead Man’s Chest, around 22 years old in At World’s End, and roughly 43 years old in Dead Men Tell No Tales, Elizabeth is about 5′ 7″ tall with a slender figure, brown eyes, and dark blonde hair, which later lightens to a sun-kissed blonde/brown.

Having been raised in aristocratic society as a royal governor’s daughter, Elizabeth is a refined and elegant young lady but also has a feisty and strong-willed personality. She is also beautiful, attracting the attention of most of the major male characters in the series. In The Curse of the Black Pearl, she wears a dress style known as a Robe a L’Anglaise.

As a young girl, she wears a blue dress in this style, and, eight years later, her father presented her with a gold-colored frock to wear at Commodore Norrington’s promotion ceremony. Elizabeth is kidnapped wearing a long, floral cream-colored dressing gown, though Captain Barbossa later insists she wear a red dress, previously owned by another lady; she is forced to return it prior to walking the plank and being marooned on a deserted island, clad only in a long white chemise,

After being rescued by Commodore Norrington, Elizabeth is loaned a Royal Navy uniform, the first time she is seen in men’s attire. At Jack Sparrow’s execution, she is once again fashionably attired, wearing a peach-colored gown and a picture hat. In Dead Man’s Chest, as Elizabeth’s character and circumstances change, so does her wardrobe.

Although she is first seen in an elegant wedding gown and a long lace veil, Elizabeth later disguises herself as a cabin boy, wearing brown breeches, a white shirt, brown boots, a red waistcoat, a black belt, and a brown tricorne hat. She wears this garb throughout the film.

  1. Exposure to the sun tans her skin and lightens her hair.
  2. In At World’s End, Elizabeth first appears in Chinese peasant clothing and a coolie hat while paddling a small boat through Singapore’s waters.
  3. She is forced to wear only a short robe upon entering Sao Feng’s bathhouse.
  4. Later, Elizabeth wears a long armored coat while traveling.

As a captive aboard Sao Feng’s ship, Elizabeth has been dressed in a long red cheongsam, a sleeveless full-length blue overcoat (both probably silk), and a studded turquoise phoenix crown, She later dons a Chinese battle dress. During her one day on the island with Will, she is clad in a black tunic.

How old is Will in Pirates of the Caribbean 1?

Early life – Will is the only child of the pirate, William “Bootstrap Bill” Turner, According to Jack Sparrow, he strongly resembles his father, both in appearance and physical ability. However, his father was absent during his childhood in England, and Will grew up believing him to be a merchant seaman. After his mother’s death, Will, age 12, journeyed to the Caribbean to search for his father. However, his ship was attacked and sunk by the Black Pearl, the same pirate ship his father once served on and is now under the command of Captain Hector Barbossa, Elizabeth discovered a gift Bootstrap had given to Will, a necklace made from a cursed Aztec coin. Fearing the boy would be jailed as a pirate, she hid it.

How old was Orlando in Pirates of the Caribbean 1?

Why Orlando Bloom’s Pirates Of The Caribbean Character Wasn’t Easy To Pull Off – /Film Playing the everyman isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, especially when you’re playing against a larger-than-life antihero like Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow. The swashbuckler was the arguable selling point for the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise, at least at first.

Most fans came for — but they stayed for the equally-compelling characters in his orbit, like Sparrow’s longtime rival Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) or star-crossed lovers Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) and Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley). Though Bloom himself looks back fondly on his time in the “Pirates” franchise, he acknowledges that his role as a more grounded character in such a fantastical, farcical setting didn’t leave a lot of wiggle room for him.

“I was playing the straight guy to Johnny remarkable Jack Sparrow,” Bloom told in 2020, “but it’s not easy to pull that straight guy off, do you know what I mean?” Bloom and Knightley were essentially tasked with carrying “the emotional thread” of the series, as the romance that unfolds between their characters informs a lot of important moments in “Pirates.” The duo definitely got the chance to riff a bit in their three films together.

  1. But for the most part, it was the Jack Sparrow show, and not everyone was the biggest fan of Will Turner in comparison.
  2. When I was in my mid-20s, there so many different people poking fun at me,” the actor confessed.
  3. Bloom was 26 when the first “Pirates” film, “,” premiered in 2003, fresh off the heels of another ridiculously-lucrative franchise, “.” He spent the majority of his 20s in the limelight, dealing with more than his fair share of criticism.

Now, though, he doesn’t necessarily see it as a bad thing, saying, “In a way, it’s a sign of appreciation.” Bloom continued: “I don’t look back in anger. Nobody steps out of the door or onto a set — whoever you are, whether you’re an actor, director or producer — nobody is trying to do bad work.

  • I know when I put my head down at night, I’ve done my best with everything that I’ve ever done.
  • I’ve always given it my all, and I think in a way, if anything, there was a lot of safe play in my career.
  • I’m not really interested in that any more,
  • I just look forward with excitement, to be honest now.” Some of Bloom’s latest roles have offered him a chance to really stretch his creative muscles in a more fulfilling way.

