How Did Kratos Get To Midgard
Kratos escaped to Midgard after the Greek flood in God of War 3 – The end of the third God of War game sees Kratos sacrifice himself in front of Athena to put an end to his vengeful ways. The power within Kratos is then released into the world instead of given to the goddess. The screen fades to black after Kratos lays, presumably dying, with a hole in his stomach from a sword.

Once it fades back in, a trial of blood leads to a cliff and Kratos is nowhere to be found. The cliff drops down into the waters caused by the great deluge and the last thing players see is the flooded Greek world and a mass of tornadoes. From there, we only have words of the storytellers to go by. The different locations and realms are all connected and it seems like gods can travel across them with no issue.

This strengthens the notion that Kratos simply rowed to Midgard. God of War 2018 takes place over a century after the destruction of Olympus and the flood nearly destroying the world. Kratos traveled by boat until the flood started to disperse, deciding to settle down in Midgard. This is where he meets his now deceased wife Faye and fosters a son named Atreus, The game provides many references to other cultures and mythologies, making it seem like the flood physically connected them even further. Kratos and his son travel by boat throughout the game. GIF Cancel Reply ❮ ❯

How did Kratos get to the Norse realm?

How did Kratos travel to the Norse realm? – Kratos, the protagonist of God of War, traveled to the Norse realm by way of a portal that he found in an ancient temple. The journey was difficult and dangerous and required him to fight through hordes of enemies.

Why is Kratos weak in Midgard?

This was confirmed by the game developers. Kratos in the Norse saga appears weaker for a couple of reasons. #1 – Kratos lost all of his Greek magic when he destroyed his homeland and sailed away. So his magic died with Olympus or was left behind when he sailed away.

How did Kratos get to Midgard reddit?

There are two ways: Skoll and Hati brought him OR he simply sailed there. Here, he says he was taken by three wolves accompanied by a woman. Then he sees a mural showing skoll and hati and kratos recognizes them as the wolves who took him.

How long did Kratos live in Midgard?

Kratos has been through a lot throughout the God of War series. Now he is about to face Ragnarok, but how old is the Ghost of Sparta now? Kratos and Atreus will be returning in God Of War Ragnarök soon, but how old is Kratos going to be in the game? Gamers were first introduced to the Ghost of Sparta in God Of War in 2005, as the loyal Spartan discovers how he has been betrayed by the Greek Gods he serves as he searches for Pandora’s Box.

  1. God Of War 2 followed in 2007 as the new god of war joined with the Titans to stop Zeus.
  2. God of War 3 launched in 2010 on the PS3 and wrapped up the Greek storyline for Kratos, as he seeks revenge against both the Gods and Titans for all he has endured.
  3. Eight years later, Kratos returned in God of War for the PS4, but in a new mythological setting centered around Norse mythology.

In God of War 2018, Kratos has abandoned his past and has started a new life in the realm of Midgard with Faye, who is the mother of his son Atreus. After Faye passes away from an unknown cause, Kratos and Atreus set out to fulfill her wish of spreading her ashes at the highest point of the nine realms.

  • Now, with that quest completed, Ragnarök is coming.
  • A lot has happened in Kratos’ life since God of War 3 and the original trilogy, so gauging how old he is can be a bit tricky.
  • There are two ways to think about how old Kratos is in God of War : how long he has existed between his life in Ancient Greece and arriving in the Norse realms, and how long he has lived in Midgard.

In God of War ( 2018), there is a moment in Tyr’s temple where we learn it has been asleep for 150 winters. Later in the game in the temple, we see a Greek vase with Kratos on it, meaning that Kratos must have been in Midgard for at least 150 years. Kratos is not immortal, but the power he has from the gods means he is nearly impossible to kill and ages far slower than any normal person, which makes Kratos’ age difficult to determine.

Does Odin know who Kratos is?

Second encounter with Kratos – Later, Odin takes Durlin with him to Kratos. When the Spartan threatened him with his newly forged spear, Odin reveals to him that Atreus is in Asgard and is doing well. After letting Durlin go, Odin tries to tell Kratos that he also wants peace as much as he does and that they could find it together.

However, Mimir immediately saw through the All-father’s lie, but Kratos already knew of it as he doesn’t believe in Odin’s words. When Odin tells Kratos that his son is the key to being free of fate and prophecy, the Spartan firmly tells him that Atreus is not a key. The All-father, knowing of who Kratos was, states to him that while he is not the god that he once was he has the chance to prove it again.

