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How many movies did they make of The Land Before Time?

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The Land Before Time
Franchise logo
Created by Don Bluth Judy Freudberg Tony Geiss
Original work The Land Before Time (1988)
Owner Universal Pictures
Years 1988–2016
Films and television
Film(s) The Land Before Time (1988)
Animated series The Land Before Time (2007–2008)
  • The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure (1994)
  • The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving (1995)
  • The Land Before Time IV: Journey Through the Mists (1996)
  • The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island (1997)
  • The Land Before Time VI: The Secret of Saurus Rock (1998)
  • The Land Before Time VII: The Stone of Cold Fire (2000)
  • The Land Before Time VIII: The Big Freeze (2001)
  • The Land Before Time IX: Journey to Big Water (2002)
  • The Land Before Time X: The Great Longneck Migration (2003)
  • The Land Before Time XI: Invasion of the Tinysauruses (2005)
  • The Land Before Time XII: The Great Day of the Flyers (2006)
  • The Land Before Time XIII: The Wisdom of Friends (2007)
  • The Land Before Time XIV: Journey of the Brave (2016)
Video game(s) See list of The Land Before Time video games
  • The Land Before Time: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1988)
  • The Land Before Time: Sing-Along Songs (1997)
  • The Songs from The Land Before Time (1997)
  • The Land Before Time: More Sing-Along Songs (1999)
  • The Best Songs from The Land Before Time (2016)
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The Land Before Time is an American animated feature film series and media franchise created by Judy Freudberg and Tony Geiss, distributed by Universal Pictures and centered on dinosaurs, The series began in 1988 with the eponymous The Land Before Time, directed and produced by Don Bluth and executive produced by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg,

Will there be a Land Before Time 15 movie?

The film is to be released in Fall of 2022.

Are there 400 Land Before Time movies?

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group ®, Universal Studios Home Entertainment and Pop Secret, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #Pop4LandB4time How many of you grew up watching the adventures of Littlefoot, Cera, Petrie, Ducky, and Spike? My cousins and I used to love curling up on the couch and watching The Land Before Time over and over, We cried when Littlefoot’s mother died and cheered when Petrie learned to fly.

Now, I get to enjoy it all over again as a parent with my seven year old son! Not only that, there are now 14 movies in The Land Before Time series that continue the story. After finding the Great Valley at the end of the first film, the five friends raise a carnivorous baby dino, survive a drought and a cold snap, and witness their first solar eclipse.

Throughout all the films, they embark upon adventures, learning lessons about life and friendship along the way, just as you’d expect. Now, you can find all 14 of the movies together in The Land Before Time: The Complete DVD Collection at Walmart. I love that I’m able to share this piece of my childhood with Little Crafter and it’s so much fun watching him enjoy the same characters I grew up with. Tuesday nights are Family Night here in Artsy Land, and one of our favorite things to do together is have a movie night! We curl up on the couch, just like I did so long ago, turn out the lights, and make sure we have our favorite movie night snack, Pop Secret ! All three of us like the Movie Theater Butter variety the best, so I regularly buy the 10-count package at my local Walmart to make sure we always have some on hand. After the movie is over, it’s fun to talk about the story and the lessons the characters learned while making a craft together. Here’s a fun dinosaur craft you can use with your family to accompany any of The Land Before Time movies!

Will there be a land before time 16?

Trivia –

Pterano (from The Land Before Time VII: The Stone of Cold Fire ) will make his second appearance. Elsie (from The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island ) will make her second appearance. Diplodocus Mom (from The Land Before Time IX: Journey to Big Water ) will make her second appearance. This will be the third Land Before Time film to go over 80 minutes; the first one being The Land Before Time X: The Great Longneck Migration, and the second being The Land Before Time XIV: Journey of the Brave, This will be the third film with a Swimming Sharptooth as an antagonist, with The Mysterious Island being the first and Journey to Big Water being the second.

Does Littlefoot ever grow up?

Personality – Like when he was young, Littlefoot is modest, intelligent, playful, adventurous and positive. Always go on many adventures and journeys with his friends He tends to be very ethical, mature, caring and protective of his family and friends. He always acts as a leader to the other main characters.

