8) Hunter – Hunter, the Golden Guard clone in The Owl House, is aged about 17. He debuted in the first show at 16 and was initially an antagonist and a Belos’ man. However, when he met Luz he realized his true identity and detached himself from Belos. His new start was in Hexside School of Magic and Demonics.

How old is Gus and Hunter from The Owl House?

Fanon – Guster is somewhat of a rarepair, being overshadowed by ships such as Goldric and Huntlow, It gained more shippers after the episode “Labyrinth Runners.” So far, there isn’t much fan content. Some people think they shouldn’t be shipped romantically given their 4 year gap, as Hunter is 16 and Gus is 12 years old.

The same with Huntlow and Lunter, Despite that, some people still think it’s a cute pairing, as both supported and helped each other when they were having trouble trying to control themselves. Due to how Hunter has had life-changing episodes with three of Gus’s friends, some see “Labyrinth Runners” has Gus and Hunter’s episode,

While Gus being the one to discover Hunter’s current living situation, it has inspired a few fans to either write or draw Gus inviting Hunter to come and live with him, Similar to how the aftermath of “Hollow Mind” had inspired fans to write about Hunter being taken in by Darius or the Owl House Family,

Does Hunter have a crush Owl House?

Does Hunter have a Crush on Willow? Yes, every time he sees Willow, or she hugs him, or touches him, he blushes. This is the only person he does this with.

How old is Amity’s brother?

Where I Overanalyze YYOOOOO!!! We have confirmation on Emira and Edric’s ages: 16! Assuming Amity is the same age as 14-year-old Luz, that’s a two-year gap between the siblings! Also we have confirmation (not that there was any doubt) that Hexside teaches kids of basically all ages! It seems their school system is a bit similar to the American one (makes sense given that it’s meant to critique the American school system), although it seems that grade blocks are all taught within the same building! : Where I Overanalyze

Are Willow and Hunter dating?

Trivia –

Their ship is referred to with the “💛💚” and “🐝🐦” emojis. The first emoji combo is for Hunter and Willow’s coven track colors while the second emoji combo is for their palismen. Scenes with Hunter and Willow often have hearts in the background. Willina is the ship name for the pilot versions of themselves, because Willow was called Paulina and Hunter was William. Willow’s epilogue design features two leaves that perfectly resemble Hunter’s ears, with one of the leaves sharing the same notch in the same location as Hunter’s. The timeskip didn’t show the two as fully canon, however, the Owl House team see them as romantic partners and see them as canon.

Who is Edric shipped with?


# portmanteau characters
366 Goldric Hunter
173 Blight Twins Emira Blight
170 Jerbric Jerbo
62 Edric & Amity Amity Blight

How old is Eda Owl?

Body – Eda is a tall, slender woman in her mid-to-late 40s, with ivory skin, pointed ears, maroon lips, and golden eyes. Her untamed hair is thick, short, and layered with tones of gray. She has a removable gold fang, orange claw-like nails, and an oval amber gem on her sternum, which helped indicate when the curse was getting worse.

In her youth, she had bright orange hair and didn’t have her golden fang yet. In ” Wing It Like Witches “, it is stated by Lilith that Eda’s curse affects her hair, implying it would naturally be the same orange as when she was an adolescent if she were not under the spell. When body-swapped into King’s body in ” Once Upon a Swap “, she mostly resembles King physically, except with her gold eyes and white sclera in place of his, gray eyeshadow on her eyelids and around her eyes, visible eyelashes with black eyeliner, as well as her gold tooth in place of King’s right fang.

As of ” Young Blood, Old Souls “, during which the curse becomes split between her and her sister, her left eye is silver and she has a white streak on the left side of her hair. The oval gem on her sternum is now black, indicating her lack of magic,

In her Owl Beast form, she resembles a large, owl-like monster with black eyes, grayish yellow sharp teeth and gray hair protruding from long, pointed ears. Her body is covered in dark teal fur, and she has two dark gray wings and black feet that resemble that of a bird of prey’s. After coming more to terms with the curse in ” Knock, Knock, Knockin’ on Hooty’s Door “, she can turn into a harpy-like form of the Owl Beast.

In this form, she has long dark gray hair with a light gray streak on the top of her hair, yellow eyes with black sclera, and tufts of hair that come out of her elongated ears. She has gray owl-like wings that protrude from her back, and her now two-toned maroon and red dress appears to be a part of her body, partially covering her face.

Her torso, shoulders, arms, and hands are covered in dull spikes protruding from where the sleeves of her dress would be. Her feet are covered in light gray fur with dark gray talons like an owl. Her hands are monstrous-looking, with small yellow claws. In ” Eclipse Lake “, she learns how to change into her harpy form at will.

In ” King’s Tide “, her right arm was removed and allowed to disintegrate by Raine in order to protect her from the combined effects of her curse and the draining spell, After the Collector comes to power, she cuts her hair, the new hairstyle resembling how it was when she met King.

