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Why was office cancelled?

Despite being a long-running highlight of NBC’s programming slate, The Office ended in 2013 with the conclusion of season 9, and here’s why. The Office came to an end with season 9 in 2013, but NBC wasn’t fully to blame for the sitcom calling it quits. Developed by Greg Daniels, the workplace comedy was based on Ricky Gervais’ UK series of the same name. Though the American version debuted with a lukewarm reception in 2005, the series hit its stride in season 2.

  • With the help of Steve Carell in the lead role of Michael Scott and the stellar supporting cast, The Office was moved to NBC’s famous Thursday night comedy block.
  • It remained a highlight of the network’s programming slate, but the show couldn’t last forever.
  • Presented in a mockumentary format, The Office followed the lives of employees working at Dunder Mifflin Paper Company’s Scranton branch.

Michael served as the Regional Manager for much of the character’s arc in the sitcom, with the rest of the figures filling out the other departments within the office. By season 9, Michael had moved away, and the manager position went through a few changes.

Meanwhile, much of the final season centered on the tension between Pam (Jenna Fischer) and Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) after the latter took on a second job in Philadelphia. To fully conclude the series, The Office brought the documentary crew into the spotlight as a meta way to explain why the Dunder Mifflin employees were being filmed,

It was no secret that The Office was experiencing declining viewership following its fifth season. Though critical reception was steady, there was a downward trend. Granted, The Office was still a top program for NBC, so it wasn’t an issue that required immediate attention.

  • However, when Carell’s contract wasn’t renewed, the actor left the series in the midst of season 7.
  • Losing the central figure of The Office was a major blow.
  • NBC attempted to fill the void left by Carell with an array of special guest stars but didn’t help much.
  • Many critics labeled season 8 as the weakest installment due to the obvious decline in quality with Carell’s absence.

While the viewership and reception were factors in The Office ‘s season 9 ending, technically, the series wasn’t cancelled. Instead, it concluded because of a creative decision stemming from Daniels and his cast. When Daniels confirmed The Office season 9 would be the show’s last ahead of its release (via EW ), the series creator called the decision ” very freeing, creatively,” Daniels also mentioned the timing was right, explaining his worry that if the show continued, he might have never had the chance to tie up all of the storylines.

With certain cast members acquiring other gigs, there was a risk of not having everyone back for a potential tenth season. When cast members like John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, and Rainn Wilson spoke with Daniels, the group mutually agreed to end The Office on a high note. Though the cast members weren’t happy to say goodbye to The Office, they knew it was time.

Scheduling commitments with the large ensemble cast was becoming more difficult. Rather than see cast members continue exiting one-by-one, the collective group knew what had to be done. By having a clear end date, Daniels was able to end the series in the way he always wanted, instead of being forced to conclude the story due to network decisions.

  • Declining ratings certainly made that decision a little easier, and Daniels knew it was important for the series not to overstay its welcome.
  • Less than a decade after The Office ended in 2013, TV revival rumors continue to make the rounds.
  • Though fans said goodbye to the faces of Dunder Mifflin, the characters they grew to love could very well return in the near future.

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Is Michael Scott in season 9?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Office
Season 9
DVD cover
  • Rainn Wilson
  • John Krasinski
  • Jenna Fischer
  • Ed Helms
  • Catherine Tate
  • Leslie David Baker
  • Brian Baumgartner
  • Creed Bratton
  • Clark Duke
  • Kate Flannery
  • Mindy Kaling
  • Ellie Kemper
  • Angela Kinsey
  • Jake Lacy
  • Paul Lieberstein
  • B.J. Novak
  • Oscar Nunez
  • Craig Robinson
  • Phyllis Smith
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 25
Original network NBC
Original release September 20, 2012 – May 16, 2013
Season chronology
← Previous Season 8
List of episodes

The ninth and final season of the American television comedy The Office premiered on NBC on September 20, 2012, and concluded on May 16, 2013, consisting of 25 episodes. The Office is an American adaptation of the British comedy series of the same name, and is presented in a mockumentary format, portraying the daily lives of office employees in the Scranton, Pennsylvania branch of the fictitious Dunder Mifflin Paper Company,

The ninth season of The Office aired on Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. ( Eastern ) in the United States, as part of the Comedy Night Done Right television block. It stars Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, and Ed Helms, with supporting performances from Catherine Tate, Leslie David Baker, Brian Baumgartner, Creed Bratton, Clark Duke, Kate Flannery, Mindy Kaling, Ellie Kemper, Angela Kinsey, Jake Lacy, Paul Lieberstein, B.J.

Novak, Oscar Nunez, Craig Robinson, and Phyllis Smith, This is the second season not to star Steve Carell as lead character Michael Scott, although he returned for a cameo appearance in the series finale, The ninth season largely focuses on the relationship between Jim ( John Krasinski ) and Pam Halpert ( Jenna Fischer ).

After Jim decides to follow his dream and start a sports marketing company in Philadelphia, Pam begins to worry about moving, and the couple’s relationship experiences stress. Meanwhile, Andy Bernard ( Ed Helms ) abandons the office for a three-month boating trip, and eventually quits his job to pursue his dream of becoming a star, although he soon becomes famous for a viral video,

Dwight Schrute ( Rainn Wilson ) is finally promoted to regional manager. The documentary airs, and a year later, the members of the office gather for Dwight and Angela’s marriage as well as a final round of interviews. Following the decline in ratings from the previous year, the ninth season of The Office managed to stabilize around 4 million viewers per episode.

