How Much Do Xfl Players Make
How much are XFL players paid? – The ESPN has reported that XFL players earn 5,000 dollars per week with a 1,000 dollar bonus per win. This means that one player could make around 60,000 dollars including potential bonuses. Meanwhile, the XFL’s benefits package is valued at 20,000 dollars, with the league also paying for housing and two meals a day during the season.

How much do XFL players make a year?

XFL Player Salaries for 2023 Season – Each XFL team this year had to cut its roster down to 50 players for the regular season. Those who didn’t make the cut but participated in training camp earned weekly paychecks for their work, though not as much as those who made the team.

Base Salary : $59,000 Per-Game Salary : $5,000 Bonus : $1,000 per win

At $59,000, this base salary was around $5,000 more than another spring league, the, In addition to higher player salaries, the XFL also offered nearly $20,000 per player in additional benefits. These benefits included health, dental, and vision insurance; housing; and even meals that are covered by the league.

  1. MORE: However, inactive players were still compensated for games, which was a nice addition for a league that seemed to have deeper pockets than the last time around in 2020.
  2. Inactive players received $1,500 per game and were also eligible for the $1,000 win bonus.
  3. On game day, each team was allowed 45 active players on the roster — guys who could play in that week’s game.

That means that each week, five players could be inactive on each team — for example, a No.3 quarterback or a defensive depth piece. It wasn’t revealed in February whether players competing in the postseason would earn higher salaries, and as of this writing, there’s still no confirmation from the league.

  1. So we might assume for now that the players competing in the semifinals earned an additional week’s salary, commensurate to their normal regular-season salary.
  2. So players who win the championship would earn an additional $12,000 in salary: $5,000 per playoff game (two) and $1,000 per win (two).
  3. By comparison, the USFL has committed a $10,000 bonus to players on the active roster or practice squad of the championship-winning team.

Assumptions are that the XFL will do something similar. : How Much Do XFL Players Make? Breaking Down Salaries After the Season’s End

What is the minimum salary in the NFL?

The NFL’s minimum player salary – As per the league’s Collective Bargaining Agreement established in March 2020, NFL players’ minimum salary measured up to $660,000 in the 2021 season, which went up from $610,000 in 2020. The minimum salary is slated to rise to $750,000 in 2023.

The salary went up $45k from last year. Since 2011, salaries have risen by nearly $300,000 in 10 years, according to, Now, the minimum salary relies on how many years of service an NFL player has, and is imposed by the CBA. So if a player kicked off his rookie season in 2021, he’s bound to make a minimum of $660,000.

Once a player hits four years in the league, his minimum salary becomes $900,000. However, all things considered, the player has to perform up to par to get a merit-based raise. If not, he might have to wait until his seventh season to get to the million-dollar mark (a number that currently sits at $1.075 million).

What does XFL stand for?

Extreme Football League (disambiguation) X League (disambiguation) All pages with titles beginning with XFL.

How much does a NFL player make?

An Analytical Look at NFL Salaries – When searching for the average salary of an NFL player, the amount you will typically come across is over $2 million per year, However, this number is not an accurate reflection of reality, as it is skewed by the exceptionally high salaries earned by high-profile quarterbacks and other star players.

To further elaborate on this paradox, consider a group of 10 players. If one of them is a star quarterback earning $20 million per year, while the other nine players each make $50,000 per year, the average salary for the group becomes $2,045,000. A more representative value is the median salary, the middle value in a set of numbers.

In our example group, the median salary is $50,000, Yes. The NFL is the most profitable league in North America with average player salary of $2.1M. MLB’s avg player salary is $4.3M. The average salary of the top 100 paid MLB players is $16.4M. The average salary of the top 100 paid NBA players is $11.9M.

— Tarun Sharma (@tksharmalaw) When looking at the average salary for NFL players, the commonly referenced $2 million figure is misleading, This is due to the incredibly high earnings of star quarterbacks and other top players that skew the average. The median wage for all NFL players is around $860,000, which is considerably lower, and First-year rookies earn a minimum of $435,000.

