Who is Shuri? – Shuri is the princess of the fictional country of Wakanda and a tech genius who designed many of the Wakandans’ Vibranium-based weapons and technology. Shuri is a strong-willed and self-assured woman who is not afraid to speak up for what she believes in.

  • She is also a devoted friend and ally to her brother and the rest of Wakanda’s royal family.
  • Shuri is a skilled martial artist and warrior, in addition to her impressive knowledge of advanced technologies.
  • She also knows a lot about Wakandan culture and customs, which makes her an invaluable asset to her brother and his people.

Shuri, as Wakandan leader, is dedicated to preserving their culture and traditions while also assisting them in progressing and evolving. As a scientist, she has created extraordinary new technologies and gadgets that have allowed Wakanda to remain hidden from the rest of the world while also protecting its people.

  1. Shuri is a fearsome and inspiring figure in the Marvel Universe, and her intelligence and character strength have earned her a spot among the most adored Marvel characters.
  2. So to recap.
  3. Shuri is 18 years old in Black Panther, 20 years old in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, and around 21 in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,

: How Old Is Shuri In Wakanda Forever?

How old is Shuri in 2024?

Shuri is the main protagonist in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, but how old is she in the movie, and how does her age affect her character arc? Warning! SPOILERS ahead for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Shuri’s age in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is dependent on several MCU factors. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever sees T’Challa’s family grieving over his sudden death, and explores how they pick themselves back up despite the looming threat of war with Talokan, Namor’s ancient underwater civilization.

Shuri acts as Black Panther: Wakanda Forever ‘s main protagonist. As such, the film provides a more in-depth look at her character, especially her grief, her fear of failure, and the burden she carries on her shoulders not only as Wakanda’s princess but also as the nation’s tech genius. How old Shuri is in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever makes her character arc all the more impressive and emotional.

According to producer Nate Moore, Shuri was 16 years old in Black Panther (via Screen Rant ). However, Black Panther: The Junior Novel has conflicting information – it lists her as being born somewhere in 1998, which would make Shuri around 18 during Black Panther, which takes place quite soon after the events of Captain America: Civil War in 2016.

How old is Riri in Black Panther 2?

Riri Williams Is A Superhero At A Much Younger Age Than Tony Stark – Riri Williams in the MCU is slightly older than her counterpart in the comics, but she’s still one of the MCU’s youngest heroes, Riri is 19 years old and she’s already a superhero, though her path as one is just getting started. It’s unclear how long Riri had been testing her Ironheart suit around the city and if she helped anyone while wearing it, but she officially became a hero when she didn’t hesitate to join forces with Shuri and Okoye and did her best to protect them from the FBI and the Talokanil.

Riri and Tony Stark are similar in a couple of ways, most notably both being geniuses and attending MIT, but Riri has become a superhero at a much younger age than Tony. What held Tony Stark back from becoming a superhero earlier was his ego and his many inner demons, as he struggled with a lot of trauma from being the son of Howard Stark and the many expectations that came with it, the death of his parents, the pressure of taking over Stark Industries, and a lot more.

It wasn’t until Tony was kidnapped by the Ten Rings that he went through a necessary change and realized how much damage he and Stark Industries had done, prompting him to become the superhero everyone knows as Iron Man. Of course, it wasn’t an easy transition and Tony continued to struggle with trauma and his mental health after becoming Iron Man, and he had to learn how to be a hero.

Does Shuri have a love interest in Black Panther 2?

Why Shuri & Riri Are Perfect For Each Other – Whether platonic or romantic, Shuri and Riri’s chemistry is undeniable. Their shared interest in and talents related to science and engineering make them fast friends in Black Panther 2. Their shared moments in Talokan and Wakanda saw them joyfully collaborate in the effort to defend the African nation.

  1. One could even perceive Riri’s initial fangirling over Shuri as a sign that the former has feelings for the Wakandan princess.
  2. Equally, Shuri’s firm determination to protect Riri despite having just met her hint at something deeper.
  3. Riri and Shuri possess all the makings of a friends-to-lovers arc.
  4. Even though some viewers remarked on Shuri and Namor’s connection, their scenes were more defined by genuine tension rather than romance.

In an interview with Newsweek, e ditor Michael P. Shawver confirmed that scenes implying romantic feelings between Shuri and Namor were removed from Black Panther 2 ‘s final cut. Shawver also confirmed that a subplot that saw Shuri and Riri bond more in Talokan was cut as well.

Is Shuri a girl or a boy?