  • The series finale, however, was watched by over 5.69 million viewers, making it the highest-rated episode that the show had aired in over a year.
  • The season ranked as the ninety-fourth most watched television series during the 2012–13 television year and saw a decrease in ratings from the previous season,

Critical reception was moderately positive; although some critics took issue with certain aspects, such as the reveal of the in-series documentary crew, many argued that it was an improvement over the previous season. Others lauded the way the show was able to successfully wrap-up its story arcs.

Will there be a season 10 of The Office?

The Office Will Come Up With Season 10 Episodes on Peacock in 2021 The Office offers a complete package of Romance, Comedy, and a high magnitude of sarcasm. Every episode is unique and never fails to make you laugh until your stomach hurts. It is a perfect Romcom series, and over the years, the series did not lose its charm.

With every season coming after another from 2005 till 2013( total nine seasons), the cast and crew members did not make us feel boredom and gave their best to the Netflix streamers. The combination of every character with the boss Michael Scott (Steve Carell) is quite eccentric. Except for all these, many scenes in the series contributed immensely to the meme world.

The season came to an end in 2013 ( season 9) with loads of memory for the audience. Recently it is announced that The Office is coming back again with loads of fun and all-new episodes for season 10. However, this time its is not going to be streamed in Netflix but a new OTT platform peacock.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, The Chairman of Peacock and NBCUniversal Digital enterprises, Matt Straus revealed that the team had planned to add something new and exciting for the latest episodes of season 10. “We will be reintroducing The Office more completely, incorporating elements that were not part of the original broadcast.”

Now the next big question how will the fans go to react to the Change? Responding to the statement of Matt Straus, few people took it to Twitter that any alteration in the show might result in losing its old charm. However, a large portion of the Office fans is quite excited about the new shows.

Is Michael in season 8?

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The Office
Season 8
DVD cover
  • Rainn Wilson
  • John Krasinski
  • Jenna Fischer
  • B.J. Novak
  • Ed Helms
  • James Spader
  • Catherine Tate
  • Leslie David Baker
  • Brian Baumgartner
  • Creed Bratton
  • Kate Flannery
  • Mindy Kaling
  • Ellie Kemper
  • Angela Kinsey
  • Paul Lieberstein
  • Oscar Nunez
  • Craig Robinson
  • Phyllis Smith
  • Zach Woods
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 24
Original network NBC
Original release September 22, 2011 – May 10, 2012
Season chronology
← Previous Season 7 Next → Season 9
List of episodes

The eighth season of the American television comedy The Office commenced airing on NBC in the United States on September 22, 2011, and concluded on May 10, 2012, consisting of 24 episodes. The series is an American adaptation of the British comedy series of the same name, and is presented in a mockumentary format, portraying the daily lives of office employees in the Scranton, Pennsylvania branch of the fictitious Dunder Mifflin Paper Company,

The eighth season of The Office aired on Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. ( Eastern ) in the United States as part of the ” Comedy Night Done Right ” television block. It stars Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, B.J. Novak, Ed Helms, and James Spader, with supporting performances from Catherine Tate, Leslie David Baker, Brian Baumgartner, Creed Bratton, Kate Flannery, Mindy Kaling, Ellie Kemper, Angela Kinsey, Paul Lieberstein, Oscar Nunez, Craig Robinson, Phyllis Smith, and Zach Woods,

This was the first season without Steve Carell as Michael Scott in the lead role and the only one to not feature the character in any onscreen capacity, although he is occasionally mentioned. The eighth season largely centers on Andy Bernard ‘s ( Ed Helms ) ascension to regional manager, as well as the antics of Robert California ( James Spader ), the new CEO of Sabre, a fictional printer company that owns Dunder Mifflin,

  1. Halfway through the season, Dwight Schrute ( Rainn Wilson )—along with Jim Halpert ( John Krasinski ), Stanley Hudson ( Leslie David Baker ), Ryan Howard ( B.J.
  2. Novak ), Erin Hannon ( Ellie Kemper ), and Cathy Simms ( Lindsey Broad )—travel to Florida to help set up a Sabre Store, where Nellie Bertram ( Catherine Tate ) is introduced.

Eventually, former CFO of Dunder Mifflin David Wallace ( Andy Buckley ) buys back the company, firing California. Despite debuting with moderate viewing figures, the departure of Carell affected the show’s ratings, which fell as the season progressed.

The season ranked as the eighty-seventh-most watched television series during the 2011–12 television year and saw a dramatic decrease in ratings from the previous season, Critical reception was polarized. Many critics argued that the series should have ended after the departure of Carell; many also felt that the season recycled storylines from past episodes.

Other critics were more positive, complimenting various actors and their characters. It marked the first time since season one that the show did not receive any Emmy nominations,

Did Jim and Pam dating in real life?

It can be hard for The Office fans to accept that the series isn’t just over, it’s completely fictional. Michael Scott is a hilariously uncomfortable character but he is not real and the unique relationships he had with Jan, Carol, and Holly were fake.

  • Likewise, as lovely as Jim and Pam were throughout the series, the actors who portrayed them (John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer) were never an item and are both happily married and have their own families.
  • After rewatching the series, it’s normal for fans to wonder who the characters are married to or dating in real life after seeing their relationships develop over nine seasons.

And just like the characters they played, each relationship is special. Updated on January 21st, 2022, by Lynn Gibbs: Relationships are an ongoing theme throughout NBC’s The Office. If it’s not a romantic relationship like Jim and Pam’s, then it’s a friendly relationship like Michael and Dwight’s.

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Why did Steve Carell quit The Office?

The official story at the time of Carell’s exit from The Office was that he wanted to spend more time with his wife and children. He didn’t speak much about it directly, simply saying in a 2010 interview with Us Weekly that Season 7 would be his last, as his contract was ending.

Why did Jim leave The Office?