She also keeps her amputated arm bandaged up and has cuts on her chin and forehead. After witnessing Luz’s “death”, Eda took a enraged state more similar to her Owl Beast form. Eda goes feral just like in her Owl Beast form but way larger, her eyes and mouth turn into a fiery orange color with a bright glow, her tail grows longer, her fangs turn longer and sharper and she gains three pairs of wings instead of one.

In the epilogue to ” Watching and Dreaming “, Eda’s hair has since grown back and is kept in a large bubble braid. Additionally, she has replaced her missing right arm with a gold hook.

Is Hunter from The Owl House 16?

8) Hunter – Hunter, the Golden Guard clone in The Owl House, is aged about 17. He debuted in the first show at 16 and was initially an antagonist and a Belos’ man. However, when he met Luz he realized his true identity and detached himself from Belos. His new start was in Hexside School of Magic and Demonics.

Who is Willow Park crush?

Amity Blight – Amity Blight (voiced by Mae Whitman ) is a student at Hexside. She is Luz’s girlfriend, and Willow and Gus’s friend. Amity is an abomination expert and also works part-time at the Bonesborough Library. Upon first meeting, she appears to be an petty and cold-hearted top student, who bullies those she feels are inferior to her.

She finally is knocked down a notch when Luz arrives and her presence unintentionally makes her lose her cool in front of her teacher and Principal Bump and loses her top student title when she nearly gets Luz killed in the process of retrieving it, effectively wounding her pride. In her next appearance, she began to hold severe disdain towards Luz, blaming her for getting her in trouble and mocks her dream of becoming a witch.

This leads to Luz to challenge her to a witches’ duel which will determine whether Luz should continue witch training. However, when Amity is exposed of cheating on Lilith’s part, she runs off embarrassed and lashes out at Luz, accusing her for humiliating her in front of the Emperor’s Coven and for embarrassing her at school, while lamenting how much pressure she puts on herself to be the best, but she is surprised to see that Luz shows kindness while trying to comfort her and allows her to continue magic training.

  1. Amity slowly begins to show a sentimental side, even though she still acts hostile towards her, she claims that she is trying to understand Luz, albeit without trying to talk to her, listen to her perspective, or take responsibility for her actions.
  2. Eventually, despite her disrespectful behavior toward Luz, and even going as far as to call her a bully, Amity starts to become fascinated with her desire to be friends, and after a night of peril with her at the library, they make up and bond over their shared love of The Good Witch Azura,

This leads Amity to realize that Luz never meant any harm and that she never actually took the time to get to know Luz, realizing her own attitude was not helping, and thus deciding to reflect on her earlier antagonistic behavior. From that point on, Amity’s personality changes from open hatred to genuine friendliness, though displaying nervousness when talking to Luz.

  1. Also thanks to Luz’s emotional support, she makes amends with Willow, admitting that her distancing was due to her parents’ influence and not being able stand up for herself and apologizing for all the harm she has done to her, allowing the two of them to start rekindling their friendship.
  2. Amity is later revealed to have a crush on Luz, to the point that she now gets nervous whenever she gets close to her.

In season two, Amity is more welcoming to Luz and her friends and appears more in control of her emotions around her. However, she is put upon by her parents when they expel them from Hexside for being a “bad influence” on her. But when they put Luz in danger when she tries to get her and her friends back into school, she confronts her parents and gets them back into Hexside.

She acknowledges that Luz’s arrival changed her for the better and redyes her hair lilac because her former green-dyed hair was mostly liked by her mother. She also confirms her feelings for Luz by kissing her on the cheek, though she is later embarrassed by this. In “Knock, Knock, Knockin’ on Hooty’s Door”, the two of them officially become a couple.

In “Eclipse Lake”, Amity has her own staff and palisman in the form of a cat named Ghost. In “Reaching Out”, she finally tells Alador that joining the Emperor’s Coven was Odalia’s dream and was never what Amity actually wanted, as she doesn’t want to join any coven, and reveals that she is dating Luz.

In ” Clouds on the Horizon “, Amity disowns her mother after learning that she is in on Belos’ Day of Unity plans. At the end of “King’s Tide”, Amity flees to the human realm with Luz, Willow, Gus and Hunter. She eventually returns where she discovers that Boscha obsessively misses her, but she finally cuts her out of her life.

Amity is the first major animated Disney character to be a confirmed lesbian,

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How old is Luz in Season 3?

Role and characteristics – Luz Noceda is a 14-year-old Afro – Dominican-American girl from the fictional town of Gravesfield, Connecticut, Luz is confirmed to be bisexual by Terrace, making her the “first bisexual lead character” on a Disney Channel show.

What gender is Amity?

Amity Blight
Species Witch
Gender Female
Family Odalia Blight (mother) Alador Bilght (father) Edric Bilght (older brother) Emira Blight (older sister)
Significant other Luz Noceda (girlfriend)

How old is Emira?