  • He typically always tries to break up any fights or arguments between the others, although he is prone to sometimes getting caught up in the heat himself. Generally, when under attack by predators or in other dangerous time, even when he and the others to run to safety, he stops the others from leaving, and urges them to help out when there’s trouble
  • When he was grown up into a teenager, he was sent back to the Great Valley by his father, Bron, and his grandparents to lead his friends as his own herd.
  • After things changes, he gets upset and mad for being to little when he tried so hard to reach things bigger and higher than him.

: Littlefoot (All Grown Up)

What type of dinosaur is Ducky?

Ducky – Ducky, voiced by Judith Barsi (I), Heather Hogan (II-IV) and Aria Noelle Curzon (V-XIV – sing the series), is a green female Saurolophus, known colloquially as a “Big Mouth”, “Duck Bill” or “Swimmer”. She was one of the young dinosaurs who accompanied Littlefoot to the Great Valley when she was separated from her family.

  1. After arriving in her new home, her mother adopted the orphaned Spike, who became her foster younger brother.
  2. She has numerous biological siblings, with many being born in the original film and Journey of the Brave,
  3. Characterized as having an energetic, cheerful and child-like personality, she speaks enthusiastically often replies to things in triplicate (“Yep, yep, yep!” or “Nope, nope, nope!”) and sometimes avoids using contractions.
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The series’ official website referred to her as a Parasaurolophus, while other sources have referred to her as an Anatosaurus,

Will there be a Land Before Time 14?

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Songs If We Hold on Together • Peaceful Valley • Eggs • You’re One of Us Now • When You’re Big • Standing Tough • Kids Like Us • Grandma’s Lullaby • Who Needs You? • It Takes All Sorts • Big Water • Always There • Friends for Dinner • The Legend of the Lone Dinosaur • Bad Luck • On Your Own • Beyond the Mysterious Beyond • Good Inside • A Very Important Creature • The Mad Song • Family • The Lesson • Chanson D’Ennui • Imaginary Friend • No One Has to Be Alone • Adventuring • Me and My Dad • Remembering • Bestest Friends • Creepy Crawlies • Girls and Dads • If Only • Stupid Stompers • One of a Kind • Things Change • Flip, Flap and Fly • Say So • Yellow Belly Bounce • How Do You Know? • Today’s the Day • Hot and Stinky • Better Off Alone • Look for the Light




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Will there be a Land Before Time 18?

Rated G – General Audiences This article is rated G, meaning all ages admitted.

Template:Infobox film 2 The Land Before Time XVIII: The Time of the Blooming Flowers is an upcoming official direct-to-video animated feature and the eighteenth film in The Land Before Time series. The film will be directed by Davis Doi and Charles Grosvenor. Like all the other Land Before Time movies, it is traditionally-animated.

When did Land Before Time 14 come out?

Production – News of a new Land Before Time movie was first revealed in a November 2014 Yahoo! Finance article detailing Universal Studios ‘ future film plans, though no further information was given. A January 2015 interview with child actor Felix Avitia revealed that he had been cast as Littlefoot in the tentatively-titled The Land Before Time XIV: Journey of the Heart, which was planned for release later that year.

  • The following July, the first trailer for the film was released on Rotten Tomatoes, revealing the movie’s finalized title Journey of the Brave, along with a new release date on DVD and Digital HD on February 2, 2016.
  • The North American DVD version would be available exclusively at Walmart and, and would be preceded by a Land Before Time compilation album featuring songs from the series on January 29, 2016 by Back Lot Music.

Journey of the Brave was directed by series newcomer Davis Doi and written by fellow series newcomers Cliff Ruby and Elana Lesser, with music by Land Before Time series veteran Michael Tavera, It features four sing-along songs, including “Look for the Light” performed by country singer Reba McEntire, who also provides the voice for the Pteranodon character Etta.

What happened to Littlefoot’s mom?

Death – The canonical, Bambi -like death of the parent occurs when, late one night near dawn, she dies protecting Littlefoot and Cera from Sharptooth. She puts up a tremendous fight and casts him into the “big underground”, the bottom of a Grand Canyon-like gorge that has just been torn open by a tremendous earthquake.

  1. However, Sharptooth is not dead, and even this fleeting victory costs Littlefoot’s mother her life, as Sharptooth has bitten a large chunk of flesh out of her back and gashed her neck in their fight (implying that she may have died from either blood loss or infected wounds or even both).
  2. With her last breath and her last words, she tells her son to search for the Great Valley and that she will be with him, even if he can’t see her.