Films like “” and “The Outpost” help the actor to display “all the lengths and breadths that I am prepared to go to,” and it’s work that he hopes to continue in the future. “This is where it feels like it’s going to get spicy and interesting,” Bloom explained, “and where the really meaty, juicy roles come.” : Why Orlando Bloom’s Pirates Of The Caribbean Character Wasn’t Easy To Pull Off – /Film

Did Johnny Depp and Keira Knightley date?

In middle school, I was embarrassingly easy to hack. The hint? Pirate. The password? JohnnyDepp. See, in 2003, Pirates of the Caribbean came out and everything changed for me, in that I learned who Johnny Depp was and suddenly my life had new purpose. Keira Knightley, who was a whopping 17 years old in the first film, served well enough as my avatar in the world of Pirates, and when they shared a long-hyped kiss in the second movie, my teenage heart nearly exploded for joy.

Nearly two decades later, the Depp we see in the news about his ongoing legal battles with ex-wife Amber Heard is unrecognizable from the charismatic star who once described kissing the young Knightley as “awkward” due to their age difference (Depp was 43 to her 20 at the time). And, per his new $50 million defamation suit against Heard, which requires Depp to turn over all communication from actress ex-girlfriends, even his relationship with Knightley wasn’t as family-friendly as we’d once thought.

Knightley is listed as one of Depp’s former romantic partners (along with other co-stars like Angelina Jolie and Marion Cotillard), and suddenly we’re seeing everything in a whole new light. Related story This On-Sale Cream-to-Powder Sunscreen Stays Flawless ‘All Day, Even in the Heat,’ Shoppers Prefer It Over Foundation As The Hollywood Reporter points out, Depp taking further legal action against Heard at all is a dubious move, having just lost a UK defamation suit against The Sun for calling him a wife beater, which he’s also in the process of appealing.

  • And this case is made all the more risky by the fact that it brings in these other A-list actresses as well.
  • The process will likely be even more intrusive and end up sucking other high-profile figures into the vortex,” writes The Hollywood Reporter of his defamation suit.
  • Depp is obligated to produce ‘all responsive communications’ with former romantic partners including Angelina Jolie, Keira Knightley and Marion Cotillard.” Sorry when did Johnny Depp and Keira Knightley date?? — Colette Fahy (@colettefahy_) December 9, 2020 Depp and Jolie starred in The Tourist in 2010; Depp and Cotillard starred in Public Enemies in 2009; and Depp and Knightley starred in the first three Pirates films together from 2003 to 2007.
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No further detail is given about the potential timeline for any of these relationships, and all we can rely on are Depp’s public comments from when he was working with each of these women. For example, here’s his take on that famous kiss with Knightley in Dead Man’s Chest for The Evening Standard : “Kissing someone you are not romantically involved with is always awkward.

  1. But the fact that Keira is twenty-something years younger than me made it infinitely more awkward.
  2. Still, she was a good sport about it and we did what we had to do.” That was a quote from after he’d finished filming the second installment in the series — and in light of the fact that they were romantically entangled at some point in the years that followed, as well as the fact that the woman he married, Amber Heard, is a year younger than Knightley, makes it tough for us to take him at his word.

As further court documents per THR show us, however, there was a lot going on behind the scenes of shooting the Pirates franchise that we didn’t know about. “Often it will be strangers who help,” Angelina Jolie tells domestic violence survivors. — SheKnows (@SheKnows) December 10, 2020 “While shooting Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales in Australia, Depp swallowed eight ecstasy pills at once, according to testimony in the U.K.

case, and embarked on a campaign of terror aimed at Heard,” THR documents. “It culminated with the tip of his finger being sliced off, which resulted in his being flown back to Los Angeles for surgery. Pirates was forced to shut down production for two weeks, costing the studio some $350,000 a day.” After this latest legal battle, I don’t know if I’ll ever see Pirates of the Caribbean the same way again.

And if Knightley, Jolie, or Cotillard want to weigh in on timeline here, I’m all ears. Before you go, click here to see the most important celebrity lawsuits over the past 15 years.

How old was Johnny Depp when he kissed Keira Knightley?

An Awkward Kiss for Johnny Depp – Keira Knightley and Johnny Depp in Dead Man’s Chest In an interview with Evening Standard, Johnny Depp stated that while it always is quite embarrassing to kiss someone you’re not romantically involved with, it proved to be much more awkward with Keira Knightley,

  • This was because the actress was two decades too young for his age.
  • Nightley was 21 when the filming of Dead Man’s Chest took place, while Depp was 42.
  • Now that’s quite an age gap! ” The fact that Keria is twenty-something years younger than me made it infinitely more awkward.
  • Still, she was a good sport about it and we did what we had to do.” The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory actor added that what made the whole situation even more awkward was the fact that Knightley was only seventeen years old when he first met her.