When Kratos demanded that Atreus be returned to him under threat of facing what he once was, Odin heatedly asks him on what kind of god he would show and proceeded to ask if he ever knew about godhood, and if anyone had ever worshipped or prayed to him.

Why did Kratos say no to Odin?

Moreover, Mimir had warned Kratos time and again about Odin’s treachery. Thus, Kratos decided that it was in their best interests to not get into any kind of agreement with Odin, having had his fair share of ill experiences with other gods.

Why is Kratos no longer a god?

God of War II – Kratos’ initial appearance in God of War III, and as he appeared throughout most of God of War II, wielding the Blades of Athena, with the Golden Fleece on his right arm. With the exception of a few details, such as the Golden Fleece and abdominal scar, this is largely Kratos’ appearance throughout the Greek era of the series.

  • Ratos then joined the Spartan army in Rhodes, intent on destruction.
  • Zeus, however, weakened Kratos and tricked him into abandoning his godly powers into the Blade of Olympus, which Zeus used to kill Kratos.
  • Although he overcame all obstacles, Kratos was stunned at Zeus’s betrayal and swore revenge as he died.

Kratos fell into the Underworld, but was rescued by Gaia, Banished to Tartarus with the other surviving Titans after the First Great War, Gaia and her brethren seek the death of Zeus. Kratos, fueled by anger at his betrayal, agreed to aid the Titans and was instructed to find the Sisters of Fate, who are capable of returning him to the moment of Zeus’ treachery.

Kratos became determined and utterly ruthless—in the pursuit of his goal, he wounded a Titan, killed several Greek heroes without hesitation, and deliberately sacrificed two scholars, and restoring himself his god-powers. All three of the Sisters of Fate were killed when they opposed Kratos, who was prepared to kill Zeus in a final confrontation.

Zeus was only saved when Athena intervened and sacrificed herself for him; only then does Kratos show remorse. He learned from a dying Athena that Zeus is, in fact, his father, a fact Zeus kept secret because he wished to avoid a repetition of what he did to his own father, Cronos,

Is Kratos physique possible?

12 How Tall Was Kratos In The Beginning? – In addition to his costume design, Kratos is noticeable thanks to his height. Thanks to a God of War III special feature, fans now know that Kratos is approximately 8’0” tall, a staggering height for the God Slayer. Prior to this, non-canon suggestions estimated that Kratos stood between 6’0” and 7’0”, depending on appearances. Surprisingly, Kratos has seen a reduction in height in recent years. When developers crafted the bearded-brute version of Kratos for 2018’s God of War, they shrunk the Spartan by a considerable amount, bringing his overall height down from 8’0” to around 6’6′ ‘. Unlike height, measuring Kratos’s weight is trickier considering the flexible nature of human mass. Given his training and evolution throughout the series, it makes sense for Kratos to have lost or gained weight. Again, based on his appearances in SoulCalibur and Mortal Kombat, Kratos at his prime likely weighs 240 lbs (109 kg). Interestingly, Kratos was always meant to be a visually striking physical monster and the proof is right in his name. The moniker “Kratos” means “Power” or “Strength” in Greek. Kratos may not be a real figure in the Greecian mythos but he is aptly named as one who would bring on the downfall of the Gods themselves. Due to the history of Ancient Sparta, there aren’t many accurate details regarding the exact lifestyle of its famed soldiers. However, assuming God Of War tries to be historically accurate, it makes sense for Kratos’s physique to be influenced greatly by Spartan Training. Kratos fans who are into bodybuilding may wonder if it’s possible to achieve the God of War’s mass. Interestingly, in 2013 dived into this matter using mathematics. User FourOneThreeX referenced his own bodybuilding journey, and stated that a person of his height (6’6”, which is near Kratos) took around a year to get a considerably fit build. Building on the aforementioned Reddit post, Kratos fans may also wonder if it’s possible to achieve the God of War’s defined muscles. As expected, enthusiasts from r/Fitness have varying responses towards the question. A common consensus is that training to achieve Kratos’s physique would likely require a smart approach of exercises such as overhead presses, rows, pullups, and deadlifting. When Kratos aged in the new God Of War game, some fans inquired about his change in physique. How come Kratos lacks the muscle definition compared to other older characters such as Heihachi Mishima ( Tekken ) or Geese Howard ( SNK )? However, other fans praise this older Kratos for being a more realistic rendition of the growth of a man of his body type. Building upon the question of Kratos’s new appearance, others may wonder about the nature of the former God of War’s muscle growth. Science once again comes to the rescue with a simple explanation: sarcopenia. Sarcopenia describes the gradual loss of muscle mass due to aging. Thanks to his status as a demigod, Kratos demonstrates a remarkable healing factor. This trait allows him to heal himself from almost any injury. He seems to retain this ability even in his older age in the Norse Realm, though it takes more effort from him to do so.

