How Many Spaces Is A Tab
By default, a tab in Microsoft Word is set to be the equivalent of four spaces. However, you can change the number of spaces a tab represents in Microsoft Word by going to the ‘File’ menu, then selecting ‘Options’ and ‘Advanced’.

Is a tab 3 or 4 spaces?

Answer – In most code editors, tabs are not the same as 2 spaces or 4 spaces by default. A tab is stored differently than spaces in the code. Tabs can be seen as a big “jump” in the text, while spaces are always 1 space each. When you move your cursor in the code, you may notice this “jump” when going through tabs as opposed to spaces.

  • I have experimented couple of indentation combination in below mentioned code
  • def about_this_computer(): print(“This computer is running on version Everest Puma”)
  • print(“This is your desktop”)
  • about_this_computer()
  • Case 1) If two spaces are used before both the print statement then result is fine Case 2) If one tab is used before both the print statement then again result is ok
  • Case 3) If one tab is used for one print statement and 2 spaces are used to another print statement then result is throwing error.
  • This clearly means either you can use 2 spaces or one tab.
  • In short only consistency of indentation is important whether you use tab or space.

17 Likes I’m late to the topic, but I’ve found that, with this particular compiler, either two spaces or a tab work and that you can mix and match the two.4 Likes from PEP INDEX 8 ‘

Is tab equal to 4 spaces?

The number of spaces in one press of the tab key depends on the fonts used. Generally, a tab is about four to five spaces. However, to have an accurate result, ensure that the font you use equally sizes each character. If you are using the courier fonts, one tab will be equal to five spaces.

How many spaces does \t do?

\t is a horizontal tab and it is used to give 8 blank horizontal spaces in the output of the program where it is placed.

Is a tab 7 spaces?

How many spaces are in a tab? – Depending on the program, the equivalent number of spaces used to create a tab is usually five or eight. Sometimes, in the case of a word processor, the font used dictates the number of spaces. However, realize that a tab can be set to any value, which means a tab could also be two, three, four, six, or seven spaces.

Is a tab 4 spaces or 2 spaces?

Are there practical or technical advantages to using 2-space vs 4-space indents? There are no clear “technical” advantages one way or the other. Indeed the only “technical” issue I can think of is the impact on the number of bytes in a source file.

If you represent the indents using space characters (ASCII SP), then 2 spaces is 2 characters fewer than 4 spaces. If you allow TAB characters to be used, then (on Windows) a TAB indents by up to 4 spaces, so TAB characters result in fewer characters. But the flip side is that a TAB conventionally indents by up to 8 spaces on many other operating systems, so if you want your source code to look nice on all platforms you shouldn’t use TAB for indentation.

And besides, it is common practice to “minify” CSS, Javascript and web-associated languages to make websites “faster”. Among other things, that will strip out the indentation, rendering this minor technical difference to be moot. (For the human readable version of a CSS, the saving in transmission time / storage space is too trivial to worry about.

  • Today’s systems are optimized for the mass market, where storing and moving around gigabyte-sized files (movies) is common-place.
  • Source code pales into insignificance.) As to “practical” advantages, I guess it may be easier to view and edit files if you don’t waste too much screen real-estate with deep indentation.
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From that perspective 2 character indentation is better than 4 or 8 character indentation. However this borders on being a “personal taste” issue, unless:

you have to use a device that can only display (say) 80 columns, or you have to work with code-style rules that restrict you to 80 columns.

Are there widely accepted conventions? In general no. In some languages, maybe, but I can’t think of any. Even in Java, the most common convention for indentation is 4 spaces, but others are acceptable. : Are there practical or technical advantages to using 2-space vs 4-space indents?

Is it 2 or 4 spaces for tab?

Ever found yourself trying to decide if 2 or 4 spaces is best for your new code project? Great! Keep reading. Photo by Chris Ried on Unsplash I could save you the hassle of reading the entire post and tell you which of the two is better. As you probably know, it’s based on individual preference for personal/solo projects and coding guidelines if you are coding for an organization ( assuming the organization has coding guidelines).

  1. My preference as a software developer is to use 2-space indentation in front-end projects and 4-space indentation in backend projects.
  2. However, using 4-space indentation gives more margin than required.
  3. On the flip side, 2-space indentation makes for inadequate spacing and may reduce code readability in some cases.

Why not have the best of both worlds? Use 3 spaces/tab, It’s a no brainer right? The 2 and 4 space indentation as we know is a convention that has been widely adopted. Don’t bother trying to debate if 3 space indentation is valid for coding. I use 3 spaces indentation in my new projects.

What is the standard tab size?