The Begin Again actress, however, didn’t seem to mind the romantic moment she shared with Depp. In an interview with TMZ, she stated that she couldn’t ask for a better kissing scene. “I couldn’t ask for a better kissing scene with Johnny Depp actually, I think my 14-year-old self was yelping with pleasure.

Did Elizabeth have a crush on Jack Sparrow?

Elizabeth Swann – It was clear from the beginning that Elizabeth Swann and Jack Sparrow have this strange chemistry. She tried to lure him into thinking that she fancies the pirate, which turned out to be just a part of her cunning plan. Their relationship is indeed platonic (more like chaotic) even after she let him kiss her.

Why did Keira Knightley leave pirates?

Orlando Bloom & Keira Knightley Moved Away From Tentpole Franchises – Both Bloom and Knightley focused on acting in live theater and smaller films after wrapping the trilogy, and have only appeared in a handful of tentpoles in the years since. Meanwhile, On Stranger Tides introduced a new pair of young heroes-turned lovers in the forms of Phillip Swift (Sam Claflin), an inexperienced but virtuous missionary imprisoned by the movie’s villain Blackbeard, and Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey as Syrena, a mermaid who is captured by Blackbeard and cared for by Swift, and later returned the favor by saving him after he’s mortally wounded during the film’s climax.

The problem is, whereas Will and Elizabeth’s courtship was central to the original Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy and the pair had actual arcs in all three films, Swift and Syrena’s romance was largely inconsequential to the rest of the plot in On Stranger Tides (widely regarded as the worst Pirates movie), and the two received little in the way of actual character development.

Suffice it to say, the two didn’t work as replacements for Will and Elizabeth. In an effort to rejuvenate the property, 2017’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales followed a now-grown Henry (Brenton Thwaites) as he teams up with Jack to undo the curse upon his father, with Bloom and Knightley briefly appearing as Will and Elizabeth.

  1. The movie’s credits scene further teased their involvement with Pirates of the Caribbean 6, only for its lackluster critical and commercial performance to put those plans into doubt.
  2. Instead, there are now reports of Disney soft-rebooting the series around a new protagonist, but with no mention of whether Bloom and Knightley would return.

On Stranger Tides showed just how vital their characters are to the series in its current form, so it’s hard to say whether the franchise would be better off picking up where the fifth movie left things or breaking away entirely from what’s come before (if not somewhere in-between those two options).

Who is the youngest pirates in history?

John King (pirate) For other people named John King, see,

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John King Bornca.1706/09DiedApril 26, 1717 TypeYears activeNovember 9, 1716 – April 26, 1717Base of operations John King (c.1706/09 – April 26, 1717) was an 18th-century, He joined the crew of while still a juvenile, and may have been the youngest known pirate on record.

On November 9, 1716, Bellamy and his crew, sailing the Mary Anne (or Marianne ), attacked and captured the sloop Bonetta, which was then en route from Antigua to, John King, then aged between eight and eleven, was a passenger on the Bonetta, According to, the Bonetta ‘ s commander, the pirates looted the ship for 15 days, during which time King demanded to join Bellamy’s crew.

“(F)ar from being forced or compelled (to join),” Savage wrote in his report, “he declared he would kill himself if he was restrained, and even threatened his mother, who was then on board as a passenger and his father who did not like him.” While teenage pirates were common in the 18th century, and though the employed young boys as “” to carry gunpowder from ship’s magazine to their, boys of King’s age were unknown as pirates.

However, after an initial show of defiance, Bellamy allowed King to join him. In the subsequent months, Bellamy and his crew would capture and loot many ships, including the in February 1717, a heavily armed slave which Bellamy claimed for his flagship. On April 26, 1717, the Whydah was wrecked in a storm off the coast of, killing Bellamy and most of his crew, including King.

King’s remains were tentatively identified in 2006, when, principal of Expedition Whydah Sea Lab & Learning Center in, and Project Historian had partial human remains recovered from the wreck analyzed by researchers at the and Center for Historical Archaeology in,

Why is Will Turner not in Pirates 4?

Letting a good thing go – Disney The fourth “Pirates” film, “On Stranger Tides,” was a departure from the initial trilogy in every sense of the word. Though Captain Jack was present and accounted for — and would even be joined by Geoffrey Rush’s Captain Barbosa — everything else felt drastically different.

  • Sure, there were mermaids (and Penelope Cruz!), but each stilted attempt to introduce a new romance just served as a painful reminder that Will and Elizabeth were nowhere to be found.
  • Though their absence might have felt like a betrayal to more die-hard “Pirates” fans, it actually wasn’t because of any bad blood.

Bloom, at least, opted out of the fourth film of his own volition. “I think Will is sort of swimming around with the fish at the bottom of the ocean,” the actor told MTV News in 2010. “I had a great time making those movies,” he continued. “I just really wanted to do different things, but I think it’s going to be great.