Appearance – Emira is a 16-year-old girl with light skin, long, dark green hair, and golden eyes. Despite being older than Edric, Emira is the shorter of the twins. She commonly wears golden earrings. Due to her acne, she often wears a green concealment stone on her chest to make herself look neat and refined in appearance, with her hair tied up in a long braid and one of her pimples disguised to resemble a beauty mark under her right eye, like that of her brother’s.

  • In her common attire, she wears a dark gray undershirt, a maroon cardigan with a black belt, mauve shorts, and black slippers and footbands.
  • In her Hexside uniform, she wears a chain choker, a black-belted dark gray dress with a gold-buttoned black hood.
  • She also has light blue pants to represent her enrollment in the Illusion track.

Her sleeves were originally that color as well but were turned dark blue when she enrolled in the Healing track. In “For the Future”, Em appears with her original hairstyle, but no longer hides her acne. Her uniform is ripped and tattered and she wears over it a yellow sweater with blue and white striped rims and the word “GROM” on its center in blue letters, as well as grey boots that are stained purple at their tips, likely by Abomination fluid.

Who is older Edric or Emira?

” Hey, Mittens! Mom says stop forgetting your lunch. And stop being a jerk to your friend, ” Edric Blight is a recurring character in The Owl House, He is the older brother of Amity Blight and younger twin brother of Emira Blight, and a student at Hexside School of Magic and Demonics,

Who does Willow love?

Romance – ” Once you fall for Willow, you stay fallen. ” ―Buffy Summers

Thomas — Encouraged by Buffy to “seize the day,” Willow built up the courage to talk to a boy named Thomas and go for ice cream. However, when he turned out to be a vampire and tried to kill her, Buffy had to save her, and Willow was forced to accept the existence of demons.

Moloch the Corruptor — Under the alias Malcolm Black, Willow unwittingly awoke this ancient demon by scanning him into the Internet. He claimed to be in love with her, starting an online relationship with her under the identity of Malcolm Black. However, when Willow rejected Malcolm after discovering he is actually a murderous, demonic robot, he tried to kill her and Buffy was forced to slay him.

Willow and Oz.

Daniel “Oz” Osbourne — Willow first formally talked to Oz during the time Spike was trying to heal Drusilla, showing an interest in him, describing him as funny and cute. Encouraged by Buffy, Willow talked to Oz and invited him to Buffy’s 17th birthday party which he came to as her date. He found out about vampires rather mellowly and Willow, infatuated, claimed that was cool of him. Soon after a while alone in a van with him, Willow impulsively asked him if he’d make out with her. While he admitted that he did want to kiss Willow, he mentioned that she might be trying to make Xander jealous or get even with him (due to his involvement with Cordelia) so he declined the offer, wanting to wait for the right time. They went on a date to see a movie but Willow began to get frustrated that their relationship was so delicate, as they hadn’t even kissed. After some advice from Buffy, she decided to nervously confront Oz over it, only to realize he was a werewolf, Initially shocked by it, she showed understanding, as the discovery did not change her feelings for him and she claimed she was willing to give the relationship a shot, resulting in their first kiss. Willow and Oz continued to date for a while, developing a close and affectionate relationship. However, Willow began to act on her suppressed attraction to her best friend Xander and cheated on Oz many times by kissing him. Oz eventually found out about this, catching them kissing each other after they were abducted by Spike. They broke up because of this and Willow spent much of her time trying to earn Oz’s trust again, feeling guilty, so much so that she permanently ended any future romantic liaisons with Xander. It wasn’t long before he confronted her and despite the betrayal he had felt at her unfaithfulness, he genuinely admitted he missed her very much and wanted to be with her again, much to Willow’s delight. She attempted to set a romantic mood and expressed a willingness to have sex with him to prove that she was truly serious about this. Oz gently declined her offer, reasoning that when it happened he wanted it to be for the same reasons and not stemming from a desire to prove herself to him. Willow accepted this and they spent Christmas watching movies and cuddling instead. Eventually, Willow and Oz finally made love with each other for the first time, fearing that they would die in the battle against Mayor Wilkins. Afterward, Willow confessed that she felt different and she shared a brief cuddling moment with him. She would admit to Oz that she felt guilty because, in some ways, it was the best day of her life, while an apocalypse was going on. They continued to have a happy and fulfilling relationship through their first few months at UC Sunnydale only for complications to arise with the appearance of Veruca. Oz started to show intense attraction to her despite his loyalty and love for Willow, something she quickly noticed. Willow became increasingly insecure and jealous of this, bitterly describing Veruca as “dressing like Faith, voice like an albatross.” It only became worse as it did not go away, distressing and worrying Willow. She did not want Oz to know she was jealous so she didn’t tell him, instead, acting out advances on him. Oz was not into it, feeling too distant and guilty to sleep with her. This only made her more insecure, seeking out advice from both Xander and Buffy. Soon, she discovered a naked Oz and Veruca in his cage. Willow was horrified and angry, lashing out at Oz for it. In a state of extreme pain and vengeance, she prepared to perform a dark magic spell on Oz and Veruca to make sure neither of them would ever know love again. Despite coming very close, she couldn’t bring herself to carry it out. Veruca interrupted and attempted to kill Willow, only for Oz to show up and save her, killing Veruca instead. Oz came to the decision that he had to leave Sunnydale to find himself between animal and human, believing he shouldn’t be around her. In tears, she tried to convince him to stay and they confessed their love to each other before Oz departed Sunnydale, Willow heart-broken and despairing. She was thrown into complete depression months after Oz left. Unable to tolerate the pain anymore, Willow resorted to magic to make the pain go away. However, the spell backfired and ended up affecting her the Scooby Gang (Giles went blind, Buffy became engaged to Spike, and Xander was a literal demon magnet). When Oz returned to Sunnydale months later hoping for a reconciliation, Willow had already grown strong romantic feelings for Tara. She had been readying herself to reject him until Oz had shown her he had a supposed cure for his lycanthropy and they had spent the whole night just talking to each other over their adventures, refreshing Willow’s feelings from how their relationship has been before. Willow was confused and distraught, not sure anymore what Oz meant to her since Tara had stepped into her life. After Oz was freed from the Initiative ‘s hold, Willow was pained and regretful at Oz’s departure. Yet she had assured him she was happy now with Tara and her life was getting better. While her heart laid with Tara, her feelings for Oz had remained strong, and she genuinely told him, “I feel like some part of me will always be waiting for you.” When Willow and Oz met again, he had a wife and a son, which Willow said she was fine with, but Oz sensed her unease and asked if he was right at thinking they were “not okay.” Willow assured him that they were, and explained she was upset at him being able to have a normal life and apologized to him for being jealous and hateful. Oz assured her she too could have a normal life and comforted her; she teared up when Oz trusted her with watching his baby. In the following year, when Willow consumed memory water, Oz featured prominently in visions of “things most important.”

