How Do You Say Shut Up In Spanish

What is Spanish slang for shut up?

Shut Up in Spanish at a Glance

Spanish English
Cállate Shut up
Cállate la boca Shut your mouth
Cierra la boca Close your mouth
Silencio Silence

How do you say quiet shut up in Spanish?

Other Ways to Say ‘Shut Up’ in Spanish

Spanish English
¡Cállate la boca! Shut up!/Shut your mouth!
¡Chitón! Shush!
Cierra el pico. Keep quiet.
Guarda silencio. Keep silent.

How do you say Shhh in Spanish?

¡sh!, ¡chitón!

What does Chito mean in Spanish slang?

Interjection. chito. shh, hush, silence.

What is the Spanish word for shut down?

Transitive verb + adverb. cerrar. apagar. (by law) clausurar.

What does bruh mean in Spanish?

1. ( slang) (form of address) (United States) el hermano (M)

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How do you shush someone in Spanish?

7. Chitón – Shush – Chitón is a Spanish casual expression that people use as a way to ask someone to ‘shut up’. This word can be translated as ‘shush’ or ‘shh’. Although it’s a very common word, ‘chitón’ is the most informal expression on this list. As a result, it will only be suitable for casual situations such as asking a friend or relative to shut up.

What is Spanish slang for bad mood?

Vocabulary: Most important emotions – The following are basic adjectives you should learn to express how you are feeling:

Feliz (Happy) Triste (Sad) Enojado or enojada (Angry) — Remember, the ending in O is for masculine and the ending with an A is for feminine De malas / Molesto or molesta (In a bad mood / moody) Cansado or cansada (Tired) Enamorado or enamorada (In love) Sorprendido or sorprendida (Surprised) Confundido or confundida (Confused) Desilusionado or desilusionada (Disappointed) Preocupado or preocupada (Worried) Aburrido or aburrida (Bored)

Does Sush mean be quiet?

Interjection. Britannica Dictionary definition of SHUSH. — used to tell someone to be quiet.

What is shy girl in Spanish?

‘shy girl’ in Spanish volume_up. shy girl. ES. chica tímida.

How do you say quiet please in Spanish?

Quiet, please

Principal Translations
Inglés Español
Quiet, please interj (request to keep the volume down) silencio, por favor expr

Is shut up a bad word?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This article is about the direct and forceful command. For other uses, see Shut up (disambiguation), ” Shut up ” is a direct command with a meaning very similar to ” be quiet “, but which is commonly perceived as a more forceful command to stop making noise or otherwise communicating, such as talking. The phrase is probably a shortened form of ” shut up your mouth ” or ” shut your mouth up “.

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What is a smart way to say shut up?

What is another word for shut up?

hush quieten
stay quiet stay silent
put a sock in it keep your trap shut
zip it keep your face shut
keep your mouth shut quit chattering

What is 1 Spanish Mexican slang word?

Güey. This is the most ubiquitous word in everyday Mexican conversation. If you’re going to learn just one piece of Mexican Spanish slang, let güey be the one. Most closely translated to ‘mate’, you’ll mainly see it written as wey (which is incidentally how it’s pronounced) rather than güey.

What is Spanish slang for Dawg?

Meanings of ‘dawg’ in Spanish English Dictionary : 5 result(s)

Category Spanish
1 Slang camarada
2 Slang colega
3 Slang hermano
4 Slang viejo

What does Chupito mean in Spanish slang?

Noun. chupito m (plural chupitos) shot (small serving of drink) synonyms ▲ Synonyms: (Mexico) caballito, (tequila shot, Mexico) tequilazo.

What is another word for shut up slang?

Variations – More forceful and sometimes vulgar forms of the phrase may be constructed by the infixation of modifiers, including ” shut the hell up ” and ” shut the fuck up “. In shut the heck up, heck is substituted for more aggressive modifiers. In instant messenger communications, these are in turn often abbreviated to STHU and STFU, respectively.

Similar phrases include ” hush ” and ” shush ” or ” hush up ” and ” shush up ” (which are generally less aggressive). Another common variation is ” shut your mouth “, sometimes substituting “mouth” with another word conveying similar meaning, such as head, face, teeth, trap, yap, chops, crunch, cake-hole (in places including the UK and New Zealand ), pie-hole (in the United States ), or, more archaically, gob.

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Another variation, shut it, substitutes “it” for the mouth, leaving the thing to be shut to be understood by implication. Variations produced by changes in spelling, spacing, or slurring of words include shaddap, shurrup, shurrit, shutup, and shuttup,

By derivation, a “shut-up sandwich” is another name for a punch in the mouth. On The King of Queens, Doug Heffernan (the main character played by Kevin James ) is known for saying shutty, which is also a variation of the phrase that has since been used by the show’s fans. A dysphemism, shut the front door, was used often by Stacy London of TLC’s What Not to Wear during the U.S.

show’s run from 2003–2013. It was also used in an Oreo commercial on American TV in 2011, prompting some parents to object. A similar phrase in Spanish, ¿Por qué no te callas? (English: “Why don’t you shut up?” ), was said by King Juan Carlos I of Spain to Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez, in response to repeated interruptions by Chávez at a 2007 diplomatic conference.

What is callate in slang?

Shut your mouth! 93. Slang. ¡cállate la boca! shut your gob!

What is a word for shut up?

Definitions of shut up. verb. cause to be quiet or not talk. synonyms: hush, hush up, quieten, silence, still hush, pipe down, quiesce, quiet, quiet down, quieten.

What is the Spanish word for shout out?

(informal) reconocimiento, saludo público.