This trait seems to imply that Kratos isn’t necessarily immortal, but may take much longer to grow older. Interestingly, his healing factor also exempt him from injury and scarring. In addition to, Kratos also seems to retain scarring on certain injuries. For instance, Kratos still has a facial scar from an attack on Ares as a child.

Likewise, he has a scar on his abdomen and back from his stabbing of the Blade Of Olympus. Newcomers to God Of War wondering about Kratos’ skin color may be surprised that his ash-colored skin is, in fact, made of ash. However, Kratos with the tan-colored skin expected of an active Spartan General.

This all changed when Kratos, at the orders of Ares, attacked a village that worshipped the Goddess Athena. In his rampage, an Oracle warned Kratos to not go into the temple dedicated to the Goddess. Sadly, Kratos ignored the warning and slaughtered everyone inside. To his horror, his slaughter unintentionally included his wife and child.

When Kratos left the temple, the Oracle cast a spell that would embed the ashes of the Spartan’s wife and child onto his skin forever. In God Of War, deities seem to have an ability to shapeshift into a gigantic form. Ares is a good example of this shapeshifting, as Kratos fights him as his gigantic self in the end of God Of War.

If fans are to assume that this is Ares’s true form, then one can surmise that Kratos’s true form in his stint as the God of War is that of a giant as well. After slaying Ares in the first God Of War game, Kratos officially becomes the new God of War. This comes not just with godly powers, but a new appearance as well.

Just like Ares, can change his size into a nearly 500-foot tall giant. However, Kratos seems to only possess this ability as a God, as he never shows this again past the original trilogy. NEXT: : God Of War: How Tall Is Kratos & 11 Other Facts About The Ghost Of Sparta’s Physique

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How old is Kratos in God of War 3?

God of War III (2010) Not much time has passed between God of War II and III, which means that Kratos is still 50 years old in this title.

Who is Atreus real father?

Atreus, in Greek legend, the son of Pelops of Mycenae and his wife, Hippodamia. Atreus was the elder brother of Thyestes and was the king of Mycenae. The story of his family—the House of Atreus—is virtually unrivaled in antiquity for complexity and corruption.

There are several different accounts of Atreus’s feud with Thyestes. A curse, said to have been pronounced by Myrtilus, plagued the descendants of Pelops, His sons Alcathous, Atreus, and Thyestes set upon a bloody course with the murder of their stepbrother Chrysippus, the son of Pelops’s union with a nymph.

After the crime the three brothers fled their native city of Pisa; Alcathous went to Megara, and Atreus and Thyestes stopped at Mycenae, where Atreus became king. But Thyestes either contested Atreus’s right to rule or seduced Atreus’s wife, Aërope, and thus was driven from Mycenae. Britannica Quiz From Athena to Zeus: Basics of Greek Mythology When Atreus learned the identity of the boy, he recalled Thyestes to Mycenae in apparent reconciliation. At a banquet Atreus served Thyestes the flesh of Thyestes’ own son (or sons), whom Atreus had slain in vengeance for the death of Pleisthenes.

  1. Thyestes fled in horror to Sicyon; there he impregnated his own daughter Pelopia in the hope of raising one more son to avenge himself.
  2. Atreus subsequently married Pelopia, and she afterward bore Aegisthus.
  3. Atreus believed this child to be his own, but Aegisthus was in fact the son of Thyestes.
  4. According to one version of the story, Agamemnon and Menelaus —sons of Atreus and Aërope—found Thyestes at Delphi and imprisoned him at Mycenae.

Aegisthus was sent to murder Thyestes, but each recognized the other because of the sword that Pelopia had taken from her father and given to her son. Father and son slew Atreus, seized the throne, and drove Agamemnon and Menelaus out of the country.

How is Kratos 1,000 years old?

How Old Is Kratos In God Of War Ragnarok?