Fictional character biography – The princess of Wakanda, Shuri is T’Chaka ‘s youngest child and only daughter. From a very young age, Shuri coveted the Black Panther mantle. She attempts to challenge the then-Black Panther, her uncle S’yan, for the mantle, only to discover that he had already been defeated by her older half-brother T’Challa,

  1. During an attack on Wakanda by Klaw and a group of his mercenaries, she uses the Ebony Blade to defeat the Russian Radioactive Man, killing him in the process.
  2. Because she is shell-shocked by her first kill, T’Challa promises to train her in hand-to-hand combat, enabling her to fight on her own terms should she ever need to take his place as leader of Wakanda.

While T’Challa and his wife Queen Ororo are away as members of the Fantastic Four, American battleships aligned with Erik Killmonger moved in on Wakanda. With their King away, Shuri and her advisers decide to sneak onto the ships in the night and incapacitate them.

During the raid Shuri is captured by Killmonger’s men and thrown in a cell. She challenges Killmonger himself to a fight but, seeing her as beneath him, he sends a group of his men to battle her. She defeats them easily and is broken out of her cell by Zuri, one of T’Challa’s advisers. After T’Challa and Ororo leave the Fantastic Four and return to Wakanda, the Skrulls invade Wakanda as a part of Secret Invasion,

Shuri and her uncle S’yan lead most of the Wakandan army on an assault against the invading Skrulls, while T’Challa and Ororo battle their leaders. Prince Namor of Atlantis attempts to recruit T’Challa for the Cabal, a secret council of supervillains run by Doctor Doom,

He rejects the offer but is attacked by the various members, and is left in a comatose state. Queen Ororo nominates Shuri as his successor, and she successfully completes the various trials, granting herself access to the heart-shaped herb. However, when she consumes the herb, the Wakandan Panther Goddess does not imbue her with the powers of the Black Panther, instead rejecting her due to her lifelong jealousy of her brother’s mantle and her arrogance in its presence.

When the powerful villain Morlun threatens to annihilate Wakanda entirely, Shuri takes on the Black Panther identity and outfit anyway, and manages to both save Wakanda and resurrect her comatose brother. Through her humble act of self-sacrifice she earns the mantle of the Black Panther, and the Panther Goddess grants her its accompanying powers.

  1. When a now powerless T’Challa discovers that Doctor Doom infected many Wakandan officials and advisers with nanites, he goes off in search of a way to stop him, leaving Shuri as acting ruler of Wakanda.
  2. Shuri tracks down and fights Namor, trying to discover for herself what part he played in her brother’s injuries.

Together, T’Challa and Shuri discover that the infected Wakandans, calling themselves the Desturi, intend to stage a revolution, seizing power in Wakanda for themselves. With Doctor Doom’s Desturi successfully overthrowing the incumbent Wakandan government as seen in the Doomwar storyline, he finds himself with access to the world’s largest supply of vibranium.

  • Shuri and a re-powered T’Challa, who were able to avoid infection from Doom’s nanites due to their heightened senses, remain the only Wakandans not under Doom’s control.
  • They team up with Colossus, Nightcrawler, and Wolverine of the X-Men to regain control in Wakanda.
  • They succeed, but Doom steals a large portion of the vibranium.

Shuri travels the globe, attempting to destroy Doom’s criminal network and recover the stolen vibranium. Doom uses vibranium’s inherent mystical qualities to take control of all processed vibranium on the planet, and Shuri and the other heroes attempt to fight and stop him.

  • They succeed when T’Challa uses Doom’s own mystical ploys against him, rendering all processed vibranium on the planet inert.
  • Following the war with Doom, T’Challa relocates to Hell’s Kitchen so that he can better test his capabilities and re-learn what he is capable of without his usual resources, replacing Daredevil while Matt Murdock is going through a similar period of self-analysis after his time possessed as a demon and the leader of the Hand.

While T’Challa intended to handle business in Hell’s Kitchen on his own, he learns that New York’s crime boss Wilson Fisk ( Kingpin ) is attempting to purchase a controlling interest in the international Bank of Wakanda, with the goal of forcing the Bank to foreclose its current debts by selling its remaining land rights so that they can be exploited for more conventional mineral wealth.

  • While T’Challa mounts a series of attacks against Fisk’s new forces with the aid of Sam Wilson and Luke Cage, Shuri infiltrates Fisk’s organisation by replacing his right-hand-woman, Miyu, giving her full access to Fisk’s financial databases.
  • Shuri plants a worm in the database that exposes most of Fisk’s illegal financial transactions, with a final backdoor worm that could expose and ruin what little resources Fisk has left if he ever tries to come after Wakanda again (not wanting to completely take away his money as the heroes know from experience that Fisk will come back but this way he is more focused on protecting what he has left rather than plans for revenge).
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With Wakanda struggling economically as seen in the “Klaws of the Panther” storyline, Shuri travels to the Savage Land to meet with Ka-Zar and obtain a stock of natural vibranium present there. They are attacked by Klaw, who wants the vibranium for his own use.