While top quarterbacks can make over $25 to $30 million per year, the average salary for all quarterbacks is $5,766,000, with a median income of $1,100,000. Defensive ends also earn significant salaries, with an average income of $2,625,000 and a median salary of $847,300.

Is the XFL a pro league?

XFL TODAY – The XFL’s ownership group, led by Dany Garcia, Dwayne Johnson, and Gerry Cardinale’s RedBird Capital Partners, is building a fan-first, fast-paced global professional football league with innovative rules and enhanced 360 game experience.

Did any XFL players go to the NFL?

ESPN staff May 17, 2023, 09:31 PM ET

The newly re-imagined XFL under a new ownership group, headed up by Dany Garcia, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and RedBird Capital Partners, concluded its 2023 season on May 13. That has opened up opportunities for XFL players to sign with NFL teams, with players being allowed to sign NFL contracts starting Monday.

Although there are a couple differences between the two leagues, there were a handful of players from the 2020 version of the XFL who stuck around in the NFL, including Chicago Bears quarterback PJ Walker, Atlanta Falcons quarterback Taylor Heinicke and Pittsburgh Steelers long snapper Christian Kuntz,

Many top XFL players have also drawn interest from NFL teams and have been invited to camps, such as Jachour Pearson, the XFL’s leading receiver, as well as the XFL’s top pass-rusher, Trent Harris, Here’s a running list of XFL players who have agreed to terms with NFL franchises:

How much do NFL refs make?

How much does an NFL ref get paid in the regular season? – The NFL does not release salary figures for referees but, according to Sporting News, the highest paid NFL refs make $250,000 annually. NFL referees on average usually make about $205,000 per year,

What is the highest paid XFL player?

Former Packers QB Brett Hundley set to be XFL’s highest-paid player Back in 2015, the selected quarterback Brett Hundley with a fifth-round draft choice. Hundley would spend three seasons with the team, starting nine games and posting a 3-6 record, before being traded to the for a sixth-round pick.

Since then, Hundley has made his rounds with the league, playing with four NFL franchises since his stint with the Seahawks in 2018. Last season, he spent the summer with the, was signed to the ‘ practice squad for one week and later spent a little over a month with the Ravens’ practice squad. Hundley did not sign a futures contract following the 2022 season, as most practice squad players do, but has resurfaced as a potential spring league quarterback.

, Hundley is set to make $200,000 to be the new quarterback of the ‘s Vegas Vipes, which would make him the highest-paid player in the third iteration of the league. The Vipers, coached by Pro Football Hall of Famer Rod Woodson, also roster former Packers receiver Geronimo Allison and some flashy names like former first-round pass-rusher Vic Beasley and receiver Martavis Bryant.

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Hundley has only thrown 10 regular season passes since his injury substitution season of 2017, when starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers went down with a broken collarbone in October. It’s difficult to say definitively whether or not Hundley will be the cream that rises to the top of the XFL, but expectations are clearly high based on his notable contract.

The Vipers will play at Cashman Field, a soccer stadium that can hold about 10,000 fans. XFL games will be broadcast on ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN+ and FX and the season will kick off on February 18th, one week after the, : Former Packers QB Brett Hundley set to be XFL’s highest-paid player

Is the XFL below the NFL?

2023 season – Under McMahon’s ownership, the XFL explicitly avoided any minor league developmental partnership with the NFL or any other league, so as not to lose control of its personnel decisions. This policy changed in 2022 when the XFL signed a collaboration agreement with the NFL to “experiment with proposed rules, test new equipment and develop prospective officials and coaches and explore new ways to address player safety”.

Johnson also said that “the XFL specifically designed its schedule to give its players the best chance of latching on with an NFL team in May”, while Cardinal stated that “the minor league analogy is valid, that’s an important part of this.” The league has a player personnel partnership with the Indoor Football League, with the IFL functioning as its de facto minor league, while it also has a partnership with the NFL Alumni Academy to develop potential players which state that every player graduated from the program has an “opt-in” option for XFL contract.