Vampire Willow — Willow’s vampire alter-ego expressed an attraction for her. The introduction of Vamp Wilow was the first hint that Willow’s sexual orientation may be something other than heterosexual. Willow found this somewhat disturbing, asking, “Would that mean we have to snuggle?” However, in a fight with her, she stated she would rather snuggle than fight. Willow had also stopped Buffy from staking her counterpart, taking pity on her. So instead, they decided to send Vampire Willow to her own world only for her to get immediately staked once there.

Willow and Tara.

Tara Maclay — Willow met Tara when the Gentlemen had invaded Sunnydale. Tara had immediately noticed she was a real witch in their Wicca group, complimenting her by being very powerful. Glad to find someone who was into witchcraft just like her and was not an amateur, the two quickly bonded and became friends. They frequently executed spells together and connected through their witch status. Willow started meeting with Tara in secret to perform magic, not telling her friends at all. When Tara asked if they could hang out sometime, Willow guiltily refused since she had promised Buffy they would have a Scoobies only hang out. When Buffy brought Riley and his friends with her, Willow was bothered by this and noted she could’ve had Tara come. Shortly afterward, Willow admitted to Tara that she had been putting off her meeting her friends because she felt she would be overwhelmed by it, but most importantly she wanted to keep something that was “hers”; Tara would earnestly reassure her she was. Their relationship is even more overtly confirmed to be romantic when Faith (an outsider of the Scoobies) identified the lesbian undertones immediately, saying that Willow wasn’t “driving stick anymore.” As the two witches grew closer, the return of Oz strained and complicated things. Willow was sure her affections were for Tara now and she had been meaning to tell him but was halted when Oz told her he had found a supposed cure for his lycanthropy. Her feelings for Oz were revived, confusing and distressing Willow. In a painful conversation with her, Willow admitted that Oz had been everything she had ever wanted, but since she met Tara her life was happier, healing the hole he had left. Crying, Tara hugged her tightly and tried to comfort her. Despite her still-strong feelings for Oz, Willow ultimately realized that Tara was the one she truly loved and wanted to be with at that point in her life. Tara was selflessly prepared for Willow to reject her, wanting her to be happy with the one she loved. Willow smiled and replied, “I am.” They started an official relationship. When Tara confessed her outsider feeling from the Scooby Gang (along with Dawn), Willow vehemently denied it. She hugged her and lovingly told Tara that no matter what she said, she was one of them. When Tara’s strained relationship with her family because of her witch side became apparent, Willow would reassure Tara that everything she went through just made her love her more. Willow and Tara would share a dance on her birthday, levitating off the ground together through their magical connection. Following Joyce’s unexpected death, Willow was greatly emotional over what outfit she should wear to her funeral and proceeded to criticize some of her more childish clothes. Tara immediately comforted her and they shared their first known kiss. Eventually, Willow was shocked to learn that Tara found her power frightening and worried on some level that she would use that magic for the wrong purposes. She was especially hurt when she realized Tara worried that Willow would leave her for a man. Feeling like Tara did not trust her, an angry and hurt Willow left to be alone. When she was brain-sucked by Glory, however, Willow was devastated and felt like it was her fault. Enraged beyond reason, Willow delved into dark magics and recklessly attacked Glory even though Buffy told her not to. She managed to land a blow on her but was in the end beaten. Afterward, she took care of her despite Tara’s insanity and simply said she was everything to her. Willow managed to restore Tara’s sanity by transferring it to Glory, briefly disorienting the god. She was immensely happy of this and hugged her, telling Tara she would always find her. After Buffy’s death, both her and Tara served as surrogate parents to Dawn and even moved in her house. Tara briefly left Willow because of her inappropriate use of magic to erase part of Tara’s memory, but they soon got back together just in time for Tara’s shocking death. Tara’s death hit Willow so bad that she lost all sense of morality and vengefully gave into dark magic and skinned Tara’s murderer, Warren, alive. However, Willow later admitted that after Buffy died and she resurrected her, she felt that she chose Buffy over her love, which caused her death.