They defeat him, but a volcanic eruption caused by his sound waves covers the vibranium and renders it unobtainable. She tracks down other stockpiles in Madripoor and New York, but Klaw already has A.I.M. troops excavating both sites and fights ensue. Klaw had created a monster called M.U.S.I.C. using the vibranium, and intended to place it on an AIM space station to enslave the world.

With help from various other heroes, including Wolverine, Spider-Man and Black Widow, Shuri is able to thwart his scheme. Following Namor’s attack on Wakanda during Avengers vs. X-Men, Shuri declares war on Atlantis, despite her brother’s protests. The Wakandans virtually level Atlantis, leaving only a few Atlantean survivors.

In retaliation for Shuri’s assault on Atlantis, Namor lies to Thanos’ agents by falsely telling them that the Infinity Gems were located in Wakanda. After Wakandan troops were forced to retreat from a counterattack by Thanos’ army, Shuri learns from the Dora Milaje that T’Challa was in contact with Namor during the Wakandan/Atlantean conflict and that he allowed Namor into the Necropolis several times during the conflict.

As a result, Shuri banishes T’Challa from Wakanda’s capital city. During the 2013 ” Infinity ” storyline, it is shown that Shuri is the head of the Wakandan School for Alternative Studies. When Wakanda is attacked by the Cabal during the ” Time Runs Out ” storyline, Shuri sacrifices herself by staying behind to hold off Proxima Midnight so T’Challa can escape.

Her death is later confirmed when her spirit is seen among those of the past Black Panthers. As part of Marvel’s 2015 branding All-New, All-Different Marvel, T’Challa is shown trying to revive Shuri’s body. Shuri’s soul had transcended to the Djalia which was a spiritual plane consisting of the entire memories of Wakanda.

There Shuri trained under the tutelage of a griot spirit who had taken the form of her mother, Ramonda. As they trained the griot spirit shared the memories of not only Wakanda but also before the nation had formed. With the help of Manifold, T’Challa was able combine his technology and Manifold’s bending of reality to bring Shuri’s soul back to the physical plane.

After her revival Shuri had been imbued with the power similar to that of the griot spirit. She had then been informed of the events taking place in her absence including the rogue Dora Milaje and the rebellion led by Tetu and Zenzi, Shuri had then set out to confront the rogue Dora Milaje and convince them to join forces with T’Challa to stop the rebellion and the march against the Golden City, which she was successful in doing.

With the united power of Shuri, T’Challa, Manifold, the Dora Milaje and the forces of Wakanda, Tetu was defeated although Zenzi had escaped. As the rebellion came to an end Shuri joined Wakanda’s council that had been established by T’Challa.

Who does Shuri love?

Parents – Shuri loves her parents, Ramonda and T’Chaka. She was close with her father, often watching American movies with her father on several occasions. Both Shuri and her mother were willing to fight alongside T’Challa, refusing to leave like he told them.

Is Shuri as smart as Tony Stark?

MCU: 7 Ways Tony Stark Is The Smartest Character (& 7 Ways It’s Shuri) Tony Stark has made his mark in the by being the smartest character in the franchise, a fact that he has repeatedly proven and reminded everyone in each movie he’s appeared in. However, in, fans were officially introduced to Shuri, T’Challa’s younger sister.

  • Shortly after her introduction, she was confirmed to be the smartest character in the MCU, even more so than Tony.
  • While she hasn’t been in the franchise as long as him, she does have a long list of achievements that rivals his.
  • Even though fans have been given a definitive answer, there are plenty of reasons why each of them is deserving of that title.

Updated on October 4th, 2022 by Jordan Iacobucci: A new era of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has begun, with the franchise officially entering the Multiverse Saga. Though Tony Stark died in Avengers: Endgame, his legacy continues to uphold him as one of the smartest characters in the series, rivaled only by few.

Who is smarter Shuri or Riri?

Marvel Has a New Genius in Town – In an interview with Gizmodo, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Executive Producer Nate Moore talked about why it was important to introduce Dominque Thorne’s Riri Williams to the MCU and how her genius intellect compares to other already established characters.

He noted that they thought she was important to the story for several reasons, including how Riri has “experienced loss” and that her, an American, encountering Wakanda as she does in the film showcases a uniquely different point of view than Michael B. Jordan’s Killmonger : “Il think it was important to introduce her here because, a couple of things.

she’s a character, thematically, who has experienced loss in her path with her stepfather passing away. We love the idea of of her as a African American woman in America, sort of encountering Wakanda. She has a different point of view than Killmonger but there’s a similar notion of seeing something that maybe had been lost.