In an interview after the 2023 season Senior Vice President of Player Personnel, Doug Whaley, said the XFL don’t know if the partnership with the NFLAA will continue: “We haven’t heard if they’re going to do it again. So we’re waiting to see what they said”.

  • The XFL used American National Combines (ANC) for “supplemental showcase” for players on the “XFL waitlist”.
  • On March 20, 2023, the league announced it has named ANC as the “official regional combines partner”, with the ANC running a year-round scouting events, allowing the XFL to “identify more high-quality and talented players”.

The XFL also has a partnership agreement with the Under the Lights Flag Football, an international youth flag football league for boys and girls from kindergarten through 12th grade. The two entities also co-hosted the first-ever Youth Flag Football World Championship in San Antonio, Texas on December 27–30, 2022.

How is XFL different than NFL?

XFL rule differences compared to the NFL – The XFL will attempt to differentiate from the NFL with a series of rule tweaks:

  • Tiered extra-point attempts
    • There are no kicked extra points. Instead, teams decide to go for one, two or three points after a touchdown. One-point tries are from the 2-yard line, two-point tries are from the 5-yard line and three-point tries are from the 10-yard line.
  • Game timing

    The play clock is 35 seconds, rather than 40. The clock will continue running on incomplete passes and out-of-bounds plays before the two-minute warning. The clock will stop on all first downs after the two-minute warning.

  • Kickoff rules

    For kickoffs, the two teams will line up five yards apart from one another – kicking team at the opponent’s 35-yard line, returning team at their own 30-yard line. No one can move except the kicker and returner until the ball is caught or on the ground for three seconds.

  • Onside kick rules

    Teams can still attempt traditional onside kicks, but they also have the option to attempt a fourth-and-15 conversion in the fourth quarter if they are more confident in that. The conversion attempt is only available in the fourth quarter, but onside kicks can be attempted at any time.

  • Double forward pass

    Teams can throw two forward passes on each play, as long as the first pass is completed behind the line of scrimmage.

  • OT shootout

    If a game goes to overtime, each team will get three attempts at a two-point conversion from their opponent’s 5-yard line. The teams will alternate attempts with the winner being decided after each side gets three tries. If it is even after three attempts, it will go to sudden death.

  • Replay review

    Coaches are allowed to challenge calls “involving a foul or potential foul,” but coaches only get one challenge during the game.

Do NFL players get paid weekly?

W e all know that NFL players stand among the best-paid professional athletes, but have you ever wondered how they get paid? Do they receive a weekly or monthly wage? Are they paid at the end of the season? Are there other arrangements in place? If you’re interested in more than just NFL consensus picks, you even collect NFL-themed merchandise, these items include jerseys, hats, posters, embroidered patches, lapel pins, car decals, and refrigerator magnets, then let’s discuss NFL paychecks: how do NFL players get paid? How Often Do NFL Players Get Paid? Perhaps the most burning question.

  • Long story short, each NFL player under contract gets paid every week from the start of the season and up to its end.
  • Game checks are usually deposited into the players’ bank accounts on Monday mornings, although the exact day of the week when they get paid could vary from week to week.
  • Each game check corresponds to a portion of the player’s yearly salary, but does not include any monies from bonuses.

In total, each player will receive 17 game checks per season. What Bonuses Do NFL Players Get? Each NFL player – or their agent – usually negotiates a number of bonuses to be included in his contract. These include:

Signing bonus : Money earned when the player signs his contract with the team. This bonus is paid in around 12-18 months after the contract is inked and is prorated to the salary. Roster bonus : Money a player earns from being on the roster by a specific date. Option bonus : Allows a team to use current or future years of a deal by paying a bonus. Workout bonus : Money paid to a player for attending an agreed amount of workout in the offseason. Reporting bonus : Money earned by reporting to team activities by a specific date.