God of War: Ragnarok covers the events 3 years after the first game.We all know that Kratos has been around for a very long time.Some believe that Kratos is around 1020 Years Old, according to the real-life dates of Greek and Norse events. Whereas, according to the in-game information we have, Kratos could also be around 205 Years Old.

After waiting for four long years, Kratos and Atreus are finally back to continue their journey in the Norse world. Now that we think about it, Kratos has been around for so many years and has looked at his best shape. However, in the Norse world, Kratos seems a lot older and more mature than in his time in the Greek world. Kratos in God of War Ragnarok Before you start playing God of War Ragnarok and polishing your, let’s run through the lore of Kratos. Just like the in God of War Ragnarok, there isn’t a clear figure available anywhere in the GoW universe which indicates the exact age of Kratos.

  • Therefore, we are forced to resort to other methods in order to calculate his approximate age in the latest God of War game.
  • Ratos has had a long journey up to the events of Ragnarok.
  • First, he was bound with the Greek Gods and spent a few decades among them until the final incidents of God of War 3 (2010),

After that, there was no sign of Kratos for many years until he returned to God of War (2018) in a whole new world. He was now living a sound life in the midst of the woods as a simple man with his wife and child. There has been no indication as to how many years have passed since the events of God of War 3 and God of War (2018).

  1. Fortunately, some smart individuals on the internet have managed to break down the age of Kratos based on two different perspectives.
  2. We will cover both of these views and tell you the estimated age of Kratos in Ragnarok.
  3. The first method that we stumbled across makes use of the actual real-life dates of the Greek mythological events and the Spartan era,

When we lined these events up, we found out that Kratos is rather quite old. After all, he is a God, not a mere mortal. To calculate Kratos’ approximate age, we will focus on two major events. The first was the Destruction of Sparta, while the second was the events before and during Fimbulwinter.

  1. The Destruction of Sparta happened in 464 BC, which was shown during the story of God of War (Greek Series).
  2. On the contrary, the Fimbulwinter took place around 535 AD, which will be covered in God of War Ragnarok.
  3. This means the two events are almost 1000 years apart,
  4. In God of War 1, Kratos was approximately 30 years old,

Hence, if we add up all the years from that point till the Fimbulwinter, which is the focal point of God of War Ragnarok. We get an estimated figure of Kratos’ age. So, as per the real-life dates of these events, Kratos is around 1020 Years Old in God of War Ragnarok,

If the first perception doesn’t satisfy you, then you can also read this section to find out the age of Kratos based on in-game events. However, the calculations based on in-game events are quite vague. Hence, a lot of people find the first method more believable. We can assume that Kratos was about 30 years old when the series began with God of War 1.

After that, the first trilogy ended with God of War 3 where Kratos must be around 50 Years old, Now shifting toward Norse Mythology, in the first game, it is revealed that Tyr’s temple has been dead for almost 150 years, Since it is linked and revived with Kratos’ arrival, we can therefore add 150 years to his age.

  • Thus, according to the in-game events, Kratos is around 205 Years old in God of War Ragnarok,
  • Now it is totally up to you, whether to go along with the first school of thought or the second regarding Kratos’ age.
  • Since there has been a whole shift from Greek to Norse mythology, calculating the age of Kratos is a bit tricky as compared to Atreus.

So according to these two ideas, Kratos is either 200 Years old or 1020 Years old in God of War Ragnarok, Overview: Kratos has a rich storyline since he is the main protagonist in the God of War series, He is the blood and soul of the epic tale. Kratos has been through a lot since his early days; he saw his brother Deimos get abducted. After that, he went on to join the Spartan army and got promoted through the ranks in a short period.

However, things went south when he made a notorious bond with the God of War, Ares, during a battle. After that, he began loyally serving Ares, as he raided villages for him and killed hundreds of individuals. Unfortunately, Kratos’ blind alliance with Ares led him to kill his own child and wife. After the dark turn of events, Kratos waged vengeance against Ares and the rest of the gods, which led him to kill almost every God from Greek Mythology,

After the events in God of War 1, 2, and 3, Kratos ended up in the of Norse lands. There he led a rather peaceful life trying to forget his past and control his rage. Kratos had a wife named Faye and a son Atreus in Midgard. The God of War (2018) opens up with the death of Faye.