DigitalOcean provides cloud products for every stage of your journey. Get started with $200 in free credit! The tab-size property in CSS is used to adjust the amount of spaces that display for the tab character. pre Have a play with these range sliders to see how different values effect how tabs render (when you can actually see tabs): See the Pen rNBLYaP by Chris Coyier ( @chriscoyier ) on CodePen,

  • The tab character (unicode U+0009) is typically converted to spaces (unicode U+0020) by the white space processing rules and then collapsed so that only one space in a row is displayed in the browser.
  • Therefore the tab-size property is only useful when the white space processing rules do not apply, namely inside a tag and when the white-space property of an element is set to pre-wrap,

The default value for the tab-size property is 8 space characters, and it can accept any positive integer value. He are some examples of the various ways tab-size can be used: See the Pen rNBLYjg by Chris Coyier ( @chriscoyier ) on CodePen, As you can see in the examples above, the tab-size property adjusts the amount of space allotted for the tab character.

Is tab a double space?

The Tab Character – Pressing the tab button on the keyboard outputs a tabulation character. It is interpreted by the editor as an amount of white space, usually 4 or 8 spaces. Files that are formatted with tabs are usually smaller, since a single tab character represents multiple whitespaces.

Not that it’s much of a problem nowadays. The tab length is interpreted differently in IDEs and editors. It is also configurable, so if you would like to have tabulations of 6 spaces – you can. This makes tabs a great tool for people with visual impairments – they are customizable. Tabs are descriptive – they tell the editor the amount of indentation that should be added.

But the decision about how to render them depends on who reads the code. In the mind of a tab user, they should be used for indentation and spaces should be used for alignment.

How is tab size calculated?

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What is \t is used for?

\t (Horizontal tab) – We use it to shift the cursor to a couple of spaces to the right in the same line.

What is \0 in C?

‘\0’ is referred to as NULL character or NULL terminator It is the character equivalent of integer 0(zero) as it refers to nothing In C language it is generally used to mark an end of a string.

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What is \A in C?

\a (alert) Produces an audible or visible alert without changing the active position. I´ve never seen this used in any C code to indicate an error. By the way, I didn´t know that an escape sequence can/could trigger an audible signal on some systems.

Is a tab 4 or 8 spaces?

Technically: A tab is not X spaces : It advances the cursor (or typewriter) to the next tab stop. So if the cursor is at a position lower than 8, a tab will advance the cursor to position 8. It does not advance a fixed number of positions – it advances to the next multiple of 8.

How far is a tab indent?

To indent using the Tab key: – A quick way to indent is to use the Tab key. This will create a first-line indent of 1/2 inch,

  1. Place the insertion point at the very beginning of the paragraph you want to indent.
  2. Press the Tab key. On the Ruler, you should see the first-line indent marker move to the right by 1/2 inch,
  3. The first line of the paragraph will be indented.

If you can’t see the Ruler, select the View tab, then click the checkbox next to the Ruler,

How many spaces is a indent?

That blank space is the indent. Although the size of an indent varies according to the style guide used (such as the Chicago Manual of Style, MLA, or APA Style), the standard indent is the equivalent of five typed spaces —or about one-half inch.

How many spaces is \t in Python?

The first tab character \t is at position 2 and has a default tab size of 8 because no argument was passed to it. The function then replaces the tab character \t with whitespace until the next tab stop.

How many spaces is a tab in VS code?

Tabs – Tab size Sets the distance in spaces between tab stops. The default is four spaces. Indent size Sets the size in spaces of an automatic indentation. The default is four spaces. Tab characters, space characters, or both will be inserted to fill the specified size. Insert spaces When selected, indent operations insert only space characters, not TAB characters. If the Indent size is set to 5, for example, then five space characters are inserted whenever you press the TAB key or the Increase Indent button on the Formatting toolbar. Keep tabs When selected, indent operations insert as many TAB characters as possible. Each TAB character fills the number of spaces specified in Tab size, If the Indent size is not an even multiple of the Tab size, space characters are added to fill in the difference. Tip Adaptive formatting might override your custom tabs settings. You can turn off adaptive formatting by toggling the Use adaptive formatting option in Text Editor > Advanced, You can also change how Visual Studio manages your preferred indent style by using an, editorconfig file.

Should I indent 2 or 4 spaces in Javascript?

Hello folks! I have stumbled upon multiple occasions in which there were indentations of 2 spaces used. According to, this is just wrong. It should always be 4 spaces. Why is this course sometimes using 4 and sometimes using 2 spaces to indent the code? Code Indentation Always use 4 spaces for indentation of code blocks: Note: Do not use tabs (tabulators) for indentation.

How many spaces is a tab in SQL?

A tab has the ascii code 9 and a space 32. They differ visually as well (a tab is usually the width of 4 spaces ). Just like any other character, tab and space are not the same.

How many spaces is \t in Python?

The first tab character \t is at position 2 and has a default tab size of 8 because no argument was passed to it. The function then replaces the tab character \t with whitespace until the next tab stop.

Should I use 4 spaces or tabs in Python?

The preferred way to indent code properly in Python is with 4 spaces per level.

How big is a tab 3?

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