Production studio of How Not to Summon a Demon Lord has not announced a third season – Unfortunately, the production studio of the isekai series How Not to Summon a Demon Lord, Tezuka Productions, has not renewed the series for a third installment yet.

  1. Following the second season’s conclusion in 2021, the series has been on a hiatus.
  2. Fans have been waiting for the third season to get a green light, and rumors have been floating around that a new season might drop in 2023.
  3. However, in the absence of any official announcement from the creators, that seems unlikely at the moment.

We do hope that if indeed the series is to return this year, the producers will make the announcement very soon. At the moment, the original light novel series has 14 volumes, with the latest published on June 2, 2021. The fandom has questioned the faithfulness of the anime in adapting the novels on many occasions, especially after the second season.

Reportedly, the pacing and writing of season 2 has not done enough justice to the source content. That being said, the anime has roughly covered up to seven volumes, so we know that in terms of content, plenty more hasn’t made it to the screen yet. This keeps the fandom’s hopes up for a third season. Here is how the anime series How Not to Summon a Demon Lord is summarized on the official website of Crunchyroll: “Sakamoto Takuma was so strong in the MMORPG Cross Reverie that his fellow players came to call him the “demon lord.” One day, he gets summoned to another world in his avatar form, and meets two girls who both insist that they’re the one who summoned him.

“They cast a spell used to enslave summoned beasts on him, but that activates his unique ability, Magic Reflect, and the girls end up being the ones put under the spell!” How Not to Summon a Demon Lord is available for streaming on Funimation and Crunchyroll, which holds the license to distribute the show globally.

  1. Hopefully, season 3 will also find its way to those streaming platforms upon release.
  2. We encourage our readers to employ official streaming platforms to enjoy their favorite anime, as it helps support the creators and the production studio.
  3. Stay tuned for more updates on How Not to Summon a Demon Lord and other trending anime shows like Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia, Chainsaw Man, One Piece, and more.

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Is How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord Season 2 finished?

Anime – An television series adaptation was announced in January 2018. The series was directed by Yūta Murano and written by, with animation by studio, Character designs for the series were provided by Shizue Kaneko. Yuki Nishioka was the chief animation director.

  1. Yuki Miyamoto provided monster designs and serves as action animation director.
  2. Backgrounds were provided by Kusanagi, while Natsuko Otsuka was the color key artist.
  3. Photography for the series was directed by Teppei Satō at, and Satoshi Motoyama directed the sound at Half HP Studio.
  4. The series aired from July 5 to September 20, 2018, and was broadcast on,,, and,

The series’ opening theme, “DeCIDE”, was performed by the unit SUMMONERS 2+, a group composed of voice actresses,,,, and, while the ending theme, “Saiaku na Hi demo Anata ga Suki.” ( 最悪な日でもあなたが好き。, “I Like You Even on the Worst Day.”), was performed by Serizawa and produced by,

  1. The first season ran for 12 episodes.
  2. Simulcast the series worldwide outside of Asia, while streamed a of it in North America.
  3. Following ‘s acquisition of Crunchyroll, the English dub was moved to Crunchyroll.
  4. In South and Southeast Asia, licensed the series.
  5. On April 8, 2020, it was announced that the series would receive a second season titled How Not to Summon a Demon Lord Ω, co-animated by and, and directed by Satoshi Kuwabara, with the rest of the staff and cast members reprising their roles.

The second season aired on and from April 9 to June 11, 2021. The second season’s opening theme, “EVERYBODY! EVERYBODY!”, and ending theme, “YOU YOU YOU,” were performed by Serizawa with collaboration by DJ KOO & MOTSU. The second season ran for 10 episodes.

Who does Diablo end up with in How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord?

How Not to Summon a Demon Lord provides examples of: –

Adaptation Expansion : The anime covers things that neither the manga nor the light novel do. Like the fact that the reason Diablo’s got No Social Skills is that he’s been shunned, for basically no reason, since he was a small child. All Deaths Final : Diablo learns that while resurrection spells are common in Cross Reverie, they don’t exist in this world and the dead stay dead.

Volume 10 introduces “Thanatos the Immortal” who seems to avert this when he was killed gorily by Europa but shows up moments later fine.

Animal Eye Spy : The, a summoned beast that is weak offensively but has the Skill to let the see what it sees. Autopilot Artistry : As a Cross Reverie player, Takuma Sakamoto was an expert potionmaker. However, when he becomes Trapped in Another World as his Player Character Diablo, he initially has no idea how to make them.

  • He finally figures out that the only way he can make them is by staring at Shera’s bosom so that he’s thinking about her assets instead of potionmaking.
  • Bizarre Sexual Dimorphism : Kobolds.
  • Their females look like dwarves, albeit with fox rather than dog features, but the males all have the heads of foxes.

Black-and-Grey Morality : Volume 12 introduces the Gelmudo Empire, which is morally pitch black, and is so heinous, they make the Fallen, at their worst, look downright benevolent by comparison. Call-Back : In the fourth novel, Rem strongly advises Lumachina to spill the beans at once about her situation, lest she “will invite a situation upon herself that she will never forget throughout her whole life.” This hard-earned bit of dubious wisdom comes the time when Diablo “tortured” her into confessing her problems back in the first novel by teasing her cat ears into an Immodest Orgasm,

This isn’t the first time Yumi Hara voices a beautiful woman with a Mask of Sanity, Best exemplified in episode 11. It won’t be the last time Sayaka Ohara has voiced a red-haired woman.

Cerebus Syndrome : While the story was never full of sunshine and rainbows, in Volume 12, things get real dark, real quick, with the introduction of the Gelmudo Empire, who use Child Soldier elites, the racist human commanders literally stomping their heads into the ground until they bleed, for the slightest insubordination or failure, real or imagined, with the army bent on conquest, enslaving all they run across, and run by an Immortality Seeker Emperor on his deathbed, desperate for results to capture a certain Pantherian.

The potions Diablo makes with Shera end up being used in Episode 12 to save Rem’s life. When Rem teaches Shera how to summon Turkey Shot, she also gives Diablo a magic stone used for contracts. This becomes useful when he tries to find a way for Klem to be allowed in Faltra – by using the enslavement contract on her.

City of Adventure : By design. The city of Faltra is on the frontier between the Human kingdom, several demi-human races, especially elves, and the Fallen. A second one ends up being Zircon Tower City, where desert adventures regularly venture out to the sands, risking life and limb for precious treasures buried in forgotten tombs. Double Standard Rape: Female on Male : In both Volume 8 and 11.

Volume 8: Raphlesia corners Diablo, on his wedding night, and starts coming on to him, strongly, as “thanks” for saving her life in the wake of Demon King of the Heart Cardia fiasco, despite his protests, and the fact that he’s already married to Shera and Rem. Rem chances upon it and is enraged, to the point that she doesn’t speak to him for a full week afterward. Volume 11: Diablo gets accosted by Rem’s aunt, who promises to teach him a secret clan technique, that he was already starting to figure out after she deflected one of his spells with her bare hands, and starts by putting his hands on her breasts, which isn’t too different from the manner in which he learned Aura Vision with Shera. Unfortunately, this is just a trick she used to get his guard down so she could literally paralyze Diablo, by magically short-circuiting his nervous system. Then she proceeds to strip his pants and performs oral sex on him, against his will, even acknowledging it’s wrong to do so, but treating it like a harmless prank. “Hee Hee! As Rem’s oneesan, I shouldn’t be doing this, no?” Shortly after the deed is done, Rem walks into the area, not angry, not ranting, raving, or violent. She just simply divorces him, on the spot, leaving him completely speechless.