  1. Moore continued to elaborate, noting that Riri “is potentially as smart as Shuri:” “And we love the idea of a woman who is potentially as smart as Shuri, but has such a different experience with that intelligence.
  2. And I think that made her kind of undeniable as part of the fabric of the movie.” Formerly, in an interview with Wired, Joe Russo confirmed Shuri was the smarted person in the MCU (at least, that fans have encountered so far): “Shuri is the smartest person in the Marvel Universe.

She is the sister of T’Challa, a princess of Wakanda, and she is the brains behind Wakanda’s incredibly advanced technology.” While speaking with Entertainment Weekly about Shuri and her intellect in early October, Letitia Wright noted how the world hasn’t seen “a young Black woman who’s a princess.

Who is the 19 year old in Black Panther 2?

What was Ironheart’s role in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever? – Image credit: Marvel Studios Riri Williams made her MCU debut in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. The MCU version of the character is 19 years old, which is slightly older than her comic counterpart. Riri winds up becoming one of the most important characters in the film, as she unknowingly becomes the catalyst for a conflict between Wakanda, Talokan, and the United States.

Not many college students can say they started a global conflict, but Riri is no ordinary college student. In fairness, these events were not Riri’s fault. The young MIT student invented a device that could track Vibranium as part of a school project. Unbeknownst to her, the United States government exploits her research and uses it to track Vibranium of their own.

This catches the attention of Namor, ruler of the underwater Talokan kingdom. Fearing America will pillage his kingdom, Namor issues an ultimatum to the people of Wakanda – kill Riri Williams, or go to war. Before long, Riri finds herself being chased by federal agencies and the Talokan people, all because of a school project that others had exploited.

  • Early on in the film we see Riri suit up in a prototype Ironheart suit, which proves effective.
  • Unfortunately, Namor’s forces are able to take it down.
  • During another battle Queen Ramonda gives her life to protect Riri from Namor, raising the stakes for the war.
  • Riri, who had forged a strong bond with Shuri, vows to fight alongside Wakanda.

Riri is by Shuri’s side for emotional support as the princess takes the Heart-Shaped Herb and becomes the new Black Panther. Riri then builds a new suit of armor out of Vibranium. The suit is similar to the Ironheart armor seen in the comics, although the name is never said.

  • Riri bravely battles alongside the Wakandans, and her new armor gives the Talokanil forces a run for their money.
  • In the end, Shuri is able to broker a truce between Wakanda and Talokan.
  • Riri returns to America, but is told she has to leave her armor behind.
  • After all, Wakanda doesn’t want any of their Vibranium leaving the country.

However, while this suit of armor is staying in Wakanda, it doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of Ironheart.

Who is the 92 year old in Black Panther?

Dorothy Steel entered the acting profession at the age of 88 If you’re a 92-year-old Atlanta woman named Dorothy Steel, it’s by answering a local casting call for a film that has gone on to become Marvel Cinematic Universe’s third-highest grossing movie of all time, Black Panther.

Was Namor flirting with Shuri?

Written by Edwin Francisco – Can you imagine a romance between Namor and Shuri in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever ? Apparently, at some point while developing the Marvel movie, production actually filmed it. In the film, Shuri ( Letitia Wright ) and Namor ( Tenoch Huerta ) never showed a romantic relationship.

But it seems like the filmmakers were testing the waters with it. ComicBookMovie.com has reported that Ryan Coogler did film scenes of that nature between the two leads of the film. Not only that, but it was even shown to test audiences. In other words, this sub plot was actually one that the production completed.

Although, we don’t know how the audiences reacted to the relationship. But I would presume that elements of it didn’t go well. Or if it did, I’m curious what made the filmmakers decide to remove it? I wonder how far they were into the development of the film before deciding not to pursue this idea.

Why did Shuri let Namor live?

Why You Can Trust CNET Our expert, award-winning staff selects the products we cover and rigorously researches and tests our top picks. If you buy through our links, we may get a commission. Reviews ethics statement The new Black Panther battles their nemesis in this emotional Marvel sequel, which hit Disney Plus on Wednesday and sets up fresh possibilities. Spoilers ahead! Richard Trenholm was CNET’s film and TV editor, covering the big screen, small screen and streaming. A member of the Film Critic’s Circle, he’s covered technology and culture from London’s tech scene to Europe’s refugee camps to the Sundance film festival.

  1. Expertise Films, TV, Movies, Television, Technology Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is all about endings – and new beginnings.
  2. Grief is the central element of a movie that mourns the loss of star Chadwick Boseman, a real-life tragedy that makes the blockbuster action film the most downbeat Marvel adventure yet.
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But the ending, in which Shuri faces her grief for her lost brother T’Challa, suggests the hope of renewal. Wakanda Forever hit Disney Plus on Wednesday, so let’s pick apart that emotional ending and speculate what’s next for Black Panther’s corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Directed by Ryan Coogler, the new Marvel film features two nations brought to the brink of war despite their many similarities. Both Wakanda and the undersea kingdom of Talokan possess the powerful and rare metal vibranium, and their people have kept themselves hidden from covetous rival nations.