  • The rest of the story follows Atreus and Kratos making their journey to to spread the ashes of Faye to honor her final wish.
  • During the trip, they face many problems, which end up including the deaths of a few Gods.
  • By the end of the game, Mimir, a man of high knowledge, reveals to Kratos that the Fimbulwinter has begun and that Ragnarok is just over the horizon.
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Not only that, but Atreus also dreams of Thor visiting him and his father to seek revenge for the deaths of his sons and brother. To find out the rest of Kratos’ tale, boot up to play the all-new God of War Ragnarok, With that, we reach the end of our informative guide.

  1. We covered everything we know about Kratos’ Age in God of War Ragnarok,
  2. There is no clear-cut answer for his age, unlike Atreus.
  3. The Ghost of Sparta has been around for many years.
  4. Hence, it required some technical calculations to figure out his age.
  5. However, we did the hard bit for you and figured out that Kratos is about 1020 years old (according to real-life dates).

God of War Ragnarok is finally out after a wait of four years. The game will continue the epic tale of Kratos and Atreus between the nine realms of Norse lands. They will uncover more deep dark secrets about Atreus and his true role as a part god and part giant.

  • Before you jump into the game, be sure to equip the,, and,
  • Thank you for reading through our detailed short guide.
  • We did our best to cover the question: How old is Kratos in God of War Ragnarok? For more helpful and informative guides about God of War Ragnarok, be sure to stick around at eXputer.
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Is Kratos a full god or a demigod?

Kratos’ Backstory in God of War While he wouldn’t know it for most of his life, Kratos was a demigod as he is the son of Zeus, but he would later become a full-on god, the God of War to be precise, after killing Ares.

Does Odin know Kratos killed Heimdall?

The big twist – To protect his son, Kratos has to kill Heimdall. Heimdall can read people’s intentions, so attacking him is hard. Kratos asks Sindri and Brok if they could forge a new weapon to help him beat the Aesir god, and the two Dwarfs come up with the Draupnir Spear.

To create it, Brok escorts Kratos to Svartalfheim, where they gather materials and get a weird Mermaid creature to craft the Spear. It’s a whole thing. Kratos gets his chance to use the weapon when Heimdall confronts him in Vanaheim. It’s a success! Heimdall can read people’s intentions, so can catch the spear every time Kratos throws it at him.

But the spear can implode and regenerate, which allows Kratos to harm and ultimately kill Heimdall. (Yes, if Heimdall could truly read intentions he would know Kratos intends to implode the spear, and so he’d avoid it rather than catch it. Don’t think too hard about it.) He tries unsuccessfully to walk away from the defeated Heimdall, but Heimdall won’t relent.

Ratos has no choice but to strangle him to death. After collecting one of the two missing mask fragments, Atreus tells Odin he wants to go home. Odin allows it. But with Heimdall dead, Atreus decides he should return to Asgard. Odin will soon figure out that Kratos killed Heimdall, and that will surely lead to war.

In the brief period of time before that happens, Atreus wants to head to Asgard to help Odin complete the mask. That can both distract Odin and allow Atreus to learn more of his plans – and possibly steal the mask, too. On his return to Asgard, Odin gets Atreus and a superdrunk Thor to travel through Niflheim. Enlarge Image The moment we realize Tyr hasn’t been who we think he is. Sony Back at Sindri’s house, Atreus, Kratos, Tyr and Freya devise a plan. If they can go to Asgard, they can lure Odin out with the mask and kill him. That way they won’t have to initiate Ragnarok, and war can be avoided.

  1. Tyr, keen to avoid war at all costs, says this is a fabulous idea.
  2. And in fact, he has just the thing: a secret path to Asgard.
  3. Everyone is hyped except for Brok.
  4. Brok wonders why Tyr never mentioned this path to Asgard before, and why Tyr is calling Atreus “Loki.” Tyr says he’ll show them the path after he collects his “things,” but Brok points out that he has no things – what a burn – and slaps the mask out of Tyr’s hands.

As everyone surrounds Brok, treating him like a crazy Dwarf, Tyr fatally stabs Brok and reveals that he’s not actually Tyr – Odin has been pretending to be Tyr the whole time. After a standoff, Odin takes the mask and goes back to Asgard. Ragnarok it is.

Who is stronger Zeus or Odin?