Jim Halpert memorably left Scranton after The Office season 2 to transfer to another branch. Here’s the real reason why Jim decided to leave. Here’s why Jim Halpert truly left the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch following The Office season 2. Jim memorably transferred to the Stamford branch of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. He was promoted to the Assistant Regional Manager in Connecticut but his relocation was cut short since the branch merged with Scranton shortly thereafter.

The most obvious reason surrounding Jim’s decision to transfer to another branch was his complicated relationship with Pam. He was in love with the receptionist but she was engaged to the warehouse employee, Roy, Throughout The Office season 2, Jim’s crush on Pam was unearthed. Jim revealed his feelings to Michael on the “Booze Cruise” episode and Michael had a lot of trouble keeping it a secret.

Matters became worse when Pam found out that Jim filed a complaint about Pam’s constant wedding planning during work hours. In reality, he couldn’t bear to keep hearing about how she was marrying someone like Roy. Meanwhile, Jim was toying with the idea of taking an open position at the Stamford branch.

During “Casino Night,” Jim revealed his true feelings and even kissed her, but Pam was committed to Roy so Jim ultimately decided to transfer. It wasn’t just his complicated relationship with Pam that convinced Jim that he needed to leave Scranton. During the “Conflict Resolution” episode, Michael decided to unveil the various complaints within the branch and made the employees resolve their issues with one another.

It turned out that Toby had a box of complaints that Dwight filed because of Jim, Dwight wanted Michael to take action regarding Jim’s treatment. Jim then thought back on all of the pranks he pulled on his co-worker over the years and realized how much time he spent on jokes rather than focusing on his work. Jim didn’t completely change his ways when he relocated to Stamford. He pulled pranks on Andy but quickly realized he wasn’t an innocent target like Dwight. Despite that, Jim seemed to have a newfound focus on his future with his new position. He felt like he had no future in Scranton, in his professional and personal life.

Jim did better with his sales in Stamford than he ever did at Scranton. He later reunited with some of his former co-workers during a convention in Philadelphia. Jim believed that he outgrew the petty antics but then Dwight spoke and his motivation to mess with his rival rushed back to him. When Jim returned to the Scranton branch in the middle of The Office season 3, he did seem to convey maturity.

He didn’t have the same interest in joking around of pulling pranks, much to the dismay of Pam. He also began dating his Stamford co-worker, Karen, By the end of the season, Jim and Pam finally came together but it may have never happened if Jim didn’t leave for a brief time.

Who replaced Kevin in The Office?

The Office (TV Series 2005–2013) – Dakota Johnson as Dakota, Kevin’s Replacement – IMDb.

Does Andy end up with Erin?

Season 8–9 – In season 8, Erin helps Andy out with his challenges of being manager and is the only one to congratulate him on his new job. During the staff Christmas party, Erin meets Jessica, Andy’s girlfriend. Emotionally confused, Erin drinks too much at the party and reveals she still has feelings for Andy.

She later gets a ride home from Robert California, who tells her to take some aspirin and get some rest. Erin remains hopeful that Andy will end things with Jessica, though she comes to realize that this is not going to happen; unbeknownst to Erin, however, it becomes clear Andy still has feelings for her.

When Erin gets assigned to Dwight’s Sabre Store team in Tallahassee, she tells the camera that she is never returning to Scranton. In ” Get the Girl “, Andy travels to Florida to try to win Erin back. Erin initially wants to stay, but the two get back together; Andy ends up breaking up with Jessica on the way back to Scranton.

When Andy gets fired by Robert California (with Nellie taking over the manager position), Erin continues to support Andy. In season 9, Andy returns from his Outward Bound program with a confident and cocky attitude, which surprises Erin. She ends up bonding with Pete Miller, a new customer service representative at the Scranton branch, and they continue to grow closer while Andy is away on his boat trip.

Upon Andy’s return, Erin breaks up with Andy. In the series finale, Erin reunites with her birth parents, who had seen the documentary and showed up at a Q&A forum with the office members. It is implied that she is still dating Pete, as they are shown dancing at Dwight and Angela’s wedding.

Is there a real life Dunder Mifflin?

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Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, Inc.
Series The Office
Founded 1949
Location Headquarters : New York City Regional branches : Akron Albany Binghamton Buffalo Camden Nashua Pittsfield Rochester Scranton (location of show) Stamford Syracuse Utica Yonkers
Owner Publicly traded on New York’s Stock Exchange (seasons 1–6) Sabre (seasons 6–8) David Wallace (season 9)
Key people Robert Dunder (co-founder) Robert Mifflin (co-founder) Alan Brand (CEO) David Wallace (CFO / Chairman & CEO / owner)
Products Paper
Slogan Limitless Paper in a Paperless World OR “The People Person’s Paper People”
Competitors Staples Inc. Office Depot Prince Family Paper (closed) Michael Scott Paper Company (bought) Big Red Paper Company Osprey Paper

Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, Inc. is a fictional paper and office supplies wholesale company featured in the American television series The Office, It is analogous to Wernham Hogg in the British original of the series, and Papiers Jennings and Cogirep in the French Canadian and French adaptations, respectively.

Originally, the company was completely fictitious, but eventually, the brand was used to sell products at Staples and other office supply outlets. Two websites were created to support the fictional company, one with the image of a public website, and one meant to look like the corporation’s intranet,

NBC sold branded merchandise at its NBC Universal Store website. Its logo was prominently displayed in several locations in downtown Scranton, Pennsylvania, where the show is set. Scranton has been associated internationally with Dunder Mifflin due to the show’s international reach.

Did Jim and Pam leave The Office?

Jim Halpert – The “will they or won’t they” tension between Jim and Pam is a strong story line in the early episodes of The Office, encompassing much of Seasons 1 to 3. In the finale of Season 2, “Casino Night”, Jim confesses his love for Pam but she denies him.