Elemental Powers : The Elemental Magic system found in both Cross Reverie game and the world Takuma was summoned to. The game favors the system, while the world looks down on it.

Casting a Shadow

Gravity Master Power of the Void

Blow You Away Dishing Out Dirt Light ’em Up Making a Splash

An Ice Person

Playing with Fire

Having a Blast

Elfeminate : Some of the male Elves such as Celsior. Enemy Civil War : The Fallen actually don’t get along with each other very well. The only thing that makes them combine their efforts is their hatred for the Six Races. The members of the Vhal faction are little more than mindless beasts who attack the six races on sight without plan or preparation, and if they don’t have the opportunity to attack just blend quietly into the forest that is their home.

  1. The “moderate” faction is desperate to wipe out as many of the six races as they can, but only strike when they believe they have a winning strategy in place.
  2. While the Edelgard faction doesn’t care for the six races very much, they’re content with “live and let live” if they’re not directly antagonized, and seek only to serve the Demon Lord.

The last two really don’t like each other and have come to blows, repeatedly. Expanded Universe : The new world. At first glance, it possess the same elements as from the game Cross Reverie that Diablo is familiar with. However, he later discovers that it possesses elements that weren’t in the base game, such as Keera’s mind control flute and the Force Hydra, or Rose’s offensive abilities.

  • This leads Diablo to the conclusion that every planned element from Cross Reverie is in the new world.
  • Fantastic Arousal : Not only does Diablo accidentally discover that Rem (like presumably most Pantherians), have very “sensitive” ears, but when volume 3 rolls around, part of the process involved trying to remove the slave collars that Rem and Shera accidentally got by having their summon contract on Diablo rebound, involves manipulating and inserting mana into others.

His reluctant model, Shera, has an interesting reaction, and later puts Rem through the same experience.

Klem’s horns later turn out to have a similar effect.

Fantastic Racism : Appears in both Cross Reverie and the other world. In the game, it is more of a background setting. In the other world, it is a reality that some of the Humans discriminate against Demi-humans. Fictional Video Game : Cross Reverie, the MMORPG that Takuma played and often references to compare the world he was summoned in.

  • Fighter, Mage, Thief : The main job classes of adventurers in both Cross Reverie and the world are “Warrior”, “Sorcerer”, and “Archer”.
  • They have further derivations depending on what they specialize in.
  • First Town : In Cross Reverie, the first town is the Royal Capital Sevenwall.
  • Formula with a Twist : The series is based on the twist that the protagonist is only pretending to be a Demon Lord.

He is exceptionally powerful in the new world, but being called a Demon Lord in the first places was only an Appropriated Appelation he used while playing his MMORPG. Funny Background Event : In episode 12, after Sylvie susses out that the little blonde girl traveling with them is Krebskrum reborn, Emile spends the rest of the conversation standing in the background, unmoving, rigid with shock, and sporting a pair of Blank White Eyes,

  1. Godlike Gamer : Takuma fit this to a T.
  2. In the MMORPG “Cross Reverie”, he played as the Demon Lord Diablo, who was so ridiculously skilled and powerful that no one dared to challenge him.
  3. In fact, he decided to hold back in order to keep things fun for himself.
  4. Then he’s cast into said world where he’s reincarnated as his character and finds everyone else is laughably underleveled.

G-Rated Sex : Subverted. The process to separate Krebskulm’s soul from Rem first appears to simply involve giving Krebskrum large amounts of mana. Unfortunately, to give the mana to Krebskulm, and not to Rem, Diablo has to remove Rem’s panties and insert his finger somewhere very, very delicate.

Gray-and-Grey Morality : Surprisingly enough. While the Fallen are shown doing some terribly nasty things, at least on the battlefield, they are fighting for their very survival from extremists like the Holy Knights, and if there’s no reason to fight, some like Edelgard’s faction, are perfectly content with being civil, polite, and happily tolerating peaceful coexistence.

However, that only constitutes a small minority of the Fallen, most of whom want nothing more than the genocide of the six races. The six races also aren’t shown to be much better, with Fantastic Racism in every possible direction, banditry, slavery, although highly idealized, and horrifically brutal Knight Templar General Ripper “Holy Knights” that have carte blanche to declare anyone “guilty” of being a Demon Lord Worshiper, resulting in inflicting Torture for Fun and Information and then “granting them salvation” by killing them, at the level of entire towns! Thankfully, the Holy Knights and the Church as a whole are successfully reformed later in the light novels (if only due to all the corrupt officials being wiped out by that point).

Half-Human Hybrid : Noted to be basically nonexistent. It’s said that the six races cannot interbreed. There is a way around that, however. Happiness in Slavery : When Diablo is introduced to a slave trader, the slaves are universally happy, and healthy in both mind and body. His two traveling companions Rem and Shera grow accustomed, and even fond of their slave collars that resulted from a magic accident, to Diablo’s internal dismay, and the law of the land is that abusing slaves is a felony with harsh, undisclosed consequences.

Even patrons to a legally sanctioned slave tent require a screening and a referral from a renown and reputable town authority and are considered equivalent to patrons looking to buy a beloved pet, not someone seeking to exploit people. Although it is often noted that there are illegal slave-traders in the setting as well.

In-universe, this is highlighted as roughly being the equivalent of the difference between a pharmacy dispensing medicine with a valid prescription, and the way drug dealers operate. Hero’s Slave Harem : One of the Trope Codifiers, When Diablo is summoned, his ring that deflects all magic reverses the slave spell that the two girls who summoned him had used and thus makes them his slave instead of the other way around.

At first, no one is happy with the arrangement and look for ways of reversing the spell, but after Diablo shows himself to be a Nice Guy underneath his Jerkass Faade, the girls fall in love with him. He acquires more girls later (some, though not all, being slaves as well).

  1. Humongous Mecha : The pillar of Gelmudo’s war-machine.
  2. It Makes Sense in Context : Diablo describes his situation in the fourth novel thusly: Like this, Diablo misrepresented himself as God for the sake of biscuit expenses and avoiding marriage.
  3. Imagine Spot : Diablo has a few where he pictures himself and other characters in scenarios set in his original world.
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It Always Rains at Funerals : Three days after the Fallen’s assault on the city, the funeral was held for all the adventurers that were killed by Grigore and appropriately enough, it was raining. Karma Houdini : Despite having his plans foiled by Diablo, Chester faces no punishment for his more morally ambiguous actions.

Killed Off for Real : In Cross Reverie, the worst that can happen to a player when they are killed is a level-down penalty and a re-spawn at the last town they visited. In this world however, death is permanent. As such, very few people would be willing to risk their lives to fight stronger monsters.

Diablo also concluded this is what contributed to the circulation of what he considers low quality spells, skills, and weapons as well as the promotion of the Summoner class since it is the easiest and safest class to learn as a sorcerer and allows a higher chance of surviving a quest.