Now that Wakanda is exposed to the world, Talokan’s charismatic ruler Namor (Tenoch Huerta) fears his watery kingdom will also be threatened by the superpowers of the surface. But the two nations turn against each other, and Namor leads an attack that kills Wakanda’s Queen Ramonda (Angela Bassett). Having already lost her brother T’Challa, Wakanda princess Shuri is enraged by the death of her mother.

Played by Letitia Wright, Shuri is the heart of the film. The story begins with Shuri in denial: first, denial of her brother’s death, and then denial of her own grief. She also rejects Wakandan tradition, refusing the mantle of the Black Panther and placing her faith in technology instead of nature.

Ramonda’s death forces Shuri to face her denial. Accepting Wakandan tradition and reconciling her technological skill with the gifts of the natural world, she’s able to synthesize a new form of the mystical Heart-Shaped Herb that grants superpowers to whoever imbibes it. Shuri dons a new Black Panther suit and finally joins the revered lineage of Wakanda’s protector.

She’s not the only member of the crew who gets new duds. Okoye (Danai Gurira) and Aneka (Michaela Coel), two of the Dora Milaje warrior cadre, don Shuri’s blue exosuits to even the odds as the Midnight Angels. Teenage genius Riri Williams (Dominique Thorne, from 2018’s If Beale Street Could Talk and last year’s Judas and the Black Messiah) gets a high-tech Iron Man-style upgrade to her homemade suit.

It isn’t really explained why her armor is so Iron Man-like – in the comics she’s supported by Tony Stark and adopts the name Ironheart, but in the MCU Stark is long gone and the film never suggests any connection between them. Shuri leads Wakanda’s warriors aboard a massive warship to retaliate against the Talokans.

Her motives are clouded: The herb took her to the ancestral plane where each Black Panther consults with their forebears, but instead of hearing the wisdom of her mother, Shuri encounters the previous film’s villain, Eric Jordan, aka Killmonger (played in a sizzling cameo by Michael B.

  1. Jordan). “Are you going to be noble like your brother,” Killmonger taunts her, “or take care of business – like me?” So it’s the vengeful and violent philosophy espoused by Killmonger driving Shuri as she faces Namor in a one-on-one duel to the death.
  2. Her plan to trap Namor in a giant hairdryer seems to be working until he manages to blow up their jet, sending them smashing onto a rocky beach for a final confrontation.

Shuri clips one of his foot wings, but he brutally impales her. “I am not my brother,” she insists, refusing to give up the fight. Namor utters his catchphrase from the comic books, “imperius rex,” but Shuri counters with a triumphant “Wakanda Forever!” and blows them both up. Namor, the child without love. Marvel With Namor apparently defeated as she holds a spear to his throat, Shuri finds herself thinking back over the events of the film. Shuri reflects on how her country’s beauty and life are mirrored in the undersea realm that so beguiled her.

In the comics, Namor the Submariner is ruler of Atlantis, but the new film emphasizes Talokan’s Aztec heritage to thematically link these two peoples oppressed by European colonizers (and, let’s face it, to differentiate itself from DC’s Aquaman movies). Finally, Shuri sees her mother, Ramonda, in the ancestral realm, who urges Shuri to show the world who she really is.

Shuri urges Namor to yield, to spare both their people. “Vengeance has consumed us,” she says. “It will not consume our people.” Thankfully, Namor yields. The two rulers return to stop the battle, although it’s a bit late for everyone who’s already died in this tragically pointless conflict.

Namor returns to Talokan defeated, much to the disgust of his wife, Zamora. But Namor shows his cunning: Now that the two countries have formed an alliance, the conflict with the surface world that he desires is surely inevitable. In the meantime, Wakanda returns to normal. Shuri plants the new heart-shaped herb.

Having fished Riri’s mid-1970s Plymouth Barracuda muscle car out of Boston’s river, she sends the teenage genius back to Chicago to watch the Bulls. Okoye frees Everett Ross from a prisoner transport, presumably to offer his sanctuary as they did Bucky/the Winter Soldier in previous films.

Finally, as the people of Wakanda gather at the ceremonial waterfall for her coronation, they’re surprised to see M’Baku (Winston Duke) challenge for the throne instead. Shuri is taking a break not just from Wakanda but from royalty, hitchhiking across Haiti to visit Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o), another who has chosen exile from their homeland.

She heads for the beach to burn her funeral robes, finally completing the grieving process and finding some form of closure – or at least, starting a new chapter. As flames consume the robes, she cries for the first time as she thinks of T’Challa, seen in clips of Boseman.