  • They later on kiss in the episode but Pam rejects him yet again.
  • In the opener of Season 4, the two characters are revealed to be dating.
  • In Season 6, Jim and Pam get married in the beginning of the season, a feat considered noteworthy by many television critics, as bringing together the two lead love interests in a television series is often thought to be a risky venture.

Their child is born in the second half of the season, during another hour long episode, “The Delivery”. Pam and Jim’s second child is born during season 8. In season 9, their marriage becomes strained when Jim takes up a second job in Philadelphia. They ultimately decide to leave Dunder Mifflin together so Jim can pursue his dream job.

Does The Office have an ending?

When did The Office end? – The Office ended with a two-part finale that aired on May 16, 2013 on NBC. The finale episodes were the 24th and 25th of Season 9, and the 200th and 201st episodes of the show’s entire run. The final installments saw the return of actors who had departed the show, including Steve Carell, B.J.

Was Steve Carell sad to leave The Office?

Steve Carell says filming Michael Scott’s farewell on ‘The Office’ was ‘really difficult’

  • Steve Carell’s final days as Dunder Mifflin’s branch manager spanned a spectrum of emotions for the actor.
  • Carell played Michael Scott for seven seasons on the hit NBC documentary-style comedy before exiting the show in 2011, two seasons before the show’s series finale aired in 2013, and he said his farewell episode was tough to shoot.
  • “It was a really difficult episode to do but I also loved it at the same time because it was the end game for Michael,” Carell told his former “Office” co-stars Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer on Wednesday’s episode of their
  • In the show, Carell’s Scott ends up, moving from Scranton, Pennsylvania to be with his on-screen fiancée, Holly Flax (Amy Ryan), in Colorado.

On this week’s podcast, Carell said that Scott’s departure “was the culmination showing the growth that he didn’t need the big sendoff, he didn’t need the big party. He could say goodbye to all of his friends on his own terms without the fanfare. I really enjoyed having that character evolve to that point in that moment.” Rainn Wilson, who played fan-favorite character Dwight Schrute, that filming Carell’s final episode was “intense.” “There actually wasn’t a dry eye in the house,” Wilson said, adding that “it was very difficult to make comedy when there was a heaviness hanging over the proceedings.” Even though the sendoff was “emotional” for Carell, he told Fischer and Kinsey on the podcast that his tears were those of joy and that he wasn’t sad to leave, but rather he was “ready to go.” “It was time for other characters to step to the forefront and other storylines to be pursued.

  1. During the show’s run, Carell led the 2007 movie “Dan in Real Life” and went on to star in other notable films after leaving “The Office,” such as “Foxcatcher” in 2014 – which earned him an Oscar nomination for best actor – and “The Big Short” the following year.
  2. Kinsey said the reality of Carell’s departure came in “waves” and that they alternated between laughing and tearing up while filming his final episode.
  3. While Carell was absent from appearing in Season 8 and Season 9, he did make a surprise uncredited appearance in “The Office’s” series finale in 2013 when he stood in as Dwight’s best man at his wedding.

“I think you can see it when you watch the show, there is a calm to it,” he said. “Everyone is loving each other in terms of us as actors and people beyond the characters.” : Steve Carell says filming Michael Scott’s farewell on ‘The Office’ was ‘really difficult’

Who did Dwight marry in The Office?

” Finale “
The Office episodes
Episode nos. Season 9 Episodes 24/25
Directed by Ken Kwapis
Written by Greg Daniels
Featured music Full list
Cinematography by Matt Sohn
Editing by
  • David Rogers
  • Claire Scanlon
Production code 9024/9025
Original air date May 16, 2013
Running time 52 minutes
Guest appearances
  • Steve Carell as Michael Scott
  • Ed Begley Jr. as Martin Hannon
  • Andy Buckley as David Wallace
  • Joan Cusack as Fran Hannon
  • Rachael Harris as Rachel Martin
  • Dakota Johnson as Dakota
  • Sendhil Ramamurthy as Ravi
  • Malcolm Barrett as Malcolm
  • Spencer Daniels as Jake Palmer
  • Jackie Debatin as Elizabeth
  • Matt Jones as Ziek Schrute
  • Ameenah Kaplan as Val Johnson
  • Mark Proksch as Nate Nickerson
  • Michael Schur as Mose Schrute
  • Nancy Carell as Carol Stills
  • Eric Wareheim as Gabor
  • Bill Hader as himself
  • Seth Meyers as himself
Episode chronology
← Previous ” A.A.R.M. ” Next → —

/td> The Office (American season 9) List of episodes

Finale ” is the series finale of the American comedy television series The Office, It serves as the 24th and 25th episodes of the ninth season, and the 200th and 201st episodes of the series overall. The episode was written by series developer and executive producer Greg Daniels and directed by Ken Kwapis, who directed the series’ pilot episode,

  1. It originally aired on NBC on May 16, 2013, preceded by an hour-long series retrospective.
  2. The series— presented as if it were a real documentary —depicts the everyday lives of office employees in the Scranton, Pennsylvania, branch of the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company.
  3. In the episode, which takes place a year after the previous episode ” A.A.R.M.

“, present and past employees of Dunder Mifflin gather for the wedding of Dwight Schrute ( Rainn Wilson ) and Angela Martin ( Angela Kinsey ), during which Michael Scott ( Steve Carell ) returns to serve as Dwight’s best man. In addition, Pam Halpert ( Jenna Fischer ) and Jim Halpert ( John Krasinski ) finally decide to pursue Jim’s dream of working in sports marketing.