Language Barrier : Kobolds and most of the “mortal races” can’t understand each other, at all. The kobolds sometimes trade with dwarves, but humans treat them like wild beasts and try to drive them out of areas they settle and make towns in. Little Bit Beastly : Three of the six races: Dwarves have dog ears and tails; Pantherians have cat ears and tails; Grasswalkers have rabbit ears and tails.

The more humanoid of the Fallen have animal traits as well, usually on the reptilian side. A Magic Contract Comes with a Kiss : The slavery ritual for summoned beasts. Magic Is Mental : To cast spells, you have to think about what their game description describes, i.e.

to cast, Takuma has to imagine “Gathering hydrogen from the surrounding air and igniting it with magic”. Magikarp Power : Elemental mages are considered useless and pathetic, because they, like most people, avoid fighting whenever possible, so they never reach the point where they begin getting powerful spells.

Marry Them All : Diablo marries both Rem and Shera in Volume 8 of the light novels. (Although, there is a little mix-up with the rings to where Rem had technically married Shera instead of Diablo that takes a couple more volumes to correct.) Media Transmigration : Takuma Sakamoto is a shut-in Godlike Gamer who dominates the MMORPG called Cross Reverie as a character known as Diablo the Demon Lord.

  1. But then one day he gets sucked into a world resembling Cross Reverie, where he becomes his own overpowered player avatar Diablo.
  2. Men Are the Expendable Gender : Male antagonists are generally far less sympathetic than female antagonists, and far more likely to end up dead.
  3. In addition, there are very few male protagonists aside from Diablo himself.

Meta Guy : By nature of being from the real world, Diablo is aware of game quirks, and constantly lampshades various game tropes or comments on how things work for him in the game versus the game world. Mugging the Monster : Most of the antagonists go and provoke Diablo, or his companions, without knowing anything about them, finding out too late that they’re way outclassed.

His most used equipment being The Demon Lord’s Ring, a drop from defeating the Demon Lord of the Mind, Enkvalos, working as an absolute Attack Reflector against anything classified as magic. The only downside is that it also reflects positive magic cast on him such as healing and status buff spells.

Noodle Incident : One thing the story never explained so far is how Rem and Shera both came to be at the Starfall Tower. Our Demons Are Different : There are at least four classifications:

Demon Lords: Absolute forces of evil that were separated into pieces and sealed away long ago.

While Diablo claims to be one himself (from another world), he’s actually just performing a huge roleplay bluff.

Demonic Beast: Monsters in the wild. Fallen: An intelligent race that is depicted as antagonistic to the six races and subservient to the Demon Lords. Demons: One of the six races. They look like humans with tattoo markings that are said to be descended from the Fallen.

Overdrawn at the Blood Bank : Played for some VERY dark laughs at the Adventurer’s Guild. Instead of just signatures, the guild requires you to also sign your contract with blood, obtained via a knife. Diablo tries to cut slightly, ends up going to the bone, and spraying a poor guild clerk, the counter, the wall behind her, and over half of his contract with blood.

In the next shot inside the Guildmaster’s office, she’s seen holding the contract, which is now soaked completely red from the bottom half. Pragmatic Adaptation : The manga and anime adaptations omit, move, and alter some events from the light novels. Readings Are Off the Scale : There is a mirror that measures people’s Power Levels, measured by how much of your image you can clearly see in it.

When Diablo tries it, he’s too powerful, so it malfunctions and shuts down. In the anime, it’s portrayed as causing the entire area around the guild to suddenly go dark after a bubble of red lightning-like streaks expands from the now pitch-black mirror.

  • RPG Mechanics ‘Verse : The world that Takuma was summoned to that is similar to the game Cross Reverie,
  • It has levels, skills, and other things from the game.
  • Separated by a Common Language : The light novels and English anime sub use the British term “biscuit” to describe Klem’s favorite food, whereas the English dub of the anime goes with the American term of “cookie”.

Shout-Out :

There is a scene in Volume 6 where Diablo wishes he could Return by Death, A palette-swapped Expy of Usada Pekora appears as a background character in the original broadcast version of Season 2 Episode 2.

Slave Collar : Slaves and contracted summoned beasts wear magically conjured ones. It’s an early plot point that both types are almost indistinguishable from each other, making people assume Rem and Shera were Made a Slave, Space Compression : Present in the game of Cross Reverie, but not in the world versions.

Humans Dwarves : They have the addition of having dog ears and tails. Elves : Pointy long ears, very commonly slender to the point of androgynous,

Dark Elves: Similar to Elves but have darker skin. Females have giant breasts.

Grasswalkers: Small childlike rabbit-eared and -tailed. Pantherians: Cat-eared and -tailed. Demons : Tattooed humanoids said to be descended from the Fallen. The game has them physically weaker, but they do have high INT.

Summoning Ritual : In both the Cross Reverie game and the world, get summoned beasts by going to and performing a ritual then make a slavery ritual. Summon Magic : A magic system found in both Cross Reverie game and the world Takuma was summoned into. The game looks down on summoning, while the world favors it. The game considers it weak, while the world puts the safety of the in high regard. Teleportation : A magic both in Cross Reverie and the other world. In the game, it is a bit common. In the other world, it is mostly just rumors and not used by the masses. Thirsty Desert : Zirconia, the setting of Volume 4, is this. Alongside the dangerous sand whales, the lack of water, and state of the management at the only (relatively) safe settlement in the area, Diablo’s personal dungeon also ends up here. Too Hot for TV : A variation; the first season of the anime was officially released for free on Youtube, but was taken down shortly afterwards because it was too sexy and broke some of the rules. Translator Microbes : For some reason that is never explained, Diablo not only understands every word said to him, regardless of the language, but when he speaks back, his words are automatically translated into the language of the people he’s addressing, in their minds. He cannot read nor write in any of the native languages, however. Trapped in Another World : Takuma was summoned in the first chapter as his Cross Reverie character Diablo. Trauma Inn : Deconstructed. While the game of Cross Reverie has the mechanic, in the new world, when Diablo over-used his MP, and suffered the proper loss of motivation, i.e. mental strength, the apathy didn’t disappear despite him being cooped up in the inn for ten days. It took him seeing Shera in Go-Go Enslavement to snap him out of it. The second time it happened it took Sylvie serving him a strong alcohol with MP restoring properties to get him going again but in a drunken stupor he mistook her for a body pillow, pulled her close, stripped her naked, brought her to orgasm, and fell asleep with her still naked and unable to break free of his grip. Turing Test : As is revealed in Volume 11, at the founding of the human kingdom, with Loads and Loads of Races, humanity needed some “objective” method to tell the difference between sentient beings and animals. The method they chose? You can speak common, you’re a sentient, even the Fallen. You can’t, you’re a “dumb” animal. Then the Fantastic Racism sets in. Unequal Rites : There are two main types of magic-user, summoners and elemental mages. Summoners are near useless in Cross Reverie, while in the actual world elemental mages can barely do anything. Yin-Yang Bomb : When light and dark elemental energies clash, they don’t just cancel each other out, as one would expect. They amplify each other’s destructive power in a manner eerily similar to a matter-antimatter explosion. Diablo exploits this in Volume 10 to deal with the volume’s Big Bad,

Is rem dead How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord?