Is Shuri stronger than Namor?

Black Panther – Portrayed by the amazing Chadwick Boseman, T’Challa was once the prior to his offscreen death in Wakanda Forever, During his brief time in this role, he proved to be one of the strongest warriors to ever hold the mantle of Black Panther, becoming a strong protector of Wakanda who was feared by the country’s enemies. As the god of thunder and firstborn son of Odin, Thor is one of the strongest Avengers currently active in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He has proven to be nearly impossible to kill, even surviving the full force of a dying star in order to craft his most powerful weapon yet, the axe known as Stormbreaker. Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers, a.k.a. Captain Marvel, is a half-Kree warrior whose powers were generated by an explosion involving the Tesseract. As such, she was transformed into one of the strongest heroes in the known universe, possessing the power to single-handedly destroy entire alien fleets. The Incredible Hulk may be much tamer in recent projects than in his early days, but he is still every bit as powerful as he once was. Often known as “the strongest one there is,” the extent of the Hulk’s strength is theoretically boundless, making him one of the most powerful-and most dangerous-members of the Avengers. Vision is the prized creation of several of the MCU’s greatest geniuses, including Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, and even Ultron. Combined with the power of the Mind Stone retrieved from Loki’s staff, Vision has incredible strength, as well as several handy extra abilities, including a laser beam, flight, and intangibility. The former Sorcerer Supreme and perhaps the strongest sorcerer to ever exist, Doctor Strange is a force to be reckoned with for both the natural and supernatural. The Master of the Mystic Arts has stood his ground in combat against the Mad Titan Thanos and the Scarlet Witch, making him one of Marvel’s most capable heroes. Despite being an ordinary human in a physiological sense, Shang-Chi’s powers are potentially limitless when he is in possession of the Ten Rings. These powerful weapons gave his father immense strength and stamina, as well as eternal youth. Though he is still getting the hang of these incredible tools, Shang-Chi is not someone to mess with. Moon Knight is one of the newest heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe who has become the avatar of the Egyptian moon god Khonshu. He possesses enhanced strength and agility, as well as invulnerability, which keeps him from being defeated by mere wounds sustained in battle. Wanda Maximoff, otherwise known as the Scarlet Witch, is one of Her powers are derived from an as-yet-undiscovered mutant gene in her DNA as well as the supernatural intervention of the Mind Stone. Additionally, when using the forbidden knowledge found in the Darkhold, Wanda has proven herself to be capable of unprecedented destruction. Sersi is a member of the Eternals, a group of synthetic beings created by the Celestials eons ago in their wars against the villainous Deviants. She possesses the ability of transmutation and is shown to be capable of turning even the body of a Celestial being into solid rock when at her maximum power levels.

Sersi may not have the same command over her powers as some of the other Eternals do, but she is far from vulnerable. If given the opportunity, she could easily turn the water surrounding Namor into some other substance, immediately weakening her opponent, who relies on his proximity to water for his strength.

In such a situation, Namor would find himself helpless to defeat Sersi, even with his enhanced fighting techniques. Sersi isn’t actually an Avenger yet, but it seems as though she’s poised to join the team eventually as she did in the comics. NEXT: : Black Panther 2: 10 Avengers Who Could Easily Beat Namor In A Fight

What is Shuri IQ?

I’d say around 220. (Spoilers ahead.) If we look at just the MCU version, Shuri is not only a tech genius, but she understands enough about the nature of vibranium to build a suit that can store and release kinetic energy at will.

Does Shuri have a boyfriend?

Who is Shuri’s love interest in the MCU? – So far, Shuri has appeared in several movies, from Black Panther to the Avengers. There were many rumors, hopes, and insinuations made by fans about her potential relationships, but the truth is, nothing ever happened, really.

Who kills Shuri?

Black Panther’s Sister Shuri has Previously Conquered Death – Back when the Marvel multiverse was collapsing in on itself as incursions between different realities occurred, the Black Panther was attempting to find a solution so that life could continue. Unfortunately, an attack by the Cabal, a powerful group of supervillains forced Black Panther and Shuri to flee.

  1. Nowing that they would not be able to escape the Cabal in time, Shuri stalled their pursuer, Proxima Midnight, long enough for T’Challa to escape.
  2. In the process, Proxima murdered Shuri, but her sacrifice helped ensure that her universe would continue.
  3. Shuri would then find herself in the Djalia, a spiritual realm made up of all Wakandan memories.