Finally, everyone comes together for a final round of interviews and goodbyes. The initial idea for the finale, involving the Q&A, was thought of by Daniels during production of the third season, The episode features the return of many recurring characters, as well as Carell, whose return was kept secret for many months and went uncredited.B.J.

Novak and Mindy Kaling, who departed the series after ” New Guys “, are again credited as stars for reprising their roles as Ryan Howard and Kelly Kapoor, Many members of the show’s crew—such as episode writer Daniels—made cameos in the episode as various background characters, and then- Saturday Night Live stars Bill Hader and Seth Meyers appear as themselves.

  1. The episode was viewed by an estimated 5.69 million viewers and received 3.0 rating among adults between the ages of 18 and 49, making it the highest-rated episode of the series since the eighth season installment, ” Pool Party “.
  2. Finale” received critical acclaim, with many critics complimenting the writers for wrapping up the storylines for most of the characters.

Critics also praised Carell’s cameo, with many arguing that it was perfectly executed. This episode received three Primetime Emmy Award nominations for the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards, and won for Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing for a Comedy Series.

How did The Office end?

Michael Scott Surprises Dwight at His Wedding – Image via NBCUniversal At its core,, The Office was about love. It might be sappy, but it’s true. The painfully lonely Michael found someone to love him for who he is in Holly Flax ( Amy Ryan ). Jim and Pam found each other, lost each other, and found each other again, with the passing seasons seeing them getting married and starting a family.

And then there was Dwight and Angela. Those two were so wrong and yet so right for each other. The Office series finale, simply titled “Finale” was a two-part goodbye with its focal point being Dwight and Angela’s wedding at the Schrute farm. It’s been a year since the documentary that was being filmed for almost the past decade was released.

Dwight and Angela have gotten engaged and now is the day they become one. A sweet moment finds Jim as Dwight’s best man, or “bestest mensch.” The friends have come so far, with them seemingly almost hating each other for several years, before growing to respect one another.

  • The big tearjerker scene comes when Jim tells Dwight he can’t be his best man.
  • Turns out, according to him, that the Dwight family tradition says you can’t have a best man younger than the groom.
  • It’s his last, most heartfelt prank.
  • With tears in his eyes, Jim says, “Dwight, I can’t be there for you.
  • I’m sorry.

I just really wish there was something I can do.” Dwight looks crushed, but as the camera pulls back, the moment fans had hoped for arrived. There stands Michael Scott in the doorway. A shocked Dwight says, “Michael, I can’t believe you came.” With Michael on the verge of crying as well, he gets in one last perfect, “.” They hug and Jim tells the camera, “Best prank ever.” No one knew if Steve Carell would show up for the finale or not.

And while he is here, the episode doesn’t become The Michael Scott Show. Carell gives us a sweet cameo, but he already had his good bye, so he wisely appears, but then takes a backseat so everyone else can have their moment. His only other speaking part comes after Dwight and Angela’s wedding, where the new couple stands in their own dug graves (how romantic!).

Following the nuptials, with everyone sitting at their tables outside, Michael looks at his former coworkers and then speaks to the camera. “I feel like all my kids grew up, and then they married each other.” He cries, overcome with emotion. “It’s every parent’s dream.” Image via NBCUniversal In every TV series finale, it seems like there’s a wedding or someone moving away. The Office gives us both. No offense to Dunder Mifflin, but Jim and Pam have always felt stuck. They stay because this is where they found each other, and it’s where all of their friends who are now like family are, but they’ve also yearned for more for so long.

  • Jim tried that, helping to start his own sports marketing company in Philadelphia called Athlead, but the intense travel caused a strain on his marriage so he gave it up for Pam.
  • He’s content to stay in, but Pam knows he still wants more.
  • She does too.
  • For so long, Pam was the character so afraid to ever take a risk.

Now she takes a big one. After the wedding, Jim and Pam stop at home. There, Carol, Michael’s ex and a real estate agent, played by Steve Carell’s real-life wife Nancy Carell, is showing off their home to prospective buyers. Jim is dumbfounded, but Pam tells him she’s secretly been trying to sell it for months.

Athlead is now in Austin, Texas and she wants to move there with Jim. The couple looking over the home makes the Halperts an offer right then and there. They weren’t the only ones going through change. Darryl ( Craig Robinson ) has been with Athlead and will be going to Austin too. Toby ( Paul Lieberstein ) loses his job but moves to New York to become a writer.

Erin ( Ellie Kemper ) meets her birth parents. Kevin gets sacked like Toby, but he opens his own bar. Stanley ( Leslie David Baker ) retired, left his wife, and moved to Florida. At the wedding he gets to reunite with his longtime desk mate, Phyllis ( Phyllis Smith ).

  1. Oscar ( Oscar Nuñez ) is running to be a state senator.
  2. Meredith ( Kate Flannery ) is still the same, but she is so proud of her grown son, who is now a stripper.
  3. And Ryan and Kelly ( B.J.
  4. Novak and Mindy Kaling ) run off together at the wedding, with Kelly leaving her new boyfriend behind, and Ryan leaving behind a baby that he’d been taking care of.

Thankfully, Nellie ( Catherine Tate ), who has yearned to be a mom, adopts him. Image via NBCUniversal It’s Dwight K. Schrute who undergoes the biggest change, however. There’s more going on in his life than his wedding to Angela. An even bigger dream of Dwight’s has come true. After pining for it for years, Dwight is the regional manager of the Scranton branch of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company.

  1. He doesn’t handle it so well at first, cutting the likes of Toby and Kevin.
  2. But Dwight has been all about growth, slowly but surely, these last nine years.
  3. It doesn’t mean that he turned into a big softie.
  4. He’s still eccentric and full of himself, but he loves more than just himself now.
  5. He loves more than just Angela.