Whatever Johnny does, I think it’s fantastic.” It’s possible that Bloom’s rapport with Depp kept the door open for his return in ” Dead Men Tell No Tales,” Of course, he wasn’t given all that much to do, and the continuation of Will Turner’s story felt a bit forced in the grand scheme, so maybe Bloom was right all along about where Will belonged.

“At World’s End” really should have been just that for the franchise: the end. It’s not easy to walk away from a project when things are going so well, but if the two latest “Pirates” films are any indication, there really wasn’t anywhere else to go.

Is Will Turner Jack Sparrow’s son?

Early life – Will is the only child of “Bootstrap” Bill Turner (portrayed by Stellan Skarsgaard ). According to Jack Sparrow, Will strongly resembles his father, both in appearance and ability. However, his father was absent during his early childhood in England,

How old is Jack Sparrow?

In the book, The Price of Freedom, he is 25. By the second film, he should be ~38, because of his deal with Davvy Jones, he got 13 years to captian the Pearl, in the first movie it had been 12 years, 10 since the mutiny.15 years later, on stranger tides, he would be 53+5 for the 5th film.

What age is Jack Davenport?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Jack Davenport
Davenport in White Famous in 2017
Born Jack Arthur Davenport 1 March 1973 (age 50) Wimbledon, London, England
Citizenship United Kingdom United States
Education Dragon School, Oxford Cheltenham College, Gloucestershire (independent boarding school) British American Drama Academy
Occupation Actor
Years active 1996–present
Spouse Michelle Gomez ​ ( m.) ​
Children 1

Nigel Davenport (father) Maria Aitken (mother)


Jonathan Aitken (uncle) Penelope, Lady Aitken (grandmother) Sir William Aitken (grandfather) The 1st Baron Rugby (great-grandfather)

Jack Arthur Davenport (born 1 March 1973) is an English actor. He is best known for his roles in the television series This Life and Coupling, and as Admiral James Norrington in the Pirates of the Caribbean series. He has also appeared in other Hollywood films, such as The Talented Mr.

What is the oldest Pirates of Caribbean?

This article is about the film series. For the franchise as a whole, see Pirates of the Caribbean,

Pirates of the Caribbean
Directed by Gore Verbinski (1–3) Rob Marshall (4) Espen Sandberg (5) Joachim Rønning (5)
Screenplay by Ted Elliott (1–4) Terry Rossio (1–4) Jeff Nathanson (5)
Story by Ted Elliott (1–4) Terry Rossio (1–5) Stuart Beattie (1) Jay Wolpert (1) Jeff Nathanson (5)
Based on Pirates of the Caribbean by Walt Disney On Stranger Tides by Tim Powers (4)
Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer
Starring Johnny Depp (1–5) Geoffrey Rush (1–5) Kevin McNally (1–5) Orlando Bloom (1–3, 5) Keira Knightley (1–3, 5) ( See below )
Music by Klaus Badelt (1) Hans Zimmer (2–4) Geoff Zanelli (5)
Production companies Walt Disney Pictures Jerry Bruckheimer Films
Distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Running time 726 minutes (1–5)
Country United States
Language English
Budget Total (5 films): $1.274–1.364 billion
Box office Total (5 films): $4.524 billion

Pirates of the Caribbean is an American fantasy supernatural swashbuckler film series produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and based on Walt Disney ‘s theme park attraction of the same name, The film series serves as a major component of the eponymous media franchise,

Directors of the series include Gore Verbinski (films 1–3), Rob Marshall (4), Joachim Rønning (5), and Espen Sandberg (5). The series is primarily written by Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio (1–4); other writers include Stuart Beattie (1), Jay Wolpert (1) and Jeff Nathanson (5). The stories follow the adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow ( Johnny Depp ), with Hector Barbossa ( Geoffrey Rush ), Will Turner ( Orlando Bloom ), Elizabeth Swann ( Keira Knightley ), and Joshamee Gibbs ( Kevin McNally ) following over the course of the films.

Other characters featured in the original trilogy include James Norrington ( Jack Davenport ), Pintel ( Lee Arenberg ), Ragetti ( Mackenzie Crook ), Marty ( Martin Klebba ), Cotton ( David Bailie ), Murtogg and Mullroy (Giles New & Angus Barnett ), Bootstrap Bill Turner ( Stellan Skarsgård ), Lord Cutler Beckett ( Tom Hollander ), Governor Swann ( Jonathan Pryce ), Tia Dalma ( Naomie Harris ), and Davy Jones ( Bill Nighy ).

The fourth film features Angelica ( Penélope Cruz ), Blackbeard ( Ian McShane ), Philip Swift ( Sam Claflin ), and Syrena ( Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey ), and Scrum ( Stephen Graham ). The fifth film features Armando Salazar ( Javier Bardem ), Henry Turner ( Brenton Thwaites ) and Carina Smyth ( Kaya Scodelario ) among the aforementioned characters.