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Dracula — Willow described the infamous vampire as “sexy,” to Tara’s surprise and mild jealousy.

R.J. Brooks — Under a love spell along with Buffy, Dawn, and Anya, Willow became obsessed with this male high school student, despite his “physical presence.” When Anya pointed out that “his physical presence has a penis,” Willow insisted that she could “work around it,” invoking the goddess Hecate to transform him into a woman. Xander and Spike intervened before she succeeded, and the love spell was soon lifted.

Willow and Kennedy.

Kennedy — Willow continued her recovery from Tara’s death as she embarked on a relationship with this Potential Slayer. Though reluctant at first because she believed giving in to her desire for Kennedy would cause her to forget Tara, Kennedy helped her to move on from Tara’s death and also became her anchor whenever she performed powerful magic. After the battle at the Hellmouth, Andrew stated that Kennedy and Willow were living together in South America. Following Kennedy’s month-long mystical death, they decided to take things slowly but broke up after the destruction of the Seed of Wonder. Due to the end of magic, Willow was without her abilities and came to the conclusion that Kennedy was mainly interested in her because of her powers and felt that her skill with computers didn’t “do it” for Kennedy. During the same conversation with Buffy, Willow also stated that she was in love with someone else and that it was someone she would never see again. Kennedy, despite being hurt and bitter when Willow broke up with her, later reflected that Willow breaking up with her is the best thing that ever happened to her, as it forced her to realize that she found her life’s purpose in Deepscan,

Winifred Burkle — Though not technically a romantic relationship, Willow somewhat slyly inquired as to what is Fred’s “story” to Wesley, indicating a possible interest on Willow’s part and earning her a surprised look of pondering from Wesley. Additionally, Willow understood Fred’s excitement at seeing her and her eagerness to spend time with her for attraction, telling her that she was already seeing someone.

Willow and her mentor/lover Aluwyn.

Aluwyn — Willow first met Aluwyn when she arrived in the spirit world to look for a guide to help her control her powers. On their first meeting, Aluwyn told Willow that she was her guide and that she would help her better control the power that dwelled within her; however, Willow quickly learned that Aluwyn was not her guide and another goddess appeared and told Aluwyn to leave Willow alone. With Aluwyn gone, the other goddess offered Willow to have Tara be her guide on her journey toward improving her understanding of her powers. However, Willow surmised this would either be robbing Tara of her afterlife or an illusion and instead chose Aluwyn. At some point during Willow’s training, the two began an affair and even began to sleep together. When Buffy smashed the Seed of Wonder, Willow broke up with Kennedy because she realized she was in love with someone else; Aluwyn was heavily hinted to be the unnamed person. Eventually, Willow finally came across her mentor in another dimension by chance while trying to return magic to her world. She was very shocked and happy, immediately kissing Aluwyn passionately after being apart for so long. Aluwyn decided to help her with bringing magic back, informing her of helpful facts along the way. However, while Willow does trust Aluwyn she was still aware of the fact that she is a trickster, even introducing Aluwyn to Marrak as “the lying, deceitful, sexy snake.” Willow and Aluwyn rekindled their close relationship, even fighting together against a monster. Aluwyn retained deeply strong feelings for Willow and the two slept together again. When Aluwyn confessed her true intentions and that she had all along planned for Willow to stay with her by distracting her from her mission, she was disappointed but nonetheless forgive Aluwyn because she knew she did it out of love. Willow, however, rejected staying with her since she could not live with her friends and the world being in danger because of the loss of magic. She also admitted that Aluwyn was one of the people she loved and that being with her made her feel powerful, which scared Willow. Her resolve unwavering, Aluwyn was remorseful for her manipulations and encouraged her to save her friends. The two shared a moment and hugged. In a conversation with Marrak, Willow would show the seriousness of her mission by pointing out she gave up being with her.