How Strong Are Marvel’s Gods? – We saw this again in Kieron Gillen and Richard Ellison’s Journey Into Mystery #627, during the “Fear Itself” storyline, where Odin’s older brother, the Serpent, was ravaging Earth and Odin was debating whether it made sense to just wipe Earth out and start all over again if that’s what it took to stop the Serpent.

The other gods disagreed with this plan and Zeus was quite happy to let Odin know what he felt about the plan by taking him on. However, while they might SAY that the gods in the Council of Gods are all pretty much equal, that certainly isn’t what they’ve done over the years. Odin has pretty clearly been shown to be demonstrable more powerful than the other gods.

Odin’s Odinforce has far outstripped anything Zeus’s magical lightning bolts have ever done. Odin has sent the entire population of Earth to another dimension just to have an open playing field while he battled Surtur on Earth and once he was done, he brought the people back and so that any damage done by Surtur would be erased, and yet Surtur was still trapped, outside of the time alterations of Odin.

That’s how powerful Odin is. And he didn’t even act like it was all that big of a deal. This isn’t even getting into the whole “Odin was the main force through the creation of, which can punch through CELESTIAL ARMOR!” Perhaps the best argument in favor of Odin over Zeus came in Thor Annual #8 by Roy Thomas, John Buscema and Tony DeZuniga.

The story was a re-telling of the Trojan War, only an amnesiac in the battle and getting mad when the Greek gods kept interfering. So Thor took on Zeus himself and handled himself very well against the Greek All-Father. Zeus ends the fight by reminding Thor of the truce between Olympus and Asgard, and Thor agrees to back down if Zeus agrees to stop being involved in the Trojan War.

Is Zeus older than Odin?

Who is older, Zeus or Odin? – Since Odin is credited with having a hand in creating the world itself, it is safe to say that he is older than Zeus. However, the first written accounts of Zeus are much earlier than the first ones we have of Odin.

Why does Thor hate Kratos?

Was it LUCK? Did my sons die to blind, FUCKING luck? DUMBASS. You think you can come here, become a daddy, get a clean slate? That ain’t how it works. You’re a DESTROYER, like me.
–Thor to Kratos, God of War Ragnarök

Thor (Old Norse: Þórr, Nordic: ᚦᛟᚱ ) was the Norse Aesir God of Thunder, Lightning, Storms, Wrestling, Strength and the Champion of the Aesir. Head of a family of strong warriors, he was the son of Odin and Fjörgyn, step-son of Frigg, husband of Sif, older half-brother of Týr, Heimdall, and Baldur, as well as the father of Magni, Modi and Thrúd, and uncle of Forseti,

First born of Odin, Thor grew up in a violent environment and was raised in fear and obedience of the All-Father, who destined him to become the figurehead of the Aesir family as well as his primary enforcer. Hatred of the Giants was instilled in him, yet another part of Odin’s plan to break his son’s spirit and make it more malleable.

Following his mother’s death, Thor progressively rejected his maternal heritage and fully embraced his destiny as the Champion of the Aesir. In the wake of the creation of the legendary Mjölnir, the half-giant-half-God Thor made a name for himself for the infamous genocide he committed across the Nine Realms against the Jötnar, a race he hated with a passion.

This hatred reached its climax when the Aesir confronted the gigantic Jörmungandr in Midgard in a brutal slugging match. Destined to kill the World Serpent during Ragnarök, Thor was widely considered as the most powerful of Odin’s sons and the infamous symbol of the Aesir’s rampage. Serving as Odin’s right-hand and primary henchmen, he was typically sent as the All-Father’s envoy when intimidation was required.

The God of Thunder is introduced for the first time in God of War (2018), where he makes a cameo appearance in the secret ending. Although Thor is never met in person, he is often mentioned throughout the journey by the main protagonists and various characters, which further emphasizes his particular importance across the Nine Realms.

His life took an even darker turn when he suddenly lost his sons at the hands of Kratos and Atreus, making him more miserable than ever and prompt to fall back in his old ways. Following the onset of Fimbulwinter, Thor was tasked by Odin to come with him negotiate with Kratos, hoping to cut a deal with the Spartan with the goal of preventing Ragnarök,

The mighty God of Lightning then makes his first real appearance in God of War Ragnarök as the secondary antagonist and Kratos’ nemesis. By the time the God of Thunder finally meets the Spartan, he was little more than a shadow of himself, suffering silently upon witnessing his family slowly but surely falling apart.