The films take place in a fictionalized version of the Golden Age of Piracy, and are set primarily in the Caribbean, The film series started in 2003 with Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, which had a positive reception from audiences and film critics,

It grossed $654 million worldwide. After the first film’s success, Walt Disney Pictures announced that a film series was in the works. The franchise’s second film, subtitled Dead Man’s Chest, was released in 2006 and broke financial records worldwide the day of its premiere. Dead Man’s Chest became the top-grossing movie of 2006 with almost $1.1 billion at the worldwide box office.

The third film in the series, subtitled At World’s End, followed in 2007 earning $960 million. Disney released a fourth film, subtitled On Stranger Tides, in 2011 in conventional 2D, Digital 3-D and IMAX 3D, On Stranger Tides succeeded in also grossing more than $1 billion, becoming the second film in the franchise and only the eighth film in history to do this, at the time of release.

Did Keira Knightley have a baby?

Keira Knightley is raising two little girls. The actress shares two daughters with her husband James Righton. The couple first became parents in 2015 with the birth of daughter Edie, In 2019, they welcomed their second child, Delilah, Though Knightley keeps her children out of the spotlight, she has discussed her young daughters in interviews.

  • The love thing is astonishing,” she told Elle of the emotions that come with motherhood.
  • It’s a very primal, primal love.
  • That’s quite extraordinary.” In January 2019, the Pride & Prejudice actress got candid about her experience as a mother, admitting that she was finding things “difficult” despite her “privilege.” ” I don’t think we give women enough credit for the physical and emotional marathon they go through when becoming a mother,” she said in an interview with Balance magazine.

“I come from a place of amazing privilege. I have an incredible support system; I’ve been unbelievably lucky in my career; I can afford good childcare, and yet I still find it really f- difficult,” she said, before explaining that statement “doesn’t mean I don’t love my kid.” “It’s okay to say that,” she added.

“It’s just me admitting that the sleep deprivation, the hormonal changes, the shift in relationship with my partner, are all things that make me feel as if I’m failing on a daily basis.” Although she has admitted the difficulties that arose with raising toddlers, Knightley is already looking ahead to her kids’ future — starting with their fashion choices.

Speaking to PEOPLE in 2022, the Love Actually actress opened up about how she plans to hand down outfits she’s worn throughout her career to her two daughters. “I’ve been working for Chanel for a very long time, and I’m very lucky that I’ve got some great Chanel pieces, so, at some point, I’m sure they can raid the wardrobe and get those,” said Knightley.

  • While the actress is keen to offer her girls her favorite designer pieces, she hopes that they forge their own paths when it comes to style and self-expression, too.
  • I really hope that they don’t listen to me when they’re teenagers and they pile on their faces and they do completely extraordinary punk-like things because that’s the point of being a teenager,” Knightley added.

Here’s everything to know about Keira Knightley’s two daughters.

Did Orlando and Keira ever date?

Sex Degrees of Separation: Orlando Bloom Orlando Bloom was once romantically linked with model-turned-makeup artist Jemma Kidd, The British tabloid mainstay and sister of supermodel Jodie Kidd has a number of hoity-toity types in her romantic Rolodex, including Italian construction scion Giorgio Veroni and some dude named Arthur, the Earl of Mornington.

  • Orli’s longest relationship of record was with Blue Crush babe (and future Lois Lane) Kate Bosworth,
  • The 28-year-old had been dating the Beyond the Sea beauty, six years his junior, since they met while shooting a Gap commercial three years ago.
  • But Bloom recently pulled the plug because hectic work schedules – Bloom filming this month’s Kingdom of Heaven in Morocco and Elizabethtown in Kentucky, Bosworth filming Superman Returns in Australia – have kept them apart too much to keep the relationship going.

The tabs had a field day when Bloom was spotted chatting up Christina Ricci at a recent Oscar party. Seems that wasn’t all the elfen actor was up to. Ricci reportedly got a little tipsy at the soirée and Bloom held her hair back when she lost her lunch behind a local bush.

Bloom once had a barely worth mentioning moment of amorous intent with actress Joanne Morley, whom he met while filming The Lullaby of Clubland and dated in 1997. Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley – what an incredibly perfect mag-cover couple they would make. Alas, while the Pirates of the Caribbean paramours are heating up the big screen (back-to-back swashbuckling sequels are in the works), they remain simply friends off screen.

