How Many Super Bowls Has Patrick Mahomes Lost
Patrick Mahomes has come up short once in Super Bowls in his career.

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Patrick Mahomes 2/12/2023
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Who did Patrick Mahomes defeat in the Super Bowl?

Patrick Mahomes enters historic territory after second Super Bowl title in burgeoning career Sometimes, you need a little reminder of greatness. Sure, new players come along with their own skills and talents, but the established greats show you why they are not to be overlooked.

  • Many have grown used to ‘ magic, but Sunday’s victory was just a little reminder of the man’s greatness.
  • Despite a serious ankle injury and facing arguably the league’s best defense, Mahomes was able to add to his ever-growing list of extraordinary displays in the Kansas City Chiefs’ 38-35 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles.
  • And at 27 years old, he is entering rarefied territory.

With the victory, Mahomes became the only quarterback in NFL history to win two league MVP awards and two Super Bowls in the first six years of his career. He also made history by becoming the to win multiple Super Bowl titles.

  1. While others might have longevity on him, he’s already being anointed as one of the game’s greats.
  2. Just ask one of his favorite targets, Travis Kelce – his touchdown catch from Mahomes was their 14th touchdown playoff connection as a pair, the second most in postseason history – who said the quarterback will be the “best to ever do it when it’s all said and done” and is the “best to do it right now.”
  3. He’s even come up with an apt nickname for Mahomes, coining him “M-V-Pat” immediately after victory in Arizona.

As ever though, Mahomes stayed his humble self. “I mean, I told y’all before this season, we got coach Andy Reid, we got guys like Travis Kelce, Chris Jones, Frank Clark,” Mahomes said. “We’re gonna be the Kansas City Chiefs! At the end of the day, we’re gonna be the Kansas City Chiefs, and we’re gonna celebrate this right here, baby! We’re gonna celebrate this the right way!” Just over a month ago, it looked like Mahomes’ season might be over. Against the Jacksonville Jaguars, he suffered a high-ankle sprain which caused him to seek medical assistance and miss time during the game. Despite helping the Chiefs to victory, it looked like the ankle might be a serious concern.

  • But although he had to hobble around against the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Championship game, his accuracy through the air was enough to seal Kansas City’s spot in the season finale.
  • Just when things looked to be going his way – with all that hard work put in and with Mahomes looking sprightly again at State Farm Stadium – the two-time Super Bowl MVP looked to have reaggravated his ankle injury in the second quarter against the Eagles, with TV cameras catching him grimacing in pain on the sideline and hobbling to the locker room at halftime.
  • With the Chiefs down 10 points and Mahomes injured once again, it appeared as if Kansas City’s opportunity was slipping away to establish the NFL’s next dynasty.
  • However, with 30 minutes left in the 2022 season, cometh the hour, cometh the man.

Mahomes came out for the second half after like a man possessed, going 13-of-14 passing for 93 yards and two touchdown passes as he put the team on his back to drag them out of a hole. “We just challenged each other, man, to leave everything out there, and I don’t wanna say we played tight in the first half, but you didn’t see that same joy that we play with,” Mahomes said afterwards.

  1. It was another addition to the collection of Mahomes masterpieces’ we have come to witness.
  2. Every time you write him off, Mahomes – with the help of head coach Andy Reid and tight end Kelce – seems to have the remedy.
  3. After beating the Eagles, Reid talked about his quarterback’s professional attitude, saying part of it comes down to,

” grew up in a locker room, he’s seen the greats and he strives to be the greatest,” Reid explained. “Without saying anything, that’s the way he works. “I mean, he wants to be the greatest player ever. That’s what he wants to do and that’s the way he goes about his business and he does it humbly.

  • I mean, there’s no bragging.
  • He could stand up here and give you these stats that are incredible that he’s had but he’s never gonna do that.
  • That’s just not him.
  • We appreciate that.
  • And then when it’s time for the guys around to raise their game, he helps them with that.
  • The great quarterbacks make everybody around them better including the head coach.

So he’s done a heck of a job.”

  • It might be the end to just his sixth season in the league, but Mahomes is piling up the accolades and statistics.
  • The former Texas Tech quarterback won his second Pete Rozelle Trophy – awarded to the Super Bowl MVP – after finishing with 182 passing yards and three touchdowns in the win against the Eagles.
  • Ever since winning the NFL MVP trophy in his first season as a starter in 2018, he’s consistently finished as a league leader in passing yards and touchdowns; he threw for 5,250 passing yards, 41 touchdowns and just 12 interceptions in this year’s regular season.
  • With two Super Bowl rings and two MVP awards to his name, he has set himself as the benchmark for quarterbacks his age and scorches past many of his great predecessors already.
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He is the first player to win the MVP and a Super Bowl in the same year since Kurt Warner did it with the St. Louis Rams in 1999. He also has a chance next year to join former Dallas great Troy Aikman and Tom Brady as the only quarterbacks to win three Super Bowls in their first seven years in the league.