  1. Considering Kratos as his match and aware of the Spartan’s background, Thor claimed his blood payment from the murderer of his sons in a legendary duel that ultimately ended in a stalemate.
  2. Back in Asgard, Odin required him to work with Loki in their quest to find the missing pieces of the legendary mask of creation,
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Thor reluctantly served as Atreus’ bodyguard and although this unholy alliance was not easy between the two of them, the God of Thunder nevertheless honored his mission but gained nothing from his efforts to gain Odin’s favour. Left bitter and more infuriated than ever, Thor also had to deal with more personal issues as his loyalty to Odin was being seriously questioned by both his wife and his enemies.

Unwilling to stand up to the All-Father and lacking the courage to openly face him, Thor instead unleashed his wrath and frustration on Loki, which not only caused Odin to expose himself to his enemies but also prompted Kratos to trigger Ragnarök. Putting up a hell of a fight, Thor successfully sent Jörmungrandr back in time but could not prevent the invading forces from breaching the Walls of Asgard,

Upon noticing Kratos with Thrúd, he unleashed his fury on the Ghost of Sparta and engaged him in battle one last time right in front of Odin’s Hall, The duel was set for a fight to the death; one of them would not survive the ordeal. However, Thor was this time facing a more wary and better prepared opponent.

  1. Blaming Kratos for having brought the war to Asgard and for the destruction to his family, the God of Thunder was blinded by anger and refused to listen to his enemies, who unsuccessfully urged him to stop fighting.
  2. Wounded and stung by Kratos, the enraged Aesir unleashed the full weight of his powers but proved unable to break through the Spartan’s discipline, who ultimately overpowered the might of Mjölnir with the resilience of the Leviathan Axe,

Exhausted and defeated, Thor was spared by Kratos and finally chose to listen to reason, for the sake of his daughter, As Odin personally showed up and urged his son to resume his fight, Thor finally opened his eyes and saw what his father truly was, and what he made of him.

Why is Odin so weak God of War?

Why does Odin look weak in God of War: Ragnarok? – The Odinforce is based there. Odin being away from Asgard and already dying was slowly weakening even more since Dark World when Loki banished him to Midgard.

Is Kratos weaker in Ragnarok?

Why did Kratos become weak in Ragnarok? – The harsh winter and the lack of real motivation for combat might be some of the reasons why this new Kratos feels a bit less powerful than the one from the Greek days — even if he’s still more than capable of beating the daylights out of a god or two.

How Kratos goes to Asgard?

How to get to Asgard in God of War Ragnarok – Sadly, Asgard is not an explorable location, which means that there aren’t any collectibles hidden in the realm. As it’s not an explorable location, players will only be able to visit this realm during story missions, which isn’t too bad, considering this is the first time that Santa Monica Studio has delivered a title of such magnitude.

  1. The first time that fans can get to Asgard is during a mission known as “The Runaway,” which players will gain access to after progressing about halfway through the main storyline.
  2. As expected, this mission is a part of the main storyline as well.
  3. This quest is triggered once players have made their way back to Sindri’s house after visiting Vanaheim.

At the start of this quest, Atreus gets upset with Kratos and runs away to Midgard. Once he returns home, Odin’s ravens, Huginn and Muninn, convince him to let them take him to Asgard, where the quest finally begins. After this instance, players can still visit Asgard a few times over the duration of the game, but only during the main storyline quests in God of War Ragnarok. The fact that Asgard isn’t available during normal open-world exploration has already been established. To make matters worse, players won’t be able to access this area even after the game’s main storyline concludes. This is primarily because Asgard is destroyed at the end of the game.

Following its destruction, fragments of Asgard can be found in other realms. Although they aren’t significant to the storyline anymore, Kratos can still travel to those areas and defeat any enemies found within these locations for additional XP. And that’s all there is to reaching Asgard in God of War Ragnarok.

After a considerable waiting period, the title is scheduled to go live on November 9 and will pick up from where its sequel, God of War (2018), left off. It will certainly be interesting to see how the storyline progresses after God of War Ragnarok. Edited by Atul S Thank You! GIF Cancel Reply ❮ ❯

How did Kratos get out of Greek?

God of War: Why Kratos Left Greek Mythology The tale of Kratos in is the epitome of a Greek tragedy, as one by one everyone that he has ever loved or become close with perishes. This is a recurring theme throughout God of War, and it slowly takes a toll on Kratos in his conquest to defeat the pantheon of gods that he feels have destroyed his life.