Light Novels/Anime –

Episode 1/Volume 1, Diablo has his first outing as an actual Demon Lord. Having an attack by a Salamander summoned by a racist, Diablo proceeds to use an style Explosion on the summon that that would be proud of (and probably in awe of too). Diablo shrugs off the elf squads’ arrows, especially a special holy arrow. He then unleashes a hellish winter to stop them. Edelgard gets a villainous one where before she invaded Faltra City, she had the foresight in sending in a sleeper agent to take out Celes. It could have worked if it weren’t for those meddling girls and their OP Demon Lord, who once he heard about the sleeper agent, flat-out nuked the entire army with White Nova. Edelgard gets another one when she survives the White Nova that vaporized her army with little more than,

Say what you want about Emile, but it took a big pair to take on a very powerful Demon wizard that just decimated most of the Adventurers. And to his credit, he lasts long enough to allow Diablo to come back, who assures him that he was a hero today. Even before this, the on Diablo’s face when he arrives. If looks could kill, Gregore wouldn’t have gotten a word out.

Diablo finally gets a weapon that will help dampen his powers enough so that he won’t kill his opponents. This means he can go all out whenever and wherever he wants.

Rem knocking a cowardly bounty hunter to submission with a single punch, after appearing behind him out of nowhere. Emile doing a and saving Shera, saving Diablo the trouble. He may be overblown, but his heart is definitely in the right place.

Having recovered from his, Diablo heads straight to the Elf army’s camp and wipes them all out. When he sees Shera in distress by her monster of a brother, his face shows he is,

The work out for the heroes’ benefit. Diablo uses them to reveal Shera’s true feelings, negating the spell Keera places on her to control her. Diablo defeating the Force Hydra. If it can regenerate any part of its limb, then might as well just roast everything in one go.

Diablo’s fight with Galford. Unlike the last time where he defeats his opponents in a one-sided battle, the Demon Lord from another world has to face someone who is nearly his equal and Diablo has just been handicapped, severely tired after a recent fight. However, Diablo already made his resolve that he’ll fight to protect those he cares for. Special mention goes to his magical mines that he set up to trick Galford. There’s also him having the foresight to have a backup plan in case things goes wrong and fires his lighting strikes to defeat Galford to submission. Simple as it is, Diablo reflects Saddler’s (temporary) petrification magic against him, who very much deserved it. After Rem sacrifices her life to protect Klem, the demon girl is deeply enraged at this and transforms into her form to avenge Rem’s death. Klem made sure that Saddler suffers despair unlike any other and gives him an unceremonious death. Volume 9 has a few badass moments in it. First, Galford reveals that he has a trump card up his sleeve which he uses to kill Ryoka, a Fallen that had been giving him a hard time and killed/injured several adventurers with ease. Next, Klem and Edelgard when Modinalaam is ready to finish everyone off, and proceed to completely the Greater Demon Lord until he goes, When Diablo shows up and sees the result of the fight, he admits that if Klem had fought him seriously in her child form, he would have lost the fight. Then Diablo, fresh off his training to become a magic swordsman, along with Rose and Sasala, a level 200 Swordmaster Dwarf (dog-eared people), proceed to clean up after everyone with ease. Finally, Rem gets one where she, after being possessed by Modinalaam, reveals that he’s terrified of Elixirs, as Elixirs can cure all negative statuses, and Modinalaam is the “Demon Lord of Insanity” with insanity itself being a negative status. Diablo: No one playing the game would have tried this, Elixirs are hard to come by. Is it that simple?

Volume 11. Rem has a nice little astral chat with a fragment of Klem. She points out that Rem’s got her fangs. Gewalt, having grown bored of tormenting Rem and Shera was about to use his Ifrit to start a forest fire, after sadistically torturing Shera and Rem to death, out pops Demon-Queen Rem who delivers unto him an epic, forcing him to run deep underground, fleeing for his life, rightly terrified of the level 130 fist-fighter he’s up against.

Volume 12. The climactic end of the volume has Diablo face four or five Evangelion -expies, complete with AT Fields. He would have been content with simply forcing their retreat, or holding them off until either reinforcements arrived or the civilians escaped, until he noticed a couple of them targeting Rem. If they had simply grabbed Rem and taken her away in the chaos, he might have forgiven that. Instead, they decided to loudly play a “how many limbs can we break before she dies-HAHAHAHA!” game, and brag about it, making her scream in pain as they went on to crush her limbs one by one. At this point, Diablo goes and pulls out all the stops, not even bothering with the roleplay anymore. He completely disables one, blowing up the cockpit and killing the pilot in the process, and completely crushes two of them like tin cans with a single spell so powerful, they can’t even dodge or run away. The remainder are forced to retreat for fear of their lives. Then after healing Rem with a healing potion, they share a !

TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from, : How Not to Summon a Demon Lord / Awesome

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Is Diablo a Demon Lord how not to summon?

Within the world of Cross Reverie, two maidens in dire need summon the fearsome Demon Lord Diablo to save them. But Cross Reverie is just a virtual reality game, and Diablo is Takuma Sakamoto, an elite player with social issues.

Who is the strongest character in how not to summon a demon lord?

13 Diablo – How NOT To Summon A Demon Lord – Diablo from How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord was but a mere video game character controlled by an introverted protagonist. But, since the anime is an isekai, said human protagonist was reincarnated and became Diablo who also happens to be the strongest being in his own video game world.

Will demon lord reborn as a typical nobody have a season 2?

Will The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody have a second season? – The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody has not been renewed for a second season as of yet. Sadly, the creators of the show remain silent about the return of the isekai fantasy and have not given any hint about a new season being in production.

Fans online are speculating that we might get news about the return of the show this year in 2023. However, that remains to be seen. The original light novel series currently has a total of ten volumes published and needless to say, the first season of the show has not been able to cover all of it. so, judging by the amount of content that is still left to make it to the screen, the possibility of a new season becomes extremely promising.

Thus, fans should not get their hopes up for Season 2, despite the delay in an announcement. The first season of The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody ended on an emotional note, with a bittersweet moment between Ard and Lydia, Episode 12 had been a rollercoaster for the characters as we witness Ard fighting the Disaster-Rogue, Latima’s betrayal and Lydia’s much-needed intervention.

No wonder, fans are impatient to see what the next season holds for these characters after the dramatic conclusion of the first season. The voice cast of the first season consists of many popular names from the industry who have previously worked in popular anime shows like Handyman Saitō in Another World, Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre, Tomo-chan Is a Girl! And more.

Here are some of the main characters of the show and their respective voice actors:

Ard Meteor: Toshinari Fukamachi, Rie Takahashi (young)Ireena Litz de Olhyde: Wakana MaruokaGinny Fin de Salvan: Hina YōmiyaSylphy Marheaven: Ayaka ŌhashiOlivia vel Vine: Mie SonozakiVarvatos: Kōhei AmasakiLydia Beginsgate: Yuki KaidaVerda El Hazard: Yui OguraAlvarto Exex: Takehito KoyasuLizer Bellphoenix: Kenta Miyake

The first season of The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody is currently available for streaming on Crunchyroll. Here is how the series is summarized on its official website: After accomplishing everything he could as king, the most powerful Demon Lord ever, Varvatos, is now bored.