These bonuses are usually paid as lump sums at different moments throughout the season and offseason. Do NFL Players Get Paid in the Playoffs? Yes. Salary and bonuses aside, NFL players also get paid in the playoffs. This amount of money is a payment from the regular season and is not tied to any bonuses and is usually paid as a lump sum.

Super Bowl (Winning Team): $124,000 Super Bowl (Losing Team): $62,000 Conference Championship Game: $56,000 Divisional Playoff Game: $31,000 Wild Card Round (Division Winners): $31,000 Wild Card Round (Non Division Winners): $28,000

Other NFL Payments: Contract Incentives Contract incentives are amounts given to players to motivate them and improve their performance. Incentive amounts are negotiated by players or their agents when signing a contract and can fall into one of the two categories:

Likely to be earned : Incentives given for something the player has done before – such as rushing for 1,000 yards in the upcoming seasons when they already received a similar incentive in the past season. These incentives are usually counted towards the team’s salary cap. Not likely to be earned : Incentives given for something the player hasn’t done before – such as rushing for 1,000 yards in the upcoming season for the first time.

Contract incentive sums are paid in February or March after the end of the season.

Who owns the XFL now?

Who owns the XFL? – The XFL’s restart in 2020 failed for reasons that fell mostly outside of the league’s control. The season was cut short by the COVID-19 pandemic, and there just wasn’t enough funding to sustain the league without any revenue. The XFL filed for bankruptcy about a month after the season was cancelled, and it was set to go up for auction in August 2020 until a group led headlined actor Dwayne Johnson swooped in to buy it out for $15 million.

  1. Johnson, Dany Garcia, and Gerry Cardinale serve as the owners of the XFL, with Garcia the CEO and former Bills executive Russ Brandon serving as president of the league.
  2. As of August 2022, the league was looking for additional investors to join the team.
  3. Johnson and Garcia were married from 1997-2008 and, to their credit, have remained business partners since their divorce.
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The pair have provided regular updates about the XFL’s relaunch since 2020, originally planning for a 2022 return before pushing that date to 2023. The league finally drafted its rosters in November and is on track to start up on Feb.18. MORE: XFL rosters 2023: Complete draft results, team-by-team picks for new football league

Which sport pays the most?

Basketball is the highest-paid sport in the world, with an average annual NBA salary in 2023 of nearly $10.5 million. The league has over 30 teams and pays the highest player salary of $48 million. Each NBA team plays 82 games during a regular season with players earning an average of $91,463 during each game.

Is XFL scripted?

This article is about the original XFL. For the subsequent XFL, see XFL (2020),


Sport American football
Founded 1999
Inaugural season 2001
Ceased 2001
Owner(s) WWF (50%) NBC (50%)
No. of teams 8
Country United States

The XFL was a professional American football league that played its only season in 2001. The XFL was operated as a joint venture between the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now WWE) and NBC, The XFL was conceived as an outdoor football league that would begin play immediately after the National Football League (NFL) season ended, to take advantage of the perceived lingering public desire to watch football after the NFL and college football seasons conclude.

It was promoted as having fewer rules to encourage rougher play than other major leagues, while its telecasts featured sports entertainment elements inspired by professional wrestling (and in particular, the WWF’s then-current ” Attitude Era “), including heat and kayfabe, and suggestively-dressed cheerleaders,

Commentary crews also featured WWF commentators (such as Jesse Ventura, Jim Ross, and Jerry Lawler ) joined by sportscasters and veteran football players. Despite the wrestling influence, the games and their outcomes were legitimate and not based on scripted storylines.

  1. The XFL operated as a single entity with all teams owned by the league, in contrast to most major professional leagues, which use a franchise model with individual owners.
  2. The league had eight teams in two divisions, and each franchise was based in a market that either currently had an NFL team (New York/New Jersey, Chicago, San Francisco); had previously supported other pro leagues like the United States Football League, the original World League, or the Canadian Football League (Memphis, Orlando, Birmingham, Las Vegas); or was the largest market without a professional franchise (Los Angeles).