And he could have already had three titles to his name were it not for Brady and his Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020. Mahomes said that loss was a learning experience for a young quarterback riding high at the time. “The first Super Bowl I thought was, I mean obviously I didn’t win it the first year that I started, but I thought the first Super Bowl was just kind of like: ‘Oh, this is amazing.’ Like we won the Super Bowl, like this is happy, like a little kid winning a prize at the fair,” he said.

“Whereas this one, you’ve dealt with failure, you understand how hard it is to get back on this stage and to win this game. I mean, I played the Super Bowl where I got blown out where it was, I got all hyped up and then you go out there and you don’t do anything.

  1. But beyond the numbers and trophies, watching him with your eyes on TV or in person is a true display of a master at work.
  2. Whether it be a scramble away from an oncoming rusher when it looked impossible to escape or a pass with an arm angle that leaves you incredulous at how he produced so much power and accuracy, Mahomes has developed into a walking highlight reel.
  3. And with three years left before he’s 30 and with sports stars excelling later into their fourth decade, we might potentially be witnessing the early stages of what could be the career of the best quarterback in NFL history.

: Patrick Mahomes enters historic territory after second Super Bowl title in burgeoning career

How many times has the Chiefs lost the Super Bowl?

A complete guide to Chiefs’ Super Bowl history. The Chiefs’ Super Bowl history from 1966 to 2023 — two wins, two losses, one TBD.

Have the Chiefs ever lost a Super Bowl?

The Chiefs lost to the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl I (35-10), beat the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl IV (23-7), beat the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LIV (31-20) and lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl LV (31-9). The Chiefs will become one of 12 NFL teams to appear in five Super Bowls.

Has Patrick Mahomes lost a Super Bowl?

Patrick Mahomes is days away from playing in his third Super Bowl, a remarkable feat for the 27-year-old quarterback. Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs topped the San Francisco 49ers 31-20 in 2020 and then were trounced by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2021, losing Super Bowl 55 by a 31-9 score.

Is Patrick Mahomes a Super Bowl champion?

Patrick Mahomes: Chiefs are beginning a dynasty, but we have to win three Super Bowls Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes believes his team is close to being able to call itself a dynasty, but he wants one more Lombardi Trophy before he uses the d-word.

Asked if the Chiefs are a dynasty, Mahomes said three Super Bowls is what it would take to deserve that distinction. “I think we’re the beginning of one. I think in dynasties, I always say,” Mahomes told CBS Sports. “Our job is to do whatever we can to win as many as we can, not have any regrets when we step off the field.

I think if we keep the mentality we have, we can look back at the end of our career. Then we can decide if we’re a dynasty or not.” Mahomes has been the Chiefs’ starting quarterback for five seasons, and in those five years the Chiefs have won the Super Bowl twice, lost the Super Bowl once, and lost the AFC Championship Game twice (with both of those losses coming in overtime).

What team has lost 3 Super Bowls?

NFL Teams With Most Super Bowl Losses

Teams Super Bowl Losses Super Bowl Record
Broncos 5 3-5
Bills 4 0-4
Vikings 4 0-4
Bengals 3 0-3

Which 4 teams lost the most Super Bowls?

New England Patriots Super Bowl 5
Denver Broncos Super Bowl 5
Buffalo Bills Super Bowl 4
Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl 4

Why did the Chiefs lose the Super Bowl?

Kansas City Chiefs Lose Super Bowl LV Along The Line Of Scrimmage Shaquil Barrett of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers tackles Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs during, the fourth quarter in Super Bowl LV at Raymond James Stadium on Feb.7, 2021. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) Getty Images

  • Super Bowl LV was between the best quarterback of all time, Tom Brady, and the best current quarterback, Patrick Mahomes.
  • But the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9 because of the Big Uglies up front.
  • It was a point echoed by CBS studio analyst Bill Cowher, a former Chiefs defensive coordinator, who said the game was won in the trenches.
  • The Chiefs — who were already without their best offensive lineman, right tackle Mitchell Schwartz, because of a back injury — lost their blind-side protector Eric Fisher to a torn Achilles in the AFC Championship Game.
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Without Fisher the Chiefs started Mike Remmers, who had replaced Schwartz at right tackle, at left tackle. Andrew Wylie moved from right guard to right tackle, and Stefen Wisniewski started at right guard. Austin Reiter, the center, was the only player in his usual spot.