He loves his co-workers. That can be seen in him choosing Jim to be his best man. It’s seen with him at Kevin’s bar, where he approaches him and makes up with the guy he so heartlessly let go. Two more moments in the finale show just how much Dwight has grown.

When Jim and Pam come to him in his office and tell Dwight that they’re leaving Dunder Mifflin, he fires them both. For a second, your heart sinks. No, Dwight is regressing. Not at all, actually. He’s doing it out of love. If Jim and Pam are fired, they can get severance. It’s his parting gift to them. At the end, everyone on The Office gets one more interview on camera.

Dwight goes all out on his. He talks about what each of co-workers means to him, sounding almost like Michael would. “And office administrator Pamela Beesly Halpert is my best friend.” There was no great premise for The Office, It was a group of people working in an office.

Does Jim cheat on Pam?


“The Office” creator almost had Jim cheat on Pam, but John Krasinski was adamant it was a bad idea. Krasinski explained that loyal fans of the show would “never come back” if Jim cheated. Jim and Pam hit a rough patch in their marriage in the final season but ultimately reconcile.

Loading Something is loading. Thanks for signing up! Access your favorite topics in a personalized feed while you’re on the go. A new book about “The Office” revealed that Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) almost cheated on Pam Beesly (Jenna Fischer) with a coworker.

Written by “The Office” actor Brian Baumgartner, who played accountant Kevin Malone, and executive producer Ben Silverman, ” Welcome to Dunder Mifflin: The Ultimate Oral History of The Office ” gives fans of the series a closer look at what went into creating the show and features interviews with the cast and filmmakers.

Pam and Jim’s relationship is one of the main plotlines of the series. The two start out as co-workers and friends before ultimately starting a relationship and getting married, However, “Welcome to Dunder Mifflin” reveals that series creator Greg Daniels had slightly more dramatic plans for the couple, particularly when Jim goes on a work trip to Florida in the season 8 episode “After Hours” and Pam’s maternity leave replacement Cathy (Lindsey Broad) tries to make a move on him. Cathy and Jim in “After Hours.” NBC While Cathy aggressively pursues Jim in “After Hours” but ultimately fails, Daniels was originally interested in having the two actually kiss. “That’s the only time I remember putting my foot down. ‘Cause was saying, ‘You’re going to actually make out with her in this scene.’ I remember saying things that I never thought I’d say before, like, ‘I’m not going to shoot it,'” Krasinski said, according to People.

He continued that showrunner Paul Lieberstein, who also played Toby Flenderson, was, like Daniels, “very much into” having Jim kiss Cathy, but wasn’t able to convince Krasinski to do the scene. “I remember saying to Greg, ‘My feeling is there is a threshold with which you can push our audience,” the actor explained.

“‘They are so dedicated. We have shown such great respect to them. But there’s a moment where if you push them too far, they’ll never come back. And I think that if you show Jim cheating, they’ll never come back.'” Jim and Pam’s relationship is tested in the final season when Jim starts a company in Philadelphia without having Pam entirely on board with the idea.

Are Angela and Toby married in real life?

6 Angela Kinsey Is Married To Joshua Snyder – via Instar Per E! News, Angela Kinsey was once married to The Office writer Warren Lieberstein, who is also the brother of Paul Lieberstein, who played Toby on the series. They got divorced in 2010 after 10 years of marriage and not long after their daughter was born. Kinsey married Joshua Snyder in 2016, and they have been together ever since. Snyder has two boys from his first marriage.

Are Dwight and Jim friends in real life?

Basically, Rainn Wilson is friends with everyone. – This might be hard to believe considering Dwight and Jim spent nine seasons torturing each other on The Office — but in real life, Rainn Wilson and John Krasinski are friends. He also frequently collaborates with Jenna, per Rainn’s Instagram.

Who almost replaced Steve Carell on The Office?

It Almost Happened. HBO paid $3 million to make sure that Tony Soprano didn’t replace Michael Scott.

Why doesn t Michael talk in the last episode of The Office?

Creed Bratton Read Steve Carrell’s Lines Before Filming – While Michael Scott’s last line is perfect for the character, it was made much creepier when said at the cast’s table read for The Office finale. Because only a select few The Office cast and crew members knew about Steve Carell’s surprise cameo, much of his dialogue was cut at the table read.

The entire scene where Jim surprises Dwight with Michael as his best man was left out, while Steve Carell’s line about his children growing up to marry each other was read by Creed Bratton. Creed is widely regarded as The Office ‘s most outrageous, eccentric, and disturbing character due to his (multiple) backstories, general aloofness, and suggestions that he may actually be a murderer.

Considering none of The Office ‘s characters are particularly close with the, a line about him considering Pam, Jim, Angela, and Dwight his children and being happy that they married each other isn’t comically endearing like when Michael says it. Instead, it’s much weirder, as Creed would be saying it with no particular sentimentality or ignorance of the implication of his words. Showrunners did their best to hide the fact that Michael Scott would appear in the last episode of The Office. While the line really hit home when Michael said it, giving the line to Creed Bratton at the table reading was the perfect way to hide the surprise.

While it may seem like a bizarre choice, it works well. Creed had little to no connection with his office mates, and his presence boiled down to strange yet hilarious comments and sinister inferences about his character. made the remark seem like another one of his strange offhanded statements rather than a meaningful affirmation from their former boss.

By doing this, showrunners were able to keep Michael’s return under wraps – simply by brushing the line off and making cast members none the wiser. When Michael says his final The Office line, it has far more bittersweet emotion behind it, where the line instead elicits a happy sadness at his joy for his friends but a humorous response to this demonstration of he still doesn’t quite think through what he says.