Co-owner NBC served as the main carrier of XFL games, with UPN and TNN also carrying selected games. The first night of play brought higher television viewership than NBC had projected, but ratings exponentially plummeted for subsequent games, with criticism directed toward its overall quality of play, on-air presentation and connection to the WWF prompting NBC to pull out of the venture after one season.

While plans were made to continue without NBC (with plans for expansion teams as well), UPN allegedly made inordinate demands of the league, which hastened its demise. The league ceased operations entirely in May 2001. Its closure was announced just a few weeks after the league’s season championship game, in which the Los Angeles Xtreme defeated the San Francisco Demons, on April 21, 2001, at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum,

Despite its short-lived existence, the XFL did pioneer several on-air technologies that would later become commonplace in football telecasts, such as aerial skycams, and on-player microphones. WWE owner Vince McMahon maintained control of the XFL brand after the league ceased operations, despite many, including McMahon himself, considering the original league to be a “colossal failure.” Interest in the league was revived when ESPN Films released a 30 for 30 documentary surrounding the league, and shortly after the film debuted, McMahon began preparing for a new iteration of the league in 2020.

Is USFL or XFL better?

The case for the XFL – Any case for the XFL being better than the USFL hinges on three key areas in which the XFL has its spring-league rival beat. The first is the overall on-field talent that the league has acquired. The XFL sports a more widely known group of players than those in the USFL.

In fact, even after the USFL’s successful first season, the XFL was still able to lure some of its top talents to the new spring league. Most notably, quarterbacks Jordan Ta’amu, Luis Perez and Kyle Sloter jumped ship and joined the XFL after starting for the USFL’s Bandits (now Showboats), Generals and Breakers in 2022.

Additionally, the XFL was able to attract a couple of former NFL players to serve as stars for its league. Josh Gordon, a former All-Pro, played for the Sea Dragons, while A.J. McCarron, who played a decade in the NFL after starring at Alabama, was the starting quarterback for the Battlehawks.

Those players, along with former Cowboys quarterback Ben DiNucci, give the XFL a leg up in terms of star power. The other big edge that the XFL has is that each of the league’s eight teams plays home games in its host city. The league operates from one hub city in Arlington, Texas during the 2023 season, but it exports its teams to the cities that they call home.

That means that fans in and around Arlington, Houston, Las Vegas, Orlando, San Antonio, Seattle, St. Louis and Washington all get to witness XFL action unfold in their respective cities. Conversely, the USFL has taken a full hub-city model during its first two seasons.

  1. In 2022, the league played all of its regular-season games in Birmingham, Ala., before contesting the postseason at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.
  2. And in 2023, the league is playing home games in Birmingham, Detroit, Michigan and Canton, despite the lattermost city not sporting an official USFL franchise.

That has left fans located in Houston, New Jersey, New Orleans, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh with greater distances to travel to see their teams play. The final advantage that the XFL has had? Their passing stats have been better than that of the USFL.

  1. The USFL has seen its quarterbacks struggle with turnovers and endure red-zone woes during their season-and-a-half of work to date.
  2. This isn’t a complete surprise — remember, the XFL has more quarterbacks with high-level NFL experience, and likely better blocking units — but it’s still notable to see the difference between the two leagues.

Need proof? Just look at what Jordan Ta’amu accomplished in 10 starts with the Tampa Bay Bandits compared to his 10 starts with the D.C. Defenders. He was far more efficient playing for the Defenders.

Team Comp. % Passing yards Pass TDs INTs Sacks Rating
2022 Bandits 57 2,014 14 12 25 76.2
2023 Defenders 62.4 1,894 14 3 6 103.7

Sure, not every quarterback has seen that same improvement jumping from the USFL to the XFL, and Sloter notably regressed. But still, it points to the fact that the XFL’s passing game is sharper than the USFL’s was from the jump. And as we all know, passing success is the lifeblood of any successful spring league.