  1. To spice things up a bit, he is reborn in the future as Ard Meteor.
  2. Not without first recalibrating his powers to be perfectly average.
  3. But there’s no way he could have predicted that everyone in the modern world would be weak as hell, making him totally overpowering once again! Stay tuned for more updates on The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody season 2 and other popular manga and anime like Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen, Tokyo Revengers, and more.

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Is Diablo a Demon King?

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This person calls himself the “True Demon Lord.” For other Demon Lords go here, This is the King of Greenwood as of Volume 7, For others who were the King of Greenwood go here, Takuma Sakamoto ( Sakamoto Takuma ) a.k.a. Diablo (gamer tag: @Diablo-13 ) is the male protagonist of the series.

Is Diablo stronger then guy?

Guy is stronger than Diablo, Diablo can’t beat Milim.

Does Diablo become Demon Lord?

Background – Thought of as strange by the other Primordials, Noir only acted on his whims and very rarely showed any regular behavior, to the irritation of some of the other Primordials. Due to that, he one day stopped pursuing power as his power efficiency became so high that any fights were too easy for him, causing him to remain as an despite having enough power to evolve into a already.

One day when he personally answered a Demon Summon of the on a whim, he had a chance encounter with, During a confrontation where Noir was about to finish her off, he was repelled by Shizue’s instead, making Noir realize that the mask had an incomprehensible nature. After those events, he returned to the Spiritual World and continued observing Shizue and the mask in secret.

When he saw that the mask broke and lost its power when the mask came into Rimuru’s hands, Noir came to the conclusion that Rimuru is connected to that power of the mask that surpasses time itself as he witnessed and that Rimuru is, therefore, the key to the “truth of the world.” He tried to get summoned when Rimuru performed a within The Dungeon.

Is rem a guy or a girl?

Characteristics – Rem is a young girl with water-blue hair and water-blue pupils and has a similar appearance with her sister Ram. Her right eye is covered with bangs and only her left eye is exposed, which is the opposite to Ram. In their original designs, Rem and Ram weren’t as distinctive and had longer, more traditional maid uniforms.

Her name derives from the English word “Left” as it’s pronounced similarly to the Katakana letter レ ( Re ), When it came time for the translation of the anime, her name was transliterated to “Rem”. During the anime, Subaru nicknamed her “Remu-Rin”. At the beginning of the story, Rem is described as a 17-year-old girl, the younger sister of the twin maids and works at Roswaal L.

Mathers’ mansion. Her birthday is on February 2 and is 5 feet and a half tall. Rem’s race is later revealed to be a demi-human as she’s partly an Oni, The Oni in Re:Zero are described as adorning a pair of horns on their heads, but because Rem is twins with Ram, they were born with only one horn.

Although they are twin sisters, Rem, unlike Ram who was described as a prodigy, doesn’t have much personal skills to herself. Due to the gap in ability between the sisters, Rem had been under a lot of mental pressure since her childhood and gained an inferiority complex towards her sister. When Ram lost her horn because of the Witch’s Cult attacking their tribe, she felt the joy of being relieved from the pressure of long-term inferiority but also felt guilt.

As a result, she forced himself to replicate what Ram did and tried her best to imitate the “life that her sister should have”, and her loyalty to Roswaal was only based on “being able to protect her sister”. Rem has also shown to take a personal interest in opera and poetry books.

Will REM wake up?

Rem (レム) is a maid in service of Margrave Roswaal L Mathers alongside her sister, Ram, She is one of the main supporting characters of Re:Zero, with major roles in Arc 2, Arc 3, and Arc 7, During the first half of Arc 2, she also served as the secondary antagonist.

  1. While initially distrustful of Subaru, she eventually opened up to him and even developed strong feelings for him after he saved her.
  2. However, at the end of Arc 3, she had her name and memories eaten by Lye Batenkaitos and subsequently fell into suspended animation.
  3. At the end of Arc 6, she finally woke up from her slumber following Lye’s death, but now suffers amnesia due to not having yet regained her memories.

She was transported to the Sacred Vollachia Empire with Subaru and Louis Arneb, still without her name and memories.

Does Diablo marry Rem and Shera?

Is Diablo married to Rem and Shera? – Marry Them All: Diablo marries both Rem and Shera in Volume 8 of the light novels. (Although, there is a little mix-up with the rings to where Rem had technically married Shera instead of Diablo that takes a couple more volumes to correct.)

Who is stronger Diablo or Krebskulm?

9 Diablo Wins Against Krebskulm, To The Shock Of Nobody (How NOT To Summon A Demon Lord) – How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord is one of many isekai anime that have their protagonist supremely overpowered, with the self-proclaimed Demon Lord, Diablo, pretty much annihilating any enemy in his path with little effort. Demon Lord Krebskulm could’ve provided a challenge to Diablo towards the end of season one, but this was not meant to be.

Who is stronger Diablo or Rimuru?

There’s no doubt that Diablo will be superior to Rimuru in terms of technique (due to 20k+ years of experience), but he’s definitely inferior in raw power and Skills. Moreover, there’s “Food Chain” which makes Rimuru stronger as his subordinates get stronger.

Who is stronger than the demon king?

2 The Demon King –

Estimated Power Level 750,000
Abilities The Ruler, High-Level Summoning, Immense Strength, Commandment, Curses

Debuting in the final season of Seven Deadly Sins, The Demon King was as powerful as fans expected. The Demon King was the apex authority in the Demon Realm and the father to Meliodas and Zeldris. Born from Chaos alongside The Supreme Deity, The Demon King is among the show’s strongest characters.

Can Diablo defeat Demon Lord?

Diablo would rank among the High level Demon Lords but he would be the weakest, he can definitely beat Dino but he would have a hard fight against Dagruel since magic doesn’t work on true giants.

How strong is Graham?