  1. Michael making an uncomfortable, poorly-worded statement at the and Pam and Jim was a perfect summation of his entire character.
  2. Carell’s character still has a slightly idiotic air, but he delivers the line in an emotionally heartfelt way that shows these are some of the people that he loves most in the entire world, and he’s happy that they’re happy together.

Giving Michael’s line to the character that would least be able to deliver the sentimentality behind the quote was also the best way for The Office to hide Carell’s cameo. Instead of giving it to another parental figure like Phyllis, who would also mean it in a heartfelt way, the bittersweet emotion behind Michael Scott’s last line was saved for Steve Carell, thus not taking away from his character’s powerful influence. The surprise of Michael’s return in The Office finale made it an emotional moment for the cast as well as the audience. This is not surprising given how hard it was for much of the show’s cast to see Carell leave in the first place. Several of the cast and crew spoke about the impact of Carell’s exit from the show ( via ) and how it changed the series going forward.

  • Oscar Nunez, who plays Oscar remarked how it felt like the show ended with Carell leaving, ” The Office was over: Steve left, and now it’s another show,” Indeed, many of the fans believe,
  • Understandably, the filming of Carell’s final episode was a very emotional experience.
  • Plenty of characters shed tears in the episode itself with Jim and Michael sharing a particularly emotional farewell.

However, showrunner Greg Daniels suggested there was far more crying going on off-camera to the point that it was disrupting the shooting. ” The hardest part was just saying to the actors, ‘This is a comedy show, you can’t cry in every scene with Steve! Try to care a little bit less,'” Of course, given the impact Steve Carell and Michael Scott had on The Office, the sad reaction to him leaving is entirely understandable and makes his return in the final episode of The Office even better.

Are the cast of The Office still friends?

‘The Office’ Cast Reuniting Through the Years Since the NBC Comedy Ended From cubicle mates to lifelong friends, the cast of has since the comedy came to an end in 2013. Fans were introduced to Michael Scott () and his band of Dunder Mifflin paper company workers in 2005 — the show ran for nine seasons — and 15 years later, the cast is still close.

  • Over the years, and, a.k.a.
  • Have reunited to support one another’s career.
  • Best friends and, who played Kelly Kapoor and Ryan Howard, have attended side by side.
  • In February 2020, Krasinski admitted that and revealed that if a reboot were to happen in the future that he would be on board.
  • I mean it is my beginning and my end.

I’m pretty sure at the end of my career I’ll still be known for Jim,” the Boston native told in its March 2020 issue. “It was the first creative family I’ve ever had. In many ways, they will always be the most important people in that most important experience in my career.

  • Kinsey has made a point of sharing all of her reunions with her followers, no matter where they take place.
  • From a meet up to support (who played Meredith Palmer) to spending time with her former accountant friends (Kevin Malone) and (Oscar Martinez), the Louisiana native knows fans love the cast reunions as much as she does.
  • NBC began talking about possibly getting, and Kinsey told Us Weekly exclusively at the time that,

“I would love it, but I have no idea,” she told Us in October 2017. “Everybody is doing so many things, but sign me up! It was such an amazing chapter in my life.”

  1. The comedy also starred as Dwight Schrute, Leslie David Baker as Stanley Hudson, Phyllis Smith as Phyllis Vance, Creed Bratton as Creed Bratton, as Erin Hannon, as Andy Bernard, Paul Lieberstein as Toby Flenderson.
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  3. Scroll below to see all of the reunions between the former Office costars over the years.

: ‘The Office’ Cast Reuniting Through the Years Since the NBC Comedy Ended

Was The Office supposed to be Cancelled?

The Office was nearly axed after season 1 due to poor ratings. Here’s why NBC decided to save the sitcom and how The 40-Year-Old Virgin helped. The Office still holds as one of the best sitcoms in TV history, and yet it was almost cancelled after just one season before being saved. The show continues to be a major presence, finding an increasingly large audience thanks to streaming services like Netflix, so it’s interesting that it’s nine-season run was almost much, much shorter.

  • The Office was based on the popular British series of the same name which starred Ricky Gervais in the lead.
  • NBC took elements of the U.K.
  • Version but made efforts to adapt the series to make it more suitable for American viewers.
  • Greg Daniels developed the adaptation and served as the showrunner for the debut season.

The Office followed the everyday lives of those working at the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, including the regional manager Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell, The first episode of The Office premiered in March 2005 to mixed reviews. Viewers were adept at comparing it to the original version of the series which didn’t initially help.

  • The first season only consisted of six episodes to act as a test-run for the series.
  • Reviews throughout the debut season remained mix but ratings steadily declined, which didn’t give the cast and crew much hope about The Office ‘s future.
  • One of the writers, Michael Schur (who also played Mose in the series), admitted in an interview (via Vox ) that nobody like the first season and everyone expected it would get axed.

Schur also shared multiple reasons explaining how The Office was saved.

Why was season 8 of The Office so bad?

Why The Office Season 8 Was The Show’s Weakest – The Office season 8 was definitely the show’s weakest season and that’s because it was the first season without Michael Scott. While Steve Carell’s performance as Michael provided some of the most cringeworthy moments on the show, he was the glue that kept The Office together.

There is no replacing Carell and The Office really struggled without him throughout season 8. The new branch managers throughout the season provided for some great laughs, but not even Will Ferrell’s appearance could replicate the greatness that was Michael Scott. Honestly, The Office really doesn’t have a truly “bad” season or episode, but one of the 188 episodes has to be the worst and that’s “Get The Girl.” The Office made up for the disappointing season 8 with a great season 9 and maybe one of the most extraordinary endings to a modern TV show.