Aura — After moving to San Francisco, Willow began dating this woman. At Buffy’s housewarming party, Willow seemed to avoid her, much to Aura’s annoyance. While helping Buffy with her confusing slayer dreams, she would later mention her again, warning her to not tell Aura about their “slumber party.”

Lake Stevens — While working together, Willow and Lake had a brief relationship, until their moral perspectives on the military became irreconcilable. They continued meeting each other due to the nature of both woman’s jobs, still demonstrating resentment for each other.

Calliope Strachan — a Wicca student in one of Willow’s covens, they had a mutual attraction even though Calliope was already in a relationship with Linda Martin, When both witches were taken to the Safe Zone, Calliope kissed Willow twice, who both times rejected her because of her girlfriend, so Calliope promised to break up with Linda to be with her. After they were freed, she was reunited with Linda and returned to her previous normalcy, even missing the meetings when their coven was resumed. Willow said she didn’t blame her, reasoning that “this life isn’t for everyone.”

Other — In high school, Willow professed admiration for Owen Thurman Daryl Epps, and the college students from Delta Zeta Kappa fraternity. She appreciated the beauty of the robot April, and leered at a racily dressed Dawn dancing at the Bronze before realizing who she was. Whilst playing “anywhere but here” with Buffy in high school, she chose actor John Cusack as her fantasy and, years later, the TV comedienne and actress Tina Fey.

Who is Willows first girlfriend?

Tara Maclay
Buffy the Vampire Slayer character
Amber Benson as Tara Maclay in 2001
First appearance ” Hush ” (1999)
Last appearance ” Villains ” (2002)
Created by Joss Whedon
Portrayed by Amber Benson
In-universe information
Affiliation Scooby Gang
Classification Witch
Notable powers Magic

Tara Maclay is a fictional character created for the action-horror/fantasy television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997–2003). She was developed by Joss Whedon and portrayed by Amber Benson, Tara is a shy young woman with magical talents who falls in love with Willow Rosenberg, one of the core characters.

  • Together, they help Buffy Summers, who has been given superhuman powers to defeat evil forces in the fictional town of Sunnydale,
  • Willow was a popular character when Tara was introduced, and the onset of their relationship was met with some resistance from fans.
  • Tara grows from a reserved girl who is unsure of herself to being the moral center of Buffy’s circle of friends, named the Scooby Gang.

Her relationship with Willow is consistently positive, and the first recurring depiction of a lesbian couple on prime time network series television in the United States. Tara is killed by a stray gunshot toward the end of the sixth season, causing Willow to go on a rampage.

Does Willow have a kid?

Later Years – Saving Elora Danan – Willow married Kiaya Ufgood and raised his two young children, Ranon and Mims, One of his problems was the surly Prefect Burglekutt, who kept Willow toiling in the fields to pay his taxes, and threatened to send him to the mines should his upkeep ever fall short.

  1. Soon afterwards, Elora Danan was rescued from the River Freen by his children.
  2. During the Planting Festival of the year 1342, Willow was one of the hopefuls that the High Aldwin would choose as his next apprentice.
  3. He asked his initiates to identify which finger held the power to control the world.
  4. Willow felt like pointing his own finger, but not trusting his intuition, he chose one of the Aldwin’s outstretched digits.

Afterwards, the village was raided by Death Dogs, The villagers were angry for the one who caused the disaster. Willow wanted to keep the baby secret, but then it was decided that he should take the child to the Daikini crossroads and be given to a Daikini human. Willow with Elora Danan. Willow with a fairy. The trek was lengthy, until they met a captive swordsman, Madmartigan, to whom he gave the baby, only to find it a short while later captured by mischievous Brownies, They led Willow to Cherlindrea of the Fairy Forest, who explained the child’s fate, the future empress of Tir Asleen and vanquisher of the evil Queen Bavmorda whose forces were conquering all lands.

The fairy tasked Willow to take Elora to the sorceress Fin Raziel, held captive on an isolated island. She would lead them to Tir Asleen, where a great army awaited to repulse Bavmorda’s forces. Willow soon crossed roads with Madmartigan, who joined him in his quest. Eventually they found Fin Raziel shifted in animal form by a spell, and Willow failed to dispel.

Upon finding Tir Asleen, they discovered that it was cursed, and no army waited to repulse Bavmorda’s forces. Tir Asleen was invaded and absconded with the baby. The survivors of Galladoorn, recently decimated by Kael ‘s army, arrived in time to join the team.