And that couldn’t hold up. The Buccaneers only sacked Mahomes three times, but they hit him eight times. “It was a bad day,” Chiefs head coach Andy Reid said, “to have a bad day.” Reid, though, blamed himself for not putting them in a better position. Whoever was at fault, the Chiefs could have a different-looking offensive line next year.

Not only are there health questions for Fisher and Schwartz, but contract issues loom. Wylie, Remmers and Reiter are all slated to be free agents. They did not help their negotiations with their protection issues in Super Bowl LV, which was best exemplified by a fourth-quarter drive with 8:06 left.

Trailing 31-9, the Chiefs had to pass, and the Bucs were able to tee off on them. Ndamukong Suh sacked Mahomes and then followed that with a roughing-the-passer penalty. Remmers also held on the drive. Two plays after that hold, a painful-looking sack by Suh and Cam Gil forced the Chiefs to face 3rd and 33.

With little time to throw, Mahomes’ first third-down completion didn’t come until the 5:43 mark of the fourth quarter. Super Bowl LV was also the first time he started an NFL game when his offense didn’t score a touchdown.

  1. “We weren’t on the same page,” Mahomes said.
  2. Making matters more difficult for Mahomes, the Chiefs ignored the run in the first half.
  3. That’s somewhat understandable, considering the Buccaneers had the best rush defense in the NFL, but Chiefs running backs only had five carries in the first half, and Mahomes led their rushers in both attempts (five) and rushing yards (33).

Meanwhile, the Buccaneers gave the Chiefs a healthy dose of their running game. Ronald Jones and Leonard Fournette combined for 150 rushing yards, including a 27-yard touchdown by Fournette to put the Buccaneers up 28-9 in the third quarter. “Give the kid credit,” Reid said.

He did a nice job.” Fournette, a free agent at season’s end, has always looked up to Chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu, who preceded him high school at St. Augustine High in New Orleans. Fournette then wore his No.7 at LSU. Playing each other in an NFL game — let alone the Super Bowl — carried extra meaning for them.

“That’s always been on the bucket list of us,” Mathieu said. Another LSU product, Chiefs rookie Clyde Edwards-Helaire, began the second half with a 26-yard run. He then followed that with a 10-yard run two plays later. But the Chiefs largely ignored him in the first half, giving him four carries and no receptions.

It was part of some questionable coaching and sloppy play by the Chiefs that featured two punts for less than 30 yards and eight penalties for 95 penalties in the first half. The latter is a Super Bowl record for any half. “You can’t have that,” Reid said. “It’s uncharacteristic.” Chris Jones, the outstanding Chiefs defensive lineman, was less diplomatic, saying the calls impacted the game 1,000%.

“It’s the Super Bowl,” Jones said. “Usually, you let the guys play.” The performance was anything but usual for a Chiefs offense that was ranked No.1 in the league. But in the locker room after the disappointing outcome, Reid praised his team that won the previous Super Bowl, telling them that they “battled their tail off” all season.

How many Super Bowl rings do Chiefs have?

LOOK: Chiefs unveil stunning Super Bowl rings to celebrate second NFL title in four years Photo courtesy Kansas City Chiefs If there’s a diamond shortage around the world in the next few days, you can probably go ahead and blame the, After four months of waiting, the Chiefs finally got their rings on Thursday night and when you look at the new ring, the first thing you’ll notice is that it has a lot of diamonds.

The exact number is 629: There are 609 round diamonds, 16 baguette diamonds and four marquise diamonds. If you’re now wondering how Jostens was able to squeeze 629 diamonds into each ring, let’s go ahead and find out by taking a look at Kansas City’s impressive bling. The video above gives you a rundown of every feature that was included in each ring.

It’s kind of mind-blowing just how much the Chiefs were able to squeeze into one ring. Here are a few wild facts about Kansas City’s Super Bowl rings ():

There are three Lombardi Trophies on each ring, representing the three Super Bowls that the Chiefs have won in franchise history. The football at the top of each Lombardi Trophy is a marquise-cut diamond. There are 38 diamonds along the top rim of each ring, which represent how many points the Chiefs scored in their 38-35 win over the, The team added the 16 baguette diamonds to represent the 16 players who scored at least one touchdown during the regular season. There were 50 diamonds in the Chiefs’ arrowhead logo on the top of the ring to commemorate the fact that the Chiefs have played at Arrowhead Stadium (now GEHA Field) for 50 years. The ring also includes 16 custom-cut rubies, which represents the number of division titles that the Chiefs have won in franchise history. The ring also features multiple inscriptions. Not only is the inside of the ring inscribed with the final score of each playoff game, but every individual ring also contains an inscription of the signature of the player that the ring belongs to. Also, the top of the ring COMES OFF and converts into a pendant. If you take the top off, the interior of the ring features an aerial shot of GEHA Field.