Is XFL successful?

Throughout the 2023 season, the XFL demonstrated strong growth across key metrics of viewership, game attendance, and digital engagement, while delivering a quality football product on the field for fans and an opportunity for players to fulfill their dreams of competing in a professional football league.

Why did XFL end?

Backstory – Initially founded in 2001, the XFL was a joint collaboration between NBC and WWF, spearheaded by Vince McMahon. After a hot start, poor ratings ultimately led to the league lasting just one season. The league returned in 2020, with McMahon leading the reboot, but had to close its doors again after COVID-19 shut things down after just five weeks.

Will the XFL last?

No one can blame you for wondering if the Defenders vs Renegades championship game will be the last XFL game for some years. After all, the XFL is known for its irregular calendar. When some owners were not declaring bankruptcy, Covid forced a mid-season suspension.

  • So, you are forgiven for questioning whether XFL will return in 2024.
  • But we’ve got some good news for you; XFL will return as it stands.
  • Officials have confirmed that the story of the professional football league will continue.
  • So, there’s no reason to fret.
  • Whether you are planning a big bet on your favorite team or eyeing a Bitcoin casino no deposit bonus, we are in business for a 2024 XFL season! History of the XFL The XFL is an American football minor league for professionals.
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It consists of eight teams in the United States that play ten games each in the regular season, while four progress to the playoffs to determine a season champion. The first XFL ran for one season in 2001 before it failed. The league returned in 2020 after one of the founding owners, WWF executive, Vince McMahon, returned to reboot it.

  • It started on February 8, 2020, and was suspended on March 12, 2020, over COVID-19-related concerns.
  • The 2020 XFL would not return after league executives filed for bankruptcy, saying the pandemic deprived them of tens of millions of dollars in revenue.
  • It was familiar territory for XFL.
  • However, it didn’t take long for the league to find a saviour this time as a consortium led by former wrestler and actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson; his ex-wife, Dany Garcia, and Gerry Cardinale bought it for $15 million on August 2, 2020.

The XFL returned from the dead for the second time as the 2023 XFL season kicked off on February 18, 2023. XFL schedule The XFL is not played during National Football League (NFL) season, even though it was designed as a simpler alternative to the NFL.

  • The XFL season typically runs in the winter and early spring months, just after the NFL season ends and before the United States Football League (USFL) season.
  • The idea is to take advantage of the desire for football while NFL is on break.
  • Why is the XFL unique? What makes the XFL different from the NFL is the unique set of changes that the league says delivers “fans a faster pace of play and more action.” Here are some special XFL rules: Game Timing The XFL operates a 35-second play clock, contrary to the NFL’s 40-second play clock.

This rule is part of the XFL’s plan for a “faster pace of play.” Also, the first and second halves are split by 10-minute halftime, two minutes less than the NFL’s 12-minute break. The head coach can challenge the game A head coach can challenge one on-field decision per game.

  1. This rule applies to any element of play.
  2. While many NFL teams would like this, they don’t.
  3. Fourth-and-15 onside kick The XFL has a cool onside kick rule that most NFL fans will want to see, but it’s not currently in their game.
  4. The XFL offers teams the chance to attempt a fourth-and-15 conversion in the fourth quarter.

However, the traditional onside kicks are part of the rules. The kickoff During kickoff, only the kicker and returner are allowed to move. Other players can only move after the ball has been in the ground for three seconds or until someone catches the ball.

  • The teams must also start play five yards apart.
  • When will the XFL return? A champion will be crowned on Saturday, May 20, 2023, as Arlington Renegades take on D.C.
  • Defenders.
  • Rest assured, that championship is not the last XFL game you will watch for years.
  • XFL Chairwoman Garcia recently told USA Today that the league owners are in for the “long haul”, which is why they have started securing dates and planning for the 2024 XFL season.