  • Greek mythology plays a critical role in the development of Kratos’s character leading up to 2018’s God of War, but why did Kratos leave Greece? Kratos attempts to take his own life at the end of God of War III to redeem himself for the atrocities he has committed and unleashed upon the world.
  • However, as Kratos had experienced multiple times before, the attempt to take his own life was done in vain.

After impaling himself with the, the final scene fades to black as Kratos presumably bleeds out, but a quick transition reveals only the Blade and a trail of blood left behind on the ruins of Mt Olympus. Upon realizing that he could not die, Kratos left Greece entirely.

  1. It was only afterward that Athena told Kratos that, by him opening Pandora’s Box, the evils trapped inside the box were not only released, but they consumed the will of the gods.
  2. The dialogue from Athena in the final scene of God of War 3 allows Kratos to comprehend that he was the cause for his own need for vengeance: ” You used my power to kill Zeus.

I saw you do it. Unless.of course. When you opened the box you released the evils to the gods. Infected them. Changed them.From you gained the strength that Zeus could never destroy, a strength great enough to overcome fear. Locked deep inside of you Kratos, is Hope,”

How did Kratos start fighting Norse gods?

Kratos and Ragnarok – Kratos and his son find themselves in opposition to the Norse gods because of a prophecy that a “white ghost” (Kratos) and his son would do something to cause Ragnarok to happen earlier. As a result, Odin sends his henchmen Modi and Magni, the sons of Thor, after Kratos. This is not out of line with Norse mythology. Long before Ragnarok occurred, Odin received a prophecy telling him how the world would end. However, he seems to have considered this fate inevitable and done nothing to try and avoid it. The prophecy, of course, makes no reference to Kratos.

  1. But the premise of the game is that Kratos’ presence and actions cause Ragnarok to happen about 100 years earlier than it should.
  2. It is worth noting that in the game Kratos kills Modi and Magni, even though the sons of Thor are considered among those who survive Ragnarok to rebuild the world in the historical texts.

This shows that Kratos is out of time and place, and therefore affects established history (and prophecy). In the Ragnarok prophecy of Norse mythology, the events that bring about the end of the world start with the death of the god Balder. This same happens in God of War, except that Balder is killed by Kratos rather than his blind half-brother Hodr.

How did Kratos trigger Ragnarok?

Surtr and Ragnarok – Kratos and Atreus travel to Muspelheim in an effort to convince Surtr and Sinmara to fulfill their roles in Ragnarok. They meet Surtr who recognizes that Odin must be stopped but doesn’t want to drag Sinmara (his lover) into this and sacrifice her life in the process.

However, Surtr offers an alternative solution that will seemingly allow him to become the embodiment of Ragnarok while sparing Sinmara. With the major pieces in the palace, Kratos uses Gjallarhorn to trigger Ragnarok. Thai causes all the realms to “bleed” into Asgard, which allows the armies that oppose Odin (as well as Kratos and Atreus’ many allies) to attack Odin’s home.

Even Angrboda shows up, despite her earlier belief that she had largely fulfilled her role in this story. While Surtur (as Ragnarok) also appears during this fight, he does so just as Odin reveals that he intends to use refugees from Midgard to shield himself from the attackers.

Atreus is disheartened by that revelation, so Kratos asks Freya and Freyr to try to stall Ragnarok while he helps the refugees. During that rescue mission, Thor attacks Kratos. While Kratos is able to defeat Thor, he decides not to kill him. It’s a rare moment of mercy for Kratos, though it only really delays Thor’s fate for a few minutes as Odin appears soon thereafter to kill Thor himself.

This leads to the final boss fight against Odin. Eventually, Kratos, Atreus, and their allies are able to defeat Odin. Before dying, Odin asks Atreus to please look into the mask and use it as he would have. Atreus instead decides to destroy the mask and trap Odin’s soul in a marble.

Atreus tells Freya that she gets to decide what happens to Odin’s soul, but Sindri soon steps in to destroy the marble in order to get revenge for Brok’s death. While Ragnarok soon appears to destroy Asgard, Freyr is able to stall him long enough to allow the Kratos, Atreus, Freya, and others to escape via a portal.

Asgard is destroyed in the process, though many of its own residents and the aforementioned refugees were able to escape. Soon thereafter, Atreus wakes up in a strange room next to the Valkyrie, Eir. He has quite a few questions about what just happened.