“I think I had a crush on her while we were filming, actually,” he says. “We got on really well, but I got on really well with her boyfriend, too.” While Adam Goldberg has built a cult following among the indie-slacker set thanks to Dazed and Confused, the actor is best-known as Private Mellish in Saving Private Ryan and Chandler’s whackjob roommate, who dated Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel on Friends,

And he’s had a string of B- and C-list relationships: American Pie ‘s Natasha Lyonne, Before Sunset ‘s Julie Delpy and current gal-pal Christina Ricci. No word on whether Goldberg has ever held anybody’s hair back for any reason. French beauty Julie Delpy is not the reason for the breakup of Ethan Hawke’s and Uma Thurman’s marriage, although no one would be surprised given the onscreen chemistry Delpy and Hawke shared in last year’s Before Sunset,

And the two have been linked romantically since. The Oscar co-nominees were recently spotted enjoying a cosy lunch together at the trendy New York City eatery Le Gamin, with Hawke’s two-year-old son Roan in tow. From his infamous Oscar liplock with Halle Berry to rumored romances with Nicole Kidman and actress/model Monet Mazur, Adrien Brody has managed to earn quite a reputation as a lady’s man.

  • While he’ll next be seen competing with a huge hairy ape for the affections of Naomi Watts in Peter Jackson’s remake of King Kong, off screen Brody has enjoyed a series of romantic dates with his Jacket co-star Keira Knightley.
  • The two were inseparable while filming the psychological thriller in Scotland.

Rumors of a romance between Vince Vaughn and the estranged Mrs. Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, were splashed across tabloids recently when the two were spotted dining together at a posh Beverly Hills hotel. It turns out the two were discussing starring together in an upcoming romantic comedy, coincidentally titled The Breakup,

A frequent sidekick to Jon Favreau and Ben Stiller, Vaughn was briefly linked to Ashley Judd, Chasing Amy star Joey Lauren Adams and comedienne Janeane Garofalo, whom Vaughn once called “one of the most beautiful girls I have ever known.” Her seven years of marriage to Brad Pitt now officially in the toilet, Jennifer Aniston seems to be making some tentative steps back onto the dating scene.

In addition to Vince Vaughn, Aniston has been spending time with French actor Vincent Cassel, her co-star in the upcoming Derailed and soon-to-be-ex-hubby Pitt’s co-star in Ocean’s Twelve (Cassel played the gymnastic master thief and chief rival of Ocean’s crew).

  1. Okay, so Ashley Judd ‘s entered the winner’s circle with race car driver-hubby Dario Franchitti.
  2. But that doesn’t mean we can’t look back fondly at her more carefree days on the dating scene, does it? Judd had a romance with Matthew McConaughey (her co-star in A Time To Kill ), Lyle Lovett (the frizzle-haired former Mr.

Julia Roberts), Robert De Niro and singer Michael Bolton. Rumors, rumors, rumors. Vincent Cassel has always been surrounded by rumors: that he dated his Birthday Girl co-star Nicole Kidman, that he’s dating his Derailed co-star, Jennifer Aniston, now. But remember this: the handsome French actor ( The Crimson Rivers, Brotherhood of the Wolf ) is married to Monica freakin’ Bellucci! You know – -the only good reason to watch the Matrix sequels.

Boy, are we bored of the Brad-and-Jen thing. Almost makes us look back fondly on the Jen-and-Ben thing, or the Ben-and-the-other-Jen thing. Almost. But if you must know, here’s the latest: Since his separation from Jennifer Aniston, the tabs have played connect-the-dot between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, his co-star in the upcoming Mr.

and Mrs. Smith, Of course, those are the same tabs that reported that Pitt was recently spotted with 22-year-old Maxim model April Florio. Only it turns out that it was actually a Brad Pitt lookalike partying with Florio in Greece. Which means there are two people on this planet who look like Brad Pitt.

What’s up with Uma Thurman ? Seems the Kill Bill star has been keeping a low profile (at least by Hollywood’s standards) since the breakup of her marriage to Ethan Hawke. Word is Hawke had an affair with some Montreal barmaid. Or maybe Thurman had an affair with director Quentin Tarantino, who seems to have a fetish for Uma’s feet.

Either way (or neither way), Thurman is single again. For the moment. Creepy as this may sound, Michael Jackson once asked Nicole Kidman out on a date. (It’s not known whether Kidman’s kids, with ex Tom Cruise, were invited). Kidman, of course, refused. Jackson, who’s dropped the sequined glove and sunglasses in favor of sports jackets and pajamas, has also dated Brooke Shields, Liz Taylor and a chimp named Bubbles.

It’s almost as if nothing more needs to be said. But that hasn’t stopped us in the past, so here goes: Billy Bob Thornton, those lips, her brother, those lips, Johnny Lee Miller, Timothy Hutton, Nicolas Cage, Val Kilmer, Colin Farrell, possibly Brad Pitt, definitely those lips, Billy Bob again, various and sundry undisclosed “lovers” of both sexes, those lips.

If loose lips sink ships, then Angelina Jolie would be better off avoiding the high seas. : Sex Degrees of Separation: Orlando Bloom

Did Orlando Bloom like Keira Knightley?