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That last thing might be kind of tough to picture in your head, so let’s take a look at it. Super Bowl MVP and tight end both definitely seemed impressed with their rings. The two teammates opened them together at the ceremony.

After Mahomes opened his box, he modeled his new ring with his other Super Bowl ring, which the Chiefs won in 2019. Mahomes and the Chiefs have now won two Super Bowls in the past four seasons, which gives Kansas City a total of three Super Bowl wins in franchise history. If you want an idea of just how big the rings are, you can see below what they look like while being worn.

Not only was the Chiefs’ entire team in attendance to get their ring on Thursday night, but several other former members of the organization also made their way to the ceremony, including Eric Bieniemy. Although the former Chiefs offensive coordinator is on the coaching staff, he still found time to attend the ring ceremony.

Who has the longest Super Bowl win streak?

Longest Winning Streak in the Super Bowl: 5 San Francisco 49ers (1982-95) – The 49ers hold the record for the most consecutive Super Bowl wins with five straight between 1982-95. The Pittsburgh Steelers have the second-longest run with four straight wins between 1975-80.

How much is a Super Bowl ring?

How much do the Super Bowl rings cost? What are they made of? Kirby Lee USA Today Sports, Trophies are big, bulky things : the Stanley Cup, the Vince Lombardi Trophy, the Jules Rimet Trophy. Obviously costly objets d’art, in both the materials that they are made of as well as in the struggle to obtain one, all of these lusted-after prizes have one obvious drawback.

  1. They are singular, one-off trophies and the players will never possess them personally.
  2. No individual directly involved in procuring one will be able to display it in their home, invite friends to admire it, or even touch it after the initial euphoric moment on the field.
  3. This is perhaps the most distinguishing characteristic that makes a Super Bowl ring so desirable.

Unlike a trophy that will sit in the front office under lock and key, a Super Bowl ring is an individual memento of the event that the players can own personally, can wear out in town (if they are brave/crazy enough), and can keep in their own home. A mini-trophy for everyone who took part. A selection of Super Bowl rings from down through the years The blingiest of bling, Super Bowl rings are typically made of yellow or rose gold and encrusted with diamonds. They usually include the team name, team logo, the phrase “World Champions”, and the Super Bowl number indicated in Roman numerals.

  1. Each ring can be customized with the player’s name and uniform number.
  2. More than two thirds of the Super Bowl rings have been manufactured by memorabilia giant Jostens, although Balfour and Tiffany’s & Co.
  3. Have competed and won the contract in past years.
  4. Presented in an elegant display case, these are not simple pieces of metal.

The ring awarded to the Kansas City Chiefs after Super Bowl LIV, for example, has 3.3 carats worth of diamonds and 5.95 carts of rubies for a total gem carat weight of 10.85! The NFL contributes from $5,000 to $7,000 per ring for up to 150 rings per team, with any additional costs being borne by the team.

The final cost usually comes in at between $30k and $50k per ring. Several high-profile players have sold their rings, either through necessity or for charity. Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, sold his Super Bowl LI ring for just over a million dollars, with all the proceeds going to nonprofits that provide meals to the needy.

A lot of the value depends on who the original owner was. Lawrence Taylor sold his Super Bowl XXV ring for a shade over $230k, and if Tom Brady decided to sell any of his, they would certainly be worth more than, say, Jimmy Garoppolo’s. Tom Brady sporting his seven Super Bowl rings. Yes, Jimmy Garoppolo has a Super Bowl ring. In fact, he has two, He was the backup quarterback in New England for Super Bowls XLIX and LI. Bringing up our next point: who gets a ring? Well, everybody. Or more accurately, whoever the owner wants to have a ring.

  • There are up to 150 made for the players, coaches, etc.
  • But teams will also make rings of a lower value, called “B” and “C” rings to go to office staff, personnel, sometimes even cheerleaders.
  • It is entirely up to the owner’s discretion.
  • You expect the winning team to get a ring, but the fact is that both teams get rings.

The Super Bowl champs will have one that says Super Bowl LVI, but the losing team will get one that says Conference Champions, The rings will be the same apart from the wording, And all of the previous applies to those rings as well: the owner can hand them out to anyone that they see fit.