  • They took the fight to Bavmorda’s castle keep at Nockmaar,
  • As the battle raged Willow restored Raziel and entered Bavmorda’s citadel.
  • The two sorceresses engaged in a magic battle while Willow rescued baby Elora Danan from the sacrificial altar.
  • Using a simple trick, Willow made it seem as if he had teleported Elora to safety.
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Bavmorda lost control of her roiling spells, and was consumed by her dark powers. With Bavmorda eliminated, the dark pall she cast over the world vanished. Raziel restored Tir Asleen, and Elora Danan was delivered to foster parents. Raziel gave Willow her book of magic, and Willow returned to the Nelwyn Village.

Did Hunter and Edric ever meet?

Fanon – Many fans started shipping Goldric after it was revealed that Hunter was 16 years old. Some thought that Goldric could be a possibility if Edric’s parents made him get involved with the Emperor’s Coven. Others started shipping there were many femslash ships and wanted to pair the few boys in the show.

  1. An idea used in fanworks was that Hunter visited Blight Industries often just to see Edric.
  2. Hunter was seen as a very dangerous threat, but some fans believed he is only a threat under Belos’ commands and he would have had a soft spot for Edric.
  3. Others found it amusing if Edric tried flirting with someone in a position of authority, Hunter.

Another idea used in fanworks was that Hunter signs up for Hexside as an spy for the emperor or is interested in learning different types of magic and finds himself in the same class as Edric and they become good friends. Dana Terrace posted official art of Edric and Emira, with the caption saying they got stood up on Grom night.

  • Few people thought that the person who stood up Edric could be Hunter.
  • Although, in the episode “Through the Looking Glass Ruins,” it’s mentioned that Edric had a date with someone, and more people speculated that Edric’s date was Hunter.
  • When the ship was first starting out, it was mainly rivaled by Jerbric, although Goldric could also be seen as a replacement for Jerbric since Jerbo and Edric had also never met at the time.

Some fans of both ships like to ship all three boys together in a poly ship. In some Owl House swap AUs, Hunter is portrayed as Luz while Edric is portrayed as Amity, Goldric is portrayed as Lumity, the most popular Owl House ship, in these AUs. Some other swap AUs feature Emira as Amity with the featured ship being Huntmira,

Later on, many Goldric fans were pleased when Hunter and Edric finally met in “Labyrinth Runners.” After the finale of The Owl House, some people stopped supporting Goldric since they believed Hunter and Edric were siblings. This is because Hunter was adopted by Darius, who has a crush on Alador, Edric’s dad.

However, there are still some people that ship Goldric and would argue that they’re not siblings yet since Alador and Darius aren’t married. Overall, the amount of Goldric shippers declined during season three due to the lack of moments as well as the popularity of Huntlow,

Are Luz and King siblings?

Fanon – While King is Eda’s sidekick, there have been times when he does serve as Luz’s partner in crime and King’s pet-like form has fans ship them as friends than lovers. Even though there have been fans who have drawn King as a humanoid-like person from the Boiling Isles,

  • While them being the children of the Owl House Family has them view the two as siblings, as Luz has mentioned how she sees King as a brother.
  • After “Agony of a Witch” aired it inspired fans to draw King conferting Luz with Hooty.
  • In Pokémon AU’s, Luz is commonly partnered up with a Cubone or Marowak to serve as King’s Pokémon counterpart.

Because of the similarities between The Owl House and Amphibia, some fans like to view King as Luz’s Sprig and that is why both Luz and King are sometimes featured beside Anne and Sprig in crossover works of their two Disney Channel shows. On AO3, the friendship has over 400 fanfics.

Is Edric a human?

Edric. Edric was a Guild Steersman of the Spacing Guild, Like the Guild’s Navigators, Edric was also human once, but after a long life of taking the spice, melange, he became mutated and required a tank in which to live in.He assisted the Navigators in piloting the massive Guild Heighliners,

Is Lily older than EDA?

Physical appearance – Lilith is a tall, slender middle-aged woman in her mid to late forties (two years older than Eda). She has ivory skin, pointy ears, dark teal lips, long, dark teal hair (originally red when she was younger), and aquamarine eyes. She also has dark gray claw-like nails.

After splitting the curse between herself and Eda in ” Young Blood, Old Souls “, Lilith’s right eye becomes gray, and she gains a gray streak on the right side of her hair. She wears a long-sleeved two-tone dark gray dress with an inverted kite-shaped sky blue gem located on her sternum and dark gray laced boots that reach up to her knees.

By the second season, she changes her attire to a similar black ankle-length dress that is torn and ragged, and wears a light grey T-shirt with a picture of a low battery on it. She also kept her boots. In her childhood, she had fluffy strawberry red hair that is sometimes tied in a ponytail at the back with eye-length bangs.

  • Back then she wore glasses with round lenses and a Hexside school uniform with yellow sleeves and leggings, signifying her as a member of the potions track.
  • She also wore black low-heeled flat shoes.
  • At some point after moving back in with her parents in ” Keeping Up A-fear-ances “, Lilith had changed her raggy attire and started to have her hair fluffy at the ends and wearing glasses again.