All is well that ends well, and The Office season 9 certainly ended well, The Office could also make a return sometime in the near future as there have been rumors that a revival could be in the works, but until then, “Get The Girl” will remain the worst-rated episode of the series.

Why did Dwight quit The Office?

Synopsis – Dwight Schrute ( Rainn Wilson ) arrives several hours late to work one morning, due to driving to New York City to help out Angela Martin ( Angela Kinsey ). Michael Scott ( Steve Carell ) announces that the sales department will be pairing up for sales calls.

  1. Andy Bernard ( Ed Helms ) chooses Michael, Phyllis Lapin ( Phyllis Smith ) chooses Karen Filippelli ( Rashida Jones ), and Stanley Hudson ( Leslie David Baker ) grudgingly chooses Ryan Howard ( B.J.
  2. Novak ), leaving Dwight with Jim Halpert ( John Krasinski ), who used to do sales calls together.
  3. Andy learns that Dwight does Michael’s laundry as punishment for meeting with Jan to take over the branch,

During their sales call, Andy sabotages the meeting, setting up an opportunity to later apologize to Michael, stating that he had really “Schruted” the situation, a further attempt to deride Dwight. While the salespeople are out, Angela tells Pam Beesly ( Jenna Fischer ) a thinly disguised story of how “Kurt” saves “Noelle” (“Kurt” and “Noelle” being Dwight’s and Angela’s middle names, respectively) by delivering the quarterly tax forms to New York,

  1. At first, Jim’s and Dwight’s sales call appears to be a fiasco, but it is soon clear that the joint force of Jim’s straight-and-honest sales approach, along with Dwight’s aggressive, erratic tactics, is a very successful partnership.
  2. Ryan asks Stanley if he could lead on this call so Stanley can critique him, which Stanley obliges.

However, Ryan freezes up and fails when he realizes that Stanley’s clients are all black. Stanley laughs at an annoyed Ryan during the entire trip back to the office. Phyllis and Karen first stop at a beauty parlor, emerging with gaudy makeovers. Their sales call is a success because, as Phyllis knew, the client likes women with that kind of look, as evidenced by the photo of his wife.

  1. Returning to the office, Phyllis tells Karen that she’s pleased that Jim got over his crush on Pam.
  2. Aren confronts Jim with this information, and he reassures her that his crush has passed.
  3. Upon returning after the sales call, Andy steals Dwight’s keys, breaks into his car, and finds the toll booth ticket to New York City.

Andy gives the evidence to Michael, who then accuses Dwight of disloyalty, and Angela prevents him from clearing his name because it would expose their relationship. Dwight resigns and hugs Jim on his way out. Andy gloats over his success, but the documentary camera catches Angela in the background glaring at him.

Did The Office go downhill after Michael left?

10 Angela’s Love Triangle – While Angela and Dwight are one of, they have a surprisingly sweet dynamic. However, everything goes downhill when Angela gets engaged to Andy while having a sexual relationship with Dwight. This is one of the first signs that writers were running out of storylines, mostly taking into account the lack of chemistry between Angela and Andy. In the early seasons of The Office, w hen Jim is unable to deal with Pam marrying Roy, he asks Jan to transfer him to another office in Stamford. The show’s third season begins with Jim already working in this office, where he meets Karen and Andy. However, this was a bad decision for many reasons. In the sixth season of The Office, Dunder Mifflin is bought by Saber. This leads to many changes in the office dynamics, including removing Jim from his co-manager position and adding a, who becomes a sort of supervisor of the Scranton branch. At this point of the show, The Office had already lost its spark. After seven seasons of the audience following Angela and Dwight’s all-over-the-place relationship, in the late episodes of the seventh season of The Office, Angela dates and eventually marries in the eighth season state senator Robert Lipton. Moreover, the two of them have a child together, Phillip (although in the ninth season, it’s revealed that Philip is Dwight’s son). In season 7 of The Office, Danny Cordray is introduced as a very successful seller that constantly creates problems for Dunder Mifflin. Michael decides, then, to deal with the situation by hiring Danny as one of their traveling sales representatives. In the sixth season of The Office, David Wallace promotes Jim to Regional Co-manager, so he works side by side with Michael Scott. However, just like Jo Bennett points out later on, this is an absurd position. There’s no reason for having two managers running the Scranton branch. In the first few seasons of The Office, Dwight is an obsessive man who rigorously believes in following the rules and doing a competent job. The central joke of the series was that while Dwight religiously followed Dunder Mifflin’s rules (even if they didn’t make sense), Jim was lazy and thought he was beyond the system. When Jan and Michael start dating the first time around, it’s absurd, but it makes sense in the show’s context. However, the second time, when Jan is fired and becomes Michael’s trophy wife, it feels forced and very out of character for Janet. In earlier, Janet is a no-nonsense, intelligent, feminist woman who can’t even be in the same room as Michael. Ryan has the most bizarre character development in The Office, He went from the intern of Dunder Mifflin to an employee to Vice President of Sales. However, he’s later fired since he was committing fraud, but Michael manages to convince David Wallace to hire him again. In the fifth season of The Office, Michael tries to teach Dunder Mifflin a lesson, and he quits and starts his own paper company. What’s even more absurd is that he manages to recruit Pam and Ryan to the cause. Most of the fifth season sees these three characters while they try to create their own company, led by Michael.

  • What’s more, Michael actually manages to become a threat to Dunder Mifflin.
  • The company, not knowing that Michael is on the edge of bankruptcy, makes a deal with Michael and gives him and his colleagues their jobs back.
  • For a series that started out creating relatable and (unfortunately) realistic workplace dynamics, it started to depend on ludicrous plots such as this one, which ruined the essence of The Office.

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