Later, her spirit would appear to her son in times of need and aids him in the quest for the Great Valley. Her death would later be avenged when Littlefoot and his new-found friends, after several encounters, killed Sharptooth once and for all. Her last appearance is at the end of the first film when Littlefoot despairs of ever finding the Great Valley; she takes to the form of a longneck-shaped cloud to guide him into the Great Valley, whereupon a beam of light comes from her heart.

Is The Land Before Time too scary?

Parents Need to Know – Parents need to know that The Land Before Time is a funny, character-rich story with adorable heroes to root for as they make a long journey to find a land of plenty. The film offers lots of introductory information about dinosaurs – species, the planet as it was when they lived, their fight for survival. Kids who watch this movie should be clear and comfortable with pretend violence versus real violence. The young dinos face scary, sharp-toothed, roaring predators who chase them with an intent to kill in multiple sequences. They are at risk from natural disasters as well: earthquakes, a volcanic eruption, rock slides, and fire. The sad death of a parent after a battle early in the film and the separation of several young dinosaurs from their families are important to the story. None of the young heroes is hurt, and the tale is happily resolved. Released in 1988, this film became a full-fledged toy franchise with DVDs, television, sequels, and a wide variety of associated products. To stay in the loop on more movies like this, you can sign up for weekly Family Movie Night emails,

Is Land Before Time for kids?

Land Before Time is thus about faith, tolerance and unity, as well as being an engrossing adventure for children 4-9, few of whom would sit still while you read them The Odyssey.

Is Land Before Time on Netflix 2023?

What’s new on Netflix in April 2023 Spring has sprung – well, technically. Considering the Wisconsin weather, we still have to brace ourselves for some exceptionally crummy nights of cold, slushy crud. And thankfully Netflix is here to help while we wait for our annual week of spring, with its newly announced list of fresh arrivals amongst the April showers.

  • We’re closing in on the start of summer action blockbuster season – but in case this year’s crop is all crap, watch some of the best big-screen bops with “Inception,” the original “Spider-Man” trilogy and the “Bourne” trilogy exploding onto the Big Red Streaming Monolith next month.
  • Though if you prefer explosions of laughter rather than exploding fireballs, comedy hits “Not Another Teen Movie” and “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” will chuckle onto the streaming service as well.

There’s new TV too – because while the streamer is it will gain the last season of “Better Call Saul.” There’s a lack of kids movies in theaters currently, but Netflix is thankfully here to help with “Hotel Transylvania,” “How to Train Your Dragon,” “The Land Before Time” and “Puss in Boots” all arriving in April.

  • And while sports will be in the full swing of things with the NCAA tournament, the start of baseball, the NBA playoffs and the NFL Draft, in case we’ve got a rainout, there’s now “A League of Their Own” and “Friday Night Lights” to make sure we play ball no matter the forecast.
  • Netflix will obviously bring in a bunch of brand new content, with originals like “Beef,” a “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” reunion, a new season of “Workin Moms” and a fresh John Mulaney stand-up special.

But the biggest new arrival of April? Old movies! Yes, the streaming service famously has a short memory, with its library rarely venturing beyond 1985 – but next month they’ve got flashback favorites like “Smokey and the Bandit” and a trio of Hitchcock classics (“The Birds,” “Marnie” and “Psycho”) in store.

Is Land Before Time appropriate age?

So know your kid and how sensitive they might be, and be prepared for some big talks and comforting. Maybe 4 is okay for a few kids, but maybe 7-8 is a safer range, and maybe even older for some kids. I will edit my review once the age is accurately reflected after the errors.

Does Littlefoot ever see Chomper again?

Notes –

In 1995, Don Glut, wrote the book Chomper, a book in a series of Dinotopia junior novels. It concerns an infant Giganotosaurus named Chomper that was separated from its parents and was raised by a human boy. However, it ends with the boy realizing that he can no longer take care of Chomper and returning him to the wilds of the Rainy Basin where other meat eating dinosaurs live. Whether this is just a coincidence or if Glut intentionally copied The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure —which he has stated that he hates—is unknown. Chomper and Ruby do not appear in The Land Before Time XIII: The Wisdom of Friends, because it takes place before the TV series. The video game Land Before Time: Into the Mysterious Beyond, the five original characters must look for Chomper. His nickname out of the series is “Eager Chomper”.