Abilities –

  • Source of Nothingness : Just like Anos, Graham possesses a unique source. In his case, it is that of pure nothingness that takes place after his source has been destroyed. It was this source that allowed him to put up a fight against Anos and survive his constant destruction.
    • Immense Magic Power : Graham possesses a vast amount of magic power, which makes him one of the strongest beings in the world as his power was stated to be superior to that of the gods. He defeated the God of Frenzy Aganzon and made him his servant, transforming him into a divine weapon. He managed to overpower elite members of the Phantom Knights, an order of powerful demons who destroyed many other powerful demons, and fight their leader Celis on equal grounds until he gained the advantage by using a hostage to get some critical hits in. His magic power further increased after he assimilated the power of Celis by using the Zeylon’s ability to copy the powers of others by wearing their heads. He managed to fight against Shin Reglia and Eldmed Ditigeon, who are powerful demons in their own respective right, at the same time. He managed to defeat Aeges Code, one of the Four Evil Kings, even after the latter strengthened himself by imbuing himself with the divine power of Afrasiata, the Water Burial God. He was stated to have the same output of power in the world as Anos, as he managed to fight him on equal grounds for a while. Though Anos later revealed that he withheld a lot of his own strength to not destroy the world.
    • Overcoming Nothingness : Due to the power of his source, Graham has shown the ability to reform himself in the event of his destruction. He demonstrated the ability to endure the power of the world-destroying magic Egil Grone Angdroa, which can destroy the world several times over and even regenerate from being slashed by Venuzdonoa, which contains the power of the God Of Destruction, though Venuzdonoa was able to partially destroy his nothingness, as he would immediately regenerate when its destruction effect stopped being applied to him. While his ability to regenerate is very immense, it is not all-powerful, as it is shown that a sufficiently strong power of destruction can destroy him, such as Venuzdonoa if continuously applied over time, or a Voldigoad’s source of destruction as Anos sealed his source in his own to destroy it. However, Anos stated that it would take millions of destructions and a significant period to permanently destroy his source, which demonstrates the power of Graham’s regeneration.
  • Zeylon Bloodline : More than 2000 years ago, before he decided to use the opportunity to reincarnate after Celis destroyed his source, he conducted horrific experiments on the Zeylons to study their ability. Right after, Graham managed to obtain the power of the Zeylon bloodline. With it, he could assimilate the power of those whose heads he wore, thus giving him access to the powers and abilities. He managed to use the severed head of Celis in order to duplicate his powers and allow him to wield Celis’ sword, Gaudgimon.
  • Master Scythe Wielder : Graham is shown to be very skilled at wielding his scythe, Befenguzdogma, as he is fully capable of integrating its unpredictable attacks into his battle style. He is shown to be skilled enough to put up a fight against Anos, who was wielding Venuzdonoa.

What did Varvatos do to Lydia?

Overview – Lydia was a foster sister of and an ancestor of the deuteragonist who is the lead female protagonist,, Lydia was an orphan until she was taken in by Varvatos. She is a subordinate and closest friend/lover of the Demon Lord Varvatos (who later reincarnated as ).3000 years ago, she was forcedly killed by Varvatos (unintentionally) when she was brainwashed by a demon named Mevilas “the Cursed King”.

  • However, her spirit lives within Sword Vald-Galgulus (her former sword that she passed to Varvatos).
  • Her death caused Varvatos to let himself to die as well to reincarnate as Ard Meteor just so he could make friends with others as her final wish which was a success when Ard managed to befriended with (Lydia’s descendant).

When Ard Meteor along with Ireena Litz de Olhyde (Lydia’s descendant) and were time travel 3000 years in the past by the self-proclaimed god just to eliminate a, Lydia became allies with Ard and his friends to stop this threat known as Disaster Rogue (who is Ard Meteor from a parallel world that lost his Lydia when she was branded as traitor and killed by humans 3000 years ago) and ruining Disaster Rogue’s delusional goals of his needlessly saving for Lydia.

  1. After Ard and his two of his friends (Ireena and Ginny) traveled 3000 years in the past, Lydia meet them but more interest of Ginny.
  2. Learning that Ginny is a virgin succubus, Lydia grabbing and rubbing Ginny’s rear until Ard broken them up.
  3. She challenged Ard to a duel for interfering his desire of sexing with Ginny.

If Lydia wins, Ard would stay out of her way of sexing with Ginny. But if Ard wins, she won’t sexual harass Ginny. The duel ended in a draw. When Ginny is alone bathing, Lydia also went for bathe just so she could continue of sexing with Ginny by scrabbing her and grabbing Ginny’s breasts.

Who is the strongest in The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody?

(TV Series 2022– ) ⭐ 6.2 | Animation, Action, Adventure Original title: Shijô saikyô no daimaô, murabito A ni tensei suru As the most powerful entity of all time, the Demon Lord Varvatos thinks life is a big fat snore. When he takes matters into his own hands and decides to reincarnate, he calibrates his magica. As the most powerful entity of all time, the Demon Lord Varvatos thinks life is a big fat snore.

  1. When he takes matters into his own hands and decides to reincarnate, he calibrates his magical strength to be perfectly average.
  2. But there is no way he could have predicted that every.
  3. Should have been at least 2 seasons for their story line This show seems to just speed along in order to cram everything into 12 episodes.
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There was no real character development at all, and no real struggle. One character goes from being a bullied, shy and quiet girl to seemingly endless confidence and quite talkative in literally like 10 minutes. Everything is so forced that it takes away from any semblance of a story.

Jul 12, 2022

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Who does Ard Meteor end up with?

In Volume 4, it revealed that in the future, Ireena will be the wife of Ard Meteor and have a daughter named Ellis Meteor Section ends. Click here to hide spoilers.

Is Rimuru a Demon Lord in Season 2?