There she was mentored by a spirit, who began teaching her. In the living world, her brother worked tirelessly to revive her, eventually succeeding by combining the space-time powers of the mutant hero, Manifold, and T’Challa’s own technology. Now revived, Shuri came back stronger than ever, possessing several new mystical abilities thanks to her time in the afterlife. After all that, it is no wonder then that Shuri did not even flinch when the priestess’ of Bast came to warn her about her impending death. They predicted the arrival of the Nameless Warrior, a powerful alien priest who had come to Wakanda to destroy it.

  • Shuri would be the only one left to confront him, but for all her power and technology, she would be felled by the Nameless Warrior.
  • When they learned of this, Queen Ramonda tried to shelter her daughter, but Shuri reminded her that this was not the way she had been raised.
  • She would face this evil, in victory or defeat.
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She and is every bit the warrior that her brother is. Her unique experience and make Shuri perhaps the greatest defender of her country. There is no price too great that she will not pay to stand up for what she believes in. : The MCU’s Black Panther Is Destined to Die – Again

Who is Shuri’s husband?

Royal Allies – The daughter of Wakanda’s Black Panther T’Chaka and his second wife Ramonda, Shuri is descended from the royal line along with her brother T’Challa. She is close with high-ranking officials Zuri and W’Kabi, as well as her uncle S’Yan. Shuri also takes a shine to her sister-in-law Storm while she was wed to T’Challa. Universe, Other Aliases, Education, Place of Origin, Identity, Known Relatives, Powers, Group Affiliation


Marvel Universe

Other Aliases

Black Panther, Princess of Wakanda


Training in Djalia from a griot spirit

Place of Origin



No dual identity

Known Relatives

Ramonda (mother), T’Chaka (father, deceased), Storm (ex sister-in-law), T’Challa (half-brother), Jakarra (half-brother), Hunter (adopted brother), Bashenga (ancestor), S’Yan (uncle, de‐ ceased), Joshua Itobo, Ishanta, Zuni, M’Koni, T’Shan (cousins), Wheeler (cousin by marriage, deceased), Billy Wheeler (1st cousin once removed)


AnimorphismDjalia EnhancementsSuperhuman DurabilityFlightStone Form

Group Affiliation

Dora Milaje

Who is Shuri shipped with?

Fanon – After the release of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, the ship between Namor and Shuri gained significant attention and sailed rapidly, with 65 works on A03 in just days after its release and numerous articles about a potential relationship being published by news websites such as The Vulture and Collider.

Fans were intrigued by the interesting tension between the two, with Shuri’s presence effectively bringing out Namor’s more affable side, and likewise his for her, as he is the first person to get her to open up following her brother’s passing. The two were noted to have bonded over shared experiences and each other’s presences allowed the other to begin to heal.

It also helps that Namor had a dress made for her, dinner prepared for the two of them, and gave Shuri his mother’s bracelet, as he thoughtfully remembered her interest in it. Even after their fallout, it is clear Namor regards her with respect and immortalizes their battle in a mural.

Fans have noted parallels between Hades & Persephone, as both stories feature a kidnapping, gift-giving, and a mother’s heartbreak, as both Demeter and Queen Ramonda punish those who should’ve been looking after their daughters (Okoye and the nymphs) and send a trusted ally to retrieve them (Nakia and Hermes).

Talokan may also parallel the Underworld, of which both Namor and Hades are kings respectively. Both fans and the movie’s crew alike have joked that following Namor giving Shuri the bracelet, the two were now in a marriage alliance. On AO3, it is currently the most written-for ship within the Black Panther (Marvel Movies) tag, and the most written-for ship for both characters.

How powerful is Shuri?

How Powerful Shuri’s Black Panther Is In Wakanda Forever – Shuri’s Black Panther powers in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever are comparable to those who have held the mantle before her. The heart-shaped herb grants her super strength even when she is not wearing her Black Panther suit. It would seem that Shuri also has increased speed, stamina, and other physical characteristics as a result of her superhero transformation to go along with her genius-level intellect.

Who has the highest IQ in Marvel?

1 Reed Richards – An astronaut and physicist bombarded with cosmic rays alongside his fiancée, best friend, and future brother-in-law, Reed Richards was forever changed into Mister Fantastic, the leader of the newly birthed super team, the Fantastic Four. Yet, it is not his uncanny elasticity that warrants his colorful nom de guerre but rather his supreme brainpower.

Throughout the character’s history, he has been consistently cited as the most intelligent being in the Marvel Universe, justifying this affirmation time and again with his discoveries and innovations. Reed’s scientific focuses are in physics, mathematics, and engineering, yet his knowledge stretches far and wide.

The groundbreaking work that he has been credited with encompasses too many areas to name. There is still debate whether Reed is technically the smartest Marvel character: however, his reputation is indisputable. Stream Fantastic Four on Disney+ KEEP READING: From ‘Moon Knight’ To ‘Daredevil’: Most Powerful Marvel Martial Artists

Who is smartest avenger?