How old is Littlefoot?

Last week, they offered the first in-depth measurements of the skeleton dubbed ‘Little Foot,’ the most complete ancient hominin in the fossil record. Now, researchers say the skeleton is about 3.67 million years old, a member of the genus Australopithecus, and from an eldery female.

Who is Littlefoot dad?

Plot – Littlefoot has an ominous “sleep story” (dream) where he sees the “Great Circle” (the sun) falling out of the sky, and when he mentions it to his grandparents, they reveal they are sharing the same experience, with his grandpa lamenting that they need to go somewhere.

  1. Littlefoot explains his situation to his friends and they become interested.
  2. Led only by their instinct, they leave the next day.
  3. Out of curiosity, Cera, Spike, Ducky, and Petrie follow them.
  4. During their trek, Littlefoot is nearly eaten by a Sarcosuchus while playing in a swamp, but a Supersaurus named Sue saves his life by stepping on the predator and joins him and his grandparents, as she is driven on by the same sense as them.

They are soon joined by dozens of other Longnecks feeling the same instincts. Meanwhile, Littlefoot’s friends are attacked by the Sarcosuchus in the same swamp that Littlefoot and his grandparents passed through, but they manage to escape. That night, they sleep next to what appears to be a large boulder.

  1. The next morning, they discover that the “boulder” was a sleeping gray Daspletosaurus, which wakes up and chases them.
  2. They escape into a small cave and meet Pat, an elderly Apatosaurus,
  3. Littlefoot, his grandparents, and Sue reach a large crater where hundreds of Longnecks have gathered.
  4. There, he meets his long-lost father, Bron, for the first time.

Bron tells Littelfoot how he was separated from Littlefoot’s mother during the great “earthshake” ( earthquake ) in the first film, During his wanderings in search of Littlefoot, Bron became the leader of a herd of longnecks and the guardian to a young, mischievous Brachiosaurus, Shorty, who becomes jealous of Littlefoot taking all of his father’s attention.

  • Meanwhile, Pat tells Littlefoot’s friends that the Longnecks are being driven by a tradition involving a solar eclipse, which was taken as a sign that the sun will be sent crashing down into the Earth by the “Night Circle” (the moon).
  • Every solar eclipse, Longnecks from all around the world gather in one location to stretch their necks up and “catch” the sun, so they can propel it back up into the sky.

Soon after, Pat steps into a pool of lava, which burns his leg badly, but he is still able to move as they escape the lava field. On the day of the eclipse, Littlefoot wakes up to see Shorty traveling over the crater walls and running away, out of spite for being ignored by Bron.

  • He catches up to Shorty and convinces him to stay; they reconcile and agree to see themselves as brothers.
  • Moments later, Littlefoot’s friends appear, with a brown Daspletosaurus pursuing them.
  • Pat defends the children but is slowed down by his burned leg.
  • Bron rushes to their aid and is able to temporarily knock out the Sharptooth, then a third green Daspletosaurus and the gray Daspletosaurus arrive.

Littlefoot’s grandparents join in the fight and defeat the green Sharptooth. Bron fights the brown Sharptooth again while Pat fights the grey one. As soon as all three Sharpteeth are defeated, the eclipse begins, and the sudden darkness forces the Sharpteeth to retreat towards the end.

  1. Littlefoot, his grandparents, Bron, Shorty, Sue, and Pat take their place among the other Longnecks, who have all gathered on top of the crater walls.
  2. They succeed in “catching” the sun, and everyone rejoices as the eclipse ends.
  3. With their mission completed, the different Longneck herds depart on their separate ways.

Sue departs with an Ultrasaurus, Littlefoot’s friends ask Pat to come live with them in the Great Valley, which he accepts. Littlefoot is initially hesitant in leaving Bron, as he is the leader of a migratory herd, but he eventually realizes that he belongs in the Great Valley.

What dinosaur is 🦖?

Emoji Meaning – A Tyrannosaurus rex, a massive, meat-eating dinosaur with huge jaws, tiny arms, and a long tail. Depicted as a green tyrannosaur standing on its hind lefts facing left, often with a textured back, sharp teeth, and clawed toes. May be used to represent various dinosaurs, including raptors.

Is Littlefoot a girl?

