How Long Does It Take To Watch One Piece
To watch or not to watch? Is One Piece worth watching Hey there, fellow enthusiasts! If you’re into shonen anime, then you’re probably familiar with One Piece – the beloved series that has been entertaining fans for over 20 years. With a whopping 1000+ episodes, One Piece is easily one of the longest-running anime shows in history. One Piece first aired in October 1999 and has been consistently adding new episodes ever since. If you were to watch them all without any breaks or sleep, it would take you a total of 420.8 hours or 17.53 days.(Toei Animation) One Piece first aired in October 1999 and has been consistently adding new episodes ever since.

When One Piece gets good?

When does ‘One Piece’s animation improve? – So, when does One Piece ‘s animation actually get good. Is it after season one? Haha nope! What about season 2? Hardly! Okay, what about after the time skip that happens at between episode 516 and 517? Close but not cigar! No, One Piece ‘s animation starts getting good around episode 600,

  1. I’ll give you a moment to pick your jaws up off the floor.
  2. Yes, you read that correctly, it takes One Piece 600 EPISODES to actually start looking really good.
  3. Meanwhile, I shudder to think how much money the series was making before the animators actually decide to throw a little bit more cash into the animation budget.
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I mean, I get it, cut costs for as long as you can, right? But when you’re one of the most popular anime series in the world, and you’ve been running since 1999, don’t you think you should give the fans some good animation before episode 600? Like maybe after Season 1 you could have stepped it up just a little bit? How about when the show became a smash hit? Really, you’re still not gonna do it? In a show that is primarily about fight scenes, how can you skimp on animation ? I’d get it if it was, slice of life or something, but don’t you want some spectacle ? People aren’t watching One Piece for grounded drama.

What is the top 3 longest anime?

Televised series

No. Program name Episode count
1 Sazae-san 2,640
2 Nintama Rantaro 2,321
3 Ojarumaru 1,947
4 Oyako Club 1,818

How much filler is in One Piece?

With so many filler episodes, watching One Piece can seem daunting. But which ones are worth the watch? One Piece is a mammoth of an anime. With over 1000 episodes, it can be a pretty daunting task to begin viewing the series. Like any long-running anime, however, the story has filler episodes and arcs that pad the overall length. One Piece has over 100 filler episodes, or about 10 percent of the whole series.

A filler is an episode or arc in which nothing happens to affect the overarching story. There is no character development, no returning characters outside the main cast, and it is usually considered non-canon. Fillers occur when the anime’s story has come close to or caught up with the manga, so the studio needs to stall time to wait for further chapters to be published.

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These episodes can’t progress the plot because they are not written by the mangaka, and therefore do not know where the story is heading.

Can you watch One Piece without filler?

One Piece filler arcs detailed – One Piece is one of the most successful and popular anime shows of all time, and it has about 15 filler arcs. While it is advisable to watch the entire show including the fillers, some might not have the patience to sit through the episodes which don’t affect the plot. The arcs mentioned below are filler, and viewers can skip them if they feel like it.

Episodes 54-61: Warship Island arcEpisodes 131-135: Post Alabasta arcEpisodes 136-138: Goat Island arcEpisodes 139-143: Ruluka Island arcEpisodes 196-206: G8 arcEpisodes 220-224: Ocean’s Dream arcEpisodes 225 and 226: Foxy’s return arcEpisodes 326-335: Ice Hunter arcEpisodes 382-384: Spa Island arcEpisodes 426-429: Little East Blue arcEpisodes 575-578: Z’s Ambition arcEpisodes 626-628: Caesar’s Retrieval arcEpisodes 747-750: Silver Mine arcEpisodes 780-782: Marine Rookie arcEpisodes 895-896: Cidre Guild arc

These arcs mentioned above are all filler. One interesting fact about One Piece is that only 10 percent of the show is filler. Which means someone who is new to the anime will still have to watch over 900 episodes to catch up with the weekly release.