10 Tony Stark – As well as being incredibly wealthy, the Stark family has a strong track record when it comes to creativity and innovation. Tony Stark is the smartest of them all, having been responsible for some of the most incredible inventions to have ever graced the Marvel universe, including the Arc Reactor and one of the most sophisticated artificial intelligence systems known to man.

How old is Shuri supposed to be?

How old was Shuri in the original Black Panther movie and later Avengers movies? – The character of Black Panther was introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in ‘Captain America: Civil War,’ in which the late Chadwick Boseman played Prince T’Challa, son of King T’Chaka, who died in the explosion of the UN in Vienna.

T’Challa was introduced as heir to the throne of Wakanda, who sought justice for his father, and his solo movie ‘Black Panther,’ which was released in 2018, introduced us to the rest of the royal family of Wakanda. When T’Challa returned to Wakanda in his own movie, the audience had the chance to meet his mother, Queen Ramonda, and his sister Shuri, who quickly became one of the most likable characters that the fans have met in the franchise.

Shuri was introduced as a young girl with a genius intellect and incredible engineering skills who developed and supplied her brother with various technical equipment, from suits to various gadgets. Although Nate Moore said that Shuri was 16 years old during the events of the original ‘Black Panther,’ several sources say otherwise.

Actress Letitia Wright said that Shuri was 18 years old in the first film, which was later confirmed in the film’s novelization. It’s quite problematic to determine her exact age since MCU timelines can be quite messed up, but regardless, the changes between the sources aren’t that great. The second appearance of Shuri in the MCU was in ‘Avengers: Infinity War,’ which was released in 2018 and took place during that same year.

Using simple math, we can say that Shuri is two years older in ‘Infinity War’ than she was in ‘Black Panther,’ meaning that she was 20 years old during the Battle of Wakanda when Thanos’ forces attacked to get the Mind Stone from Vision. Although her death wasn’t shown in ‘Infinity War,’ ‘Avengers: Endgame’ confirmed that Shuri didn’t survive Thanos’ snap,

How old is Shuri now?

How old is Shuri in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever ? – Image via Marvel Studios As no specific indication is given regarding Shuri’s age in Wakanda Forever, we have to revisit 2018’s Black Panther for details. That movie, set shortly after the events of Captain America: Civil War in 2016, also doesn’t spell out the princess’ age.

That said, producer Nate Moore labelled her as 16 during an interview at the time, On the other hand, Black Panther ‘s junior novelization notes that she’s actually 18, being born sometime in 1998. As the latter is an actual in-world source, we’ll take that age as canon. Next, we need to factor in the fact that Shuri was one of those snapped during The Blip, so we can discount the period of time between 2018-2023.

Easter eggs in Black Panther 2 suggest it’s taking place concurrently with both Thor: Love and Thunder and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, As the present-day of the MCU right now is 2025, that means we can conclude that Shuri must be around 21-22 years old in Wakanda Forever,

This fits her relationship with the 19-year-old Riri Williams in the film, as the pair are depicted very much as contemporaries, although Shuri is clearly the senior of the two. As Shuri seemingly abdicates the throne to spend time with Nakia in Haiti, it remains to be seen what our current Black Panther will do next.

Hopefully she’s able to enjoy some downtime so she can chill and act her age for once. Go see Black Panther: Wakanda Forever in cinemas now.

How old is Shuri in Marvel?

Who is Shuri? – Shuri is the princess of the fictional country of Wakanda and a tech genius who designed many of the Wakandans’ Vibranium-based weapons and technology. Shuri is a strong-willed and self-assured woman who is not afraid to speak up for what she believes in.

  1. She is also a devoted friend and ally to her brother and the rest of Wakanda’s royal family.
  2. Shuri is a skilled martial artist and warrior, in addition to her impressive knowledge of advanced technologies.
  3. She also knows a lot about Wakandan culture and customs, which makes her an invaluable asset to her brother and his people.

Shuri, as Wakandan leader, is dedicated to preserving their culture and traditions while also assisting them in progressing and evolving. As a scientist, she has created extraordinary new technologies and gadgets that have allowed Wakanda to remain hidden from the rest of the world while also protecting its people.

Shuri is a fearsome and inspiring figure in the Marvel Universe, and her intelligence and character strength have earned her a spot among the most adored Marvel characters. So to recap. Shuri is 18 years old in Black Panther, 20 years old in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, and around 21 in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,

: How Old Is Shuri In Wakanda Forever?

How old was Shuri 2008?

Trivia. Shuri’s physical appearance at the end of What If T’Challa Became a Star-Lord? creates a continuity error within the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline, as it’s established that Shuri was born in 1998, so she would be ten years old in 2008 (the year the episode takes place).