Episode list –

No. overall No. inseason Title  Directed by  Written by  Original air date 
Part 1
24.9 “Digression: Hinata Sakaguchi”Transcription: ” Kanwa: Hinata Sakaguchi ” (: 閑話:ヒナタ・サカグチ ) Atsushi Nakayama, Tomotaka Kawabe January 5, 2021 ( 2021-01-05 )
The Chief Knight of the Holy Emperor’s Imperial Guard of Holy Empire of Lubelius and the Captain of the Western Holy Church’s Crusaders, Hinata Sakaguchi receives a letter from an eastern merchant. In it, she reads about the kingdom of monsters; the Jura Tempest Federation, and its shocking facts. As a former student of Shizu, just what could Hinata be thinking about Rimuru? Here we will look back on Rimuru’s story as we enter the new turbulent chapter.
25 1 “Rimuru’s Busy Life”Transcription: ” Rimuru no Isogashii Hibi ” (: リムルの忙しい日々 ) Kazuyuki Fudeyasu January 12, 2021 ( 2021-01-12 )
Rimuru entrusts the children’s education to a new teacher and returns to Tempest. After being updated on the events that transpired during his absence, Rimuru starts negotiations to establish diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Eurazania, led by Carrion, by meeting with the Beastketeers.
26 2 “Trade with the Animal Kingdom”Transcription: ” Jū Ōkoku to no Kōeki ” (: 獣王国との交易 ) Daisuke Eguchi Kazuyuki Fudeyasu January 19, 2021 ( 2021-01-19 )
The negotiations between Tempest and Eurazania are successful and both countries begin exchanging technologies and establishing trade routes. Sometime later, Rimuru pays a visit to Gazel in Dwargon, unaware that Clayman is preparing another scheme against him and his nation.
27 3 “Paradise, Once More”Transcription: ” Rakuen, Futatabi ” (: 楽園、再び ) Shō Kitamura Kazuyuki Fudeyasu January 26, 2021 ( 2021-01-26 )
After Rimuru keeps Gazel updated on his recent achievements, they make the alliance between Tempest and Dwargon official. Later, Rimuru and his friends ditch their lady friends to make a stop at a place they visited during their last stay in the kingdom, just to get themselves into trouble.
28 4 “The Scheming Kingdom of Falmuth”Transcription: ” Bōryaku no Farumusu Ōkoku ” (: 謀略のファルムス王国 ) Akira Katō Kazuyuki Fudeyasu February 2, 2021 ( 2021-02-02 )
Rimuru gives his last lessons to the children of Class S and Yohm returns to Tempest along with his new companion, the magician Mjurran, unaware that she is a spy working for Clayman. Meanwhile, the Kingdom of Falmuth, whose leaders view Tempest’s ascension as a threat to their power, make preparations to invade it, using summoned otherworlders as weapons.
29 5 “Prelude to the Disaster”Transcription: ” Saiyaku no Zensōkyoku ” (: 災厄の前奏曲 ) Shunji Yoshida Kazuyuki Fudeyasu February 9, 2021 ( 2021-02-09 )
With Rimuru out of the country, amidst news that Milim is about to launch an attack on Eurazania, Clayman forces Mjurran to summon a barrier that negates all magic power within Tempest and the Kingdom of Falmuth creates another barrier that traps all inhabitants inside to prevent their escape.
30 6 “The Beauty Makes Her Move”Transcription: ” Ugokidasu Reijin ” (: 動き出す麗人 ) Shunsuke Ishikawa Kazuyuki Fudeyasu February 16, 2021 ( 2021-02-16 )
On his way back home, Rimuru is ambushed by Hinata Sakaguchi, a paladin with orders to kill him. Meanwhile, at Tempest, the Falmuth forces invade the country and the citizens fight desperately for their lives.
31 7 “Despair”Transcription: ” Zetsubō ” (: 絶望 ) Munenori Nawa, Daishi Katō,Takahiro Tanaka Kazuyuki Fudeyasu February 23, 2021 ( 2021-02-23 )
Rimuru survives his fight with Hinata and returns to Tempest just to find that the city was attacked and many of his subjects were killed. In preparation for another attack from Falmuth, Rimuru gathers his council and is informed of the situation.
32 8 “Hope”Transcription: ” Kibō ” (: 希望 ) Kazuto Fujiwara Kazuyuki Fudeyasu March 2, 2021 ( 2021-03-02 )
Having understood the situation, Rimuru learns that there is a way to resurrect Shion and all the other monsters who were killed in the invasion. He also hears Mjurran’s motives for working as Clayman’s spy and decides about what to do with her, while preparing for a full invasion from the Kingdom of Falmuth.
33 9 “Putting Everything on the Line”Transcription: ” Subete o Kakete ” (: 全てを賭けて ) Shigeru Fukase Kazuyuki Fudeyasu March 9, 2021 ( 2021-03-09 )
Rimuru reveals his past as a human to the others and together, they begin a plan to deal with the enemy forces while preparing the ritual to revive their lost companions.
34 10 “Megiddo”Transcription: ” Megido ” (: 神之怒 ) Daisuke Eguchi Kazuyuki Fudeyasu March 16, 2021 ( 2021-03-16 )
Rimuru begins the counterattack on the invading Falmuth forces, sending his subjects to dispel the barrier surrounding the city. In the occasion, they also have their rematch against the otherworlders who attacked the city.
35 11 “Birth of a Demon Lord”Transcription: ” Maō Tanjō ” (: 魔王誕生 ) Shō Kitamura Kazuyuki Fudeyasu March 23, 2021 ( 2021-03-23 )
Rimuru wipes out the entire Falmuth army to absorb their souls and complete his evolution into a Demon Lord. After evolving, Rimuru uses his newfound powers to revive Shion and the rest of his deceased companions, while summoning a Primordial Demon to become his subject.
36 12 “The One Unleashed”Transcription: ” Tokihanatareshi Mono ” (: 解き放たれし者 ) Shunsuke Ishikawa Kazuyuki Fudeyasu March 30, 2021 ( 2021-03-30 )
After recovering from his transformation, Rimuru is informed that the Kingdom of Eurazania was destroyed and Carrion defeated by Milim with assistance from the Demon Lord Frey, but the citizens had safely taken refuge in Tempest. On the occasion, Rimuru also learns of Clayman’s possible involvement in Milim and Frey’s actions. The Primordial Demon whom Rimuru summoned officially becomes his subordinate under the name “Diablo” and Rimuru fulfills his promise to Veldora by releasing his seal and giving him a new body.
Part 2
36.5 12.5 “Tales: Veldora’s Journal 2″Transcription: ” Kanwa: Verudora Nikki Tsu ” (: 閑話:ヴェルドラ日記2 ) Atsushi Nakayama, Tomotaka Kawabe Kazuyuki Fudeyasu June 29, 2021 ( 2021-06-29 )
While inside Rimuru’s stomach, Veldora discusses with Ifrit about the recent developments in the Jura Forest.
37 13 “The Visitors”Transcription: ” Otozureru Mono-tachi ” (: 訪れる者たち ) Atsushi Nakayama Kazuyuki Fudeyasu July 6, 2021 ( 2021-07-06 )
The citizens of Tempest welcome Rimuru and Veldora back and they have a huge celebration together. Afterwards, Rimuru, his subordinates and his allies gather to discuss their next moves given the recent events.
38 14 “A Meeting of Humans and Monsters”Transcription: ” Jinma Kaidan ” (: 人魔会談 ) Ken Sanuma Kazuyuki Fudeyasu July 13, 2021 ( 2021-07-13 )
The representatives of Tempest and their allied nations hold a meeting to deal with Rimuru’s ascension as a Demon Lord, Veldora’s resurrection and Clayman’s interference among other subjects. On the occasion, Rimuru realizes that their recent predicaments are orchestrated by Yuuki, but has not still discovered his true intentions. To keep the public opinion of Tempest neutral, Dwargon, Blumund and the newly allied Sorcerer Dynasty Sarion agree to lie that Veldora awoke in response to Falmuth’s invasion and wiped out the enemy; then the newly awoken Demon Lord Rimuru “tamed” him.
39 15 “Ramiris’s Warning”Transcription: ” Ramirisu no Shirase ” (: ラミリスの報せ ) Ryōsuke Azuma Kazuyuki Fudeyasu July 20, 2021 ( 2021-07-20 )
After the conference ends with Tempest strengthening their ties with their allied nations and Yohm’s endorsement as the future king of Farmenas, Rimuru and his friends turn their attention to their imminent confrontation with Clayman, who is making preparations for the upcoming meeting of Demon Lords.
40 16 “The Congress Dances”Transcription: ” Kaigi wa Odoru ” (: 会議は踊る ) Ryō Nakamura Kazuyuki Fudeyasu July 27, 2021 ( 2021-07-27 )