By ” Elsewhere and Elsewhen “, she wears an aquagreen blouse with short puffy sleeves and a golden button, a brown vest, a long reddish purple skirt, light orchid pantyhose, and peru brown v front ankle boots. By ” For the Future “, Lilith’s hair has been cut short and is growing out her natural strawbery red hair color.

How old is Edric blight?

Appearance – Edric is a 16-year-old boy with light skin, dark green hair, golden eyes, and a beauty mark under his left eye. Despite being younger than, Edric is the taller of the twins. He often wears a hidden concealment stone to make himself look neat and refined in appearance.

  • Without it, he looks much more casual and dishevelled, with three small moustache hairs above his lip and glasses.
  • In his common attire, he wears a dark gray undershirt, a maroon cardigan with a black belt, tight mauve pants, and black boots with maroon rims.
  • In his Hexside uniform, he wears a black-belted dark gray torso robe with a gold-buttoned black hood.

He also has light blue pants to represent his enrollment in the Illusion track. His sleeves were originally that color as well but were altered when he went multi-track, with the top section being orange (representing Beast-Keeping) and the bottom section being yellow (representing Potions).

His boots are mostly the same as his common attire, though now gray-rimmed. Without concealment, his hair is held back by a black headband (looking similar to ‘s previous hairstyle). He also wears an orange-rimmed yellow T-shirt with a flaming cauldron symbol on it, a pair of grey sweatpants, and brown shoes.

In “For the Future”, Ed appears with his original hairstyle but retains his now-slightly cracked glasses. After sustaining injuries during the Collector’s campaign, his whole body, excluding his head, is confined to a white plaster cast. The cast also includes a brass neck brace and arm props.

Does EDA have a son?

The Clawthorne family is a family of witches and a Titan living in the Boiling Isles who are palisman carving experts. It consists of the parents, Dell and Gwendolyn Clawthorne, their two children, Lilith and Eda Clawthorne, and Eda’s adoptive son, King Clawthorne,

How old is Gus in Sweet Tooth?

Birth and Upbringing – Gus was the first human-animal hybrid created at Fort Smith Labs by Birdie in a scientific experiment with live microorganisms. When Birdie realised what she had created, she entrusted her secret to her closest friend and fellow scientist, Judy, The two kept Gus safe and under the radar while they continued experiments and observations. Gus shortly after being created by Birdie, After the breakout of the H5G9 virus, Birdie feared that Gus would be experimented on if he fell into the hands of the government. She further feared that the research that helped create Gus, should it fall into the wrong hands, would be used to kill milions.

  • Birdie entrusted Gus to Richard Fox, a man she had only just met.
  • Richard fled with Gus to Yellowstone National Park, where he created a life for them in the woods and raised Gus as his own son.
  • Gus adored his “Pubba” and had a happy childhood, playing in the snow, drinking maple syrup, and reading versions of classic children’s books that Richard wrote and illustrated for him.

For one birthday, Richard made Gus a stuffed dog out of his own socks, which the boy proudly named “Dog” and carried with him everywhere. Despite their happy life, Richard never lost sight of the danger to Gus from the Last Men, He taught Gus a series of protocols for how to handle potential dangers and reviewed them with him regularly: “If I hear a growl, I will duck.

If I hear a voice, I will run. If I see a human, I will hide.” Gus had strict instructions never to go outside the fence around their camp. Like most children, however, Gus was curious about the outside world and objected to being considered “too little” to know the reason behind the rules. For a while, Richard was able to satisfy him with a modified version of the events leading up to their escape to the woods, but eventually curiosity led Gus to attempt to venture beyond the fence.

Richard was horrified and swiftly carried him back to safety. Unfortunately, it was too late, and Last Men soon appeared at their boundary. Richard made Gus hide in a “cubby” under the stairs in their house and went out to deal with the threat. When he returned, he had been infected with the Sick and soon passed away, leaving nine-year-old Gus alone in the woods and fending for himself.

Who is Gus shipped with in The Owl House?

Yeah, I used to think that too. But then I met some dork who used his powers to save me from a man-eating detention pit. All I’m saying is, if a dumb illusion can save a jerk like me, maybe it’s not as useless as you think. —Mattholomule to Gus “Through the Looking Glass Ruins” Gustholomule is the slash ship between Gus Porter and Mattholomule from The Owl House fandom.

How old is Luz in Season 3?

Role and characteristics – Luz Noceda is a 14-year-old Afro – Dominican-American girl from the fictional town of Gravesfield, Connecticut, Luz is confirmed to be bisexual by Terrace, making her the “first bisexual lead character” on a Disney Channel show.

Does Hunter have a crush on Willow?

Who does Hunter have a crush on in The Owl House? – Does Hunter have a Crush on Willow? Yes, every time he sees Willow, or she hugs him, or touches him, he blushes. This is the only person he does this with.