Orlando Bloom reveals the co-stars he had crushes on Many actors are able to separate what’s happening on-screen versus real life and, hey, more power to them. That professionalism needs to be maintained, otherwise it would be a philandering free-for-all.

  1. But that’s not to say the odd crush doesn’t happen every now and again.Take Orlando Bloom, for instance.
  2. The actor has had his share of love interests but there are two co-stars with whom he’s had minor infatuations.
  3. Bloom was a guest on on Wednesday where he revealed his past crushes and they aren’t that surprising.

First off, Keira Knightley, his Pirates of the Caribbean co-star. And considering they spent years together filming three movies, it makes sense. The second leading lady to catch his eye — and nothing more — was Kirsten Dunst, whom he met while they filmed Elizabethtown,

Bloom did admit that he was “way to shy” to ever tell Knightley or Dunst but would also never do anything anyway, stating his strict policy against dating co-workers. “I never sh*t where I eat.” Though he did add, “I’m not saying I haven’t fallen in love.”Based on the timing of the movies, it’s safe to say this all happened before he actually did find love with now-ex-wife Miranda Kerr, about whom he has nothing but lovely things to say.

The two share son Flynn and because of that, they are still like “family.” Bloom admits that co-parenting isn’t “always easy” but they do “whatever it takes.” But he did make light of the adults in Flynn’s life. “My son has got, like, Evan Spiegel as his stepdad.

  • Like, the titans of industry.
  • Miranda the supermodel and Katy Perry as his,” joking that they need to “get him in therapy right now.” Though he does get serious and says Katy and Flynn have a “great relationship” and she’s “great with kids,” in general so don’t be surprised if we see little Orlandos and Katys running around soon.Bloom and Perry announced their engagement in February 2019 and are “doing all the work necessary to lay a really grounded foundation to ” and “create a feeling of trust and safety so that you can spend time apart and do everything that you need to do, and still feel tethered to that person, so that you can go on a journey together.”As for Knightley and Dunst, they’ve managed to do OK, despite being Bloom-less.

Though, admittedly, they might not have known about his crushes until this interview. Knightley has been married to musician James Righton since May 2013. They share a daughter and are expecting their second.Dunst has been in a relationship with Jesse Plemons since 2016.

Was Johnny Depp a good kisser?

Isla Fisher Once Regretted Refusing to Kiss Johnny Depp for the Film ‘Rango’ – IMDb has kissed many co-stars on the big screen. Wedding Crashers alum Isla Fisher was almost added to the list of actors who’ve made out with the star. But Fisher would call off the scene due to health concerns, which was a decision she soon second-guessed.

  1. Johnny Depp was known for being a good onscreen kisser Johnny Depp | / As a leading man in Hollywood, Depp has made out with some of Hollywood’s biggest A-listers.
  2. But most of his co-stars have had nothing but good things to say about the actor’s kissing skills.
  3. According to, Depp’s co-star supported Depp’s reputation as a good kisser.

“Johnny Depp is a very, very nice guy. I was very nervous but he was very protective of me and if you really want to know, he is a very, very good kisser,. : Isla Fisher Once Regretted Refusing to Kiss Johnny Depp for the Film ‘Rango’ – IMDb

How did Johnny Depp feel about kissing Keira Knightley?

However, in an interview with the Evening Standard, Depp termed the kiss as awkward because Knightley is about two decades younger than him. He said: ‘Kissing someone you are not romantically involved with is always awkward, but the fact that Keira is 20-something years younger than me made it infinitely more awkward.’

Why did Keira Knightley stop being in Pirates of the Caribbean?

Keira Knightley Once Spoke About The Reason Why She Left Pirates Of The Caribbean(Photo Credit –Still From The Pirates of the Caribbean) The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is one of the biggest ones in Hollywood that has grossed billions. Besides earning a lot, the movie series pushed Johnny Depp, aka Captain Jack Sparrow, to a whole new height of stardom.

Other than him, the films also star Keira Knightley, Orlando Bloom, Geoffrey Rush, Zoe Saldana, and more. We all know that Depp, who was central to the series, was fired after allegations of abuse came from his ex-wife Amber Heard, Not only did he lose one of his prominent roles, but also that of Gellert Grindelwald from the Fantastic Beasts series and many other deals.

However, Johnny Depp isn’t the only actor who is not a part of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Another star, Keira Knightley, aka Elizabeth Swann, left the series after appearing in three movies. Her departure came as a shock to many, especially those who were fans of her character.

How old was Keira Knightley when filming Pirates of the Caribbean 2?

When did the kiss happen? – Credit: Disney For those who don’t recall, the famous kiss happens in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, towards the film’s end. However, Elizabeth Swann (Knightley) and Captain Jack Sparrow (Depp) spend a good deal of the film getting closer.