Rimuru announces his plan to back Youm as the new king of Falmuth. After hearing this, Gazel tests Youm to see if he has what it takes to be a ruler, and Youm answers with full sincerity. Erald also takes a liking to Rimuru after hearing him say he just wants to create a world where everyone can prosper and smile. Thus Rimuru and his allies look ahead to the battle against their new enemy, Clayman.
41 17 “The Eve of Battle”Transcription: ” Kaisen Zen’ya ” (: 会戦前夜 ) Kazuto Fujiwara Kazuyuki Fudeyasu August 3, 2021 ( 2021-08-03 )
A new force has suddenly risen to power in the Great Forest of Jura, and Clayman proposes that the Demon Lords hold Walpurgis with the goal of sanctioning the slime who deceived him. Rimuru also begins to prepare for a battle with Clayman, but observing the enemy army’s movements reveals that Clayman’s target is not Tempest, but Eurazania. In Eurazania to rescue the people in opposition of Claymans army. Rimuru receives advice from Raphael, in addition the plan to subdue Clayman is a suggestion from a secretary.
42 18 “The Demon Lords”Transcription: ” Maō-tachi ” (: 魔王たち ) Ken Sanuma Kazuyuki Fudeyasu August 10, 2021 ( 2021-08-10 )
After Benimaru and his army departed, Youm and co. set off for Falmuth, Diablo in tow. Rimuru brimming with positivity begins preparation for Walpurgis. Demon Lord Leon visits the residence of fellow Demon Lord, Guy Crimson. They discuss Walpurgis, the actions of other demon lords, and the revival of the Storm Dragon. At this point, Velzard, the older sister of Veldora joins the discussion and expresses her interest in the topic. Leon informs them of the story going around about Veldora’s seal being undone by the blood of the Falmuth soldiers, but Guy and Velzard were skeptical about this. Leon, too, was of the same opinion and shared his theory that Veldora’s seal was dismantled by Rimuru. Guy takes the theory at face value and muses that Rimuru would have to be a demon lord to accomplish that. After a bit more talking, Leon departs, leaving just Guy and Velzard behind. Guy offers Velzard a spot in Walpurgis but she rejects, saying she’s not interested, and leaves. Guy reflects on the contents of the discussion, excited for Walpurgis.
43 19 “The Signal to Begin the Banquet”Transcription: ” Kaien no Aizu ” (: 開宴の合図 ) Munenori Nawa Kazuyuki Fudeyasu August 17, 2021 ( 2021-08-17 )
Rimuru continues with preparations for Walpurgis, including making Treyni evolved into a Dryas Doll Dryad. Meanwhile, Benimaru and his forces his have arrived in Eurazania via transport magic, and they promptly run Clayman’s army into a trap set by Geld. The Three Beastketeers, determined to rescue Carrion, set out to subdue the enemy army’s leader. Albis fights one-on-one with Yamza of the Five Fingers, while Phobio takes on Footman and Tear
44 20 “On This Land Where It All Happened”Transcription: ” Innen no Chi de ” (: 因縁の地で ) Shō Kitamura Kazuyuki Fudeyasu August 24, 2021 ( 2021-08-24 )
The main forces of Tempest attack Clayman’s army. While Geld and Gabiru lead their comrades, Beastketeer Albis and Benimaru face-off with commander; Yamza, Middle Finger of the Five Fingers (Clayman’s top five minions). They ultimately prove too much for him. When Yamza tries to surrender to save his life, Clayman remotely forces him to swallow a piece of Charybdis and turn into a mindless, weaker version. After Yamza is brought down by Benimaru, Tempest makes peace with the Dragon Faithful (the people who live in Milim’s domain).
45 21 “Adalmann, the Index Finger”Transcription: ” Jishi no Adaruman ” (: 示指のアダルマン ) Shigeru Fukase Kazuyuki Fudeyasu August 31, 2021 ( 2021-08-31 )
Shuna, Hakuro and Souei journey to the Puppet Kingdom of Justin, Clayman’s domain; while Benimaru and the Beastketeers handle the main forces in Milim’s domain. They encounter undead led by a wight named Adalmann, who was cursed to guard the land by Clayman’s boss. Seeing Adalmann wears the remains of a priest’s robes, Shuna shows him that even monsters can wield holy magic; demonstrating by creating a barrier for them to fight in. Adalmann is impressed, asking for the god she worships; Shuna explains her magic is a manifestation of her great respect for someone. As Shuna’s magic purifies the land, only the binding curse breaks. Adalmann, wishing to serve Shuna’s master, pledges his and the undead army’s loyalty to Rimuru. Shuna internally bemoans Adalmann is just like Diablo – fanatic.
46 22 “Demon Lords’ Banquet ~Walpurgis~”Transcription: ” Maō-tachi no Utage ~Warupurugisu~ ” (: 魔王達の宴 ~ワルプルギス~ ) Takahiro Enokida Kazuyuki Fudeyasu September 7, 2021 ( 2021-09-07 )
Once Walpurgis began, Clayman presents his false story of how Carrion encouraged Rimuru to become a Demon Lord and set up the Harvest Festival for him by influencing Falmouth to attack Tempest; Milim and Frey only helped punish Carrion for creating a Demon Lord without majority consent of the existing Demon Lords, and Clayman calls for them to destroy Rimuru in response to this. Rimuru calls him out on all the lies, revealing that Mjurran is still alive as a witness and Tempest’s forces have collected more than enough evidence tying Clayman into the manipulation of Falmouth. Head of the Demon Lord council, Guy Crimson, tells them to fight it out; he wants the matter resolved simply and quickly. Clayman has Milim fight with his subordinates, leaving Rimuru’s side unbalanced. Beretta joins the fight on Ramiris’ behalf. Right before Milim can punch Rimuru, Veldora suddenly appears and takes the hit.
47 23 “Returning from the Brink”Transcription: ” Kishikaisei ” (: 起死回生 ) Munenori Nawa Kazuyuki Fudeyasu September 14, 2021 ( 2021-09-14 )
Turns out Veldora came to pester Rimuru for more manga. Rimuru has him play with Milim, with the otaku dragon calling out attack names from Street Fighter and Dragon Ball, Beretta takes out the puppet Clayman summoned, while Rimuru frees the fox demon under Clayman’s control and puts it under Ranga’s care. Clayman, in the meantime, finally snaps and loses his composure, transforming into his Crazed Clown form. His weakness and plots are exposed with his defeat by Shion (non-demon-lord) and Carrion revealing himself to be alive and as one of Fey’s attendants. Milim reveals that she was never mind controlled and was faking it all along, much to Clayman’s anger. In utter despair at his own weakness, Clayman begs for power, undergoing a pseudo awakening.
48 24 “Octagram”Transcription: ” Okutaguramu ” (: 八星魔王 ) Daisuke Eguchi Kazuyuki Fudeyasu September 21, 2021 ( 2021-09-21 )
Crazed and half awoke as a True Demon Lord, Clayman plans to kill Rimuru to keep his title. However, Rimuru simply pummels and eats Clayman instead; learning the Moderate Harlequin Alliance works for former Demon Lord Kazeream, whose body Leon killed to take his spot. Thanks to Veldora and Milim’s blunder, Roy Valentine is revealed to be a stand-in for true Demon Lord Luminous Valentine, who is the maid Rimuru had suspicions about. Carrion and Frey give up their seats as Demon Lords upon seeing they are too weak; while still ruling their lands, they now work for Milim. As the group is down to eight members, Veldora suggests Rimuru pick their new name. Rimuru sees stars above the meeting and decides to call them the Eight Star Demons Lords – Octagram. In the Holy Empire, Laplace is chased off by Hinata; having believed the Demon Lord’s absence meant a lack of security. Roy returns early from Walpugus as Luminous felt unease, confronting him. Laplace learns that Clayman was killed and promptly tears out Roy’s heart after hearing his dear friend insulted. The anguished clown can only laugh hysterically.

What is the age rating for how not to summon a demon lord?

Ages 16 and up.

What’s the double summon version?

The Double Summon Version, which features less censorship than the TV broadcast, will be available exclusively to Crunchyroll Premium members.

Is How Not to Summon a Demon Lord Season 2 on Crunchyroll?

How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord Ω is scheduled to premiere in Japan on April 8 on TBS and affiliated channels, with Crunchyroll streaming the series in 2021 worldwide (ex. Asia).