Johnson added, “Absolutely, there will be a 2024 XFL season,” guaranteeing that this time is different; XFL will return for a second consecutive season in 22 years. This time, no heart is getting broken by an abrupt end. American Football International is your source for news and updates about American Football outside the United States!

Why did they cancel the XFL?

XFL 2.0 – Existence: Five weeks (2020) What happened? Blame a global pandemic for the premature end of the second (but not last!) iteration of the XFL. Just five weeks into its 10-game schedule, the XFL joined every other sports league in suspending its season due to the coronavirus pandemic,

The XFL initially stated it would be back in 2021, but a month later the league filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, In August 2020, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and business partner Dany Garcia were among a group of investors that purchased the XFL’s parent company for roughly $15 million, The league did have a promising start in 2020.

It drew larger crowds than its spring football predecessor, the Alliance of American Football, and had national television agreements with ESPN and Fox Sports.

Who is the highest paid XFL player 2023?

The Highest Paid XFL Player is Brett Hundley – Brett Hundley, a football quarterback for XFL’s Vegas Vipers, was paid $200,000 for the 2023 season, which is $140,000 more (500% higher) than the regular XFL player’s salary. Learn how the almost thirty-year-old football legend showed his skills as an injury substitute and gain popularity on the gridiron for almost the past decade.

Is the XFL profitable?

XFL is not profitable now after facing a loss of approximately $60 million in 2023 and laying off some jobs, per Forbes, It is expected to raise $100 million in profit after coming in strong in 2024. The spring league football is wide open for anyone to claim.

The United States Football League came back to life in 2021 and is the strongest competitor for the XFL. There has not been a single entity that lasted longer to make the springtime a football period. XFL, USFL, World League of American Football (1991), and Arena Football League all canceled and couldn’t leave a lasting impression.

This time, one thing different for the XFL is the optimistic outlook for long-term planning backed by influential owners. Gerry Cardinale, the league’s co-owner, believes they can be more significant than Major League Soccer and have positive cash flow within five years.

How much money has XFL lost?

Report: XFL lost $60 million in 2023 The XFL could eventually be the ex-FL, again. For now, though, the spring league will keep moving forward. While there’s no panic yet from new ownership that features Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the third iteration of the league founded by Vince McMahon in 2001, according to Jabari Young of

  • For 2024, Young reports that the XFL projects revenue of $100 million, with $20 million coming from ESPN.
  • We’re extremely well-capitalized for the long-term,” XFL co-owner Dany Garcia said.
  • This is our new WWE.
  • The next massive live property.” XFL co-owner Gerry Cardinale “expects the XFL to become cash-flow positive by 2027,” and that the metrics from the 2023 season “suggest that the league is on its way.” It’s still hard to sell football when it’s not football season.

Although the availability of pro football on TV (especially over-the-air networks) will generate decent numbers in comparison to alternate programming, spring football is a long way from being a happening. Alternate leagues have been trying to make that happen for years.

From the original USFL to the NFL-owned World League (under various names) to the original XFL to the AAF to XFL 2.0 to USFL 2.0 to XFL 3.0, nothing has truly taken root. A minor league arguably would have a better chance of making it during football season. And it’s surprising that no one has decided to dust off the old NFL rulebook of the ‘80s and ‘90s and embrace full-contract, old-school, rough-and-tumble football.

Setting aside the ethical dilemma of re-introducing brutality and big, dangerous hits into the game, it could be the only way to create a “massive live property” that is sufficiently different from the type of football to which we’re all accustomed. Above all else, it remains to be seen whether either the XFL or the NFL can make enough money over the long haul to keep going.

What is the max USFL salary?

USFL Salary Range – USFL minimum salary is $2,500 weekly for inactive players. The active players get a weekly pay of at least $5,350. USFL’s 2023 season commenced on 15th April( Source : twitter ) With the housing stipend and training camp wage, a performer in the inactive squad will earn a minimum of $32,200. The amount for regular active roster members is $60,700. Likewise, a player’s maximum amount, considering he wins the championship with his team and gets the bonus, is $74K.