  • Ultimately, Elizabeth tricks Jack into kissing her to save the rest of the crew from Davy Jones’ Kraken.
  • It’s also worth noting that Knightley herself has historically made no issue of the kiss.
  • Speaking to TMZ she said: “I couldn’t ask for a better kissing scene with Johnny Depp actually, I think my 14-year-old self was yelping with pleasure It was fantastic! What more can a girl ask for? I’ve got Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom, and I get to kiss both of them.

It’s wonderful!” Credit: Disney Knightley was just 17 when she filmed Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl and just twenty-one when the sequel came out. On the other hand, Depp was 42 when the second film released, so there was quite an age gap. She and Orlando Bloom do not appear in the fourth film, On Stranger Tides.

Instead, Penelope Cruz’s Angelica becomes Jack’s love interest. However, the two do make a fleeting return in the fifth installment — Dead Men Tell No Tales / Salazar’s Revenge, The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise stars Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow, Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Swann, Orlando Bloom as Will Turner, and Geoffrey Rush as Captain Barbossa.

All five films are available to stream on Disney+. At present, Disney is seemingly canning Depp from the series to focus on a female-led cast starring Margot Robbie, Related: Petition to Drop Johnny Depp’s Ex-Wife From ‘Aquaman 2′ Nears 2 MILLION Signatures What do you think of the Depp and Keira Knightley kiss? Let us know in the comments below.

Is Keira Knightley in Pirates 4?

Keira Knightley will not return for ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Actor has said that she is unlikely to return to the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise because she would not want to alter her character’s departure from the films’ storyline. It appears that Knightley is more than satisfied with how the character Elizabeth Swann brought her line to a close in the iconic series.

  1. When Knightley was recently asked by about a potential return to The Pirates of the Caribbean series, the Boston Strangler actor responded in defiance, “I mean, she sailed away so nicely.
  2. She sailed away in brilliant style.” The legendary swashbuckling film series is set to turn 20 later this year and was one of the films that helped to set Knightley’s film career on the right path, alongside other films like Bend it Like Beckham,

Interestingly, though, Knightley admitted to not remembering much about the film because her professional life at that point was so busy and was so pivotal in laying the groundwork for her future career. “It sort of launched me out of a rocket, really, as far as my career went,” Knightley added.

  • That year was Bend It Like Beckham, Love Actually and Pirates of the Caribbean,
  • So, I’m being asked about all three.
  • Unfortunately, I was 16 and 17.
  • So I don’t really remember very much of it, but yes, it certainly was a very big year for me.” The comments from Knightley come quickly after Pirates of the Caribbean producer Jerry Bruckheimer said he would want to for the new film.

“I would love to have him in the movie – that’s all that I can tell you.” He then opened up on the project in sum, saying, “We’re all working on it. We’ll see how it comes out. But we’re all very excited. I think we’re gonna have a great screenplay, and we’re getting close.” } } } } } } : Keira Knightley will not return for ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’

Why did Keira Knightley leave the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise?

Will and Elizabeth were the co-leads in the original Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy. Here’s why neither of them appeared in the movie Will and Elizabeth didn’t return for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides because Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley wanted to pursue other projects. For all the attention Johnny Depp received for his Oscar-nominated performance as Jack Sparrow in 2003’s Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, he wasn’t the film’s lead(s).

  • That honor went to Bloom and Knightley, who co-starred as the star-crossed lovers Will Turner, a humble blacksmith’s apprentice, and Elizabeth Swann, the adventure-seeking daughter of Governor Weatherby Swann.
  • It’s unknown if Bloom and Knightley will return for Pirates of the Caribbean 6,
  • In the wake of The Curse of the Black Pearl ‘s success at the box office, Disney green-lit a pair of sequels to be shot back-to-back, with Bloom and Knightley reprising their respective roles.

Titled Dead Men’s Chest and At World’s End, the films would go on to follow the pair as their wedding plans are interrupted. Their fates once again intertwined with Jack’s, with Will attempting to free his father, Bill, from an eternity of servitude aboard Davy Jones’ ship, the Flying Dutchman, and Elizabeth unexpectedly being elected the new Pirate King (with a bit of help from Jack).

In the end, Will and Elizabeth finally get married before Will is killed in the climactic battle with Jones and then resurrected as the Dutchman’s new captain, but at a price: he and Elizabeth can only see one another every ten years when he’s able to set foot on land again. Combined with the At World’s End credits scene (which showed Will reuniting with Elizabeth and their young son Henry), the original Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy ultimately concluded Will and Elizabeth’s story on a bittersweet, but satisfying note.

Because of this, Bloom and Knightley were ready to leave the franchise behind them after that, even as development on a fourth film (which would become On Stranger Tides ) started to ramp up. In an interview with The Independent in 2010, Knightley confirmed she wouldn’t reprise her role as Elizabeth for the movie, saying she “had a wonderful time” making the trilogy, “but you know, I think, for me three is enough, definitely.” Bloom made similar comments in an interview with MTV that year, saying he had “a great time” on the trilogy before explaining, “I just really wanted to do different things.”