Family – In the original movie, the viewers are introduced to Littlefoot, his mother, and his grandparents. His father is not yet seen. His mother was devoted to her only son, and defended him at all costs. She even gives up her life fighting against the sharptooth in order to save Littlefoot and his then acquaintance; later friend, Cera.

After her death, her spirit still stays by him, and her voice is often heard overhead, telling him to carry on; she would always be with him. When he finally decides near the end of the movie that he can’t go on any further, she takes on cloud form and blows towards the other side of a rocky tunnel. When he reaches the opposite opening, he finds the Great Valley just below him.

He is then reunited with his grandparents. Littlefoot finds treestars, his favorite food, symbolic with his mother, as a treestar was the last gift she gave him before she died. Littlefoot’s grandparents are seen in all the films, and in the television series.

  • Littlefoot has a strong bond with his grandfather, and generally looks up to him as an idol.
  • Littlefoot’s father, Bron, was finally seen in the tenth movie, and from that point the main plot focuses on Littlefoot adapting to the fact that he has finally met his father.
  • Bron comments in this film that he was called “Littlefoot” as a nickname when he was young.

Littlefoot states in the The Land Before Time IX: Journey to Big Water that he wishes he had a brother. In fact, he likely might have had one, or several siblings, as in the original film it is seen that there were several eggs in the longneck’s nest.

However, all of them except the one which contained Littlefoot were broken. Later in the ninth movie, he and his new friend Mo, the Opthalmosaurus, make a “mud-brothers” pact. In the tenth movie, along with Bron, a young Brachiosaurus named Shorty is introduced. Although he bullies Littlefoot out of jealousy, as Littlefoot now has all of Bron’s attention, Littlefoot tries to be his friend, and even suggests that they pretend to be brothers.

At the end of the film, Littlefoot asks Bron to adopt Shorty, which he does.

What dinosaur has 500 teeth?

Journal Entry: Sept 9, 2000 –

Update on Dinosaur Discoveries from Paul Sereno Camp 1 Gadoufaoua 11:30 pm Bizarre 500-toothed dinosaur

Our first week in the field has been spectacular! Remarkable discoveries seem to be waiting for us around every dune. On our first day, we found bones of the long-necked dinosaur Nigersaurus. Nigersaurus, you might remember, we named for bones collected on the last expedition here three years ago.

  • This sauropod (long-necked dinosaur) has an unusual skull containing as many as 500 slender teeth.
  • A major goal of this expedition is to find the rest of this unusual dinosaur so we can describe it and reconstruct it for everyone to see.
  • We are closing in on that goal fast because we came upon a skeleton a few days later! This skeleton is lying on its side with the tail curved upward.

The curve of the backbone measures about 15 feet. We carefully brushed the sand off the 110 million-year-old bones and dug channels between the major areas of the skeleton. Soon we will cover each area in plaster so that the skeleton can be transported out of the field and back to the laboratory.

  • But that’s not all for Nigersaurus.
  • Chris took us all to a flat area of purple-colored sandstone where he had located the upper jaw of a baby Nigersaurus—one that would fit on top of a silver dollar! This Nigersaurus was a hatchling, probably less than one year from hatching when it died and was fossilized.

A new carnivore While walking across a very flat area, Gabe made a remarkable find—the bones of a new meat-eating dinosaur lay partially exposed at her feet. She brushed away the sand from the upper jaw. Nearby lay part of the backbone and the hip bones.

  1. This was a mean customer—the bones are from a skeleton that would measure about 30 feet long! We hope to find more evidence of this sharp-toothed creature as the field season goes on.
  2. A huge crocodile We are interested in finding more than just dinosaurs.
  3. We want to find all animals and plants that once lived along the ancient streams and forests 110 million years ago.

One of the most common fossils we encountered in the first week of work belonged to an enormous crocodile called Sarcosuchus. This reptile was far larger than any living crocodile. Judging from the 6-foot skull we found in the first week, we suspect it may have measured over 40 feet long! The armor plates on its back measured a foot across.

We even laid out the team to get a sense of just how big this animal was. Hans has been working with a crew of Allison and Dave to excavate a new site. As we dug around the skull, we uncovered another juvenile skull of the same species lying right next to the big one. They carved a block of rock that included both skulls, knowing full well that it would weigh around 600 pounds when encased in plaster.

So I think you might agree that the first week here has been a thriller. Paul Sereno : Paul Sereno Paleontologist